Jennifer Love Hewitt vs. Britney Spears vs. Daisy Fuentes and Salma Hayek by CROZ (05-May-00)

It was the usually Hollywood Saturday night party. All the stars came out dressed in the finest clothing, just talking about their latest movies and divorces. Salma Hayek and Daisy Fuentes sat at the bar sipping martinis. Daisy was decked out in a shinny gold dress and Salma wore a very low cut black dress, which not only showed off her ample chest, but also her tight tummy. The two friends just shot the breeze talking about nothing in particular.

"Man, this place really is lame tonight," Daisy said, sounding disappointed

"I know it like a fricken' cemetery in here. We haven't had a good party since Neve Campbell and Heather Graham went at it," Salma replied in her cute Latino accent.

"Hey, you know this place would be a bit more lively with a fight. What would you say if we started one, " Daisy said with a devilish grin.

"That is an excellent idea. Who should we get. Oh how about Christina Applegate over there," Salma said as if picking out puppy.

"No, how about Denise Richards? I saw her earlier," Daisy replied anxiously.

"Ahh, lets see if we can find some one els... wait I know who."

Salma tapped Daisy on the shoulder and pointed.

"Perfect," Daisy replied as they stared at Britney Spears who walked into the room in a white sleeveless dress and matching scarf.

"Now all we need is an opponent. How 'bout Courtney Cox over there or Cameron Diaz?" Daisy said as she scanned the room.

"What about Drew Barrymore, that'd be a good fight," Salma suggested.

"Oh, I see the perfect one. That little Jennifer Love Hewitt."

"Excellent! Call Daisy. I heard those two went at it once, but it got broken up fast. It's said Britney was actually getting the better of her."

"Then its decided. Let's get this thing started."

The two mischievous women wondered over to where Britney was talking to a few guys.

As they passed Daisy began to talk, "I can't believe she would say that stuff about Britney."

Britney ears pricked up as she heard her name mentioned. She grabbed Daisy by the arm.

"What did you say? Who was saying stuff about me?" she demanded.

Daisy pulled her arm from Britney's grasp.

"Oh, umm, hi Britney. Oh it was nothing," Daisy said trying to play it off as if she were caught off guard.

"No! Who the hell is saying stuff about me?" Britney demanded.

"Well, we were talking to Love Hewitt and she was calling you a 'slut' and one reason you got your record contract was because you went down on the record producer."

"And she said that you got a breast job after a magazine photographer said you had the chest of an 11 year old boy," Salma added to worsen the situation even more.

"That bitch! I'm like so sick of her jealous, scrawny ass. I'm gonna beat the shit out of that whore," Britney said pissed.

"But please Britney," Daisy said quickly. "Don't tell Jennifer *WE* told you. I don't want to cause any trouble."

"I'll leave your name out of it, but I'm not going to let that bitch get away with this."

Britney stormed off in search of Jennifer. Salma gave Daisy a high five as they quickly followed Britney. Britney quickly walked through the crowd of people knocking people to the side. She scanned the room for Jennifer and saw her standing in the corner talking to a couple of men. She was dressed in a shiny blue dress. Britney headed straight towards Jennifer. Britney walked right up to Love and got in her face screaming.

"Who the hell do you think you opening your ugly mouth and spreading rumors about me."

Jennifer was caught off guard and became agitated with Britney in her face.

"What the hell are you talking about? Get the hell out of my face little girl before you get hurt," Jennifer said as she pushed Britney away from her.

Britney had enough. She slapped Jennifer across her face. Jennifer was knocked slightly side ways as she gave out a small ouch.

"You bitch." Jennifer screamed as she held her face.

She then reached back and fired a punch into Britney's left eye. Britney was knocked back slightly. By now the entire party had stopped to see what the commotion going on was. Just then Britney charged Jennifer and the two became entangled in a heap on the floor. They both had their hands full of each other's hair as they rolled back and forth trying to get the better of the other girl. Daisy and Salma were loving the commotion they had caused.

Finally, several men at the party separated the two hellcats. While being pulled away Jennifer was able to lash out a kick, striking Britney's thigh with her high heels. The two starlets looked a mess. Britney's hair was a mess and one of her straps of her dress was broke. Jennifer slightly worse had her hair messed up, her slit on her dress was ripped higher, and she had a small cut of her right cheek. The two were pulled away from each other. Jennifer shook the men off her and stormed out the door. Britney was let go and walked to the bathroom. She splashed some water on her face and grabbed her coat and headed out the door.

Salma and Daisy were all smiles.

"Looks like things got a bit more lively around here," Salma said as the friends laughed.

Britney walked to her car where she found a note on the windshield of her car.

