Jennifer Love Hewitt vs. Rose McGowan (rematch) by JackD

Rose McGowan had come to regret the night she'd let lovely Love escape her clutches after easily dominating the sweet beauty in a wild catfight for her role on "Charmed." Rose would've loved to use the "scream queen" as her own "Love toy" that night but instead she'd left the battered and beaten beauty naked and sobbing to celebrate her victory with the producer of her new show. When Rose had returned, Love had already crawled away in shame. But for Love that shame had turned to anger and then jealousy. She still fumed thinking how her plan to use her sexual wiles to get the starring role had been foiled when the producer insisted she instead fight Rose to see who was the "nastiest witch." What a disaster that had been! Love hated Rose for abusing her body that day, and having to watch Rose on the hit show week after week only made it all the more painful. Love was consumed with a burning jealousy for letting her hated rival walk away with her part....

"At least for now," she thought. Love decided to try again to find a way to use her sexual prowess to get back in with the producer, reasoning, "No man can resist my hot body and surely once I get him in bed he won't care that sick bitch won some crazy 'nastiest witch' catfight."

She arranged a dinner meeting with him, planned to have a "nightcap" at his home but unknown to her, Rose still "serviced" the producer on a regular basis and she learned of Love's plans. So when the producer brought Love back to his house, Rose was waiting. Love, well-known for her seductive attire, had outdone even herself that night hoping to ensnare her man. She had worn a tight, low-cut black mini- that hugged her big breasts and was cut so short it barely came down to cover her creamy thighs. She had noted with pleasure how the producer hadn't taken his eyes off her boobs and legs all night! They both had had more than a few drinks before Love stumbled though the door flirting with her catch. She was giggling away, thrilled her plan was working, when suddenly, once again, she found herself stunned to find that she was not the only woman home.

Leaning against the wall and tapping her fingers against the archway stood Rose! She looked every bit like a wicked seductress dressed in fire red lace lingerie. Love let out an audible gasp at the stunning site of her hated rival in her sexy one-piece get-up that left little to the imagination - Rose's breasts looked surprisingly full, barely contained in the outfit, and her black thong underwear was clearly visible through the delicate lace fabric.

"Well, well, did you bring back this drunken plaything as a gift for me?" she grinned, turning to Love and looking her sexy body up and down like a tiger ready to pounce.

"Excuse me!" cried the red-faced Love, not at all liking the lustful look she saw in her rival's eyes. "But I ain't your plaything you Hollywood slut! I'm a gift for HIM tonight, so you can just head on out of here in the return rack!" She looked ready to explode, her hands at her hips, for she knew this Goth bitch was not going to be budging.

"Oh, if anyone's back from the return rack, I think its you Love. Last I recall, I left you 'bare naked' just like your song; cryin' like a puppy dog from the beatin' I gave you.... I wish I could have toyed with you more that night, but I'm so glad you've come back to us now."

"Oooh you bitch!" screamed Love, absolutely furious at the turn of events.

Caught again between the two beautiful young starlets, the producer was unsure what to do. For months, he had been enjoying the company of Rose and the "magical charms" the nasty slut did for him in the bedroom, yet he still lusted after Love's awesome body and big luscious tits. Listening as the two rivals were now arguing over who'd make him happier, he decided to try and turn the little problem into his advantage once again.

"Hold it, hold it! Now look Rose, lord knows you've been a sexual dynamo in bed," he said as Rose grinned broadly while Love fumed. "But Jennifer here does have a smokin' body. Hell, half of America wants to get their hands on those luscious tits of hers and so do I!" Jen smiled while Rose filled with rage, glaring across at those hated big tits - as usual looking ready to pop right out from her famous push-up bra, straining against the tight little dress Love was wearing. "How can I decide between the two of you gorgeous babes? I guess the fair thing is to give Jennifer another shot, but if she's saying she's better for me than Rose, well now she'll have to earn it by showing she's the mightier sexual powerhouse. If you both think you're hotter than the other, lets just put body on body, and see if one of you can make the other climax!"

He leered, "It seems I can't go wrong with the girl who can take the other over the edge first. What better way to determine who'd be the truly nastier witch for the show than that! We'll see which girl proves to be the stronger sexual predator - which has the more powerful body in bed and is better at working her womanly 'charms.' That one should be the girl for the show. At the same time, we'll see which of you is the weaker sexual prey - who gets rendered helpless to resist the sexual and physical onslaught of the other beauty until she's unable to control her own urges and body. That's the girl who'll be left out in the cold. So what do you say Jen, are you up for the challenge of a sexfight against Rose for the starring role?"

Love stood back for a moment, unsure what to make of the deal. She'd never been with another woman, and while the young innocent had heard many rumors about Hollywood sex-fights, she'd never even seen one much less been in one! The producer read the hesitation in Love's eyes and didn't want to lead her down a road she wasn't ready to trave.

"Now Jen," he leered knowing exactly the effect his offer would have. "If you want to back down, that's fine. Just walk right out and I'll forget you were ever here. But if you want to fight for this role you gotta know it won't be a beauty contest to see who's sexier; its gonna be a fight to see who's hotter between the sheets."

