Jennifer Love Hewitt vs. Eva Longoria by The Walkin’ Dude

It was the second weekend of October and that means it’s been fall for a few weeks now, but here in the small Florida town of Darkside, the last vestiges of summer were making a desperate stand against the incoming cold. That’s not to say that the weather was unpleasant because it wasn’t. The sky had been gray and dropping rain most of the evening, that’s true but the thermometer read in the mid seventies and after nearly four months of lows in the upper nineties, the citizenry of Darkside couldn’t complain too loudly. Another reason for the lack of complaining lay inside the R’lyeh Club and its entertainment for the evening.

Fannin’s promotion had made there way back to the Sunshine State for the first time in several months and the dedicated fans in the area had turned out in droves to see what battles were going to be waged this evening. Of course all the matches on the card were noteworthy for one reason or another but for this outing, our focus lies squarely on the main event. Tonight the folks in Darkside would bear witness to a battle between two petite, but explosively aggressive brunettes when Eva Longoria locked up with Jennifer Love Hewitt for the first time ever. Now even though this was their first encounter, it was billed as a grudge match because the ill will had been growing between them for over a month.

It began when Eva was a guest on the promotion’s Internet talk show, “Looking at the Lights.” During the course of her interview, Eva had gone off on a rant about how disgusted she was by certain girls, girls who in her words, “Got over on cup size; not talent.” Asked if she had anyone specific in mind, Eva snorted, “There’s lots but, if I had to pick just one, it’d have to be Jennifer Love Hewitt. She’s the worst; just a rack on legs. Once the fans wake up to that, she’ll be on the street selling her ass in no time!”

Of course, one doesn’t make statements like that on the Net and not expect them to get back to the target. Jennifer heard Eva’s barbs the very next day and demanded a chance to defend herself. Going on the show the following week, she blasted Longoria, saying, “Eva’s just jealous because she’s an upstart rookie with no tits and no one to feud with. If she wants to build herself up by tearing me down, that little titless wonder has got a nasty dose of reality coming her way.”

The fight was on and the war of words only escalated until Fannin agreed to put them both in a match. And with that properly explained lets go ringside as the announcer proclaims, “The following contest is our main event! Introducing first at 5’3” tall, ladies and gentlemen….Jennifer LOVE Hewitt!”

‘This Love’ comes through the speakers and the brunette presents herself to the fans in the R‘lyeh Club. For her wrangle with Eva, the gorgeous brunette was clad in a two-piece emerald bikini. Her pads and ring boots were of the same color, and the deep green went wonderfully with her pale complexion and long dark hair. Moving quickly down the aisle, Jen flashed her beautiful smile before hopping up onto the apron and into the ring. Heading to her corner, she eyed the entrance ramp and waited for her newest adversary to appear.

Resuming his proclamation, the announcer continued, “Her opponent stands 5’2”…….Eva Long-GORE-ia!”

‘Diamonds and Guns’ by the Transplants starts up and Eva wastes no time exploding through the curtain and down the ramp. The tanned brunette is clad in a 2-piece string tie bikini with pink, red and white stripes. Her boots and pads were red with white trim and her dark hair hung loose and tousled on her shoulders. Eyeing the ring with a smirk, Eva charged the squared circle and slid under the bottom rope before getting to her feet in one smooth motion. Heading to her corner, she never let her eyes leave Jennifer’s as they both waited for the match to get started. Over the drone of the crowd, the two brunettes blazed daggers at each other, waiting tensely in their corners for the bell.

DING! DING! DING! They moved quickly towards the center of the ring and their impending confrontation. Assuming their respective crouches, Eva and Jennifer approached cautiously, neither willing to make the move that would give her opponent an opening. Her dark eyes glittering, Eva stood up straight and stalked forward. Getting right in Jennifer’s face, the other brunette went nose-to-nose and chest-to-chest with Love, staring her foe down with a palpable air of defiance. But Jen wasn’t one to look away and Eva maintained her stony silence for another moment before Eva chided, “It took me a while, but I finally got your no-talent ass in the ring. Now, I’m gonna stretch you out and tear you down tonight bitch. All these people are going to find out that you were never anything more than a mediocre talent with a grade A rack. After I’m done, you’ll be exposed as just another mediocre wrestler.”

Jen suffered this barb in silence, waiting for Eva to finish before firing a shot of her own by pressing close to her slender foe and hissing, “YOU’RE the one whose going to learn Eva. You’re gonna find out that you can’t just talk shit and not have the talent to back it up. You’ll be sorry you ever tried to make your reputation by trashing mine.”

Eva only smirked, “Somehow I doubt that jumbo jugs. Let’s see how those silicone sacks of your hold up against…ME!”

With her last word, Eva rocked back, then shot forward, cracking both hands into Love’s ample chest with a blistering open palm SLAP! Jennifer winced and stumbled back, but the ring-tested brunette wasn’t thrown off her game that easy. Gathering her wits, Jennifer returned the favor, whipping both open hands across the slim brunette’s less-than-ample-but-no-less-impressive-in-their-own-way assets! The power of Love’s strike sent Longoria sprawling across the ring before regaining her equilibrium and springing back to her feet; her mouth gaping in shock and her cheeks flushed.

With her claws extended, Eva snarled, “Don’t you ever put your hands on me again you slut!”

She sprang forward, her highly lacquered talons pointed directly at Hewitt’s face. More than ready for Longoria’s charge, Jen dropped into a crouch and whispered, “Oh, you mean like THIS?”

Jen ducked under Eva’s claws, scooped her up and held the lithe brunette over her shoulder in the stall position for a basic Body Slam. Cinching Eva tight, Love smiled brightly and rose up on the balls of her feet, then tossd her captive down with all her strength. Eva hit the mat with a resounding THUD!, her back arching in pain before she rolled onto her side to recover. Seeing Longoria stunned on the mat, Jen seized the opportunity and cocked an elbow before dropping to the canvas with the bony joint aimed right between her opponent’s breasts. Sadly for Jen, her intended target vacated the area before the Elbow Drop could connect, leaving the brunette to drive her elbow into unforgiving canvas. Jen cried out and scrambled to a sitting position, drawing the tender limb tightly across her torso.

