Katie Holmes vs. Jennifer Love Hewitt by The Walkin' Dude

A steady driving rain beat a constant rhythm on the roof of The R'lyeh Club in the small town of Darkside Florida. It was the second night of a two night tour, and once again just about everyone in town had turned out to see the ladies do battle. Inside R'lyeh the atmosphere was electric, the crowd having been pumped up by several great matches the night before (culminating with Sarah Michelle Gellar's hard fought victory over Natalie Portman) and followed up be many more great matches earlier this evening. However, the hour had grown late and it was time for the main event, Jennifer set to square off with Katie. The pairing of these two in the main event was a bit surprising to some fans who had followed their respective careers in the ring.

While by no means horrible grapplers, neither were known for their great mat prowess and they tended to be remembered more for their valiant efforts in their crushing defeats than for their rare victories. Jennifer especially was well-known for being on the losing end of several humiliating bouts but in recent weeks both women had reappeared on the wrestling scene and posted impressive wins! The two brunettes seemed to have devoted their focus to improving and it showed. While they hadn't beaten anyone legendary, they weren't trouncing creampuffs either and suddenly, the buzz was that Jennifer and Katie were on the cusp of becoming major players on the grappling circuit. The crafty owner of club in Darkside had picked up on this buzz and busted his ass to book them in a match. Now his tenacity had paid off and the ladies were set to square off for his patrons amusement. Whoever won this match would see her momentum skyrocket while the loser would face another disheartening setback.

Inside the smoky recesses of the club, the announcer picked up his mike and started reeling off his lines, "Ladies and gentlemen, the following contest is scheduled for one fall and has a forty five minute time limit. Introducing first, she is... Katie Holmes!"

The melancholy chords of The Flies "Got You (Where I Want You)" echoed through R'lyeh and Katie made her way to the ring. For her encounter with Jennifer, the somber looking brunette had chose a 2 piece charcoal gray bikini that was cut high on her hips and molded nicely to her chest. Over her ring gear she was wearing a battered leather motorcycle jacket, something she had been wearing to the ring since her sudden resurgence. No one really knew what it meant to the brunette, but everyone was in agreement that she looked damn good wearing it. Inside the ring Katie peeled the jacket from her shoulders to reveal black elbow pads that matched the pads on her knees and ring boots.

As the roar for Katie abated, the announcer introduced her foe for the evening, "And her opponent..... Jennifer Love Hewitt!"

Maroon 5's infectious "This Love" hit the speakers and Jennifer made her way to ring, flashing the grin that had been seen more and more often in her victory celebrations of late. The gorgeous brunette was wearing a two-piece, emerald green bikini that clung to her curvy figure in all the right places. Her long dark hair hung loose and wet, looking freshly washed. Jenniferís pads and boots were of the same brilliant green as her bikini and the green stood out wonderfully against her pale skin. Jennifer slid under the bottom rope and waved her hands to the fans cheering wildly for their champion. Jennifer was all smiles until she laid eyes on Katie, the two brunettes sized the other up, each searching for a decisive victory. Their normally pretty faces wore expressions of merciless calculation as the bell sounded to begin the match.

Amid the wild cheers of the audience, the two brunettes quietly faced off in the center of the ring. A brief stare down was the only preamble before Katie shot forward and wrapped an arm around Jennifer's head, trapping her in a side headlock. Squeezing Jennifer's skull, Katie dropped to one knee and wrenched the hold even tighter, twisting her opponents frame at an awkward angle. As Katie continued to work the headlock, Jennifer wrapped her arms around Katie's torso and pulled her to her feet. Placing a hand at the small of Katie's back, Jennifer shoved with all her might breaking the hold and sending her foe speeding toward the ropes.

Katie hit the ropes at full force, spinning to charge back at her opponent. But Jennifer had had the same idea and was herself charging at Katie, the two women on a collision course at the center of the ring. Bracing herself for impact, Katie positioned her right shoulder forward and leaned her head down, meaning to run over Jennifer with a shoulder block. Milliseconds later the two beauties crash together hard. Staggering back from the blow, each looked up fully expecting to see their rival stunned on the ground. Unfortunately they're both disappointed (and a bit shocked) to see the other standing but a scant few feet away, reeling from the collision but still on her feet.

