Jennifer Love Hewitt vs. Lindsay Lohan by T-Dawg

Jennifer Love Hewitt was not having a very happy life lately. After finding immense success and popularity in the late 90’s with movies such as “I Know What You Did Last Summer” and “Can’t Hardly Wait,” her career had started to drastically slow down, going from disasters such as “Heartbreakers,” “I Still Know What You Did Last Summer,” “The Tuxedo” and finally, “Garfield.”

Now 26 years old, with only a spot on a couple TV shows in her immediate future, Hewitt was beginning to think that her career was on its last legs. But worst of all for the actress was that the actresses getting roles in films that she thought she was perfect for, were much less talented than her, in her opinion, as well as not as good looking. Hewitt recently had been complaining openly to friends that actresses such as Elisha Cuthbert, Natalie Portman, Paris Hilton - and especially Lindsay Lohan - didn’t deserve to be given parts in Hollywood and SHE could have played all those parts better than any of them! She complained to more and more people, even ones she didn’t know very well; just wanting to hear confirmation she was right. One of the people she complained to was her stylist whom, unknown to her, was also stylist to Lindsay Lohan and she loved Hollywood gossip so she was sure to tell Lindsay what Jennifer had said when she saw her a week later.

Lindsay couldn’t believe what she heard! “Why that no talent bitch!” Lindsay grumbled to her stylist. “What’s her problem? Just because she’s washed up at 26 doesn’t give her the right to talk shit about ME! I’m already a much better actress than she ever was - and I’m better looking as well! I’m not going to let that big-boobed hussy badmouth me and get away with it. It’s time for her to put her money where her mouth is.”

Lindsay came up with a brilliant plan. She got Jennifer’s phone number, gave the actress a call and pretended to be a secretary for Steven Spielberg, telling Jennifer that Spielberg wanted her for the lead in a new “Jurassic Park” movie. Lindsay was hardly able to keep herself from hysterics when she heard how excited Jennifer got thinking she’d actually been offered a part in the movie. Lindsay told Jennifer that Spielberg wanted to meet her at a gym five minutes from Lindsay’s house. Once she was done, Jennifer had agreed to go to the gym. Lindsay called everyone she knew, and got them to call everyone THEY knew; gathering over 220 people at the gym to watch her kick Jennifer’s ass.

When the day came, Lindsay had everyone show up early. She made sure that nobody else was at the gym, other than the people invited. But to her shock, she found Steven Spielberg there! Apparently he had been called by one of her friends, and he had wanted to take part, eager to see Jennifer humiliated. With Jennifer scheduled to show up at 3:00, Lindsay and everyone else arrived at noon. They set up some mats in the center of the gym, and focused all the spotlights on the mats, leaving the rest of the gym in complete darkness. She told Spielberg to sit on a stool in the center of the mats, so when Jennifer arrived, she wouldn’t think anything of it, and would go right to him. Little would Jennifer know that surrounding the mats would be 220 seats full of people, all there to see her get her ass kicked.

At 2:45, Lindsay took her seat with the crowd, everybody waiting for Jennifer. A couple minutes later, they all heard footsteps as the actress appeared. Jennifer Love Hewitt looked beautiful, obviously spending a lot of time getting ready, hoping to impress Spielberg. The actress wore black spandex pants and a glittery tanktop that reflected all of the spotlights. Jennifer saw Spielberg smiling at her, and she smiled right back.

“I’m so glad you want me for the movie,” Jennifer said. “How come you wanted to meet me here, though?”

Jennifer spun around as Lindsay appeared out of the surrounding blackness. “HE doesn’t, you moron,” said Lohan. “You really think he’d risk his reputation putting YOUR skanky ass in his movie?”

“What the hell are YOU doing here, you bitch?” asked Jennifer, still unaware she’d been set up to be punked.

“I’m here to finally put you in your place and shut you the hell up,” Lindsay answered. “And everyone here is going to enjoy watching me do it.” With that, the lights surrounded the area went up slightly, and Jennifer gasped when she saw all the audience, many of whom she knew and/or had worked with at one point or another.

“Listen,” said Jennifer, obviously nervous and scared. “I didn’t mean anything I ever said about you. I’ll just leave now and let’s forget the whole thing, OK?”

“I don’t think so, bitch!” said Lindsay. “You’re going to have to learn to put up or shut up. And since you won’t, I’m going to have to shut you up myself.”