Nearby, Eva saw her opponent’s pain and used it as motivation to get to her feet. Moving with a speed that was almost frightening, she got behind Jen and tensed her entire frame. Drawing back her right foot, she snapped it forward, driving the point of her boot in between the downed girl’s shoulder blades. There was a loud CRACK! and Jen howled in anguish as the simple kick sent shockwaves through her whole body. The pale beauty was still grasping at her injured back when Eva ran the ropes in front of her and sped towards the sitting girl.

With Jennifer distracted, it was easy for Longoria to drop down and drive both boots into Love’s forehead with a low Dropkick. There was another loud THUMP! as Jennifer was knocked flat on her back, her head bouncing painfully off the canvas as she landed. Sliding gracefully to her feet, Eva sauntered over to Jen’s moaning form and planted several hard boots in her rival’s chest and belly. Grinning spitefully as Jen tried to roll away, Eva reached down slowly and jerked the other brunette to her feet. Not letting Jen recover her senses, Eva slapped her captive in a Front Face Lock before slinging Love’s near arm over her shoulders and using her free hand to secure a handful of tights. Eva bent her knees, then popped her hips, taking Jen over and to the canvas with a lightning fast Snap Suplex. WHOMP! Jennifer grunted and tried to get onto her side, but Eva shoved her onto her back and went for an early cover, hooking one of Jen’s flailing legs as she bore down on the pin. The Snap Suplex might have sounded nasty, but it wasn’t nearly enough to put Jen down for good and the brunette proved as much by kicking out shortly after the one count.

Sitting on her knees, Eva regarded the injured brunette with a taunting leer before she hopped to her feet. Standing over her victim, Eva made a little spinning motion with her fingers before she ran the ropes again. Sprinting back towards Love, Eva left her feet in an elegant Front Flip that landed her butt comfortably on Jennifer’s defenseless chest. The Flipping Senton drove the air from Hewitt’s lungs and Eva couldn’t have been more satisfied with the wheezing gasps that were coming out of the injured girl’s mouth. Burying both claws in Jen’s dark hair, Eva pulled the breathless woman to her feet and marched her toward the corner.

Pushing Love roughly back into the buckles, Eva chested up in Jen’s face and purred, “Let’s start dismantling those ugly tits of yours, shall we Lovey?”

Receiving only a pained curse in response, Eva drew her hand back and brought it roaring forward to crack across Jennifer’s chest in a brutal Knife Edge Chop. The simple strike sent lightning through Jennifer’s breasts, causing her body to jerk spasmodically in the confines of the corner. This reaction only spurred Eva on and she pulled her hands back to deliver CHOP after CHOP to Jen’s shuddering assets, her vaunted rack quickly turning an angry red under the relentless fusillade of blows. After nearly ten such chops, Eva took a moment to rest her arm, shaking the ache out of the limb.

Eva leaned into Love’s ear and cooed, “How they feel now ya twat? You’re not gonna smother shit, hell by the end of this match, you won’t even be able to wear your slutty bra.”

The domineering brunette was about to continue her rant when Jennifer broke her stupor and buried both hands in Eva’s locks. With a nasty little snarl, Jen twisted her hips and swung Eva around, smashing her back into the corner, effectively reversing positions. Fury blazing in her eyes, Jen got one hand under Longoria’s chin and pushed her head back.

Drawing her free hand back, Jennifer sneered, “My tits are plenty tough enough to take whatever you can dish out. My question is, ‘Can yours take the same’?”

Not caring if she got an answer, Jennifer administered several Knife Edge Chops of her own;, each mean spirited blow drawing a guttural cry of pain from the trapped brunette. A cruel smile blooming on her face, Jen drew back for another chop but before she could unleash it, Eva’s hand shot forward as she stabbed a thumb in Love’s eye. Hewitt cried out in pain and surprise, staggering back, clutching her face in an attempt to alleviate the temporary blindness. Taking a moment to massage her stinging chest, Eva fixed a seething gaze on the staggering brunette. Then Eva exploded forward, leaving her feet and catching the girl across the chest with a Flying Cross Body. Her momentum knocked Love off her feet and drove her into the mat with all of Eva’s weight bearing down on her. Pinning the struggling girl to the mat, Eva hooked both legs and held on tight, managing to get a two count before Hewitt was able to shove her off.

Scrambling to her feet, Eva circled Jen as the other girl got to her feet. Making sure she was behind her foe, Eva couldn’t resist calling out, “Behind ya jugs!”

Jennifer whirled around just as Eva left her feet in a vertical leap and pistoned her feet forward, meaning to decapitate Love with a Dropkick. But it turns out that alerting one’s intended victim to your intentions isn’t the best idea and Jennifer proved as such by getting both hands up and slapping Eva’s legs aside, leaving Longoria to drop painfully to the mat. Knowing she had to slow Eva down before she could begin to wear her out, Jennifer stood at Eva’s waist and leapt into the air before coming down with all her weight across the small of Eva’s back in a Splash. Eva groaned and tried to crawl out from under Hewitt, but Jennifer grabbed a handful of tights and held her in place as she got to her feet, then hauled Eva up and spun the smaller brunette around facing her.

Grabbing a two handed grip on Eva’s wrist, Jen backed her rival into the ropes and hissed. “So you like to fly do ya Eva? Let’s see if I can help you do what ya love.”

Planting her feet, Jennifer hurled Eva across the ring and into the ropes on the opposite side of the ring. Eva hit the cables and started her return, stumbling awkwardly toward her waiting adversary. Going with something basic, Jennifer ducked low and waited until she felt Eva’s belly ram into her shoulder. With Eva nearly on top of her, Jennifer shoved upwards, tossing the lithe brunette up and into the lights with a huge Back Body Drop. Eva shrieked on her way down, only to have the cry truncated with a ring-rattling smack as she collided with the ring. Flashing that megawatt smile, Jen stood over the twisted ruin of Longoria and leapt into the air once more, administering another sternum shattering Splash. Draped across the flattened landscape of Eva’s torso, Jennifer planted both hands on the mat and flipped the hair from her eyes, striking a taunting little pose as the ref went for the count.

Not surprisingly, Eva was able to kick out prior to three, but Jen didn’t much mind. She wanted a lot more time to punish Eva for the taunting, jeering remarks the other brunette had been making. Burying one hand in Longoria’s hair and using the other to snag one of Eva’s bikini straps, Jen muscled Eva to her feet and scooped her up, holding the lithe, tanned beauty up for a Body Slam. This time though, Jennifer didn’t bother to immediately drop Eva to the mat; instead she strutted around the ring, displaying Eva’s hapless backside for all to see.