Jen was unsure of herself. She'd proven to be so weak when she faced Rose in their last fight...yet she'd come to the producer's house intending to use her body to get the part. She was far more confident in the power of her famed figure than her fighting ability ever since her last fight. Jen realized she couldn't pass up a chance to get the role back; especially since she'd just rev up the 'Love machine' against her hated rival instead of with the producer. Hoping her sexy body and big breasts would dominate Rose the same way Rose had dominated her physically in their catfight, the big-boobed starlet swallowed hard and announced she was ready for the challenge.

"Well I'm in. There's no way this ugly skank is gonna make ME bat an eye. But this bitch would hump a bedpost, and I'm sure she's been lusting after me since she ripped off my bra and got a look at my tits last time!"

The producer smiled; as excited by her spunk as he was aroused at the prospect of the up-coming battle. Rose fumed listening to Love playing the cocky star and talk her down. She'd had more than her share of girl-girl adventures and prided herself in being the dominant in every sexual relationship - male or female! Hating her arrogant rival more than ever, Rose was determined to inflict even greater humiliation.

"Listen Lovey-dear. You couldn't handle me in a regular fight, so how in hell does little Miss Priss think she can handle me in SEX-fight! I mean, what part of "sex-fight" do you think you got a prayer in?!" Rose sneered as she menacingly approached Love, grabbed the top of her dress and pulled her to her. "I'll out FIGHT your skinny butt again and give you a beating worse than last time!" she barked, continuing to pull Love in until she smacked her crotch right into Love's. "And I'll out SEX that stuck-up prudish body of yours until I have you cumin all over yourself! Why this'll be fun ..."

Rose didn't get to finish her taunt because Love pulled her hands from her black dress and stepped away. She was nervous, but still confident her sexy body would be too much for the Goth girl about whom she'd heard rumors was bisexual.

"Enough talk," Love snapped. "Lets get it on. You don't stand a chance against Hollywood's hottest LOVE MACHINE!"

"Love machine? HA!" Rose snickered. "I'll drive the 'Love Machine' until the wheels fall off. Your inexperienced lame-ass won't know what hit you when you wake up."

With that exchange, the prelude to battle ended. They stood face to face. .. waiting ... until Rose reached out and gave Love's right boob a playful squeeze. Love quickly slapped her hand away, her lip curling in disgust.

"Oh, whazza matter dear? Your floppy ol' tit still hurt from last time? Boy, I hope you don't think you can turn me on with those oversize saggy boobs Lovey. Remember, I already saw 'em without that wonderbra!"

"Screw you McGowan!" Jen snapped, unnerved and embarrassed by the verbal shot across the bow.

"Oh, you WILL screw me, don't worry about that!" Rose laughed as she began to circle.

As they circled like young she-cats ready to strike, the beauties grew closer and closer. Rose felt herself growing moist in anticipation of finally getting her way with Love and dominating her sexually. She'd wanted it since she'd left Love naked and beaten in their last battle. Growing unnerved at the way Rose was eyeing her up and down, and fearful at letting her take the initiative, Jen decided to test the water and prove she was no nerdy prude like everyone thought. Unsure of herself, she leaned in and tried to gently kiss Rose's neck.

But before she got there Rose grabbed both sides of her head in her hands, yanked her face into her own and thrust her lips smack onto Love's luscious lips! Stunned, Love's whole body squirmed, rising onto her toes as Rose held her head tightly in her strong hands as she forced her tongue into Love's open mouth as they locked lips! Trying to recover and hold her own, Jen kissed Rose back; their tongues wrestling as they explored deep in the other's willing mouth. Rose was surprised by Love's willingness to meet her kiss while Jen was a bit surprised at not being repulsed by the tongue duel.

No sooner had Love gotten back into the game then she felt Rose release her hair to slap both hands on her upper thighs. Lifting Love's little dress up, Rose slid her hands up her legs, then locked her claws on Love's luscious ass; squeezing the cheeks beneath her skimpy pink panties as she pulled her crotch tight against her own. All the while, Rose kept pushing her tongue deeper into Love's mouth. Jen tried to ignore the assault on her rear and ran her hands through Rose's hair. The two kept at it for almost a minute, each struggling to gain the upper hand as they kissed deeply and Rose kneaded away at her rival's firm, curvy ass cheeks.

"Mmmmmmm," moaned Rose, enjoying the taste of Love's tongue and the softness of her curvy behind as she kneaded the soft, sexy flesh in her strong hands as her young, ample bosom pressed into Love's swelling breasts.

When Rose pushed her hips forward, her tummy and crotch made electric contact and Love pushed back with her little dress already rucked up her thighs. Rose was wearing the thinnest of lingerie and each could each feel the other's thick dark bush scrubbing on hers through their underwear as each ground her crotch hard into the other. On and on their tongues battled ...bodacious breasts bumping bodacious breasts ... hard, flat abs and damp crotches did the bump and grind as their bodies locking together in an ever more sensual dance. All the while, Rose continued to grope and maul the brunette's shapely firm round butt, kneading Love's soft cheeks with her powerful hands.

