Jennifer Love Hewitt vs. Alyssa Milano by Interac 5/21/01

Jennifer love Hewitt was riding high after beating Rachel Stevens and destroying Lacey Chabert. She finally was out of the funk she was in after losing so often. Jennifer went golfing to relax and have some fun. She was in the club house having a drink when in walked Alyssa Milano. She looked over at Jennifer who smiled at her.

Years ago, Alyssa blamed Jennifer for she and Scott Wolfe breaking up. She never forgave or forgot about it. The two have never been around the same area long enough to settle their differences but now both of them wanted to end the silence. When Jen finished her drink and turned around, the people in the bar knew something was about to break down.

Alyssa casually walked toward Jennifer, "Why hi there Alyssa. Finally we meet. Shall we go somewhere in private to talk some more, just the two of us?"

"Wow Jen, you really have more confidence lately. Though I heard you got pretty lucky against Rachel."

"Still won, no luck,' Jennifer said as fixed a bit of hair. "Like many others, I was just tougher than her."

"Up to your room then? Or why not just do it here and now?"

Suddenly Alyssa threw a glass of water in Jennifer's face. She grabbed her by the hair and kneed her in the stomach. Jen gasped and doubled over as Alyssa grabbed her shirt and ripped it over her head. Before Jen got her two arms untangled, she shot her foot out and swept Alyssa's feet from under her. Alyssa landed on her butt and let out a loud, "Uumph!"

Jen tried to jump at her, but Alyssa blocked her with her legs and all Jen ended up doing is rip Alyssa's shirt. Alyssa kicked Jen away and both of them got to their feet. Alyssa rushed at Jen, crashing into her and nailing her back to the bar. Alyssa wrapped her hands around Jen's neck and started to choke her.

Jennifer quickly brought her knee up into Alyssa's pussy and pushed Alyssa off her. Jennifer started gasping for air trying to get her breath back while Alyssa was on the floor sucking in some wind.

Jen looked down at Alyssa who was trying to get back up and kneed her in the face. Alyssa fell backward over a table top. Jen climbed on top of the table with her and started slapping Alyssa's face back and forth.

Jen tore at Alyssa's breasts as if trying to tear them off but Alyssa arched her back and the two went crashing off the table onto the floor. They each got up and assumed a fighters stance as on on-lookers cheered the two topless beauties. Alyssa went for a punch but Jen ducked and leapt on Alyssa. Entangled in each others arms, the two wildcats tumbled to the floor.

Jen had two handfuls of Alyssa's breasts and Alyssa answered in kind. They rolled around the floor, tearing at each other's breasts until Alyssa finally got the mounted position astride Jen. She lifted Jen up and slammed her back down. Jen's hands fell from Alyssa's breasts but she put them on the floor and tried to desperately to buck Alyssa off of her.

Alyssa raised her 'oh so sweet' ass and slammed it down on Jen's stomach, knocking the breath out of her. Alyssa gave up her death grip on Jen's breast's and started to punch her in the face over and over.

With Jen dazed, Alyssa pulled her up by the hair and threw her through the screen doors of the bar out into the main lobby. Everyone was pointing at what was going as Jen got to her hands and knees and tried to crawl away. Alyssa caught up to her though and jerked her head up, then slapped her face. Alyssa went for a spinning heel kick to end the fight, but Jen ducked it and tripped Alyssa's back leg.

Jen threw herself on Alyssa and knocked her down spread-eagled her as the guys started to holler. Jen smiled evilly at the men and slammed her foot down onto Alyssa's pussy. Again and again she stomped Alyssa, then Jen school-girled the crying charmed star.

"Looks like I got a bit of a streak going. And beating a whore like you is the icing on the cake."

Jen brought her big breasts down on Alyssa's face and used all the pressure she could muster to suffocate her opponent. Alyssa, in desperation, hauled at Jen's hair but despite her screams, Jen wouldn't ease up.

Alyssa felt the last of her air leaving her, so she tried one more tactic, scratching at the sides of Jennifer's large breasts. Then Alyssa pinched the sides and started to pull outward. Jen screamed and was forced to let Alyssa go. Jen got up and started to walk around massaging her boobs while Alyssa lay on the floor gasping for air.

Jen walked back to Alyssa, grabbed her by the back of the hair and tried to pull her to her feet, but Alyssa turned into it and low-blowed Jennifer. Jen collapsed on her knees, clutching her aching pussy. Alyssa stepped back and kicked Jennifer in the head sending her flying over backward.

The fight was over and Jennifer was saying no more but Alyssa wouldn't quit now. She pinned Jennifer to the wall and pressed her breasts onto Jen's face while she used her free hand to remove Jen's panties. With Jen's panties as her knees, Alyssa fingered her pussy. Jen felt the exhilarating rush as Alyssa's skillful fingers were doing her perfectly. Every time Jen gasped in delight, more air was being taken from her already deprived lungs.

After a few minutes Jen passed out. She had cum all over the floor at Alyssa's 'insistence.' Alyssa got off of Jen and wiped her hand in Jennifer's hair. Then as she looked down on Jennifer, Alyssa had a gleam in her eye. She had one more thought of what to do next.

Alyssa went over to one of the male patrons and asked if she could borrow one of his golf clubs. She Alyssa took a club from his bag and spread-eagled Jennifer's limp body. She slowly started to put the club into Jennifer's moist pussy. She wiggled it around, working it slowly in and out, deeper and deeper. Then, she hauled it out a little then rammed it in as hard as she could. Jen started to scream at the top of her lungs as Alyssa kept up the pace, pumping it in and out and smacking Jen in the face every now and then. Finally, after Jen passed out again, Alyssa removed the club and put her foot onto Jen's throat, then slapped her awake.

Jen's eyes started to flutter a little and as she regained consciousness, Jennifer Love Hewitt could hear Alyssa Milano's voice say, "There. Everything's back to normal. Don't ever fuck with my life again Jen, or I'll do a lot worse."