“Think Eva’s got what it takes to beat me?” Jen asked the crowd. She waited for the crowd’s rabid response to die down, then smiling said, “Yeah, me neither.”

Then she hit the Body Slam, hurling her captive down to meet the canvas in a short but very painful descent. Primly adjusting the edges of her top, Jen smiled again and pulled Longoria to her feet. Scooping the wounded beauty up, Love held Eva perpendicular across her chest, slapping and pinching at Eva’s butt for several seconds before she fell forward, flattening Eva between Jen’s body and the mat with a Falling Power Slam. Sitting on the mat beside her wounded nemesis, Jennifer believed she’d done an adequate job of grinding Eva down to the point where the slippery brunette couldn’t just wriggle out of her clutches. Moving slowly and confidently, Jen straddled Eva’s upper thighs, shifting a bit to find the proper perch on Longoria’s perfect legs. Holding her rival immobile, Jennifer walked her hand up Eva’s thigh, over her briefs and past her navel, stopping her progress smack dab in the middle of Eva’s belly.

Laying her hand palm down, Jennifer cooed insincerely, “Everybody talks about how cut and toned you are, Eva; lets see how long this tight little tummy holds up against my Claw.”

Jen dug her talons down, kneading and tearing at the smooth plank of Eva’s abs. The pinned brunette howled and squirmed, trying first to buck Jen off her and then to pull Hewitt’s hand free, but in both of these ventures she was unsuccessful. Biting back a shriek as Jen tried to claw right through her, Eva picked another solution and devoted herself to making it work. Using the pain as motivation, Longoria muscled herself into a sitting position and then whipped both her talons up, latching them onto Jen’s bounty with a mauling, tearing Breast Claw. Jen growled in pain, anger and surprise, but she wouldn’t release her Stomach Claw. Instead she redoubled her efforts, drawing another groan of agony from Eva which convinced Eva to increase the strength of her Breast Claw.

Both brunette’s locked eyes in a searing gaze as they tried their best not to relinquish the dueling holds. Interestingly enough, they both reached their pain threshold at the same instant, breaking their grips and pushing away from one another to nurse their wounded anatomies. Holding both arms across her defiled chest, Jennifer glared at Eva with unadulterated hate in her eyes.

Pushing to her feet, the pale brunette stalked towards her rival and hissed, “That…is…IT!”

Reaching the recovering Longoria, Jennifer hauled the smaller woman to her feet and immediately greeted her with a boot to the gut that doubled Eva over. Standing in front of the gasping goddess, she reached around the right side of Eva’s waist and cinched her up in a Waist Lock. Squeezing her grip tighter, Jen lifted Eva off the mat and fell backwards, tossing Eva back first onto the canvas with a Gutwrench Suplex. Quickly getting to her feet, Jennifer stalked over to Eva and yanked her up with a double handful of hair. Jerking Longoria back and forth by the roots of her hair, Love pulled her in close.

“You wanna fondle my tits Eva? Well here, lemme give you the grand tour!” As she was saying this last bit, Jen was drawing Eva’s face forward and down, plunging the brunette’s panicked face down into the cavernous furnace of her cleavage.

Jennifer glowed with primal glee as she rubbed her rival’s face rudely against her breasts. Savoring the reverberations of Longoria’s cries and the erratic pant of her breath, Jennifer kept the grind going for several more seconds before pulling her disoriented foe free, letting Eva take a single breath before she trapped her in a skull squeezing Front Face Lock. Heaving Eva’s near arm over her shoulders, Jen grabbed a big handful of tights and pulled Eva off the mat, holding the limber beauty perfectly inverted over her with a Vertical Suplex. Not falling back just yet, Love held her position, letting the blood rush to Longoria’s head even as the crowd began to count off the seconds. They had just reached twenty when Hewitt dropped backwards driving the whole of Eva’s back into the mat with a loud, but somehow wet THUD! Wondering if Eva was done for, Jen rolled over onto her panting rival and hooked a leg, holding her grip tight as the ref knelt to make his count. He had just passed “TWO” and was heading for “THREE” when Eva kicked out.

Impressed that Eva was still in the fight, Jennifer hauled Eva to her feet and backed her into the ropes, grabbing her wrist as she said, “Maybe there’s more to you than just a big mouth, Longoria. Of course, your mouth may be all you have left when the match is over.”

She whipped Eva off the ropes and strode forward to meet her charging rival. When Eva was in range, Jen set herself in position, scooping Eva up under her arm in perpetration to drive her into the mat with a Sidewalk Slam. But before she could complete the move, Eva swung both legs up and locked them around Love’s surprised head. Using the force of Jen’s lift and her own momentum to her advantage, Eva twisted out of Jennifer’s grip and tossed the other brunette off her feet with the Tilt-a-Whirl Headscissors. Jen went headfirst into the canvas, groaning and seeing stars as she tried desperately to shake off the dizziness brought on by Eva’s ingenious counter.

Love regained her senses rather quickly and looked up just in time to see Eva pop to her feet. Snarling at her rival’s tenacity, Jennifer lunged forward only to be met with a hard boot to the gut. The air exploded from her lungs in a single puff and she was left to stagger backwards, clutching ineffectually at her abused belly. Fighting off the aches and pains of Jen’s previous attacks, Eva set herself for a moment before sprinting towards the winded beauty. Running full tilt at her adversary, Eva leapt and soared at her prey, gliding right by Love’s left side. As she sailed by, Eva lashed both hands out and cupped them around Hewitt’s chin. In the blink of an eye, she pulled her grip tight and yanked forward, jerking Jennifer off her feet and slamming the back of her head into the canvas with a uniquely applied Reverse Neckbreaker. Feeling adrenaline shoot through her, Eva got to her feet and stood over Jen who was still doing nothing more than trying to protect her battered head and neck.

Hands on her hips, Eva looked down and with an sibilant hiss, taunted, “You EVER put your tits in my face and I promise you they’ll come home with me.”