Despite her initial revulsion, Love found she was starting to get comfortable with the arousing contest when, suddenly, Rose let go of her ass and before she knew what was happening, reached up and grabbed the top of Love's little dress. Giving one hard yank, Rose ripped the dress, tearing it open down the middle and pushing it back to bare the sheer pink lace bra cradling Love's heaving breasts.

Love let out a shriek as she pulled back, but Rose gave her no respite! Lunging after the startled beauty, Rose bowled her over backward as she powered her down to the bed where she completed stripping away Love's tattered dress as she stripped it clean off. Down to her pink bra and panties, Love was a stunning site to behold as she squirmed beneath the soft body of her rival who lay with her legs spread atop her. Rose's big tits, barely contained in her red lingerie, mashed Love's own bra-covered breasts. Love began to writhe and squirm as Rose began to swing her tits back and forth over and across Love's famous rack.

Desperate to get back in the game, Love reached up and slid Rose's lingerie down off her shoulders, letting her creamy white breasts spill out and fall free. Rose just grinned lecherously as she reached up and returned the favor - but in true McGowan style - ripping Love's lace bra in half with a sudden yank. Love shuddered as she felt her big breasts suddenly bounced in the cool air, naked, bare - and vulnerable - to Rose's next attack as she straddled the young brunette's waist on the bed. Rose moved right in, taking possession of Love's soft tits, beginning to massage the big bare boobs.

Thinking her famous tits were exciting her perverted foe, Love smiled, "Pretty nice, eh Rose?"

But Rose, as always in these matters, was one step ahead of her opponent! Sneaking her left hand back behind her, Rose took a hold of Love's panties and began to firmly pull and tug, working the delicate fabric up...and up... until Love shuddered as she felt her panties draw tight over her pubic mound. Not knowing how else to respond, she raised her face and kissed Rose hard on the mouth. Rose was more than willing to open wide once again and she allowed Love began to work her tongue with ever greater enthusiasm. Love strained to fight back against Rose as her left breast was being rubbed sensually around and around, the hard little nipple growing increasingly erect.

"Mmmmm..."Love's panties hiked up higher and higher, then wedging out of sight into her love mound...rubbing on her clit... "Ooooh..."

Their tongues battled furiously ... passionately Love thought, before suddenly fearing she was kissing her rival not just to get a rise out of her but because she herself was becoming aroused, filled with an unspeakable desire to kiss back with all the passion she could mount! But Rose only grew more aggressive, giving Love no time to think as Rose's tongue forced itself deep in Love's mouth. Love had to struggle to keep up, unable to believe it, but she could feel her loins starting to heat up with anticipation.... her big breasts swelling as Rose kneaded her left boob with one hand while tugging her wedgie with the other. Rose had the experienced touch, pressing all Love's buttons ... all at once! For the first time Love started to fear she just may be losing it to this wicked girl and her predatory sexual prowess.

"Oh, no, I can't," Love cringed. "I've got to make sure Rose is feeling the same ..." She reached up to play with Rose's breasts as she heard her own soft moans escaping her soft lips as Rose massaged and rubbed her large breast in circles... faster and faster. Rose could feel Love's nipple hardening as she kept after it, massaging the soft big breast while deviously working Love's panties deeper up between her slowly spreading labia. Looking down, Rose could see Love was under her spell.

"Time to take control..." Rose thought, breaking off their kiss and releasing Love's pink panties. Sitting up on Love's stomach, Rose reached back to cup Love's pubic mound in her palm.

"No, don't ..." gasped Love, her eyes widening just as Rose covered her protesting lips with her free hand.

Rose began to rub the aroused girl's snatch through her thin pink panties; faster and faster Rose stroked the Love box until Love's back began to arch in pleasure, her tensed body trembling.

"Oooh, no... no...," Love groaned as she was forced to release Rose's breast, too consumed with her own pleasure to continue to massage. Furiously now, Rose worked Love's quivering body, her palm spreading Love's luscious lips and working them around on either side of her moist thong.

"Mmmm .... Fuuck, yes... Ooohh!" gasped Love, her eyes squeezed tight in pleasure.

"Oh, you like a strong girl tearing into your tight little box, don't you Lovie?" grinned Rose, as her hand expertly worked faster and faster on Love's pulsing pussy. "I bet Carson or anyone else you thought was your 'boyfriend' ever thought enough of a loser like you to give you this kind of pleasure!" she teased.

"Oooh you witch, you witch..." moaned Love in frustrated ecstasy.

Hearing her moans brought a big smirk to Rose's lips, "Ah, now you're learning my pet ...the women of Charmed ARE witches. It's why I'M in the show instead of a submissive, puppy dog weakling like you!"

Instantly Love regretted the words that she'd let slip from her mouth, yet she was being overwhelmed by sexual pleasure - only wanting more of what the witch was giving her! Oh, but she wanted to be the witch! Damn! How she hated Rose at that moment!!

"Oh...shit! Shi....IT!" Love groaned as Rose kept stroking her overheated pussy with her wickedly quick fingers which now snaked under her panty to pry open her drooling pussy.

Love panicked as her lust overwhelmed her, "Ooooh! I have to get back into the fight... mmmm... have to .." she thought.

