The Destruction of Jennifer Love Hewitt by Norm 17-Mar-00

After the "Time of Your Life" fiasco, Jennifer Love Hewitt had been making some extra cash on the Celeb Wrestling circuit. In the three matches she had wrestled in, she had lost all three. She lost to Celeb Wrestling veterans Jenny McCarthy, Jamie Lee Curtis, and Terri Hatcher. She lost each of these matches convincingly, but still had a very positive attitude. She figured, practice makes perfect, so she would take any match that came her way.

One morning, after her workout, she received a call from her agent who presented her with an opportunity to wrestle in a charity event in Las Vegas. It was for a non-profit organization called TDJLH. Her agent was not sure what it stood for, but explained that it was for a good cause. This was a double bonus for Love, she lived to help those less fortunate than her and she also would have an opportunity to practice some of the new wrestling moves that she had just learned. The one thing that concerned her was that the match was actually with a pro wrestler named Peggy Smith. Her agent assured her, that this was simply a lightly competitive charity match for the benefit of a new non-profit organization. The promoters of the match promised that the pro would take it easy on her.

The night of the match, Jennifer was excited but extremely nervous. When the time came, she was instructed to head to the ring. The crowd cheered loudly for the young actress. When she got inside the ring, she blew kisses to the fans to show her appreciation. Jen looked beautiful. Her 5'2", 98 lbs body filled her light blue g-string bikini with perfection.

At that moment, the lights in the arena went off and the spotlight beamed down on her opponent who was approaching the ring. Love gulped hard as she took a look at the size of Peggy Smith. The ring announcer introduced Peggy as being 5'10" and 220 lbs. She had short, brown hair and was wearing a black spandex jumpsuit that showed off her larger physique, which was mix between muscle and fat. Jen began to worry that she was in the wrong place. She hoped that the larger girl would take it easy on her.

The bell sounded and Love circled her larger opponent figuring the best way to lock up. Peggy grew inpatient and charged Hewitt. Jennifer tried to duck out of the way, but Peggy was able to catch Love by the hair. Jennifer squealed as Peggy lifter her off the ground by her long brown hair. Peggy then threw Hewitt to the mat. Jennifer quickly rose to her feet to try to avoid any more punishment, but she was too late. As soon as she became upright, she found herself being lifted by her crotch and body slammed to the mat. Immediately Peggy dropped a leg across the actress' throat and chest. Jennifer was in la-la land. She knew she was in deep trouble, but there was nothing she could do.

Next Peggy pulled Jennifer up by hair, put the smaller girl's head between her legs, and performed a perfect and devastating power bomb. Love had never felt so much pain. She began to beg Peggy to stop. But it seemed like the larger woman had her own agenda. That agenda seemed to be the utter destruction of Jennifer Love Hewitt.

Peggy continued to work Hewitt over with power moves. She body slammed, suplexed and clotheslined Love until she was barely conscious. As, Jennifer lay in the center of the ring, Peggy spit on her and crowd went crazy. They were enjoying Jen's demise! Peggy then began to put Jennifer in submission holds. She started by rolling the petite girl onto her stomach. She sat on her back, place Jen's arms over her knees and pulled back on Love's chin. Hewitt shrieked as the camel clutch did its job. Jen's spine was being put to the test. She could not take it any longer and squealed out her submission. But the referee ignored her. The crowd laughed and cheered at Hewitt who's face painted the picture of her torture. Peggy let go of the clutch. She lay down next to Hewitt and placed her plump thighs around Jen's chest. She began to squeeze Love with all her might. Jen's breasts were be crushed between the two large legs. This time she tapped the mat signifying her submission, but the referee again ignored her plea. Jen knew she was in deep shit now.