Seeing Katie's startled expression, Jennifer spreads her arms wide and grins fiercely at her. "If at first you don't succeed," she says. "Try and try again!" The other brunette finishes as they both bound off opposite sides of the ring, charging each other like jousting knights. Again, the impact of their meeting forces them back a step, but just like last time neither woman had been able to take their rival from her feet. "What's wrong Lovie Love?" Katie chortled. "Can't knock me down?"

"You're not doing anything to impress me either sweetheart" Jennifer replied.

"Third timeís a charm!" Katie smirks as each sets off for a third and hopefully more decisive meeting than their previous two encounters.

Jennifer locks her shoulder and drops her head going for a third shoulder block. Katie however had other plans and as the two near the point of impact, she spins on one foot and lifts her knee, impaling Jennifer with it. Completely unprepared for the attack, Jennifer flipped over Katie's knee and landed hard on the canvas. The reaction to Katie's change of tactics was met with a mixed reception in the club. Her fans were cheering wildly for their favorites display of brutal ingenuity, but Jenniferís fans were deriding Katie for what they saw as a cowardly sneak attack. Katie herself was unconcerned with what either group of fans felt, she was concentrating all her energies on the conflict at hand.

Quickly approaching her fallen opponent, she knelt at Jennifer's side and moved Jennifer's protesting hands away from her wounded gut. The intended target rendered defenseless, Katie plunged her right hand into Jennifer's midriff, directly over her navel. Digging in deep with her right hand she plants her left hand over the claw and presses down, forcing her fingers deeper into Jennifer's stomach. Katie smiled a small, cold smile as Jennifer battled against the hold.

Being trapped in Katie's Belly Claw had fast become a situation that Jennifer wanted no part of. Trying as best she could to clear her head ( or stomach to be more accurate) of the pain, she wrapped both hands around her rivals wrist and pushed hard. For a moment Katie dug the claw in even further, but then Jennifer began to feel the claw recede, bringing some relief to her midsection which was already sheathed with sweat. Katie tried to force the claw back into Jennifer but soon the trapped brunette had forced herself from her back to one knee and finally to her feet, still grasping Katie's ever weakening claw.

Face to face with Katie, Jennifer released one of her hands and pounded two quick forearm smashes across Katie's chin. Stunned, Katie released the hold and stumbled back. Seeking redemption for her poor start, Jennifer moved in and swiftly slung one arm over Katie's shoulder and another between her legs. With seemingly no effort at all, Jennifer scoops Katie off the mat and holds her in position for a hard body slam. But instead of immediately completing the slam, Jennifer holds Katie prone for a moment before striding around the ring, displaying Katie's trapped form for the audience.

"Where should I slam her?" she yelled gleefully to the rowdy spectators.

Following the deafening (but largely unintelligible) response, Jennifer took two more steps and powered Katie down with all the force she could muster. The landing clacked Katie's teeth together and her hands flew to the small of her back which had taken the brunt of the fall. For a moment she could do nothing but groan silently. Clearing her head a bit, Katie looked up to see Jennifer playing to the fans, smiling and waving. But Katie's recovery was soon noticed by Jennifer and she ran the ropes, leaping high into the air intent on injuring Katie further with a Big Splash.

If Jennifer had attempted the splash just five seconds earlier she would have connected without incident, but those five seconds were all the window Katie needed. As Jennifer's torso dropped to meet her own, Katie pulled both knees up in front of her chest and waited for Jennifer's pained gasp. She was rewarded with said gasp seconds later as Jenniferís soft midsection met with Katie's hard knees. For the second time in the match, Jennifer was whimpering on the canvas, curled into the fetal position trying to massage some feeling into her abused ribs.

Having rolled to her feet, Katie stood over the incapacitated Jennifer and bent down, burying both hands in her rival's straight dark hair. Pulling up, she hauled the dazed girl to her feet. Not giving her a chance to retaliate, Katie scoops Jennifer up, positioning her for a slam of her own. Remembering the way Jennifer paraded her around the ring earlier, Katie returns the favor, walking around the ring with the prostate Jennifer held parallel in front of her. One of her arms was holding Jennifer's shoulder immobile while the other arm was threaded between Jennifer's legs, that hand gripping the girls bikini bottom. Every few seconds, Katie would grab a rough handful of Jennifer's exposed butt cheeks and tweak them just to further demonstrate the other girls inability to fight back. This little display was not lost on the audience as they rewarded Katie with raucous cheers while she showed them how easy it was for her to dominate Jennifer

Growing impatient with the taunting, Katie looked to inflict more pain. Focusing herself, she lifted up on her feet while simultaneously lifting Jennifer as high as her arms would allow. Holding the position for a moment, she dropped to one knee and drove Jennifer's ribs full bore into her planted kneecap. Jennifer screeched as Katie's knee invaded her ribcage, but Katie wasn't through yet. Standing, she straightened up again before driving Jennifer across her knee a second time. Jennifer's desperate groan was even more audible this time as her ribs felt like they were on the verge of collapse.