She reached up, grabbed Rose's ass with both hands and squeezed through her hanging lingerie. Rose purred as she felt Love's claws sink into her butt and she returned the favor, clamping down as she gave a nasty squeeze to Love's dripping wet Love mound.

"Ahhhh, you fucking bitch!" gasped Love in stunned pain as Rose pinched her swollen lips and clit with the beginnings of a crotch claw.

"Whatsamatta, can't take it cunt?" growled Rose, who bucked like a wild animal straddling Love as she gave Love's suffering pussy lips a hard squeeze.

"FUUUCK!" Love screeched in agony. "Let go! Please... leggo!" But Rose kept her claw locked on Love's crotch as she reached out with her other hand to take possession of Love's bouncing left breast. Love tried hard to fight back the pain burning in her sex, but she couldn't stifle a groan, "Oooooh, you evil slut! I'll get you yet, you bitch!" When she opened her eyes, Love saw Rose leering as she toyed with her boob. "I knew you couldn't keep your hands off my rack!," Love moaned. "We'll see who's the slut yet!"

Rose just grinned, "Oh, you wanna to put yer famous push-up tits in the fight? Good! If the best thing you think you got goin' on that scrawny body are these saggy boobies, I can't wait to see if they're up to the challenge!"

She lowered her own round orbs down onto Love's and whispered in her ear, "Now we'll see how you and your girlie tits hold up against the power of a real woman's tits!"

Love grunted as Rose's hard nipples sank into her soft, giving breasts. Determined, Love joined battle with Rose and they both started shaking their boobs back and forth against the other. Around and around, big boob rubbed on big boob... brushing and dueling for supremacy and pleasure with a soft SHUFF...SHUFF sound of flesh on flesh. Love quickly found Rose was able to put her breasts to better use, and with Love trapped beneath her, Rose also had the dominant position which enabled her to dictate the pace and tempo. Quickly, Rose's tits began to dominate the famous breasts below, arousing Love's swelling breasts and hardening her nipples.

Rose purred with satisfaction as Love began to moan aloud, her arousal growing stronger and more powerful as her sensitive breasts were rubbed under the strong, sensual pressure from Rose's strong, resilient, bouncing bosom. Love tried to fight back as their beautiful tits flopped and jiggled against each other, hard nipples flicking hard nipples; but Rose was clearly dominating...her nipples larger...stronger...firmer; out-dueling Love's aroused little points and driving them back, pushing them inward, flicking them aside easily with every pass. Rose's breasts were proving themselves firmer...more powerful as they knocked Love's luscious melons left and right, forced them up and then down again! Faster and faster Rose's tits danced on Love's; the flicking nipples...the sensitive friction of the soft titflesh mashing together...became all too much for Love to take. She'd never had her tits dominated like this by another girl's strong, sexy, boobs! She was groaning in pleasure, licking her lips and whipping her head from side to side.

"Mmmmm, yes... Oh, yesssss," Love sighed, succumbing to the onslaught her breasts were getting in the sensual titfight.

As Love writhed on the bed, shaking with pleasure, her tits bouncing wildly from side to side, being knocked back and forth with SLAP after SLAP from Rose's swinging breasts from above, Love's mind raced frantically. "Oooh, it feels so good ... so good ... how can I be so turned on by this girl? ...Mmmmmm! So aggressive, so hot....her tits felt sooo good.... Surely," Love thought, "Rose must be getting off too...because... OOoooh, yesss! ...Ooooh..."

Licking her lips, Love looked up at Rose but only to see that Rose was just glaring down at her like a determined conqueror leaning over her fallen prey; watching with pride as her gorgeous tits drove Love's own spectacular famous pair wild with arousal as they dominated; yet showing no signs of her own arousal even in the wild heat of their boob battle.

"Oh how can she be so strong," thought the desperate Love. "To resist ... this ... mmmmm .... yes ... Oh, but her tits are ... so big ... so firm... so strong ... she conquering my tits ... mmmm. ... my tits ... no match for hers .. OH, damn she knows how to use 'em ... oh no...nooo... "

Soon, Love couldn't keep her ecstatic moans from escaping her pursed lips, "Oh no... No ... NOO! ...My Tits MY TITS!"

She was about to explode, panting wildly and looking like she might just climax from the heat of the titfight alone! But then Rose lifted up her bosom and paused.

"Big tits my ass!" Rose chortled, looking down with disdain at the panting girl.

Love's face was flushed and red with excitement and shame, but her respite was brief for Rose dropped her breasts back down hard on Love's swollen pair, crushing her tits beneath them. Again and again, Rose pushed herself up and bashed her powerful chest down onto Love's tits, flattening and mashing the soft round orbs flat with one SPLAT after the next. Like grunting wildcats their sexy breasts slammed together again and again. SPLAT ... SPLAT ... SPLAT. It was clear Rose was doing the giving and Love the taking as her prize breasts were mashed flatter and flatter with each new blow.

"Uggh ... uggh, mmmmm..." groaned Love.

She was rapidly being overwhelmed by Rose's sensual assault; worked to a frenzy of sexual excitement as her responsive boobs were humped over and over by the big sturdy jugs of the sexual wildcat who had mounted her. Love soon gave up fighting back and let her head fall back on the bed... all but surrendering her body ... letting her once proud breasts be ruthlessly mashed by her rival's aggressive, sexy tits.