To add punctuation, she leapt into the air and extended a leg before coming down with her toned thigh right across Love’s defenseless boobs. The downed brunette grunted and rolled onto her side, trying to divide her attention between her head and her breasts with only minimal success. Smoothing the hair out of her eyes, Eva bent down, pulled Jen to her feet and, snagging a grip on the other brunette’s bikini strap and another on her emerald tights, marched the wobbly-kneed girl into the corner where she hurled her into the thinly padded turnbuckles. Drawing Jen’s arms away from her torso, Eva made sure her target’s breasts were undefended before she launched her next attack.

Resting her forehead against Love’s, Eva asked, “I wonder if I can kick your tits right through your chest and out yer back. That would be one for the highlight reel right? Let’s see if I can’t do it right now.”

Backing up to center ring, Eva charged at the helpless Love only to change her angle mid way, aiming more towards the ropes to Jen’s right. Aiming toward the cables, Eva executed a short hop and landed on the top rope. In the same instant, she pushed off the rope, using it like a Springboard to propel herself feet first into Love’s boobs. The Springboard Dropkick nearly flattened Jen’s assets and the crippled brunette let out an anguished howl as she stumbled slowly out of the corner. She may have been on her feet, but it wasn’t something Eva was going to allow to continue for much longer. Recovering her footing, Eva stalked after her stumbling victim and laced both hands tightly across Jen’s chin before yanking her back towards her.

Keeping Hewitt off balance, Eva sneered, “This might help straighten out your lousy posture slut.”

She jumped into the air and tucked both knees into the small of Hewitt’s back while maintaining the Chin Lock. Microseconds later, gravity reclaimed Eva and she fell to the canvas, landing easily on her back while damn near breaking Jennifer’s by bending the wounded brunette over her tucked knees. The innovative Double Knee Backbreaker sent a violent shiver through Love’s body and she popped free of Eva’s grip only to lay sprawled awkwardly on the mat. Getting to her knees, Eva scooted over to Hewitt and draped herself across the battered brunette. Not bothering to hook a leg, Eva settled for a groping squeeze of Jen’s rack as the ref delivered his count. The zebra’s hand was coming down for the third and final time when Jen managed to kick free.

Exasperated, Eva looked down at Jen and asked scornfully, “You really DO want to be wearing a training bra when this is over don’t ya?” Eva grabbed both of Jennifer’s wrists and pulled her towards the corner, making sure to position her victim so her head was pointing towards the corner. Facing the audience, Eva placed both hands on the top rope before climbing to the second rope. Looking out at the crowd, Longoria smiled as she roared; “Now it’s time to show this stupid twat that A trumps T any day of the week!”

Pleased at the exuberant response, Eva began to bounce up and down on the middle rope, working up a good head of steam before suddenly leaping off to come crashing down butt first on Jennifer’s upturned chest. The Banzai Drop forced another spine quivering shudder from Jennifer’s body and she was barely able to shove Eva off her perch before the ref counted to three. Getting to her feet, Eva’s face contorted in disgust as she contemplated ways to not only finish Love off, but also humiliate her in the process.

Happening on a suitable tactic, Eva peeled Jen off the canvas and walked her to the ropes where she leaned Jen back against the cables and held her in place. Too out of it to resist, Jen could only moan helplessly as Eva pulled her arms wide and trapped them between the first and second ropes. Satisfied Hewitt was securely trapped, Eva stepped back to admire her handiwork. Watching Jen slowly lift her head, Eva grinned at her helpless adversary.

“Those nasty, overrated jugs of yours are about to be forcibly removed from your chest. Whaddaya say bitch?”

Jen glowered at Eva and snarled, “I say, no matter what the condition of my tits is when this match is over, your face is going in them for a long, long time.”

Eva only shook her head and sneered, “Not gonna happen, Love. You’ll be too busy sobbing and trying to get them sown back on to put them in anyone’s face, ‘cept maybe your plastic surgeon.”

Before Jen could get in a word, Eva stepped forward, brought her claws up and yanked Jennifer’s green top up, baring the brunette beauty’s orbs for the redlining audience. With Love’s amble assets exposed and defenseless, Eva laid a hand on each and began to maul mercilessly, payback for the demeaning grind earlier in the match. Jennifer’s squealing and thrashing only motivated Eva to hurt the brunette that much more - and it’s exactly what she did; focusing her attack on Love’s nipples, twisting and stretching them to the limit before letting them go only to repeat the whole process again.

Before too much time had elapsed, the zebra tried to intervene and pull her away, indicating that this unguarded abuse in the ropes was grounds for disqualification. But Longoria had none of it and shoved him away before turning her attention back to her wriggling victim. Maintaining her grip on Jennifer’s chest, Eva stepped up her assault bringing her knee into play as she slammed her knee up into Jennifer’s womanhood over and over again. Each blow lifted Jen’s feet off the mat and wrenched a tortured gasp from the pale brunette’s trembling lips. Eva smiled, obviously soaking up Hewitt’s agonized expression. Looking to put the finishing touches on her foe, Eva backed up several steps and planted her feet. Taking a deep breath, she sprinted forward and extended her arm, planning to Clothesline Jen over the top rope and out of the ring to the floor below.

But causing so much intense agony in such a short period can sometimes cause the recipient’s resolve to grow even stronger, instead of cracking like the attacker had intended and that’s just what happened to Jennifer! As Eva charged, the wounded brunette jerked free of the ropes and blasted off the ropes towards her charging rival. Eva had just enough time to look surprised before Jen’s Clothesline caught her across the face and she was knocked for a loop, doing a near 270-degree turn in midair before hitting the mat on her stomach.

Taking ragged, gasping breaths with her hands on her knees, Jen looked down at Eva and held off on hurting her just long enough to pull her top back up into place. Then after running a hand through the tangled wave of her hair, Jen bent and dragged the dazed beauty to her feet and wrapped both arms around Eva’s waist, clenching the Bear Hug tight.

Looking into the brunette’s semi coherent face, Jennifer hissed, “Breaking you is going to be a pleasure. And after you’ve given up and have nothing left…you’re going to choke on my tit sweat.”

Receiving a muttered curse for her troubles, Jen lifted her victim off her feet and pivoted 180 degrees before dropping down, driving Eva halfway through the mat with a sadistic Spinebuster. Not finished hurting Longoria by a long shot, Jen muscled the lithe beauty over onto her belly and sat comfortably on the small of Eva’s back as she reached forward, gripping Eva under the armpits before she pulled back in a move that yanked her foe’s torso off the mat and allowed Jen to drape Eva’s arms over Love’s knees in one smooth motion. Camel Clutch almost complete, Hewitt shifted her hands to Eva’s chin, threading both hands under her captive’s jaw.

