Natalie Portman vs. Jennifer love Hewitt by Michael O'Mahoney 11/6/00

There had never been any major dislike between the two stars at all. They had met on a few occasions at different Hollywood parties here and there. They even had a few of the same mutual friends. All of their friends new of their competitive natures deep inside, that most others didn't know about. Of course, they were competitive, but not the most successful at it.

One night, while at a party for the rich and snotty, the two young starlets were both there, and had said their pleasantries to each other throughout the night, when passing each other, even stopping to make idle conversation a few times. As the night wore on, they two young ladies were starting to have a bit much to drink and one of them, I believe Natalie, let slip that she thought she was a better actress than Jennifer even though she had a lot less experience. Well, wouldn't you know it, it made it back to Jennifer what she'd said about her. Jennifer just quietly kept an eye on her through out the night.

As people were starting to leave the party, around 3 am or so, she coolly made her way over to Natalie and said, "Come w/ me, we need to talk."

Natalie replied, "Sure, what about?" as she followed Jennifer up the stairs.

Jennifer just responded, "Oh, not much... just come on."

They reached the top of the stairs, and proceeded towards a bedroom at the end of the hallway. Jennifer opened the door and motioned for Natalie to go through, which she did.

When they were both inside, Jennifer shut the door, looked Natalie straight in the face and said, "I don't really have a problem w/ you and I never have, until tonight. I don't know who the hell you think you are running your mouth like you were tonight about you being the better actress. We've never had anything bad to say about the other one, and you had to go shoot your mouth off."

Natalie, standing there kind of embarrassed that Jennifer had found out what she said, replied, "Hey, look... We've both been drinking tonight, don't you think some one might have taken something out of context and then maybe misconstrued the information, making it sound like that? You're right, I don't have a problem w/ you, but I do feel that way. I do feel I'm the better actress."

Jennifer was in shock that she actually had the guts to just come right out and say that to her face. Her reply was simply a hard right slap across the left cheek of Natalie knocking her back a few steps. Natalie instantly pulled her hand to her cheek, eyes wide, then she stepped forward and retaliated in the same manor, sending a slap to the side of Jennifer's face and knocking her back a step.

There they were, both the actresses a foot apart, dressed in casual party attire, about to fight at a private party. The stand off came to an end when both almost instantly launched themselves at the other, locking their hands in her opponent's hair. Both girls gave slight whimpers of sound at the pain in their scalp. Both were shaking the other violently, trying to push the other back, towards a wall, and occasionally battling to stay on her feet as each twisted and turned the other. Natalie realizing first that they were getting nowhere, released Jennifer's hair and reared back and started slapping her as hard as she could across the face.

Meanwhile Jennifer began pushing Natalie back towards the bed but was getting stung badly on her cheek. Her cheek was turning cherry red as she made one last hard shove toppling them both to the bed w/Jennifer on top. As they hit the bed, Natalie stopped slapping, trying to keep balance but was no use, she was for the most part, pinned beneath Jennifer. She began bucking her hips and trying to role over. Jennifer latched on to her again and began slamming her head back and forth on the mattress. That action was beginning to make Natalie kind of dizzy but not really hurting her which, in the heat of the moment, is what Jennifer wanted.

Natalie fired a right fist to Jennifer's head, connecting once, then twice, then Jennifer fell of to the side, letting Natalie begin to get her wits about her again. As Natalie began to regain her senses, she stood up and looked at Jennifer just in time to see a fist connect w/ her jaw.

Natalie hit the floor hard as Jennifer looked down at her smiling and said, "You stupid bitch, I'll teach you not to fuck with me!"

As Natalie tried to get to her feet, Jennifer kicked her in her ass, knocking her face first back down to the floor.

Jennifer laughed at her saying, "Just look, that's gonna be your career in another week or two!"

This time as Natalie was getting to her feet, she turned sideways thinking that she wouldn't get knocked on her face again, instead Jennifer sent a kick to her midsection, which Natalie caught, expecting that to happen, and shoved Jennifer backwards causing her to fall also. As Jennifer fell and tried to get up, Natalie jumped on top of her, straddling her about her midsection and grabbed hold of Jennifer's tits and squeezed as hard as she could.