Lindsay walked towards the terrified Hewitt, who had nowhere to run to. The younger actress apparently wasn’t too worried about Jennifer, wearing a simple cutoff tee shirt, showing off her muscular stomach, as well as a pair of low-cut blue jeans. Jennifer tried to run past Lindsay and get to the exit, but Lindsay grabbed her by her hair on the way past, bringing her to a screeching halt. Jennifer shrieked as Lindsay pulled her by the hair and yanked her down to the ground. The private audience cheered as the older actress pulled herself up to her hands and knees and tried to massage the burning pain from the scalp. As Jennifer tried to get her head to clear, Lindsay soaked in the cheers from the crowd, raising her arms in the air.

“You’re pathetic,” Lindsay yelled. “No wonder you never stood up for your words. You couldn’t hurt a fly!”

As Lindsay turned her back to her, playing to the crowd, Jennifer got to her feet. When she saw the reaction Lindsay was getting, she let out a roar and charged into Lindsay. As Lindsay turned around at the sudden sound, she was met with a hard spear from Jennifer, knocking her to the ground. Jennifer then mounted Lindsay, grabbing her by her hair, and repeatedly slamming her head into the ground.

“You bitch,” yelled Jennifer. “You think you can beat me up in front of all these people? Well you’re an even worse fighter than you are an actress.”

Unfortunately for Jennifer, the mat was absorbing most of the blows, with Lindsay not really getting hurt. With Jennifer continuing to taunt her, Lindsay took advantage of the opportunity, lifting her knee and slamming it into the actresses crotch. The crowd let out a collective “ooh” as Jennifer’s mouth opened, but no sound came out. Lindsay pushed Jennifer off of her, before rising to her feet. Lindsay straightened herself out while Jennifer was silently rocking back and forth in the fetal position, tears streaming down her face. Lindsay smiled down at her helpless opponent. She then bent down and picked Jennifer up by the hair. With Jennifer still in pain from the crotch shot, she offered no resistance as Lindsay got a hold of her tight spandex pants with her right hand lifting Jennifer up and delivering a brutal suplex to the actress, knocking all the wind out of her.

“Well it’s clear she can’t fight,” Lindsay said to the audience. “So let’s have a little fun with her.”

With Jennifer in pain on the ground she had no chance to stop Lindsay from grabbing her by the bottom of her tank-top, and in one quick notion, lifting it over her head, leaving Jennifer in a well-filled, skimpy yellow lace bra. While she was still in a lot of pain, Jennifer’s face turned bright red as a couple hundred cameras started flashing, capturing the actress in her sudden state of undress. Jennifer was humiliated, displaying most of her awesome chest to some of Hollywood’s biggest stars!

“You fucking bitch!” Jennifer yelled, tears of humiliation joining her tears of pain. “Why are you doing this to me? Just leave me alone!”

“Because you deserve it!” Lindsay replied. “You felt the need to tell everyone how much better of an actress you are than me and now I’m going to make sure that you really learn your lesson.”

Lindsay pulled Jennifer to her feet by her hair once again. Lindsay then grabbed both of Jennifer’s arms, and held them behind her back. She then took her left hand and stuck it in Jennifer’s lower back, forcing her to stick her tits out, much to the delight of the crowd, who continued to take pictures. Lindsay then took her hand and hit Jennifer in the back of the head, knocking her down to the mat, head first. Lindsay then climbed on Jennifer’s back, and put her arms around her face, and pulled back, in a move very similar to Chris Benoit’s crippler crossface. The pressure on her back once again forced Jennifer to stick her tits out. As Lindsay continued to perform the hold, the pressure was too much for Jennifer’s bra to handle and her right boob suddenly popped out, the nipple springing to immediate attention. Jennifer shrieked in humiliation, the flashes from the camera blinding her.

“Please, don’t do this to me,” Jennifer begged. “This is so humiliating. I’ll never say anything bad about you again, just let me go.”

“Oh you’re damn right you won’t,” said Lindsay. “But I’m having too much fun and I’m not about to let you go. By the time you go to bed tonight, there are going to be naked pictures of you from this fight all over the Internet.”