After the second rib breaker, Katie forced Jennifer off her knee, rolling her carelessly to the mat. Taking a moment to enjoy her effort, she planted one foot on the small of Jennifer's back as she ran her hands along her hips. She looked down at Jennifer and then out at the audience with a casual, almost bored smile on her face. Her expression seemed to say "Is that all there is?" Her smile broadened as her next move is realized. Sitting down behind Jennifer, she cinched in a tight body scissors, her strong legs crushing Jennifer's already weary ribs. Katie plants her hands on the mat and rocks up and down on the hold, increasing the pressure and discomfort, all the while the same bored smile on her face.

Jennifer on the other hand was anything but bored as she desperately tried to keep Katie's legs from breaking her in two. She planted her claws in the thighs holding her and dug for all she's worth, but a squeeze from her captor sends another bolt through her, forcing her to break the grip. It's after this initial attempt at escape that her nemesis spoke to her.

"Give it up creampuff, you're just embarrassing yourself!" Katie said angrily.

"Keep running your mouth Katie, I'm gonna crush you when I get out of this," Jennifer responded in a tone that was equal parts anger and breathlessness. Deciding not to waste any more oxygen, she stopped talking and resumed clawing at Katie's thighs.

Katie leaned forward to hiss in her foes ear, ďThat's not very convincing from someone who's having trouble drawing a full bre......." Her taunt was never completed though as Jennifer fired an elbow back over her shoulder that caught Katie right in the mouth. She released the scissors immediately and rolled away, nursing her smashed jaw. For her part, Jennifer was just glad to be free of her foe's scissors. She took a deep breath and was alarmed at the burning sensation that passed through her chest on both inhale and exhale. "Got to watch that, " she thought. "Can't take too much more punishment or I'll be spending a few days in the hospital."

Turning her attention back to Katie, she saw the other brunette was up and advancing towards her. Collecting herself, Jennifer lunged at her foe, locking up in the center of the ring. After a brief struggle, Katie gripped Jennifer's wrist and whipped her into the ropes. Unfortunately for her, Jennifer put the brakes on and pulled Katie towards her. Ducking low, she threw Katie over her head with a back body drop, cursing at the pain in her ribs as she did so. Although the move hurt Jennifer, it hurt Katie a lot more. She was twitching on the canvas, hands at the small of her back trying to relieve some of the pain. Regaining her senses, she stumbled to her feet, looking for her opponent and not finding her. Confused, she turned around to face the other side of the ring.

Katie turned just in time to see Jennifer coming, but several seconds too late to actually do anything about it. Jennifer's outstretched arm smashed into her throat like a lead pipe, briefly driving any conscious thought from her mind. Katie was knocked into the air, doing almost a complete 360 before landing hard on her stomach. Taken completely off guard by Jennifer's brutal clothesline, Katie was at her tormentors mercy as she was drug to her feet. Wasting no time, Jennifer trapped the other brunette in a front face-lock with one arm, and grabbed a handful of Katie's gray bikini bottoms in the other. Jennifer was enjoying being in control of the match again and took a moment to schmooze with the fans before punishing Katie some more.

"This dopey bitch thinks she's stronger than me!" Jennifer exclaimed to the crowd as she held Katie helpless. "I'm going to show her that's nothing but a bare-assed lie!"

As she said this, she gave several playful tugs on Katie's tights, forcing them into a half wedgie that giving the crowd a tantalizing glimpse of Katie's exposed rear. While the crowd was cheering Jennifer's antics, she gathered her strength and lifted straight up. She hoisted Katie over her head in an amazing Vertical Suplex. But when Katie was extended directly over her head, Jennifer didn't fall back. She held Katie upside down, letting the blood rush to her head. When the crowd realized Jennifer's tactics, they cheered loudly and then began to count off the seconds until Jennifer would send Katie crashing to the canvas. They had just gotten to fifteen when Jennifer had enough. She simply leaned back and fell, sending her foe hurtling to the mat.

