“Bad Love” Jennifer Love Hewitt vs. Katie Holmes by Jackflash

Jennifer Love Hewitt had reached her breaking point! For years, she’d competed in celebrity catfighting matches before elite gatherings of some of the wealthiest and most important people in the world. She took her fighting seriously and kept herself in top shape at the gym; her body firm and taut. She studied martial arts, kick-boxing, even tumbling. Physically, she was one of the most impressive women on the circuit. And yet, time and again, she lost matches.

In fact, she lost so often, she’d become something of a joke; widely regarded as...in pro wrestling parlance...a “jobber.”

She studied tapes of her matches trying to determine her flaws. Viewing the tapes, she realized most of her matches followed a pattern; she started strong, often held the upper hand, but by fight’s end she was defeated.

It wasn’t a matter of conditioning, or timing, or determination. Seeing herself in action in the videos she learned what everyone else had long ago discovered about her...she was simply too nice!

In battle, she lacked the “killer instinct” necessary to win. When she had an opponent in trouble, she instinctively pulled back, giving her rival the chance to recover and strike back. She hadn’t even consciously realized she was sabotaging herself, but she saw the evidence with her own eyes. But understanding a problem and solving it are different matters. Luckily for Love, she had the motivation to correct her flaw.

Being the joke of the league infuriated her, until her emotions were now raw in their rage. And it wasn’t just her enemies, such as Christina Ricci and Michelle Williams, who’d take advantage. Even supposed friends like Katie Holmes, Natalie Portman, Dani Fishel and others had beaten her, looking to improve their own records by scoring an easy win. Love particularly bristled at the memory of her “friend” Katie, laughing as she tormented her in their match; pinching and twisting her nipples until the hapless brunette cried for mercy. She’d refused to speak to Katie since that night.

With her fury fueling her determination to improve herself, Love put herself through a grueling new training regimen, one both physical and mental. In the gym, she pushed herself as never before. Psychologically, she met frequently with a therapist who motivated her to plumb her savage instincts in combat. She even underwent hypnosis in the hopes of bringing out the crueler aspects of her personality during a fight. Still, the acid test remained; could she count on herself to “go for the throat” in a match, or would her natural tendency overwhelm her and leave her defenseless? There was only one way to learn.

Love insisted on Katie being the opponent for her return match. It was the anger she felt towards her former friend, the sense of betrayal at the pain Katie put her through, that inspired Love to recreate herself as a catfighter. If she could ignore her former feelings of affection for Katie when they fought, she knew she could do so against any opponent.

For her part, Katie was more than happy for a rematch. She’d found that tormenting Love was more emotionally rewarding than being her friend and she’d hoped for a rematch for some time.

“I know that beating her is kind of like doing the school slut,” Katie said with a sly grin. “I mean, everyone’s already been there and done that. But it’s still exhilarating to make that little priss beg, isn’t it?” She laughed as she remembered the conservative floral print bikini Love had worn for their match, “…like something out of a 60’s beach movie.” Then she confidently added, “I’ll hang her new halter next to the one I took from her last time in my trophy case.”

Less than a week later, the two young women were brought to a Long Island estate where a large group of prominent East Coast dignitaries were assembled. Katie emerged first in an electric blue bikini, her hair in a ponytail. She was the very picture of composure, thoroughly relaxed in the knowledge that this was going to be a guaranteed victory for her. If she felt any excitement, it was at the thought of having Love again at her feet, humbled, helpless and pleading.

“Almost as good as sex,” Katie had once called that moment in their first match.

Next Jennifer entered, and when she did, a shocked hush fell over the spectators. Instead of her usual restrained, sensible togs, she’d gone for something provocative - a black string halter which barely contained her ample breasts and a matching black thong. Her hair, usually pulled back tightly, hung loose and tousled to her shoulders. Heavy mascara around her eyes highlighted the menacing fire that burned in them. Katie found herself taken aback for a moment, but quickly regained her ‘game face’ even if she still couldn’t believe this was her ex-friend Love facing her.