Jennifer just started bawling as she realized that Lindsay wasn’t going to be done with her until she was butt-naked in front of all these people. Despite having a history of wearing shirts that showed off most of her boobs, Jennifer was very modest. Just the thought of her getting stripped naked was more than she could bare. Her worst nightmare was coming true! Lindsay got to her feet, once again playing to the crowd. Jennifer rolled over onto her back, quickly stuffing her boob back into her bra, her face still bright red.

“Oh no, you don’t,” Lindsay said. “I’m not done with you yet.”

She quickly dropped onto Jennifer’s stomach, knocking the wind out of her again. Facing Jennifer’s legs, Lindsay placed a knee on each of Jennifer’s arms, trapping them and basically making Jennifer helpless. Lindsay then placed both of his hands on Jennifer’s spandex pants and looked up to the audience for approval. Slowly, seductively, Lindsay pulled Jennifer’s pants down slightly, showing off the top of her yellow panties. Yet again, Jennifer shrieked, as cameras continued to go off. However, Jennifer was able to buck Lindsay off, and quickly pull her pants back into place before Lindsay was able to finish the job. Jennifer quickly got off her feet and tried to run away while Lindsay was still down. However, Jennifer quickly found out that there was no way out. The audience had formed a complete circle, Jennifer was trapped. Realizing she had nowhere to go, Jennifer slowly turned back to find Lindsay waiting for her in the middle of the circle, a big smile on her face.

Jennifer, frustrated and humiliated beyond belief, ran straight at Lindsay, screaming at the top of her lungs. Amused, Lindsay waited until Jennifer was nearly on top of her, before moving to the side and sticking her foot out, causing Jennifer to fall to the mat, flat on her face. Jennifer cried out in pain, holding her nose, apparently after it had hit the mat straight on. While Jennifer was on her stomach, concerned with her nose, Lindsay snuck up behind her, and grabbed Jennifer by the back of her pants, foregoing showmanism this time, and instead yanking the pants straight off her legs in one quick, smooth motion. Jennifer screamed out loud, mortified beyond belief.

The flashbulbs going off in the arena were unbelievable, as Jennifer’s full round ass was on display, her yellow panties turning out to be a skimpy thong. Lindsay’s smile was almost from ear to ear, clearly enjoying Jennifer’s humiliation. The actress used to be one of the biggest draws in Hollywood, and now she was reduced to her skimpiest pair of underwear in front of some of the biggest names in the business. And not only that, but the pictures were likely going to be on every major web site within a couple of hours. Jennifer, in the mean time, was rolling around on the floor, trying to cover as much of her body as she could, while Lindsay stayed back to make sure everyone could get a good shot of the actress in all her glory.

fter about 30 seconds of quality picture taking, Lindsay decided to have some more fun. She slowly walked over to the sobbing and flustered actress, flipping her own hair back and grinning to the audience. Meanwhile, Jennifer was starting to come to her senses. She was having the worst time of her life, but she realized that unless she started fighting back, Lindsay was going to strip her naked and she would never be able to live it down. When she saw Lindsay celebrating, waving her pants around and playing to the crowd, Jennifer decided the time had come to make her move. She jumped to her feet and charged at Lindsay, grabbing her around the neck from behind and yanking her to the ground. She quickly yanked her legs around, Lindsay’s waist, trapping her for the time being. Jennifer wanted Lindsay to feel the same sort of embarrassment she’d made her feel, so Jennifer grabbed Lindsay’s cutoff tee shirt, pulling it up until the cups of her black lace bra were exposed.

But instead of embarrassing her, it enraged her! “Oh no you don’t!” Lindsay stated as she took her right elbow and nailed Jennifer in the gut, winding her for the third time in the fight. Jennifer started coughing and released Lindsay, who stood up and readjusted her shirt. “You’re going to pay for that, slut,” said Lindsay. “You’ve been a very naughty girl and I’m afraid I have no choice but to punish you.”

She grabbed Jennifer by the hair and draped her over her knee. The crowd cheered loudly as Lindsay licked her right hand, before smacking Jennifer’s right ass-cheek with it, drawing a yelp from the older actress. The audience counted out loud with each smack as Lindsay began furiously spanking Jennifer on both cheeks, turning them both an unhealthy shade of pink. Jennifer was bawling her eyes out, and begging Lindsay to let her go, but Lindsay continued the spanking until her hands starting stinging. Lindsay then dumped Jennifer onto the ground. Jennifer rolled around on the mat, tears streaming down her face, holding her ass as the crowd gave Lindsay a standing ovation.