Once again Katie's lower back took the majority of the impact, but on this occasion she had to divide her attention between her aching back and her dazed brain. For a moment she did nothing, hoping only to be left alone long enough to clear her head. Eventually, she rolled onto her side and rose to one knee. She had just stood up when Jennifer grabbed her right arm and whipped her roughly towards the corner. Katie tried her hardest to slow down but it proved futile as she smashed back first into the almost non-existent padding of the steel turnbuckles. Waves of pain coursed over the brunette as she slumped in the corner, head down, eyes mostly closed. It was both a blessing and curse that she was virtually unaware of her surroundings. A blessing in that she didn't know what agony was awaiting her. But by the same token, a curse because when the pain came she was totally unprepared for it.

That pain came in the form of Jennifer's shoulder slamming full speed into Katie's midsection, a devastating spear in the corner. The impact from the blow knocked the wind out of Katie and rammed her already pained lower back against the turnbuckle again. Katie could only gasp as Jennifer grabbed her wrist and whipped her hard to the opposite corner a second time. Her back made the same sickening contact with the corner post but this time the pain was less, probably because she was going numb. Jennifer launched at her crippled nemesis again, intent in driving her shoulder through Katie's stomach and right out her back.

But sometimes numbness can be beneficial. When Jennifer whipped her the second time, Katie knew what she was planning and prepared for it. As Jennifer hurtled at her, Katie planted her feet and sprung forward with everything she had. Katie's spear caught Jennifer dead center and briefly bent her into a C shape before driving her into the mat with devastating force. The back of her head thudded hard against the canvas and for perhaps twenty seconds she could do nothing at all. Even breathing seemed beyond her abilities at that point.

If Katie herself had not been so wounded she would have been able to pin Jennifer for the 3 count right there. But the surprise counter had taken a lot of energy out of her as well, for the moment she was content to rest on her knees and get her bearings. Satisfactorily recovered, Katie grabs a handful of Jenniferís hair and pulls her to her feet, the other brunette hardly resisting at all. Facing her dazed foe Katie wrapped her arms around Jennifer's limp torso.

Looking directly into Jennifer's eyes Katie spoke with an icy malevolence, "Do your ribs hurt bitch? Lets see if I can't help you forget about them for a second."

Katie lifted Jennifer up as high as she could manage then brought her back down, driving her knee between Jenniferís legs with a textbook Inverted Atomic Drop. Tears filled Jennifer's eyes and it took everything she had left to just keep standing. In the blink of an eye, she wished she had fallen down as Katie delivered another running knee to her abs. Like the last time, Jennifer spun over Katie's knee and landed sprawled on the mat. This time though, there was no pained gasping or moaning, she didn't have the energy.

Following her last two attacks, Katie was back in the match with a vengeance and she planned on making Jennifer suffer a lot more before finishing her off. With some effort she hauled Jennifer to her feet and scooped her over her shoulder, the position for a Running Power Slam. Katie had something more insidious in mind however, and the sadistic gleam in her eye spoke volumes. Striding purposefully towards the corner, she slammed Jennifer's inverted body into the posts, making sure to force her opponents legs under the top turnbuckle. She stepped back and left Jennifer hanging upside down in the corner, tied to the Tree of Woe.

Pausing to admire her handiwork, Katie taunts Jennifer again, "You know, I was lying earlier. I don't want you to forget the pain in your ribs. I don't want you to ever forget it. Maybe you'll think twice next time before you try to show my ass to the crowd."

Grabbing the middle rope on each side of Jennifer, Katie reared back, then drove her shoulder into Jennifer's inverted abdomen. Pulling back, she pistoned forward again and again mashing Jennifer's inside with an almost manic fury. The crowd tried to keep up with the number of impacts but even they lost count, deciding to take in the brutal spectacle in awed silence. Katie finally tired of her ramming shoulder into Jennifer. She gripped her opponent's ankles and pulled her down from the corner, leaving her heaped head over heels. Jennifer didn't even know where she was, the last minute or two were nothing but a pain drenched blur.