Hold cinched in, Jen waited just long enough to coo, “I just LOVE this move.”

She rocked back as far as she could, wrenching Eva’s spine to the breaking point. Eva shrieked in abject agony; she may have regarded Love as a creampuff before the match had started, but she was coming to realize the other brunette was capable of some nasty things and this Camel Clutch was one of the nastiest. With tears streaming down her face, Eva fought the urge to surrender as hard as she could driven onward by the simple hope of being able to return this torture on her rival. Shaking her head no to stave off the ref’s inquiries of submission, Eva was able to open her mouth just enough to clamp down on Jen’s fingers. Surprised and angry at the pain in her hands, Love shrieked and pulled back a bit harder, but Eva kept up her gnawing and soon Hewitt was forced to relinquish her grip or give up some digits. Deciding to try a different approach, Jennifer released the Camel Clutch and stood up, shaking her hand to alleviate the pain of Eva’s biting. Still fuming over the attack on her breasts, Jen placed a boot on the small of Eva’s back and stepped down hard.

Riding out the other brunette’s meager thrashings, Hewitt’s voice dripped poison. “You’re gonna have a hard time resisting my tits when you’ve got a broken back. Sure you don’t want to just give up now?”

Wincing in pain and frustration, Eva spat back, “Fuck you Love. You haven’t beaten me yet.”

Taking a deep breath, Jen answered, “True, but it won’t be long now!”

She bent and pulled Eva up by the hair and the tights. In the same motion, she scooped the smaller brunette up and held her perpendicular across her chest for just a moment before dropping to one knee and viciously slamming the small of Eva’s back across the posted joint. Jen’s Back Breaker was more traditional than Eva’s but it was no less devastating as evidenced by the horrid, boneless spasm that raked Longoria’s body after it was administered. Shoving the mewling woman off her knee, Jen rolled Eva onto her back and went for the win, putting all her weight and strength into the cover.

But despite all the abuse she had taken in the last few minutes, Eva wasn’t ready to succumb just yet and she got a shoulder off the canvas microseconds before the third slap of the mat. Longoria’s escape from the pinning predicament could be considered a mixed blessing; it guaranteed she could keep fighting but it also guaranteed that Love could keep abusing her. And in Eva’s current state, she wasn’t in the best condition to be fighting off Jen’s machinations. As if to illustrate the point, Jennifer grabbed Eva by the hair and yanked her into a sitting position.

Getting minimal resistance from her captive, Jen laced her right arm under Eva’s right arm and gripped the back of Longoria’s neck with her hand, slapping on a basic Half Nelson. Leaning back, Hewitt pulled Eva down to the canvas and added to her woes by scissoring her legs around Eva’s trim waist and squeezing tight. Looking to add some catfight flare to the technically sound holds, Jen snaked her free hand across Eva’s chest and sank her fingers into the swell of her rival’s right breast, twisting and tweaking nastily as Longoria screeched in agony and tried to pull free. For the moment though, Jennifer held fast and Longoria was forced to seek sanctuary in the ropes, dragging her weight and the weight of her tormentress across the mat until her frantically flailing hands brushed against the bottom rope. Gripping the cable like a lifeline, Eva roared for Jen to release her hold and Love grudgingly complied but not before she helped herself to one last serving of Eva’s bounty.

Regaining her vertical base, Jen tucked some hair behind her ears and looked down at Eva with a contemptuous sneer on her face. Helping Longoria up by her hair, Jennifer marched her back towards center ring and buried a padded knee in the other brunette’s belly, doubling her over. Dropping to one knee, Love shoved Eva belly first across her knee, making it abundantly clear to her foe and to the audience just what she had planned.

Over the roar of the crowd, Jen snarled furiously at her captive, “You wanna embarrass me? You wanna call me out and try to bury everything I’ve done? News Flash Eva, the only one getting humiliated and buried tonight is you. You’re gonna be the example that finally drives home the point that I am not to be FUCKED with!”

Jennifer raised her right hand over her head and held it there for a moment before bringing it whistling down to snap off Eva’s defenseless rear. SPLAT! The hapless brunette howled in pain and indignation as Jen repeated the blow over and over, spanking Eva like an unruly brat that doesn’t know how to behave in public. SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! On and on it went until, after nearly twenty cheek-jiggling smacks, Jen delivered an especially hard blow THWHAP! then shoved Eva off her knee, allowing Longoria to roll away on the canvas and tend to her damaged derriere. But her reprieve wasn’t to last long and Jen brought it to a grinding halt when she yanked Eva up and forced her head between Love’s thighs. Wrapping her arms around Eva’s slick waist, Jen hauled her opponent into the air, holding her in the stall position for a Powerbomb.

With Longoria’s crotch, directly in front of her face, Jen took a second to chide, “Time for you to crash and burn Evaeeerrrrgghh!” The last word turned into an unintelligible grunt when Eva’s fist smacked her forehead.

Revitalized by the sound of Love’s hurt, Eva punched her opponent in the face several more times, each blow weakening Hewitt’s grip on her. Looking to escape the Powerbomb, Eva leaned forward as hard as she could and delivered a final punch. The combination of dizziness and Eva’s shifted weight unbalanced Love and she fell backwards hitting the mat flat on her back only to have Eva land butt first on her chest. Gasping and stunned, Jennifer tried to shove Eva off of her, but Longoria was too quick. Before Jen knew what was going on, Eva had swiveled around and dropped her still-red butt right across Love’s face.

Holding the suddenly panicked Hewitt on the canvas, Eva ground her hips back and forth, taunting, “You liked spanking my ass, but do you like kissing it? Answer me bitch!”

“Mummmmmpfffhhh!” Jennifer roared in muffled protest, managing to get both hands on Eva’s backside, then shoving the suddenly in control woman off her right before the zebra could slap the mat a third time.

With her oxygen flow restored, Jennifer powered to her feet in a fury, blindly charging Eva with both fists swinging. However, it is a known fact that anger often causes one to make stupid mistakes and Jen had fallen into that trap. Eva anticipated her seething rival’s charge and simply ducked under the blows, slipping behind Hewitt with no problems. Before Jen could muster a counter, Eva laced both hands across her opponent’s chin and cinched her grip tight.