As Love walked to her corner of the room for the start of the match, the spectators absorbed every inch of her. She moved with a panther’s grace, her body taut and strong. An almost electric aura of self-assurance radiated from her. Many in the crowd blinked as if faced with the sight of a mirage and wondering if the vision of efficaciousness could possibly be the same Jennifer Love Hewitt they’d known previously.

When the command to begin was given, Love felt as if some outside force was taking control of her body. She and Katie began to cautiously circle one another, probing for openings. Usually, Love was passive in the opening encounter, allowing her opponents to strike first and set the pace for the entire fight. Katie expected as much this time and, as a result, her defenses weren’t as ready as they should have been. While she was looking for an opening, Love was stalking her.

In a blur of motion, Love grabbed Katie by the hair and flipped her to the floor. Before the startled actress could react, she was yanked back up to her feet, then doubled over by a knee to the abdomen. Katie gasped for breath and for the first time, began to question whether agreeing to this rematch was as wise as it seemed at the time.

With Katie doubled over, it was easy for Love to pull the brunette’s head between her thighs for a standing head scissors. To add to Katie’s discomfort, Love grabbed her bikini briefs and wrenched them up, inflicting a painfully embarrassing wedgie on her rival. It was the sort of humiliation Love had endured in countless matches and now she found herself enjoying doing it to someone. The sound of Katie’s squeals only added to Love’s pleasure.

Unfortunately, it also made Love careless. Although trapped, Katie wasn’t suffering so much she couldn’t recover from Love’s initial onslaught. While Love lingered over what to do next, Katie took advantage of the brief respite. With a grunt, she rose up with Love still holding her in the head scissors. Love was flipped up and over Katie’s back and she gave a startled yelp as she tumbled headfirst to the floor.

Katie stumbled far enough away from the downed Love’s grasp in order to gather her wits. Massaging her ears, which were red and aching from the power of Love’s thighs clamped around them, Katie realized she’d have to change her entire battle strategy; she obviously hadn’t anticipated such aggressiveness from Love. Still, despite her new competitiveness, Love was hardly unbeatable. Katie knew she simply had to turn up her own intensity level.

But Love wasn’t about to make it easy for Katie. Back on her feet, Love rushed towards her and landed a kick to the side of Katie’s left leg that nearly dropped her to the floor. A sharp backhand slap to the face sent Katie staggering back a few steps before a fist to the belly left her doubled over and winded. Love grabbed Katie’s hair close to the roots and began spinning her around. Katie stumbled helplessly until, with a mighty heave, Love actually pulled Katie off her feet and let her momentum send her sailing through the air!

One look in Love’s eyes made it clear she was swept up in bloodlust! There was no thought of hesitation - or of mercy. All she wanted to do was to punish Katie...punish her for a thousand past defeats. Katie caught a glimpse of this in the eyes of Jennifer and it chilled her to the bone.

Towering over the fallen Katie, Love began to stomp her; landing her foot on Katie’s belly, breasts and head. Katie whimpered and moaned, but the attack was too relentless for her to roll away and escape. But she was no novice to battle and even under such a barrage, her combat instincts raged. With viper-quickness, she lashed her leg out, sweeping Love’s feet while she was in the middle of a kick. Love toppled to the floor and hit her head and stunning her for just a heartbeat.

Katie knew she needed to recuperate, but there was simply no time. Calling on her reserves of strength, she launched her own offensive. Pushed to the brink of desperation, Katie’s assault was resplendent. Love’s efforts to defend herself were nearly as brilliant, but she was handicapped by the fact that she was now on the defense and Katie fought like a woman possessed.

A haymaker to the jaw made Love see stars and Katie’s instincts told her to finish her off now while she had the chance. But the more malicious side of Katie’s nature came to the fore and she decided to have a little fun with Love to teach her a lesson before finally beating her. As Love sat on the floor shaking her head to clear it, Katie moved around behind her, then reached around in front of Love and grabbed her thong with both hands.

“Such naughty clothes you’re wearing,” she cooed.

Then, with a diabolical grin, Katie yanked up for a reverse wedgie. The fabric cut deep into Love’s pussy, causing her to let loose with a bloodcurdling scream!

“Shut up!” Katie ordered. “I didn’t give you permission to speak, slut!”