It read, "Let's finish this. My beach house in hour, 1200 Mango Dr. Get ready to get your ass kicked bitch."

Britney became enraged after reading the note. She hopped in her car and sped off towards Jennifer's beach house. The ride took about 45 minutes. Britney fantasized on the way over on how she would beat Jennifer to a bloody pulp then humiliate her by breast smothering her. Britney pulled up into Jennifer's driveway. She walked up to the house to find a note on the door.

"Come right on in slut."

Britney stormed in to the house. She walked into the living room where see saw all the furniture had been pushed against the wall, and there on the couch sat Jennifer, wearing a black silk robe sipping some wine smiling at Britney who was still wearing her tattered white dress.

"Well, well. Look what the cat dragged in. A little slut girl." Jen said almost comically.

"Fuck you bitch. I'm tired you and your shit. Lets get going."

With that Britney let her dress fall to the ground. She was left standing in a pair of white lacy undies and a white bra that barley contained her massive chest.

"I thought you'd never ask."

Jen stood up and let her robe fall to the floor. She stood there in a pair of flannel boxers and a black bra. She then gave Britney a little come get some look. With that Britney charged. Jen planed on side stepping Britney but only managed to get out of the way a little bit. Britney still was able to grab Jen's brown locks and the two went down in a heap of hellcats. The two ripped at each other's hair and rolled around on the floor. The two rolled into the wall with Britney ending up on top. Britney with her hands still in Jen's hair tore her head from side to side. Jen released her hair pull and tried to pry the blonde's hands from her head.

Jen suddenly thrust herself to the left, knocking Britney from her perch as Jen climbed on top. Jen had one hand pushing up on Britney chin as Britney still tore at Jen's hair. Jen took her other hand and slid it under Britney's bra. The blonde gasp as she felt Jen grip her tit and start crushing it with her vice like clutch. Britney started firing punches at Jen's head. Britney managed to get one right in Jen's kisser. Jen was knocked of the Spears girl, but took the blonde's bra with her.

"Don't you ever touch my breasts, you bitch," the topless Britney said as she got to her feet.

"You wait slut, I'm going to tear those silicon wonders of yours back to the 8 year olds chest you used to have," Jen said as she wipe a small trickle of blood from her mouth and got to her feet.

With that Britney charged Jen knocking her into the wall. Jen had the breath knocked out of her. Britney took advantage of the situation and began to give knee lifts to the brunette's stomach. Jen began to fall forward, holding he stomach. Britney grabbed Jen by her hair and straighten her up against the wall. The blonde then proceeded to lay punch after punch into the petite girl's stomach. Jen, knowing she was having the fight knocked out of her with each punch thought quickly and slapped both hands to the outside of Britney's boobs, knocking each melon into each other.

Britney, caught off guard, gave out a yelp and backed peddled away holding her chest. Jen charged and threw a right cross to her cheek, knocking Britney to the floor. Jen grabbed her blond locks and threw Britney into the wall. Britney leaned against the wall dazed both by the punch and the impact against the wall. Jen brought her back to her senses when she grabbed each boob in her hands and began to crush them back into Britney's ribbed cage. The little pop sensation began to scream as Jen turned each tit left and right.

"Let me see, you were what, a 32b before your little surgery? I think I can take them back down to that," Jen said smiling as her handy work.

Britney feeling pain she has never felt before knew she was losing it, she tried to pull Jen's hands away, but just couldn't. In a last ditch effort she fired her knee up into Jen's crotch. Jen, never seeing it coming.

She gave out an, "ooooooooh" and fell to her knees holding her women hood. Britney massaged her chest trying to soothe away some of the pain. Seeing Jen on her knees holding herself, Britney made her way over. Britney stood in front of a kneeling Jen and spoke.

"I told you to never touch my breasts."

Britney kicked Jen knocking her onto her stomach.

"Oh yeah! By the way, they're real," Britney said as she sat on Jen's back and began to bang her head into the carpet floor.

Jen quickly became dizzy. She tried to unseat Britney, but to no unveil. Britney smiling and wanting to inflict a little more pain, spun around on Jen's back so she was facing Jen's legs. Britney sunk her hand down Jen's boxers and grabbed hold of her under wear. With that Britney leaned back sending the panties up into Jen's ass and crotch. Jen gave out a scream as Brittany kept jerking the panties back.

Jen now had tears coming down her cheeks, and Britney loved every minute of it. Britney got an even more devilish idea. She leaned forward and peeled down Jen's boxers. This gave view to the black thong panties that could barely be seen since they were pulled so high into Jen's ass. Britney then proceeded to spank Jen's cute little cheeks. Britney rotated with each hand. One hand would pull the panties, the other would spank. Jen gave out a squeal with each slap.