“Alright, I’m getting kinda bored,” Lindsay said to the hysterical Love. “It’s time for the big finish!”

Lindsay walked over to Jennifer, grabbed her bra by the front clasp and yanked it off her body in one quick pull. Jennifer’s boobs were freed from their restraints and the crowd gave an appreciative round of applause, as they were thoroughly impressed by Jennifer’s chest. Even Lindsay looked a little taken aback, as it was clear that Jennifer’s tits were some of the biggest she’d seen in Hollywood. With Jennifer shrieking yet again and covering her tits with both her hands, Lindsay yelled at her to shut up, before pulling her arms away from her chest, and then delivering a devastating slap right across Jennifer’s boobs. The sharp sting of flesh meeting flesh caused the audience to let out another collective “ooh,” and added another area of pain to Jennifer’s increasing list. Lindsay then repeated the process, the second slap causing Jennifer to drop to the ground on her back.

Lindsay looked down at the humiliated, washed-up actress and smiled again. It was clear that from all the humiliation and pain that she had endured, Jennifer had lost all willingness to fight. She just lay there, not even trying to cover up anymore, instead burying her face in her hands and sobbing. Lindsay shook her head at the pathetic scene she was witnessing, before grabbing Jennifer’s thong and slowly peeling if down her legs and off her feet, getting no resistance whatsoever from the brunette. Lindsay examined the thong for a second, before walking over to Spielberg and presenting him with the ‘trophy.’

“I think you should have these,” Lindsay said, “I’m going to take the rest of her clothes as a reminder of how badly I beat her ass, but I think she would have wanted you to have these,” she said, winking at the producer.

While some might think Jennifer’s humiliation was complete, Lindsay decided there was yet another way to really embarrass her opponent. Once again, she sat in Jennifer’s chest, facing her legs. She then sensually took two of her fingers and licked them up and down, then looked to the audience for approval. When it was clear they approved unanimously, she took the two fingers and slowly pushed them into Jennifer’s pussy.

“Oh God, please no,” Jennifer begged. “Nobody’s ever been in there before.”

Lindsay laughed at the humiliated actress, “You mean you’re a fucking VIRGIN? Damn! You just get more pathetic every second. But I guess that will make this even more fun then.”

Lindsay worked the two fingers in and out of Jennifer and it soon became clear to Lindsay that Jennifer was telling the truth, plus it wasn’t long before she started reacting to Lindsay’s surprisingly expert stimulation. Within seconds, Love was moaning like a whore as Lindsay starting pumping her fingers in harder and faster and Jennifer’s hips started humpinb with the rhythm of Lindsay’s fingering; almost as if anticipating their thrust and rising to meet it!

Please, you can’t do this to meEEEEEEEEEEE,” Jennifer tried one more time. “You’ve done enough. I’m never be able to live this down.”

“Doh! But that’s the whole idea!” Lindsay replied with a wicked smile on her face.

After a few more seconds, Jennifer’s hips were moving much faster and her moans were getting louder and louder until she suddenly let out a scream, cumming all over Lindsay’s hand and even making a small puddle on the mat. The cameras caught every second of her humiliating orgasm before Jennifer faded into unconsciousness from all that had happened. Lindsay stood up slowly and wiped Jennifer’s cum over her naked boobs and beautiful face; creating an image that would surely be one of the most popular pictures in the history of the Internet. Lindsay stood over Jennifer with her foot on Love’s stomach; her big toe wiggling in the defeated actresses belly-button as she struck a pose for the final pictures of the evening.

Lindsay then left the ring, with not a scratch on her, leaving the naked, spanked, and cum-covered Jennifer Love Hewitt in the center of the gym. The audience slowly left the gym which was now open to the public and the first five customers were all college frat guys who found a nice surprise waiting for them when they got inside.
Two months later, Jennifer Love Hewitt was at home. Her life ruined after the pictures hit the fact, her naked pictures were THE most popular search on Yahoo, outstripping Danni Ashe and Cindy Margolis combined! The entire world knew of her humiliating defeat - not to mention that she was still a virgin at 26! When she turned on the E! network, she got the news that Steven Spielberg had chosen as the lead actress in his upcoming ‘Jurassic Park’ movie a virtual movie unknown…young Lindsay Lohan! Jennifer sat in shock for a moment, then dropped her head in her hands and sobbed.