Katie on the other hand was very of her surroundings. She grabbed a handful of Jennifer's hair and a handful of tights, and rolled the other brunette into the center of the ring. Looking to destroy Jennifer in style, Katie ascended the turnbuckle and paused, surveying the wreck that was Jennifer. Taking a deep breath, Katie leapt off the top rope, aiming to make Jennifer a mat smear with the Frog Splash. Through the fog in her mind, Jennifer saw Katie climbing the ropes and realized what her foe intended. As Katie dove down on her, Jennifer reached deep into her reserves, finding just enough energy to roll clear of the splash. She didn't see Katie slam into the mat, but she felt and heard it clearly enough.

The fans in the club were going wild, trying to will both gladiators to their feet. But even the collective will of the crowd wasn't enough to help. Katie was rolling on the canvas, moaning and clutching her middle. The unprotected splash had reawakened the aches and pains from earlier in the match. Her rival wasn't faring much better though. Jennifer lay on her back, sweating profusely and just trying to summon enough energy to stand.

A little while later, both women slowly to their feet, Jennifer a little faster than Katie. Despite the toll they had taken the two locked up as fiercely as ever in the center of the ring. After a bit of pushing and shoving, Jennifer hoists Katie off her feet and positions her for a slam. Grunting with the effort, she moves Katie onto her shoulder, the other brunette's midsection resting heavily there. Looking for payback, Jennifer squeezes her arms painfully around Katie's middle, forcing a cry from her lips. Jennifer began slowly bouncing up and down, forcing her shoulder deeper into Katie with each bounce, a kind of Inverted Canadian Backbreaker.

As she bounces, Jennifer taunts the helpless girl being impaled on her shoulder. " So you think you can break my ribs huh Katie? Let's see how you like listening to your ribs snap one at a time!" She ended that thought with a vicious jerk on Katie's torso. Looking to change tactics, Jennifer steels herself for her next move. While still holding Katie aloft, she squats down as far as she can, then pushes up, jumping off the mat. She came down hard on her knees, with Katie still on her shoulder. The captive brunette was bent even further in two, resembling an inverted U before Jennifer let her flop to the mat. The crowd roared at the devastating effect the Gutbuster had on Katie.

Remembering the torture Katie had visited upon her earlier, Jennifer brought Katie to her feet. Standing beside Katie, Jennifer bent at the waist and looped one hand between her legs while the other found its way around her captives chin. Gritting her teeth, Jennifer lifted Katie off the mat again, this time draped parallel across her shoulders, trapped in the legendary Torture Rack.

Katie suddenly found enough energy to try and fight the hold. She squirmed and twisted in Jenniferís grasp, but the green clad beauty had the hold locked in perfectly. Katie could only writhe as Jennifer walked around the ring, bouncing ever so slightly, trying her best to break Katie in two. In an amazing display of power, Jennifer quickly dropped to one knee with Katie still tied to the Rack. The drop bent Katie at an even more painful angle and she cried out, trying even more desperately to free herself.

Jennifer wasn't about to let Katie go though, and she told her victim as much, "You're not getting out of this until I say so Katie. I've been laughed at, mocked and beaten for long enough now. I'm going to make everyone take me seriously even if I have to cripple you to do it. So cry all you like, but unless you're screaming 'I submit!' you're staying put."

In another uncharacteristic display, Jennifer muscled her way back to a standing position and kept the pressure on the Rack. Wanting to put the first nail in Katie's coffin, Jennifer thrusts Katie off her shoulders, tossing her to the mat in front of her. As Katie fell, Jennifer dropped to one knee again, smiling with sick satisfaction as Katie landed draped across her knee, another modified Gutbuster. Semiconscious on the mat, Katie was disturbed to discover blood in the back of her throat when she coughed. She became even more disturbed when Jennifer forced her into a standing head scissors position, wrapping her arms around Katie's beleaguered waist. Jennifer's plan became clear when she hoisted Katie up into the air, positioning her for a Powerbomb. But Jennifer didn't drop Katie right away; she wanted the fans to see how beaten her opponent was and how decisive her victory would be.

Unfortunately, her hesitation would cost her; not because Katie had the strength to counter the move (at that point she couldn't do much of anything) but because her own body turned traitor on her. As she was preparing to put Katie through the ring, a blast of pain exploded in Jennifer's ribs and she fell to the mat in agony. The pain got worse moments later when Katie landed awkwardly on top of her. The ref saw what happened and realized that Jennifer was being inadvertently pinned by the sprawled Katie. He went to make the count and reached ď2Ē before Jennifer rolled a shoulder up. She slowly pulled herself out from under Katie and rolled a few feet away, trying to recuperate. Katie was also feeling a bit worse for wear, the fall not doing anything for her head or back. She slowly massaged both, hoping to get the blood flowing again.