In the same instant, Eva sat out, landing on her butt with legs spread at a rough 45-degree angle. Jen was yanked off balance and pulled to the canvas as well, the back of her head and shoulders taking the brunt of the impact from Eva’s unorthodox maneuver. With Jen lying stunned between her legs, Eva reached forward and hooked both of Jen’s legs around the upper thighs and leaned back, pinning the other brunette to the canvas. Seeing the pin being made, the ref dropped down and went to count, making it just past “TWO” before Love was able to kick free. Shaking her head in frustration, Eva got to her feet and slowly pulled Jen to hers.

Maintaining the two-handed grip on Jen’s locks, Eva bent her double and purred, “Bet the back of your head hurts pretty bad right now huh? Well let’s make sure your face can understand that kind of pain as well.”

She leapt into the air and sat out, again landing with her legs splayed at 45 degrees. This time it was Hewitt’s face that was driven into the canvas. There was a heavy thud as her skull bounced off the mat and the groggy brunette was flipped onto her back by the force of the impact. Convinced the Facebuster had finally finished Love off, Eva went for the cover once more, only to have Hewitt break the count just before the three. Frustrated that Jennifer was still able to fight back at this point in the contest, Eva pulled her to her feet and slipped behind her. Returning a favor from earlier, Longoria trapped her foe in a Full Nelson and marched her towards the edge of the ring. Pressing Jen against the taut cables, Eva made sure the top rope was resting tightly under Jen’s defenseless rack.

Leaning forward to whisper in Love’s ear, Eva teased, “If I can’t tear your tits off, maybe the ring can do it for me!”

Eva proceeded to walk Jennifer the full side of the ring, dragging the brunette’s breasts wickedly along the top rope. Jennifer shrieked in pain as the ropes bit into her orbs, but try as she might, she couldn’t break free of Eva’s grasp. Tears streaming down her face, the brunette was forced to endure several boob blistering circuits of the ring until finally Eva tired of the torture and jerked her back towards the center of the ring. Still locked in the Full Nelson, Love couldn’t offer much resistance as Eva released half of the hold only to sink her free hand into Jennifer’s tenderized orbs and twist them maliciously. Jen tried to bite back her shrieks, but after the abuse her breasts had taken it was impossible and, mewling in pain, the pale brunette was on the verge of surrender when she suddenly found it in her to surge towards the rope and grab hold with her free arm.

Eva was forced to release the Breast Claw but she still made sure to milk the count for all it was worth, not letting go until the ref reached 4 on his five count. Realizing it was reaching the point when she could finish Jennifer for good, Eva cut the distance between them and grabbed hold of Jen’s sweaty hair yet again. Jerking the trapped follicles from side to side, Eva led Jennifer toward the corner and held her there right in front of the turnbuckles.

Jeering into her rival’s pain stricken face, Eva said, “I’ve outclassed you every second of this match bitch. If you know what’s good for you, you’ll just stay down after I drop you. Otherwise, I’ll get really nasty and I don’t think your precious tits want that.”

Not waiting for a reply, Eva booted Jen in the gut, bending her double. Moving quickly, Eva went to the corner and hopped onto the second rope, facing towards the ring. Hesitating only a second, Longoria leapt out of the corner and extended her right leg making sure it was coming down across the back of Love’s head. Microseconds later, Eva’s leg slammed into the back of Jen’s head and she was driven off her feet and face first into the mat courtesy of Eva’s second rope Rocker Dropper. Recovering from her landing, Eva shoved Jen on her back and went for the cover. After the match was over, many would debate that Eva could have ended things right there if only she’d moved Hewitt away from the ropes. As it was, the ring savvy warrior managed to get her foot across the bottom rope and break the count. Cursing her mistake, Eva got to her feet and grabbed Jen’s wrists, dragging the weakly protesting brunette towards the center of the ring.

Kicking Hewitt onto her belly, Eva stood at her opponent’s feet and hissed, “No ropes to save you now Love. Only way out of this is to scream for mercy at the top of your lungs!” Eva stood on the brunette’s thighs, just above the knee. Bending down, she pulled her captive’s lower legs up and locked them inside her calves. The first half of her hold complete, she bent further and grabbed hold of Jennifer’s wrists, one in each hand. Holding her prey tightly, Eva pulled back and fell until she was on her back on the canvas with Love suspended in the air above her. With the Mexican Surfboard locked on in the middle of the ring, Eva knew victory would be hers in mere moments. Bouncing her legs and pulling back on her arms, Longoria bent her foe to the breaking point and asked, “Ready to give it up you whore?”

Jen only shook her head ‘no’, tugging and squirming in a nearly impossible exercise. Yet Jennifer Love Hewitt had done the nearly impossible before and this proved to be another example of that particular talent. Thanks to luck more than skill, she was able to pull her left hand free from Eva’s grip, upsetting the other brunette’s tenuous grip on the hold. Motivated by her partial freedom, Hewitt twisted again and was able to wrench herself free, only to land on Eva in an undignified sprawl. Longoria grunted as Jen landed on her but the smaller brunette knew she still had control of the match. Kicking Jennifer off her, Eva rolled to her feet and grabbed hold of Jen’s wrist before jerking her captive back to her feet.

Securing a two handed grip on her foe’s wrist, Eva planted her feet and whipped Hewitt towards the ropes. But before Eva could release her grip, Jennifer dug her feet into the mat and reversed the momentum of the whip, jerking Eva towards her in a stumbling lurch. Knowing she had to hurt Longoria bad and right now, Jen lowered her shoulder and plowed forward, damn near cutting the smaller woman in half with a Spear from out of nowhere. Eva was folded into a C shape for a moment and then she was being driven into the mat, her back and neck forced to soak up the majority of the tackle’s brutal velocity.

Acting more on instinct than anything else, Jen tossed herself across Eva’s chest and hooked a leg, hoping the surprise attack would be enough to put her opponent down for the three count. Well, Eva managed to break the count, but that was also an act of instinct as opposed to actual thinking. She had heard the count hit TWO and her shoulder just jerked off the canvas like a reflexive twitch. She’d beaten the count but that may have been her last gasp. Her ribs felt shattered where Jen had speared her.