"Bet you wish you would have kept that mouth of yours shut, huh?" Britney said as she kept on slapping.

Jen's cute little buns were turning bright pink. Britney got off of the crying Jen and rolled her onto her back. Jen gave little resistance. Britney then sat on top of Jen's chest pinning her to the ground.

"Now bitch, I told you not to touch my chest and you're going to pay."

Britney brought her chest on top of Jen's face.

"I don't hear you bad-mouthing me now bitch."

Jen brought her hands up and slightly lifted Britney's chest off her face.

"What are you talking about you stupid slut, I never said anything to you until you hit me at the party," Jen said as she fought back the smother.

Britney managed to grabbed both on Jen's wrist and pin her arms down and let the breast smother completely take over.

"Don't try to back out now bitch. Salma and Daisy told me all about the shit you said about me," Britney said as she kept the breast smother one.

Jen managed to wiggle her legs a little and got he leg in between Britney's. She raised it with her knee driving right into Britney's cunt. Britney released Jen and the breast smother and rolled to the side. Jen got to her knee and began coughing from lack of air. She managed to squeak out.

"You ... stupid blonde....bimbo... you ..believed Salma ..and.. Daisy? Those sluts set you up... so me .. and you would fight."

Britney looked over at Jen as she held her womanhood.

"So you didn't say all that stuff about me?" Britney asked.

"No!" Jen screamed back.

Britney got to her feet first and gave a hand to help Jen up. Jen took it and the two went to the couch.

"We have to get those two bitches back," a pissed Britney said as she massaged her chest.

"Don't worry, we will. I know where Salma lives. Let's rest up for an hour, or so then we'll go kick those bitches asses," Jen said as she slightly rubbed the pain away in her pussy.

About 2 hours later Jen and Britney pulled up in front of Salma house. Britney now wore a sweatshirt and denim shorts that Jen had loaned her. Jen wore khaki shorts and a black spaghetti string shirt. They walked up to the door. Jen held a small napkin to her lip were it was bleeding from when Britney had slugged her. Britney had a bruise forming on her cheek.

"Should we ring the bell." Britney asked.

"Why not." Jen answered.

Inside, Salma and Daisy were sipping drinks and laughing about how easily they'd started the fight.

"I can't believe that we got that dumb bimbo Britney to go after Jen," Daisy said smiling as she took another sip of her white zinfandel wine.

"Yeah, I only wish that they fought longer," Salma said as she heard the doorbell. "Oh, just let me get that. It's probably Dana. She said she might stop by."

Salma put down her glass and walked to the front door. Salma and Daisy were still wearing their dresses from the party. Salma opened the door and "WHACK" she was knocked on her ass backwards. Jen walked in rubbing her knuckles from the shot she just gave Salma. Jen and Britney charged in and went at Salma. Britney pulled her up by her hair and whipped her into a small table that had some decorations on it. The decorations hit the floor making a loud crash.

Daisy heard it in the other room and called out, "Salma are you OK?"

Hearing no answer, Daisy shrugged and took another sip of her drink. Britney proceeded to ram Salma's head into the table, then put her in a full nelson. Salma was dazed and still unsure what was going on. Things were happening so fast! Britney held Salma up as Jen pounded punch after punch into her stomach.

"Set us up huh, bitch? You're gonna regret the day your slimy ass ever opened your mouth."

With that Jen grabbed the front of Salma dress and ripped it off. Salma was left in a black panties and bra that barely contained her ample chest. Jen then walked up and kneed Salma right in her pussy. Salma gave out a groan.

Daisy, hearing it, called out, "Salma? What's going on?"

Britney threw Salma into the wall. Salma lay limp against the wall, almost out of it.

"Hey Sam? Sam, is everything all right?" Daisy called as she finally stood up and started toward the front door.

Jen and Britney heard her coming. Britney picked up a vase and just when Daisy turned the corner - BAM! Smashed it right over her head. Daisy fell to the ground at Britney's feet. S grabbed her by the hair and dragged her back into the den.

As for Salma, Jen walked over and ripped off her bra unleashing her enormous chest. Jen grabbed her orbs and pushed forward, crushing Salma's boobs against her rib cage. Salma screamed in pain but Jen kneed her again in her twat. Salma gave out another groan. J

en then raised her grip and began to strangle Salma neck. Mean while Britney had already ripped Daisy dress and bra off of her. She now sat on top of Daisy crushing her chest and she kept Daisy pinned.

"Try to pull shit on me bitch, I'll teach you!"