"Oh gawd! Oh gawd! ... My boobs! My BOOBS!" squealed Love, once again forced to the brink of climax. ...


"OOOHHH FUUUCK!" she howled as she exploded in a wild orgasm! "YEEEESSS! YES! YES....yesssssssss......."

Love's body shook, her tits bouncing madly as Rose raised herself on her hands and smiled down with contempt at her overheated and breathless rival, "Oh this must be SO embarrassing! Your famous big tits bested and beaten by the tits of the "slut" you're so jealous of! But whose lookin' like a weak slut now, huh Love-girl?" Love looked up at Rose, her puppy dog eyes showing her complete shame, but panting and too out of breath to respond. She hated this girl! But oh she desperately wanted to cum some more! "Man, you're so pathetic you got off on my tits alone, eh little slut!" laughed Rose. "But you ain't gettin off that easy!" she said, and slapped Love's right breast.


"Oooh!" yelped Love as the sensitive tit jiggled wildly.

"Oh, so you liked that?" smirked Rose as she reached back and....WHACK! Another open hand whipped down on the same boob, sending it bouncing as Love cringed and whimpered in pain. "I said, you like it like that!" Rose barked as she sat up and SMACK, SMACK with each hand, whipping both of Love's bouncing beauties!

"OWW! Ouch! You bitch!" sobbed Love as she tried to shield her reddening breasts with her hands.

Having expected Love to do exactly that, Rose just reached around behind her and slapped Love's pussy hard.

"Yikes!" screeched Love in a high pitched squeal as her legs shot into the air.

"Yeah, spank that pussy!" jeered Rose as she delivered a series of stinging SLAP, SLAP, SLAPs that were followed by cries of, "Ow! Owch! OUCH!"

Finally, Rose stopped spanking Love's panty-covered crotch and slid down and off the stunned, breathless brunette and took hold of the horny girl's panties. As Rose hauled up, Love's hips rose off the bed which permitted Rose to easily slide them down over her creamy thighs. She used the panties to lift Love's legs and the panties easily slipped over her calves and off her feet. Love shuddered as she gazed up with a mix of fear and wild anticipation as she lay bare naked on the bed with her legs splayed wide before her most feared and hated rival. Love had thought it was her worse nightmare ... but was it?

"No, no..." Love murmured softly.

But flat on her back, her legs spread-eagled, she offered no resistance as Rose hands fluttered insistently over her trembling body as they removed the rest of her own lingerie. Love's eyes widened as Rose swung her leg over her and climbed between Love's legs. Love was still tingling with pleasure from her orgasm and flushed with excitement at having her aroused crotch bared before her naked opponent. Yet she tried to regain her composure, holding onto a slight hope she could outlast the bitch and still somehow claim her role as the better witch.

"Oh, I'll get you this time," Love muttered as she started to sit up. "Let's go McGow..."

"Oh bring it on my Love slut!" Rose interrupted, grabbing Love by the shoulders. "Put that pussy where your big mouth is, you weak little scream queen and we'll find out who does the screamin'!"

The naked beauties sat on the bed as Rose spread Love's legs apart and eased hers between them. Then Rose moved forward until her crotch was pressed against Love's. Already breathless with excitement, Love eagerly responded and they interlocked legs so their pussies were rubbing together, then they began to grind on each other. They started with slow, sensually rubbing, then began grinding their naked dark bushes into the other. Both groaned and seemed to be getting aroused as the wiry pubic hairs tangled ... hot little boxes rubbing against each other .... crotches rotating in slow, sensual, circles ... one swollen clit reaching out to duel with another swollen clit. Soon, both were moaning, grinding pussy on pussy as the heat built and the grinding became faster and more frantic until the long hair of both brunette beauties was damp with sweat and falling disheveled down over their faces. They kept flailing about and with each new SPLUT of moist crotch on wet pussy, the girls grunted and moaned as they thrust into the other; their hot pussies banging and engorged clits stabbing together, fighting for position and supremacy until....Love again felt herself losing control as her butt kept being banged back across the bedspread, yet she was thrilled to think she might bring Rose down with her. But Rose realized she was allowing herself to be caught up in the excitement and her lust quickly turned to rage!

"Oh no you DON'T!" Rose thought, slamming her crotch hard down into Love's pussy, then lifting her hips and slamming down again harder ... and harder! At first, Love only thought things were heating up - and they were - until Rose started ramming her so hard Love realized she was being driven on her butt across the bed. Soon it was clear Love was doing most of the groaning and Rose most of the grunting! Rose hammered away at Love's pubic mound, driving herself hard and then harder against the tiring Love's love mound, each thudding impact bouncing Love's ass back a few more inches.

SMASH! SMASH! Rose's crotch pounded Love's love box as Love vainly tried to fight back but her lovely snatch was taking a pounding.