However, Peggy released the pressure from Jen's chest allowing the actress to take some much-needed breaths. Her rest was short lived though. Peggy dragged Hewitt from the matt and whipped her into the turnbuckle. Jen almost collapsed from the impact. Peggy charged Hewitt and landed a perfect body splash into the corner. Jen felt as though a Mack Truck had hit her. Peggy then began to smash Love's chest with slap after slap. Jen had large red welts on the topside of her breasts. Peggy then picked Love up and sat her on the top turnbuckle. She climbed to the second rope, placed her arms around Jen and executed a brutal belly-to-belly suplex. Jen was flattened by the move. She was being destroyed by the larger woman and was helpless to do anything about it.

Now that she had been beaten down, now it was time for Jen's humiliation. Peggy reached down to the defenseless Hewitt and took hold of her two firm C cup breasts. Jennifer screamed at the top of her lungs as she was stood up using her breasts as handles. Once she was on her feet, Peggy placed one hand behind Love's head to prevent her from falling down, and took her other hand and ripped Love's skimpy bikini top off. Peggy removed her hand from Jennifer's head and focused her attention to both of Love's perfect breasts. She crushed Jen's titflesh with ferocity. Tears were streaming down Love's face.

Peggy then switched her approach to the dreaded titty twister. She took both nipples between her thumb and forefinger and began twisting Hewitt's breasts in a counter clockwise direction. Then she twisted them in a clockwise direction. Jen's screams could have broken glass. Peggy let go of the hold after a couple of minutes and Jen collapsed to the mat. Peggy was far from finished. She lifted Jen to her feet and applied a reverse bear hug. Jen could hardly breath as the larger woman crushed her lungs as well as her tits. Jennifer was ready to pass out. Peggy sensing this, released Hewitt. She then grabbed Hewitt by the back of her bikini bottoms and pulled her to her feet.

Love began to scream when she felt herself being lifted into the air by her bikini. The fabric tore into her anus and began ravaging her pussy. Peggy grinned and bounced Jen up and down increasing the pain in Jen's genital region. To further humiliate Hewitt, Peggy placed the small girl over her knee. She then pulled down her bikini revealing a perfect ass and began spanking her with all her strength. Each "SMACK" was followed by a yelp from Love. After a few minutes of this, Peggy grabbed Hewitt in a bear hug, this time focusing on her already sore back. Jen could not breath as Peggy poured on the pressure. Soon, Jen was nearly unconscious and Peggy dropped her limp body to the mat.

It was now time to finish the young girl. Peggy broke out some smelling salts and brought Love back to life a little. Just as Jennifer was trying to stand, she was lifted in to the air into a backbreaking torture rack. Peggy was pulling down on Jen's toned legs while yanking her head down by her hair. Jen's back was on the verge of breaking in two. For good measure, Peggy jumped into the air landing on her knees hoping to break something. The final time she heard a pop coming from Jen's spine. She decided at that point to drop Love to the mat. Jen lay there clutching her back. Peggy was almost finished, but not quite yet.

Peggy grabbed both of Jen's legs and opened them wide. All Love could do is wait until the inevitable happened. Peggy leaped into the air holding Hewitt's legs wide and smashed Jennifer's crotch with her head. Peggy, feeling that her job was almost done, ripped Jen's bottoms off to reveal her perfect mound. She then took two of her fingers and began working the insides of Hewitt's cunt. Jennifer was receiving no pleasure from this. Each thrust seemed like knives were being jabbed into her groin. Once Peggy was satisfied, she finished the humiliation off by placing her large ass on Jen's face. Love struggled for about a minute, then she lay motionless.

When she woke up, Jen was informed the injuries she sustained, while painful, would heal. She was also told that the non-profit organization she'd wrestled for, TDJLH, was also known as "The Destruction of Jennifer Love Hewitt." It was a trick by an organization, whose soul purpose was to see Hewitt suffer in pain. (Ed. Note: Apparently, TDJLH membership is large, varied and worldwide.) Jen couldn't believe that there was such a thing.

On a positive note, Hewitt made the decision to continue with wrestling. However, she'd be much more careful with the matches she would compete in.

The End