She punctuated her command by punching Love in the side of the head, causing her to collapse onto her side. Still aching from the pounding she’d just endured, Katie decided to return the favor and she stood up and began stomping on Love’s prone body. Love mewled from the pain of the kicks, but even more dangerously, she felt her resolve beginning to weaken. She’d surrendered to her primal side, but it hadn’t been enough.

In the back of her mind, Love began to sense her old self coming to the fore. If that happened she knew she was doomed! Katie knew it too and was doing everything in her power to bring it about. Satisfied Love was momentarily incapacitated, Katie knelt over Love straddling her torso.

Grabbing Love’s halter, Katie coyly asked, “So, Jen...do you still have that cute little mole on your right boob?”

With a yank, she ripped the tiny piece of fabric away and Love’s soft orbs tumbled free. Katie began mauling, alternating punching, squeezing and scratching as Love’s howls of agony filled the room. As she attacked, Katie talked to the woman pinned beneath her.

“Well, well, well...thought you could get all tough and beat me, huh? Let this be a lesson to ya ...you’re nothing! NOTHING!”

Love’s only answer was her sobs; her tears leaving black streaks down her face from her mascara. She knew if she submitted the torture would end...maybe. But, she didn’t surrender; she endured the pain - and the indignity. Eventually, Katie grew tired of this tactic and decided to try something new. She stood up, grabbing Love by the hair to pull her to her feet.

The next sensation which Katie felt was an explosion of suffering in her groin, courtesy of a punch Love had thrown from her knees to Katie’s most vulnerable spot. Katie’s legs wobbled, then she crumpled to the carpet and curled up in a fetal position, her whole body shuddering.

Instead of attacking, Love stayed on her knees, her body trembling with rage. She used the opportunity to recover as best she could, never taking her eyes off her fallen foe. Several minutes passed as the two battlers regrouped. Finally, as Katie began to stir and tried to get to her hands and knees, Love...still clearly pained and exhausted herself...crawled over to the brunette and threw herself at Katie. They rolled across the carpet, clawing at one another but while Katie was running on dwindling reserves of strength, Love seemed to be drawing energy from her anger. She finally trapped Katie beneath her; sitting atop her chest and began to rain down punches onto her cherubic face.

Katie tried to bridge up and throw Love off, but her strength was gone - she was trapped! Knowing she couldn’t take the battering much longer, Katie finally conceded to the inevitable.

Through swollen lips, in a voice heavy with pain and dispiritedness, Katie gasped, “Stop...enough!”

Jennifer halted her barrage of blows, but the tenseness of her body showed the fury within her hadn’t abated, despite her apparent victory. No, submission wasn’t enough...she had to humble Katie as well, to subjugate her completely. Looking down at the pitiful face of her rival framed by her thighs.

Love’s eyes narrowed to angry slits as she said in a low, menacing tone, “It’s enough, when I say it’s enough.”

With that, Love slid her body up and buried Katie’s mouth and nose beneath her. Eyes wide with shock and fear, Katie frantically squirmed, bucking her hips and flailing her legs trying to throw Love off…but it was useless. Smothered, she gasped for precious air, her muffled pleading ignored by the woman atop her. Ultimately, Katie’s eyes began to flutter, then they closed and her body went limp. Katie was finished...crushed both in body and spirit.

Her face still twisted with anger, Love stood up and planted a foot on her fallen foe’s chest to symbolically stake her claim to victory. There was no cheering from the eerily silent crowd...they were still too stunned by the savagery of Love’s onslaught, and more than a little afraid she may snap and turn on any one of them.

But suddenly, like the sunshine breaking through passing storm clouds, a beaming smile appeared on Love’s face and she was suddenly the spunky, cheerful girl of old. The spectators breathed a collective sigh of relief and gave her a thunderous round of applause. As she made the rounds, accepting congratulations from the spectators, she felt herself swell with pride. She’d proven, in the most brutal way possible, that she could meld her skill with the intensity needed to win. But Katie Holmes was only the first step, she had a long list of scores to settle and she couldn’t wait to get her hands on each and every one of them.