"UNNNNNN......MMMMmmm," Love moaned as the soft flesh of her ample butt cheeks rippled under the impact of each BANG of Rose's pubic bone. Love's ass quivered with growing excitement and she cried out.... "Ohhh.. Ohhh.. Ohhh!" as Rose rammed her harder and harder .... Love's big unfettered breasts bounced up and down until, exhausted, she fell over backward and lay with her arms flung out on the bed, unable to keep up her end of the fight any longer as her loins swelled with ecstasy ...

SMASH! SMASH! SMASH! Sweat from the hard nipples capping Love's luscious mounds was flung up in her face as they were jarred by each new impact.

"Oh no, not again ... not again ..." gasped Love as she felt the pressure rising in her loins ... her body getting so warm ... so wet ... feeling so good. ... feeling the power of Rose's pussy beating down onto her overheated Love Box. "Mmmph ... Ummph... she's...OH MY GAWD... pounding my pussy," Love thought...."But it feels so goooood!" Rose hips rammed her again and again, thrusting her crinkled pussy over and over into Love's sodden snatch. "No, no ... can't ...can't let that..... bitch make me....cum again ... oh... OH... OHHHHHH...YESSSsssss..... take me ... make me! ... TAKE ME! TAKE ME!!!" gasped Love as her body surrendered to the overwhelming demand to release its fluid one more time as Rose kept mindlessly pounding away at Love like a wild woman. "OH GAWD!! OH NO! Nooooo!! YESSSSSSSSS!" Love screamed, never having felt such intense, wicked pleasure. She bucked hard one final time, her pussy meeting Rose's thrusting crotch .... then BANG! Love EXPLODED in a writhing, screaming, violent climax! Humped into an unwilling orgasm still once again by the dominant Rose....and to heighten her shame, this one more powerful than the last!

Love's shoulders sagged as she slumped back on the bed and wrapped her legs around Rose's hips in exhausted, breathless delight. Rose knelt above her sexual prey, her hands on either side of Love's shoulders as she looked down on the red face and panting naked body beneath her. A cruel, wicked smile of satisfaction curled Rose's full lips as she felt the post-orgasmic tremors ripple through Love's sexy, sweaty, naked body as it squirmed below her ... seeing Love's limp hands flutter thoughtlessly down over her stomach to cup her drooling, matted pussy and then slowly rub herself, up and down.... round and round ... while her torso writhing and her mighty tits heaved and quivered as she went on ... caressing, then fingering her still tingling twat, unwilling - or unable - to let go of the sensation ... still savoring her huge orgasm.

"Mmm hmm," gloated Rose. "Now you look more like my little Love-slut than a wicked witch able to stand up to me and take my role."

Still half lost in a fog of ecstasy, Love struggled to focus on her desperate situation trying to avoid admitting defeat.

"Oh, ..." she panted in protest, still out of breath. "This ain't over yet Rose..."

She was barely able to get the words out, and they both knew that whether she meant it or not, she was in no condition to prevent it but Rose quickly agreed.

"That's right its not over yet. I'm not done with you my little Love-slut." She looked down and smirked, seeing Love's fingers still caressing her twitching pussy. "And it looks like Love-slut's ready for more. Wanna beg your WITCH for more, my little plaything?"

Love realized what she was doing and, blushing deeply, quickly pulled her fingers from her slit. Oh she hated this! She was desperate to take Rose down and still thought she could, yet she had wanted it herself soooo bad.... but she had to keep fighting. She wanted revenge now more than to cum again! How could she have let the evil bitch take her to orgasm not once but twice? And could her little body take any more?

Before Love could react, Rose was on her again. Kneeling between Love's limp legs, Rose forced her thighs apart, opening the road to Love's already moist crotch. She slid her fingers up and into Love's warm, welcoming snatch and grinned as Love's ass lifted off the bed as her hips rose to welcome the titillating intrusion.

"Hmmmmmm," Love sighed as Rose opened her labia with two fingers and began to explore the dark pink tenderness....

Rose's expert fingers immediately started to work Love's aroused clit like no one had ever done before. Love's body began squirming as Rose fingered her with skill born of years of practice; madly, deeply and roughly.

"Shit!" thought Love, suddenly appreciating Rose had already made her climax twice without penetration. Now, with Rose's fingers diving deep in her womanhood, what chance did she have? "Damn, she'll tear me apart...." the trembling Love thought ... "Must fight ... but ... Ummmmm, yes ... right there Rose ... oooh ... Rose fingering ... fucking ... damn! Rose is fucking me ... FUCKING ME! ... Oh, I've got to fight...back!"

Love tried to summon the last of her strength and managed to sit up facing Rose who just kept thrusting her fingers in and out of Love's box. Thinking she saw an opening, Love reached out and started rubbing Rose's crotch, hoping to make it a mutual finger-fuck contest but the tough Goth girl was having none of it. She quickly put Love right back in her place, pinching down hard on Love's clit and forcing her right back down to the bed.

"Awww shit!" grunted Love, her legs shaking in pain and frustration.

Once she was helpless on her back, Rose was right back in control and she kept fingering Love's wet, willing pussy.

"Oh man," thought Love, "I'll have to hold off on my own ... don't have the strength to mount an offense .. ohh, but how to hold off ... how ... oooooh ... Never felt so ... so ..."