Daisy could only cry back in response. Britney now was grabbing Daisy's nipples as Daisy screamed and struggled to get the pop star off her. Jen was still strangling Salma who, with her tongue hanging out of her mouth, was fading fast. Salma tried to pry Jen's hands away from her throat, but it was no use. Her eyes rolled back and she blacked out. The only thing that kept Salma upright was Jen's choke hold. Jen finally satisfied let the Hispanic women fall to the floor out like a light!

Jennifer strolled back to the den to find Daisy on top of a topless Britney, smothering her with one hand pinching her nose and the other covering her mouth. Jen ran in and kicked Daisy square in the face, knocking her backwards. Britney lay there, taking in some much need air as Jen and Daisy ripped into each others hair. Daisy came out on top and began tearing at Jen's top and face.

She landed in 5 solid punches and shredded Jen's top before Britney recovered and tackled Daisy off of her.

Salma had awakened and was looking for revenge. Jen yelped as Salma grabbed the back of her hair and whipped her into the bar.

Meanwhile, Britney was pounding on Daisy as she worked her legs into a grapevine. Salma was bitch-slapping Jen left and right. Salma had a grip on Jen's boobs and began to crush them in her grip.

"How dare you, little girl, come into my house and try to pull this shit."

Jen only cried in return. Britney, however, was now in complete control of Daisy began to really work the grapevine.

"Night, night bitch," Britney said as she pressed her large chest over Daisy face. She was really enjoying herself listening to Daisy's muffled screams.

Salma was still destroying Jennifer's chest, cursing Jen in Spanish as she kneed the young starlet in the crotch again. Salma grabbed Jen's throat and was bending her backwards over the top of the bar.

Britney got up off of Daisy to admire her handy work; a knocked out Daisy.

She looked over to see a gagging Jen and ran over to pull Salma off of the brunette. Jen fell to the ground coughing, as Salma and Britney tore into each other. They first each had a grip on each other's hair, but once Britney went for Salma's chest, the brunette followed suit. Both screamed as they tried to crush the other vixen's chest. Salma was getting the better of Britney and soon she had Britney crying in pain and trying to get Salma's hands from her chest. Salma's long nails began to make Britney's boobs bleed as the blonde continued to howl in pain.

Salma then threw the blonde by her tits into the kitchen. Britney lay sprawled on the kitchen-tiled floor holding her chest and crying as Salma proceeded to stomp her into the floor. Salma dragged the blonde by her hair over to the bottom cabinet. Salma opened the door and slammed it shut on Britney head. Salma open the door and did it again! Britney was just about out when Salma saw Jen starting to rise to her feet. She let Britney collapse to the floor and went after Jen.

Salma grabbed Jen and threw her against the bar again. Still dazed, Jen put up little resistance as Salma grabbed her head and pulled her face into her luscious chest. Jen's face became engulfed in the tit flesh.

"Time to put you and your friend's bitch asses out."

Jen tried to push away from Salma, but no use. She even tried to punch Salma in her stomach, but it was still no good. Then, by sheer luck, Jen felt Salma/s panties. She plunged her hand inside and took hold of her thick pelt of dark hair. Salma let go and screamed as Jen had ripped hairs from her fury bush. Salma backed away as Jen reached over the bar and grabbed a bottle.


She smashed the bottle off Salma's head and the Hispanic girl dropped to the floor. Jen, wearing only in her khaki shorts, climbed on top of Salma and sat right on her tits then began to bounce up and down, crushing the heavy tits with her tight ass.

"You won't be using these ugly udders any more tonight bitch."

Salma was just about out of it when Jen slid herself upwards and paused with her bottom over Salma's face.

"Now bitch, I hope you learn to keep your big mouth shut or I'll have to come back over here."

With that. Jen wiggled her cute ass on Salma's face and settled down. Salma put up little resistance. In a matter of minutes, she was out cold. Britney walked in the room holding her head just as Jen got off of Salma.

"Well it looks like we did it," Britney said smiling at Jen.

"Yup, we did!"

With that, Jen kicked Britney right in the pussy. Britney fell to her knee's holding herself with both hands and looking at Jen with a look that was a mixture of shock, confusion and pain.

"We may have kicked these girls asses," Jen sneered, "but that doesn't mean we're friends. We still have some unfinished business."

Jen then kicked Britney right in her chest knocking her backward. Jen picked up the remains of her shirt and headed out the door leaving Britney, Salma and Daisy behind in Salma's house to sort out their differences when they came to. She cursed under her breath and angrily punched the button on her car radio to change the station as the current Britney Spears "bubblegum pop" song started to play. Jennifer Love Hewitt had a satisfied grin on her full, pouty lips as she drove off into the California sunset.