Kneeling on the canvas beside her crippled foe, Love wasn’t faring much better, but she did have the luxury of being fueled by a righteous anger over all the things Eva had done to her during the match. Sucking in a deep breath, Jen pulled Eva to her feet and simply tossed her into the corner, letting her hang limply on the padded steel. Walking slowly over to her weary prey, Jennifer pressed her weight into Eva’s form, forcing smoldering eye contact with the other brunette.

Finding her voice, Jen could barely manage a whisper as she said, “Congratulations Eva, you succeeded in making this personal. Now I’m going to succeed in making sure you don’t ever have the urge to step into this ring with me ever again.”

Jen took a half step back and brought her firsts up. Assuming a loose boxing stance, Jennifer set her feet and helped herself to Eva’s jugs, driving a scintillating series of jabs and hooks into the other brunette’s undefended tits. Eva moaned weakly at this abuse and tried to shove free, but Jen merely used one hand to guide her prey back to the corner while the other continued feasting on Longoria’s breast and belly. The ref let this unmitigated mugging continue for the better part of ten seconds and then he got between the two ladies, pulling Jen off and allowing Eva to stagger ever so gingerly from the corner. Not done by a long shot, Love shoved the ref aside and slipped behind Eva. There, standing just off to Eva’s right, Jennifer grabbed her midsection with her left arm and hooked Longoria’s right leg with her right arm. She lifted Eva up over her shoulder, holding her parallel to the mat, holding her in position for about five seconds before she dropped to one knee, smashing Eva’s tailbone down on her knee in an Atomic Drop

. Eva screamed in pain and staggered forward, both hands clutching protectively at her bruised backside. This proved an unwise defensive measure as it let Jennifer shoot forward and drill a Clothesline into the back of Longoria’s skull, knocking her flat on her face. Reinvigorated by her latest offense, Jen sauntered over to Eva and straddled her back facing the other brunette’s feet. A small, cruel smile on her face, Jen reached down and tugged playfully at the edge of Eva’s striped briefs.

Liking the reaction of the crowd, Jennifer’s smile got bigger and she purred, “I’m going to savor this Eva, but I doubt you will!” She jerked back with all her strength, forcing Eva’s togs to disappear in a heinous wedgie. Listening to Eva sob, Love pulled back even harder and sawed the distended briefs back and forth forcing them even deeper into Longoria’s rear. Letting go with one hand so she could spank Eva’s nearly bare butt, Jen demanded, “Give up now Eva or so help me I’ll cut you in half with your own tights.”

Fighting the diabolical pain Jen was inflicting, Eva managed to gasp, “Never you bitch. You’re gonna kiss my ass for this!”

Furious, Jen spat back, “Fine have it your way then.”

Giving Eva’s bottom a final withering tug, Jen released her grip and stood up, only to immediately pull Eva up as well. Standing beside her nemesis, Love bent at the waist and looped one hand between her foe’s legs while the other found its way around her Eva’s chin. Huffing with exhaustion, Jennifer lifted Longoria off the mat, draping the petite brunette across her shoulders in the debilitating Torture Rack. Bouncing lightly on the balls of her feet, Hewitt listened to her victim moan before parading her around the ring, letting everyone see that Eva Longoria was helpless in her grasp. Love was about to march back to the middle of the ring and an assured victory when Eva was able to reach out and grab the top rope. Jen had no choice but to release the hold and she did - but not graciously! Dumping of Eva off her shoulders, Jen dragged Eva’s protesting body off the canvas and pulled her over towards a corner of the ring. Shoving Longoria’s head between her thighs, Jen linked her arms around Eva’s waist and hauled her into the air for another Powerbomb.

Holding her dazed victim aloft, Jennifer sneered, “No way out now Eva; enjoy the ride!”

She tossed Eva down and forward, essentially Powerbombing the helpless brunette into the corner turnbuckles. Eva groaned once and then slumped to her butt, resting uneasily as Jennifer adjusted her tights and decided what to do next. Determining a course of action, Love suddenly ceased her reverie and stalked forward, reaching down to pull Eva up by the hair. But as her hands were coming into contact with the other brunette’s hair, Eva shot both hands forward and gripped Love’s trunks. In a move born of desperation, she pulled forward as hard as she could, jerking Hewitt off balance and sending her face first into the barely padded steel of the middle turnbuckle. Love hit the buckle and stayed there, unable to do anything but moan pitifully for the moment. Sliding out from the corner, Eva got up on spaghetti legs and wandered towards the center of the ring.

Turning to face the sprawled ruin of Hewitt, Eva thought, “Time to put you away. And I know just how to do it.”

She sprinted forward, cutting the distance between she and Jen at a startling rate. With only a few feet between them, Longoria leapt forward, her legs split wide in a Low Hop that ended when she slammed her crotch full force into the back of Jennifer’s head, then proceeded to bounce up and down on the hapless girl’s head, delivering what was essentially a Bronco Buster with Jennifer’s face being slammed into the buckle over and over!. Dismounting, Eva grinned broadly as she pulled Jen to her feet, trapped her in a Front Face Lock as she grabbed a huge handful of green tights in her free hand. Playing to the crowd, Eva yanked Jen’s tights up to deliver a wedgie of her own before she fell backwards, spiking the top of Hewitt’s skull into the mat with a vicious DDT.

Popping to her feet, Eva grabbed hold of Love’s right wrist and right ankle and proceeded to drag the semi conscious brunette into the perfect position for a top rope attack. Dropping Hewitt’s limp limbs, she stepped over her ruined form and walked slowly to the corner. Still playing to the crowd, Eva did a little grind in the corner before she climbed to the top rope.

Drawing her finger across her throat, the agile beauty gazed out over the sea of faces and roared, “Time to flatten her nasty titties once and for all!”

The mob roared back at her, and Eva was about to roar back when a fist slammed into her gut, taking her breath away. Shocked, Eva turned her attention back to Jennifer who was standing at the corner with her fist still buried in the plank of Eva’s belly.

Locking eyes with her stunned, breathless nemesis, Love purred, “Something’s getting flattened all right, but it’s not my tits.”