She was rapidly losing control of her body as Rose's fingers spread her tight lips ... toying with her exposed clit ... teasing the sensitive walls of her vagina ... working deep inside ... sliding easily in and out ... in and out ... twirling round and round ... Rose was pumping Love's tunnel faster and faster, her teeth bared like a woman possessed as she leaned over Love, sweat dripping from her erect nipples onto Love's heaving belly.

"Scream, Scream Queen....Scream! Tell me who's your witch!?" Rose demanded as she rammed Love, filling her with her fingers, faster and faster, flicking her clit, tickling her pussy lips.

"Oh, gawd ...!" was all Love could gasp; she was Rose's prey, available and even willing, to be worked at will like some cheap whore.

The sexfight had turned into a route with the submissive Ms Hewitt on the receiving end....which was fine with her! Faster and faster Rose worked Love's twat until Love's back arched, her legs spasmed and she was ready ... so ready.... to explode she couldn't hold on any more ...

"Cum...CUMMING!! ... Oooooh yes! YES! Ooooooo!!!" Love howled ... "Yes! Yessssss......Oh Rose....give it to me!"

Then, as she had twice before, Love erupted in a howling orgasm, cumming all over Rose's fingers curled deep inside her box. She was left panting, flat on her back, sweat covering her nubile body as Rose savored another moment of triumph over her rival.

"Love a witch! HA! A weak slut like you could NEVER be a strong witch! You're the easiest slit around! Dripping in your own cum like a little Love-slut. You couldn't even get a rise out of me," Rose taunted. "Better stick to what you're doing girl - two bit parts in movies where you keep your clothes ON, cause ain't nothing goin' on under that wonderbra or pants that's gonna give a rise to anyone!"

Love desperately wanted to defend her reputation, but she was too exhausted, too drained, too horny to speak. Her pussy ached from long and violent passion and she knew she'd been dominated by Rose - beaten badly - again and again and again!

"OK!" Love gasped. "OK, you win win .... I can't take any more. You're too good..."

Rose smiled as she glanced at the producer, then glared back to Love, "Oh, remember...I ain't GOOD, my Love-slut! Don't you forget, I'M the witch. That's why I'm on top and you're on your back. It's why I say when you're done and I ain't said that yet!"

Love shuddered, "No, please ... I can't take any more. I'm too exhausted ... my box can't ... can't..."

But it was too late. Rose pinned Love on her back, turned around and sat on Love's sweaty belly looking down at the wide open dripping crotch as she pinning Love's arms under her knees. Love's arms flapped weakly, her body shaking as she tried to buck to unseat Rose but she was too weak...too drained....too needy!

"Please ... no more .." she sighed, not really meaning it.

Still, it was no use begging for mercy from this witch. Rose leaned down, pulled Love's creamy thighs apart and curled two nasty fingers into Love's little love box. The already slick fingers slid easily into the well-lubricated slit. Rose quickly started slamming her battered rival even harder; no coy teasing and playful toying; this was one domineering forceful thrust after another.

"Ooooh, Noooo!" Love grunted, moaning as her back arched and her ass bounced on the bed as Rose humped her, driving hard into her now sloppy pussy and forcing her toward yet another unwanted and humiliating climax. Love's huge tits bounced on her chest as she writhed and reeled in painful ecstasy with each new thrust.

"Please Rose, please ..I'm so sore ...." Love cried as her aching snatch was once again being overpowered.

But Rose just wedged a third finger into Love's tight snatch, the stretching of her overwrought labia wringing a howl that was a mix of both pain and pleasure from the overwhelmed girl. Rose was now really having fun with Love's cunt, ramming her fingers in deep, then cruelly ripping them out.

"I'm gonna tear your little cherry up, Love!" Rose grunted as she leaned in to force a fourth finger into Love who was screaming in agonizing pleasure.

"Oh ... Oh ... Oh!!!" gasped Love as Rose's hand rocked in and out, in and out .... "Oooooh Noo! NOOOO!" cried Love but Rose kept pumping ... in-out ... in-out ..... faster and faster .. harder and harder .. until ... "OOOH FUUUUCK MEEEEE!" screamed Love as waves of excruciating pleasure once again burst forth in a cascade of uncontrollable lust and fury. Her legs quaked ....her tits bounced madly ... her mouth fell open with a cry of breathless bliss as she collapsed in exhaustion. "You win. You win..." Love sighed softly as she covered her flushed face with her hands.

Rose straddled Love’s waist on her knees as she looked down on her with total satisfaction. But she wanted to bask in her victory, so she moved in to enjoy the feel of the trembling, beautiful body she had beaten and out-fucked so badly. She hovered above her victim, ready to drape herself over Love's body. Her hips descended onto Love's, making sparks fly between them ... her hot young bush brushed Love's wet, tangled patch of fur then her hard abs lowered onto Love's soft, sweaty, belly. Finally, Rose’s big boobs pressed down on Love's tender tits.

Lying flat on her vanquished foe, Rose spread Love's legs in a grapevine so the young dominatrix was fully prone, enjoying the feel of the submissive girls trembling, sweaty body beneath hers. Then Rose started to grind back and forth on Love's fragile little frame ... her swelling tits smothering ... flattening Love's boobs which were still quivering with excitement. Rose's dampening crotch sopping up Love's love juices from her soaking snatch ... but there was still some unfinished business for Rose...

