Jennifer Love Hewitt vs. Jenny McCarthy (boxing) by SamDog

Enough was enough. After enduring it all for months on end, Jennifer had finally reached her limits. Jenny pranced around like she owned the place, respecting nobody except herself and nothing except for her own bloated ego. Jennifer was particularly incensed by the blonde's treatment of Neve Campbell. Jenny heaped so much abuse on Neve for no good reason... Jennifer simply couldn't stand to sit by and do nothing anymore. The confrontation came to a head several days before, when Neve and Jenny came to blows in the dressing room. Jennifer's interference had saved Neve, much to Jenny's displeasure. In response, Jenny had left her a message challenging her to meet her and settle their differences. Jennifer accepted without hesitation.

The two of them agreed to meet at midnight at the stable's training facility, at which point they were certain to have the privacy they needed. The two would box in the ring, but nothing more needed to be said. This was simply a fight to the finish. This fight would end only when one had had enough.

Arriving early, Jennifer walked in to find all of the lights had been turned down, as expected. However, the main light on the boxing ring was already on, providing the only light in the room. Leaning with her arms against the ropes was Jenny, already waiting for her.

"Come on, bitch! Get your skanky ass in here," the blonde barked, "We don't have all night."

Nodding, Jennifer stripped down to her favorite white bikini. A gift from Neve Campbell, the bikini had displayed her body in numerous fights and victories. Tonight would be no different.

Putting on her black gloves, Jennifer climbed into the ring to face off against Jenny. The blonde wore a black vinyl string bikini and black gloves, shimmering under the ring lights.

"I hope you're ready," Jenny taunted, tapping her gloves together, "By the time it's over you'll be begging me to knock you out."

"Go to hell," Jennifer replied, "I'm gonna enjoy shutting that big mouth of yours once and for all."

As they circled, she sized up the blonde, reading her. Jenny had a couple inches and at least 15 pounds on her. Jennifer was undaunted though. The fight was going to be hers.

The two approached each other in the center of the ring, ready to go. Jennifer wasted no time, coming straight in at Jenny and throwing strong punches to the blonde's face. As she expected, Jenny was not anticipating fighting such a fight, forced to back up and dodge the blows. However, Jennifer clipped her solidly with a left hook to the side of the head, hurting her. Shaking her head, Jenny quickly countered with a solid right to the face, immediately reminding the brunette who the stronger woman was. Circling, Jennifer lashed out with a pair of jabs to Jenny's breasts.

Jenny shrieked in pain as Jennifer's glove flattening the big targets against her chest, "You dirty whore!" Jenny shouted, "Keep your dirty hands off my boobs!"

Jennifer simply smiled; so far, so good. She danced out of range as the blonde pursued, dodging and slipping her opponent's sloppy headhunting punches. Timing it just right as they played their game of cat and mouse across the ring, Jennifer stopped on a dime and lashed out with her fists. They found their mark as Jenny continued to come forward, hammering into her belly as the blonde gasped in pain.

Close in, Jennifer continued to pepper Jenny's midsection with short, crisp blows. Wincing, Jenny took a step back to create some room. However, she was right where Jennifer wanted her as a strong uppercut plowed into her chin. The blonde moaned as her head snapped back, sent stumbling into the ropes. Jennifer smiled. Everything was going according to plan.

Assessing the situation as she stalked Jenny on the ropes, Jennifer couldn't help but gloat.

"You ain't doing so hot, Jenny," the brunette taunted, punctuating her words with a pair of stiff jabs to the blonde's right eye, "Maybe you should've used that puny brain of yours before you stepped into the ring with me!"

Twisting her body, Jennifer slammed a right hook into Jenny's cheek, snapping the blonde's head to the side. Dazed, the bigger, older woman lashed out with an angry left hook to the face and a matching right, clumsy but strong enough to send Jennifer back a step.

In spite of Jenny's resistance, Jennifer wasn't going to be denied. Crowding in, Jennifer went to work on Jenny's torso, pumping her fists into the blonde's torso. Jenny howled in pain as the brunette's punches hammered her belly repeatedly. Hunched over slightly, the blonde didn't have enough range to use her strength, only able to paw at Jennifer in an attempt to push her back. She rocked back and forth in an attempt to get off the ropes, but to no avail, much to Jennifer's delight.

"You little bitch!" Jenny screamed, "Get off me!"

Jennifer's response was to snap an uppercut into the blonde's chin, shutting her mouth and rocking her head back. Following up with her left, she doubled up her hook against Jenny's cheek, her punches already starting to leave swelling under the blonde's eye. Smiling as she watched Jenny reel on her feet, Jennifer homed in on the targets she'd wanted to go after all night - Jenny's breasts. She smiled with glee as she let her fists go.