She hammered another shot home, this one right to the center of Eva’s trunks. The smaller brunette seemed to deflate and she fell down, Crotching herself on the top turnbuckle as she came to rest in a very unenviable position. Attempting something she’d never done before, Jen ascended to the middle rope and then scooped Eva onto her shoulders in a basic Fireman’s Carry. Making sure she kept her footing, Love was able to step onto the top rope with Eva on her shoulders, the limp girl’s head pointing towards the middle of the ring, pausing to smile as the crowd roared, “DO IT DO IT!”

Jen simply threw herself backwards, falling to the side as she descended and dropping Eva’s head into the canvas with sickening force. Hewitt had just hit a Top Rope Heartbreaker Death Valley Driver and the crowd was going nuts! Shaking off a bit of dizziness, Jen got to her feet and stood over Eva’s prostrate form. Nudging the beaten brunette onto her belly with her foot, Jen straddled Eva’s back, one perfect leg on either side of Eva’s hips.

Flipping the hair out of her eyes, Jen looked to the crowd and asked, “Bend her?” The bloodthirsty mob replied that this was a great idea and urged her to go for it! Never one to disappoint the audience, Jennifer did as she was asked. She bent down and grabbed both of Eva’s ankles, pulling her legs up and then tucking them into her armpits. Moving gingerly, she bent down a bit farther and grabbed her opponent’s wrists, one in each hand. Love took a deep breath and then pulled up, lifting Eva off the canvas by her feet and hands, bending the trapped brunette in a sadistic U shape.

The Love Clutch had just been cinched on and Jennifer added the final touches by beginning to swing Eva gently back and forth, putting even more intense pressure on her captive’s captured limbs and bent back. The excruciating pain of this hold brought Eva back to the land of the living, but it was something she didn’t relish as she immediately began screaming in anguish. Keeping up the subtle rocking motion, Jennifer looked down at her victim and asked, “Wanna Submit?”

Knowing the situation was hopeless, Eva still refused to surrender, shaking her head no and roaring, “NEVER! YOU CAN’T MAKE ME TAP!”

Jen’s face got mean. She bounced the hold and increased the pace of her rocking. “Oh I beg to differ. Of course, you’re just begging.” She finished by upping the speed of her swinging. Her head hanging limply toward the mat, Eva felt like she was breaking in half and couldn’t take any more.

Sobbing in pain Eva screamed said, “LEMME GO…I GIVE UP!”

Love heard the submission and so did the referee, but the victorious brunette wasn’t satisfied yet. Maintaining her pace she asked, “What was that? I’m afraid I didn’t hear you.”

“I GIVE UP! LET ME GO!” Eva shrieked, her voice getting desperate now.

Love still wasn’t convinced. “I think what you mean to say is, I submit.”

Eva’s response was nearly hysterical with pain, “YES! YES! I SUBMIT…I SUBMIT…PLEASE, JUST LET ME GO!”

Now that she was getting somewhere, Jennifer asked, “Who was it that kicked your pretty little ass tonight?”

“YOU DID!” Eva mewled.

“Excuse me? WHO?” Jennifer snarled, bouncing the hold once more.

At the end of her rope, Eva said pathetically, “JENNIFER LOVE HEWITT KICKED MY ASS TONIGHT!”

“Good answer,” Love whispered, finally releasing her grip and letting Eva fall to the canvas where she lay in an exhausted heap; able to do little more than futilely clutch the small of her decimated back.

Strutting around the ring, Love raised her hands in victory and drank in the adulation of the crowd. She’d made a few circuits around the ring when it dawned on her that she still had a promise to keep to her beaten foe. Striding over to where Eva lay on the mat, Jen stepped over her and stood straddling her as she slowly rubbed both hands over her damaged but triumphant rack, then slowly across her equally impressive butt.

Looking out at the crowd again she grinned coyly and asked, “T or A?” The mob’s response to her query almost blew the roof on the place and it was impossible to gauge which option got a better response. Not willing to let the crowd go home unhappy, Jen just kept smiling and said, “Sounds like a tie. Guess we’ll have to do both.”

If it as possible, the crowd got even louder as Jen lowered herself, coming to rest comfortably on Eva’s heaving belly. Reaching behind her back, Love unhooked her top and pulled it aside, leaving her bare to the waist. Taking stock of the damage Eva had done to her goods, Jen determined she still had more than enough to pay Eva back. Reaching down, she pulled the brunette up by her hair, letting her chin rest gently on the curve of her breasts.

Eva’s eyes fluttered open and when she realized the gravity of the situation, her dark eyes filled with terror. Pleading with her conqueror, she said, “Please don’t...not in my face…don’t smother me out…”

Love smiled cruelly and purred, “Not a chance. You’re going to wake up with the taste of tit sweat in your mouth.”

Eva tried to pull away then, but it was already too late. Jen lowered the boom on her victim, pulling Eva’s face into the sweating canyon of her cleavage. Feeling Eva’s breath puff against her breasts, Love threw her head back and beamed. Biting her bottom lip, she ground the beaten woman’s face back and forth, slapping and sliding her assets over every inch of Eva’s frantic face. That million-dollar smile made another appearance as Jennifer felt a nipple graze across Eva’s nose and then across her cheek. Holding the other brunette tight, Love gave the Breast Smother a final, derisive grind before tossing Eva free, letting her take her first unhindered breath in nearly a minute.

Looking into Eva’s sweat slicked face, Jen cooed, “And now for the A.”

Jen spun around and scooted up before bringing her butt down on Eva’s upturned face. Ignoring the trapped beauty’s minute thrashings, Jennifer adjusted her trunks slightly, allowing for the most bare flesh to press against Eva’s face. Leaning forward, Jen rested both hands on Eva’s defenseless chest and ground her hips back and forth, doing an energetic lap dance on her defeated rival’s forehead, mouth and nose. In her already oxygen deprived condition, it didn’t take long for Eva to pass out, but even after consciousness had left her, Jen kept battering and mashing Eva’s head with her vaunted backside until Love was sated.

She climbed slowly to her feet, posing once more for the frenzied masses before she slowly turned on her heel and headed up the ramp. Moving slowly towards the locker room, she said under her breath, “That’ll show em. That’ll show everyone. I’m not going to be taken lightly anymore. And anyone who wants to treat me like a joke is gonna end up just like Eva. By the time I’m done, no one will DARE consider me a pushover.” When she reached the curtain, she gave a last glance over her shoulder, limped through and disappeared.