The two combatants were slow in getting to their feet, the botched Powerbomb having taken a great deal out of both of them. Still, they did get up and wearily faced off. Katie still had Jennifer's cruel proclamation ringing in her ears and she wanted retribution.

Despite the thin trickle of blood running down the corner of her mouth, she looked utterly fearless when she spoke to Jennifer, "Come on bitch. You think you can cripple me? I think you're full of shit."

The fairly commonplace insult infuriated Jennifer, she wanted nothing more than to break Katie's spirit in front of all these people. With an animalistic cry, she swung a vicious haymaker at Katie's jaw, hoping to put her foe down right then and there. But in her anger she had played right into Katie's hands. The other brunette easily ducked under the looping punch and shot in close, cinching her arms around Jennifer's waist in an excruciating Bear hug.

Katie pulled the protesting Jennifer to the middle of the ring, far away from any of the ropes. Gritting her teeth, Katie put everything she had left into the hug, mashing her sweaty torso against Jennifer's. Jennifer tried valiantly to escape the hold but she just wasn't having any luck breaking Katie's grip.

Staring deep in Jenniferís eyes, Katie whispered hatefully to the trapped girl. "You know why you get beaten and laughed at Love? It's because you're......NOTHING.......BUT......A.........PATHETIC........ CANDYASS!Ē

She punctuated each word with an especially hard squeeze of Jennifer's waist, taking care to mash her own tits violently against her rivals prized globes. Jennifer heard Katie's taunting through an ever increasing haze in her brain. Part of her (most of her to be honest) wanted to just give up and be done with it. The pain wasn't worth it. But a smaller, more noble part of her wouldn't allow it. She had been beaten too many times. She had been humiliated too many times. Now it was her turn to break someone's spirit. It was her turn to humiliate a vanquished foe. This series of thoughts passed through her mind almost instantaneously. Clearing her mind, she drew her hands into claws and brought them up hard into Katie's face. Seizing the exposed flesh of her opponents cheeks and throat, Jennifer clawed with a rage none in the audience knew she was capable of.

Breathlessly, she screamed at Katie, "LET ME GO YOU FUCKING TWAT!"

Katie cried out as Jennifer's claws ravaged her face and she let the hold go, trying to pry the murderous hands away. She fired a hand into Jennifer's gut, doubling her over and breaking the claw. Not wasting any time, she grabs Jennifer by the wrist and hurls her toward the turnbuckle. But Jennifer's hatred has given her new strength and she reversed the whip, sending Katie into the corner. Katie hit's the corner hard and has no time to prepare as Jennifer crushed her abundant tits in Katie face with a running Body splash.

Katie tried to fall out of the corner, but Jennifer held her in place. Leaning in close to her foe she said, "So I'm a candyass? I hope it doesn't bother you that my ass is about to crush the life out of you!"

Jennifer turned her back to Katie and grabbed the ropes on each side for leverage. She leaned forward and then shoved back, driving her ass into Katie's midsection. The impact of Jenniferís ass felt like a medicine ball to Katie and if that wasn't bad enough, her back was once again driven into the buckles. Jennifer repeated her ass ramming tactic several times, each hit drawing a pained cry from her victim. On about the twelfth try, Katie wrapped both arms around Jennifer throat and locked them tight. Jennifer began flailing and twisting trying to get Katie off of her but Katie had the Sleeper wrenched in beautifully. Breathing hard, Katie pushed out of the corner and maneuvered Jennifer back towards the center of the ring, away from any chance of escape.

Jennifer was fading fast in the Sleeper; she knew it and Katie knew it. Katie was working the hold perfectly, keeping Jennifer's chin locked in the crook of her elbow all the jerking back and forth, forcing her captive to exert more energy to stay awake. Jennifer fought valiantly against the hold taking small steps towards the ropes, but every effort she made came to naught when Katie pulled her back to dead center. Ever so slowly, the trapped girl bean to sink, first to one knee then to both. Katie knelt with her victim, never relinquishing her grip on Jenniferís neck. Katie heard Jennifer's shallow breathing begin to get more and more labored as the oxygen was cut off from her brain. She smiled. The bitch was going to sleep. As the thought left her head, Jennifer's hands finally fell limp at her sides, brushing against Katie's sweating legs. Giving the Sleeper another tight yank, Katie told the referee to raise Jennifer's arm, to make sure she was out.