Jenny howled in pain as Jennifer's punches collided with her boobs. The brunette's hooks slammed into the outsides of her tits, jostling them all over her chest. Grinning with delight, Jennifer changed her stroke and began to lift uppercuts into the undersides of Jenny's orbs, knocking them up and down. Whimpering in protest, Jenny brought her gloves in and tried to protect her chest, but Jennifer simply knocked her hands away. The brunette squared up and took what she wanted, flattening the blonde's boobs with one punch after another. She grinned as Jenny's arms sagged to her sides, enchanted by the sight of the blonde unable to do anything except take the blows. It didn't get any better than this.

Though her arms were weary, Jennifer was not going to relent with her foe as helpless as she was. Summoning her reserve strength, she went after Jenny's body, pumping the hard blows into the blonde's torso. Gasping in pain, Jenny began to hunch over, wincing as she began to come apart at the seams. With a smile, the brunette aimed higher, lashing out and throwing a left hook to the eye once, twice, three times. The last blow snapped Jenny's head sideways harshly, dazing her as she started to wilt against the ropes. Jennifer seized her chance, letting loose with everything she had to the blonde's head. This was it. It would be over soon.

Suddenly, a hard right hook slammed into Jennifer's jaw, snapping her head sideways. Stunned, the brunette didn't have enough time to figure out what was going on before a left hook rocked her head the other way, and another right buffeted it the other way. Panicked, Jennifer jabbed at Jenny's face, but her offense was halted by a pair of gut-wrenching blows. Gasping for air, she tried to back away, but was caught by an overhand right to the face. Stopped in her tracks, Jennifer couldn't stop an uppercut from slamming into her chin. Overwhelmed, she felt her legs give way, sinking to her knees.

Looking up, Jennifer saw Jenny. No longer in front of her was a helpless woman. Instead, there was a vicious and vengeful hellcat.

"Get up, bitch!" Jenny shouted, "This party's just getting started!"

Rising to her feet, Jennifer brought her guard up as she glared angrily at Jenny. One moment she was on the verge of knocking the blonde out, the next she was getting steamrollered. What was going on? Circling, the brunette threw a straight right and a clubbing left hook, both connecting solidly with Jenny's face. The blonde was unfazed though, returning with a left hook and a straight right of her own, sending her reeling into the ropes.

"Playtime's over, bitch!" Jenny shouted, "I'm gonna destroy you now!"

Bewildered as she stared back at the blonde, the smile on Jenny's face spoke more to Jennifer than words. Had Jenny been faking it this whole time? There was no other way to explain it. The brunette didn't have time to linger on these thoughts, bringing her gloves up in time to block a flurry of blows. Jennifer felt the strength of the punches to her face through her gloves. Suddenly, she gasped as a pair of forceful punches dug into the pit of her belly. Her guard dropped, she couldn't stop the blonde's punches as they connected to her face.

Wheeling around, Jennifer danced away and tried to create some distance, jabbing at Jenny's face. However, the blonde pursued her, connecting repeatedly. Slowed by the sheer accumulation, she decided to stand her ground, bringing her dukes up and throwing a left and a right hook to Jenny's face. Taking the punches, Jenny gave back as good as she got, hammering Jennifer with one jolting shot after another. Rocked by the blows, the brunette stumbled forward blindly as the punishment continued to accrue on her face. Jennifer groaned as the blonde worked her over systematically, who now began to work over her belly with one gut-wrenching blow after another. Her guard dangerously low, Jennifer realized her mistake only as Jenny's uppercut slammed into her jaw. Dazed, she stumbled forward and fell face down on the canvas.

"You weak bitch. Get up!" Jenny taunted as she circled her downed prey, hovering and waiting to finish the kill.

Groggy, Jennifer planted her palms against the canvas and pushed herself up to all fours. Suddenly, the blonde hooked her leg around one of her arms and kicked it out from under her, causing her to fall back flat on her face. Grimacing as she again tasted the canvas, Jennifer fumed as she heard Jenny's cackling laughter. She couldn't stand that bitch. Pulling herself together, Jennifer again pushed herself up to all fours, and then rose shakily to her feet.

On her feet, Jennifer had no time to recover as Jenny pounced immediately. The blonde's jab landed repeatedly, keeping the brunette dazed and confused. Her guard moved too slowly to protect her, getting tagged repeatedly as Jenny's punches came from all directions. Black leather filled Jennifer's field of view as an overhand right rocked her head, sending her stumbling backwards and hitting the ropes hard. Jennifer's face was bruised and shiny from punishment, her eyes closing under Jenny's attention. The taste of blood was constantly on her lips, as it trickled as well from one of her nostrils. Her lower torso ached, but fortunately her breasts had so far avoided punishment.