"OK Love slut,” Rose hissed. “Now its time for you to do MY bidding!" Rose said as she sat up, turned around and sat back with her hot ass right on Love's face.

Love had never tasted pussy before, much less had her face buried in one. "Yuck!" she thought as she writhed under Rose. She could barely breath, overcome by the powerful aroma of Rose's nasty crotch in her face, but she was too weak, especially after all multiple orgasms, to unseat Rose.

"The problem with a skinny, nerdy prude like you, Love-slut,” Rose laughed. “You don't have the talent to be a turn-on but that don't mean I can't abuse your body to arouse myself." She began to grind her crotch up and down, scrubbing the trapped girl's face as she rubbed herself on Love's buried nose, lips and chin. As Rose was getting off she wondered, “Man I love this ... little Love-slut’s face under my ass ... the little prude helpless as I get off in her face..." Rose began playing with her own tits, cupping them and squeezing her nipples as she worked herself into arousal on her beaten foe. "Mmm, yes. My tits ... my tits," Rose thought as she continued to massage her breasts and her nipples swelled. "Oh yes, my tits, you did well tonight beating down those arrogant upstart breasts we hate so .... mmm, yes, she thought they were so big, so special ... ooooh, but we showed her..."

While Rose worked herself into a wild frenzy, bucking and relishing her complete victory over the beaten young beauty below her, she moaned with growing pleasure as her mind basked in her domination. Love's groans of disgust and humiliation were almost completely muffled under Rose's smothering ass and moist crotch.

Love's own mind was left drowning in her complete humiliation, "Oh, how much more of this abuse can I take? So helpless... how can I be so weak ... can't get her off me ... her disgusting fat ass in my face ... her stinking wet snatch, spread wide open ... covering my ... my face… sticky ... Yuck! Pubic hairs in my mouth, on my cheeks ...Damn why I am I so weak ... how could I let her get me off like she did ... making me cum all night ... cum so HARD ... yet I couldn't get her off at all ... not even my wonderful tits! Oh! Look at her now ... in control again .. getting HERSELF off on me." She couldn't take it any more and started flailing and kicking her legs, bucking and thrusting her hips in the air in a desperate effort to unseat.

"Mmmm, oh no you don't," panted Rose, becoming even more excited seeing how desperate the suffering starlet was.

Rose reached down to Love's wide open crotch and grabbed a handful of dark pubic hair.

"AAAAH, Fuuuck!" screamed Love from under Rose's bouncing butt as the nasty girl closed her fist and started to rip out large clumps of curly black hair from Love's love mound! RIP after RIP sent little curls flying and Love's crotch bouncing into the air in agony until her curly dark hair littered the floor as more and more were ripped out with each tug.

"Don't worry Love-slut, I won't leave you bald!" barked Rose as she stopped ripping and took what remained of Love's hairy dark patch in her fist like a cowgirl holding the reins of a pony. With both girls bucking like wild broncos, Love was wailing as her pussy lips were stretched further with each new twist and pull of her pubes. She was losing her desperate struggle to unseat her tormentor and free herself from her final and humiliating entrapment. But Rose was in the throes of ecstasy; enjoying dominating her Love-slut....grinding her pussy in Love's face ... ruling Love's own crotch tightly in her fist like a prize ...

"Oh yes! YES...YES!" Rose screamed, cumming in a wild explosion; her wicked howls drowning out the muffled cries beneath her ass.

Satisfied at last, Rose stroked her long fingers up and down the dribbling slit of her snatch as she purred like a pussycat. She ended the long face sit and rolled off, turning to face Love, who lay pale and gasping for air. Adding insult to injury, Rose ran her sticky fingers over Love's face and along Love's trembling mouth, leaving a sticky, glistening trail on her ruby lips.

"Ugh, yuck!" sighed the beaten beauty.

Rose smiled down at her, "See, I cum when I want, just like you cum when I want my little Love slut!" Then she stood up, towering over her vanquished rival.

Love was a naked mess ... her hair unkempt .. her face beet red and flushed from her multiple orgasms and covered with sticky dark pubic hairs ... one hand down rubbing her own aching crotch, throbbing with pain from being ripped half-bald, yet still trembling with waves of pleasure from being savaged and racked with endless pleasure at the wicked hands of her rival .. the other hand tending to her still swollen and lustful breasts ...

"Like I told you before," Rose smiled, "those over-hyped little girl tits ain't so wonderful without a wonderbra and they ain't so enticing when they're bare naked instead of covered up by those teen girl shirts. Stick to PG and little girl scream queen movies hon, 'cause you ain't no witch and you ain't got no CHARM"

With that, Rose planted a foot on Love's oozing pussy and ground down to bring a final moan of agonizing and humiliating pleasure from the beaten and sexually spent girl. Rose glanced at the smiling producer, then down at her captive as she announced, "The winner and still the champion witch and star of Charmed ... ME! The loser, a proven Love-slut, and still a submissive wimp, Jennifer Love Hewitt!"