The ref raised Jennifer's arm and let go. It fell limply to her side. The roar of the crowd was deafening. He raised her arm a second time and again it fell to her side, like a marionette with cut strings. If it was possible, the crowd got louder, Katie's fans wild in their exultation, Jenniferís mournful with defeat. The ref raised Jennifer's arm for the third and final time. When he released it, it started it's descent, but then stopped halfway down. Katie watched incredulously as the arm rose to shoulder height. The wavering hand, hung in front of Katie's face and then amazingly raised the middle finger, flipping her off. Jennifer's fans went crazy realizing that their warrioress was still alive. Katie however was not impressed.

"You fucking bitch! I'll choke every bit of defiance out of you if I have to....AAAAHHHHHHHHHH!"

Her world exploded as an agony shot up from between her legs, where Jennifer's other hand (the one no one had been watching) had crept its way between Katie's thighs and was now clawing for all its worth. She tore viciously at the flimsy gray material covering Katie's groin as the other girl fought tears off and tried to maintain the Sleeper. Eventually though, the pain became too much for her and Katie released the hold. Her hands flew to her crotch as they tried to pry Jennifer's hand away.

Letting go of the claw, Jennifer grabbed Katie's wrist and flung her into the ropes. Katie was so glad to be free of the crotch torture that she didn't realize what was happening until almost too late. She had already bounced off the ropes and back towards Jenniferís waiting arms. The other brunette had crouched low and threw her arms around Katie's running legs. Lifting up, she brought Katie off the ground and spun her hips towards the canvas, looking to plant her nemesis with a match ending Spinebuster. Jennifer was indeed successful in planting Katie with the Spinebuster, but unfortunately her face was also driven into the canvas because Katie had had the presence of mind to wrap an arm around Jenniferís head as she was being dropped to the mat. Katie had effectively turned the Spinebuster into a Tornado DDT, but neither girl was able to take advantage of the situation seeing as how they were both almost out of it.

Seeing the dazed look on the faces of both warriors the ref began to slowly count them both out, the crowd joining in an anxious chorus. They had made it all the way up to 8 before Katie rose to her feet. Jennifer made it to her hands and knees a second later. Katie grabbed the kneeling girl and forced her head between Katie's trembling legs. Wrapping her arms around Jennifer's waist, Katie lifted her nemesis off the mat and positioned her so that the small of Jennifer's tortured back was resting on the point of Katie's shoulder. Katie's fans cheered as they knew what was next. Katie would jump into the air and fall to her knees completing an ungodly backbreaker variation that she had been using to finish her opponents off with lately. Though she had no official name for it, some of her more pun-loving fans had dubbed it, 'The Holmes Wrecker.'

Katie held Jennifer helpless on her shoulder and slowly turned around the ring, displaying Jenniferís soon to be broken form for all to see. But just as she was about to jump, Jennifer's hands shot towards her face and savagely raked her eyes. Blinded, Katie let Jennifer go sliding off her shoulders. Knowing Jennifer had landed behind her Katie turned and swung a wild haymaker hoping against hope to catch Jennifer with the errant shot. Her hope was in vain though, Jennifer ducked the punch and scooped the blinded brunette up onto her shoulders in the Fireman's carry. With Katie draped across her shoulders she spun around twice, looking for all the world like she was going for an Airplane Spin. But upon completion of the second revolution, Jennifer jumped and fell to her right, taking Katie along for the ride. The back of Katie's head and neck hit the mat with a sick crunch as Jennifer hit the Death Valley Driver she had adopted as her finisher. HER fans called it, 'The Heartbreaker.'

Katie slumped unconscious on the mat as Jennifer slowly made the cover, barely hearing the referee count, "1.....2.......3!"

The insane cheers of her fans brought Jennifer slowly to her feet. She looked out at them and briefly flashed her beautiful grin before the pain in her ribs sprung up again. Fighting back the pain, she mouthed words of thanks to the people who had supported and believed in her throughout her many ring losses. And her more recent string of victories.

Over the noise of the audience she told herself, "I may never be remembered as the best wrestler in the world but I bet this will make people think twice about calling me 'candy ass' again. And if they don't stop, I'll make sure they all end up like Katie."

Smiling, she made one more circuit of the ring before climbing through the ropes to head back to her locker room to enjoy the spoils of a very hard fought victory.