Jennifer spoke too soon. She howled in pain as Jenny's fists found her tits, flattening them with one blow after another. Tears flowed down Jennifer's cheeks as Jenny's uppercuts knocked her boobs up and down. Desperate, the brunette returned the favor, throwing left and right hooks to the outsides of Jenny's chest. The blows visibly pained the blonde, slowly but surely driving her back to midring as they continued to trade in this fashion. Suddenly, a hard right hook to the cheek rocked Jennifer's head. Stunned, she took a left hook and another strong right hook in rapid succession. The last blow twisted her around, dropping her to the canvas.

Jennifer groaned as the strong right hook slammed into her jaw; the black leather stung against her face and the punch felt like a hammer as it snapped her head sideways and spun her around. Dazed by the blow and disoriented, Jennifer struggled to keep her balance and stay on her feet. However, her legs would not respond, losing their strength as they gave way beneath her. Jennifer collapsed to the canvas, crashing down and hitting it with a dull thud. She moaned softly as she laid face down, struggling to recover from the horrendous pounding she'd suffered thus far.

The cool canvas material of the ring felt good against the brunette's bare skin. It was soothing to feel against her puffy and shiny face, warm from the blows she'd so far received. As the harsh, unforgiving ring lights beat down on her, she was almost tempted to simply stay down and rest. However, her determination surged to the surface, refusing to let her quit. Furthermore, the laughing, taunting voice of her foe was further incentive for her to get to her feet. Jennifer refused to give in, and certainly not to her.

Gathering her strength, Jennifer began to drag herself towards the ropes. Her body was achy and sore, but she knew she could make it. The brunette winced as her bruised and sensitive breasts rubbed against the harsh canvas. Her top had offered her prized orbs little protection throughout the fight, nor did they offer any here. Finally reaching the ropes, Jennifer grabbed first the bottom rope, and then the middle. She slowly pulled herself up to her knees. Had this been a regulation bout, she would've long since been counted out. Instead, she was summoning her resolve and pulling herself up to her feet, with no option but to continue the long haul of the fight.

Turning around, Jennifer was met immediately by another right to the face. With her back against the ropes, she took yet another right, followed by a left to the face. Jennifer brought her gloves up to protect her head, but immediately paid the price as her foe's punches dug into her midriff. Jennifer groaned as she took the blows, her guard drooping with each one. As her gloves dropped to her waistline, the brunette cried out in pain as her breasts were once again attacked. Her opponent's hooked blows collided slightly on the outside of her boobs, flattening them painfully as Jennifer howled loudly.

Jennifer strained to open her eyes, slightly puffy from her opponent's attention. The cocky grin on Jenny's face only fueled her rage.

"What's wrong, babe?" Jenny asked tauntingly, "Had enough already?"

"You fucking bitch!" Jennifer shouted in response, "Shut the hell up!"

Jenny chuckled, jabbing at Jennifer's face and rocking her head back. Furious, the brunette doubled up her right, connecting solidly with the blonde's cheek. She continued to push Jenny back, throwing a left and a right to her torso. Suddenly, Jennifer was rocked by a left and a right to the face, followed by another strong right.

Hurt, Jennifer wobbled on her feet, struggling to regain her balance. She stumbled forward and fell into Jenny, clinching with her. Wrapping her arms around Jenny's waist and resting her forehead against her shoulder, Jennifer tried to gather her senses. Suddenly, this fight didn't seem like the good idea it had been when she'd stepped into the ring. However, the brunette wasn't prepared to simply give up. There was no way she was going to simply let Jenny beat her and walk away this easily.

Jennifer fell into a clinch with the blonde, wincing in pain as Jenny's right hand dug repeatedly into her side. Jenny was hurting her so much...still, it couldn't end like this! Jennifer would never forgive herself if she lost to Jenny like this. Pushing away from the blonde, Jennifer unleashed her fists at Jenny's face, throwing left and right hooks to the features she wanted most in the world to destroy. Several punches landed, and clearly discomfited the blonde, but the punches that had doomed Kelly Packard and finished Claire Danes had no effect on sturdy Jenny McCarthy!

Jennifer groaned as an overhand right rocked her back, forcing her to take a step in retreat. More hard blows followed, swiveling her head left and right. Paralyzed, her arms were too stiff and too immobile to block Jenny's fists and a strong right dug deep into her belly, taking her breath away; then a pair of lefts of equal strength followed that! Dazed, her gloves wide apart, Jennifer couldn't stop the blonde from throwing the uppercut to the chin that rocked her head back and sent her reeling into the ropes.

Tottering as she rebounded off the strands, Jennifer was about to collapse to the canvas when Jenny planted her palm on her face and shoved her back onto the ropes. With her arms hanging limp at her sides, and her wide-spread and unsteady legs barely able to hold her upright, the brunette soon found what was coming next! Focusing all of her strength and aggression, Jenny powered a fist straight into Jennifer's womanhood. The intense pain shot through her in an instant, her scream filling the air as the last of her resistance was beaten out of her.

"You like that, bitch?" Jenny taunted, "How about this? Or this? You like it?"

With each barb, Jenny delivered another low blow, and right on cue another anguished scream escaped Jennifer's lips until Jenny finally, mercifully, pulled her glove out of Jennifer's crotch and let the brunette crumple to the canvas at her feet in a heap. Jennifer lay on her side with her gloves between her legs trying in vain to assuage the pain in her private region, sobbing quietly. She had no energy left to get up, much less fight. All she could do was slide her silky legs slightly back and forth on the canvas in a vain effort to gain traction. Jennifer felt the blonde plant her foot on her face, figuratively and literally rubbing it in.

"That's it baby..." Jenny taunted, "You see how it is..."

Bending over, Jenny grabbed Jennifer's hair and pulled the brunette to her feet. Jennifer blubbered in protest, but was physically unable to stop the blonde. Draping Jennifer's limp arms back over the top rope, Jenny took a step back to admire her handiwork. Struggling to hang on, fear and panic gripped Jennifer as the blonde ogled her new Ďtwin targets.í

"Please... Please... NO! No more..." Jennifer whimpered.

"You stupid bitch," Jenny replied mercilessly. "I'm gonna teach you to stay out of my business!"

She threw a hard punch to Jennifer's breast, the uppercut setting the big soft mound of flesh a-jiggle. Then she did it again and again and again until Jennifer's screams filled the air at having her tits brutally beat flat against her chest. Grinning, Jenny changed her strokes, now clubbing the brunette's jugs from side to side with a flurry of left-right hooks. The blows broke Jennifer's will, reducing her to tears and leaving her limp and sobbing. Jenny, however, was all smiles as she drove home her dominance; knocking Jennifer's boobs up and down with one uppercut after another. The agony was intense, Jenniferís chest - always targeted by jealous rivals - had never before been subjected to this level of sustained abuse.

When the cruel jug mugging finally stopped, Jennifer was a battered wreck. She knew this was the end as she felt Jenny's glove in her hair, pulling her off the ropes and leading her to the middle of the ring. With a smile, Jenny pulled her fist back, loading up for one final blow. Then Jennifer's vision filled with black leather as the blonde's fist came forward and the fist was replaced by the inky darkness of blessed unconsciousness!
Jennifer felt a hand slapping her awake. Stirring slowly, she moaned as she felt the aches and pains her body had accumulated. She was spread-eagled on her back with her arms splayed above her head. She was exhausted, battered and totally used up. So it hadn't all been a dream after all... Opening her eyes and looking up, she saw Jenny standing over her; one foot planted firmly on either side of her chest with her gloves on and her hands on her hips. Jenny smiled her cruel, devilish grin and Jennifer knew her dream had just become a nightmare.

"Mmmm... Look at you... not such hot shit after all, huh?" Jenny taunted.

Jennifer broke down in another fit of sobbing, "Please... No more... Leave me alone..."

But Jenny simply shook her head slowly, "Címon. I know you had a good it's time to pay the piper!"

Reaching down, Jenny rolled Jennifer over and, standing behind her, pulled her up to her knees. The brunette did nothing to resist, her arms dangled limp as tears continued to stream down her red cheeks. Suddenly, Jennifer felt Jenny's fingers untying her bikini top! The blonde's fingers danced up her back to her neck and untied those strings as well. Had the circumstances been different, it would almost have been seductive as Jenny pulled Jennifer's top away from her body, freeing the brunette's boobs from their confines and letting them bounce freely into view!

Pausing to slip Jennifer's top into the waistband of her own bikini, Jenny went back to work; tracing her fingers down the side of Jennifer's back until they reached the brunette's bikini bottom. She untied the strings, first on one hip, then the other as Jennifer whimpered in humiliation but dared not raise a finger in resistance or protest as the rest of her bikini was peeled away from her lush body, leaving her completely naked except for her useless boxing gloves.

"This has been lots of fun," Jenny crowed as she brandished Jenniferís suit triumphantly. "Let's do it again sometime. I'd love to work on those big precious titties all day and all night long!" Letting go of Jennifer's hair, the blonde shoved her facefirst to the canvas; leaving her sprawled a nude, battered heap of jiggling, weeping girlflesh. "If you every want your bikini back, send Neve to see me, 'cause you sure as hell aren't getting it back on your own!"

Then Jenny strutted away laughing; leaving Jennifer crying softly laying face down on the canvas. She didn't know how she was ever going to live down this humiliation but she vowed that someday, some way, she'd get even with Jenny but tonight, all she could do was lay there sobbing softly until exhaustion and unconsciousness overtook her again.