Jennifer let out a blood-curdling yell at the pain that was shooting through her chest.

Natalie smiled and said, "You know, I thought your tits would be a lot firmer, being as young as you are. I bet these things sag down to your waist."

Jennifer, still in pain, shot back, "Well, if you actually had tits, I might have a better response for you, but I guess I'll just have to settle for this."

Just as she said that, Jennifer sent a punch straight to Natalie's face, making her release the death grip on her tits. Natalie responded by punching down at Jennifer's face. The two girls traded blows for a few moment's w/Jennifer getting the worst of it being that she was on the bottom and very limited on how much strength she could put in the punch. She started bucking and twisting trying to throw her adversary off.

Jennifer continued twisting and bucking, but was having very little success with it. Suddenly, she just stopped, which caused Natalie to stop her assault, thinking she'd won. Just as she stopped her assault on Jennifer, however, Jennifer raised her legs and rapped them around, under Natalie's arms in a type of scissors hold and pulled her off of her w/ her legs. Natalie hit the floor hard knocking the breath out of her momentarily.

By this time, both girls were starting to breath a lot harder so each took a moment to catch their breath, Jennifer needing this much more so than Natalie since she'd taken most of the recent punishment. After a short pause, they both began to move and get to their feet. They both stood up at the same time about 3 feet apart.

Natalie popped a comment, "Gee, I thought you'd be a lot tougher than this, I mean, since you've gotten your ass kicked my most of the women in Hollywood already, I figured you'd have learned something from them."

Jennifer just glared at her and said, "Bitch, this isn't over by a long shot. Besides, I remember you getting your ass kicked on a regular basis around here as of late. Bring it on bitch!"

With that, both the women raised their hands almost as if they were going to claw at each other. As if each were shoved in the back, they came together in a type of test of strength, interlocking their fingers and pressing against each other, trying to bend the other's wrist back. This went on for a few minutes and it was Natalie who was surprising Jennifer and bending her wrists back. Jennifer knew she was being out muscled, so, she switched tactics, falling backwards pulling Natalie w/her and monkey flipping her over so she landed on her back winded. Jennifer just followed and rolled right over on top of Natalie, straddling her.

Jennifer started bouncing up and down letting her ass land on Natalie's stomach, knocking the wind out of her. She released her hands, and began punching Natalie in the face, knocking her head from side to side. Natalie was doing the best she could to try to block as many punches as she could, but Jennifer was definitely landing her share. Natalie then, took a wild shot, and punched Jennifer right in her left tit. Jennifer shrieked in pain and stopped punching and grabbed her tit.

Natalie, grabbed hold of Jennifer's shirt, and yanked forward causing her to fall off of her to Natalie's side. Natalie moved as best she could to get up and shake off the beating she just received, but as she stood up with her back to Jennifer, she was suddenly grabbed in a bear hug from behind. Jennifer lifted the younger girl totally off her feet as Natalie grunted in pain, trying to retain all the breath that was being squeezed out of her. Natalie then, did the only thing she could think of, mainly because she saw it on TV during a WWF event, she kicked her leg back, up between Jennifer's legs, connecting w/ a solid blow right between her legs.

Jennifer immediately released Natalie as she grabbed for her crotch trying to ease the pain. Natalie turned around, at the same time swinging w/ all her might, a totally roundhouse right punch directly into the unprotected face of Jennifer, knocking her back and to the floor with blood gushing from her nose. Natalie just stood there for a moment catching her breath while Jennifer lay on the floor, still holding her womanhood.

Natalie walked over to Jennifer and kicked her in the chest, rolling her over w/the force of the blow.

Natalie kneeled beside Jennifer and said, "Just be glad I'm in a good mood tonight, otherwise, it'd be a lot worse for you. Maybe when you get your head out of your ass, you'll learn to fight a little."

Jennifer just lay there, quietly vowing her revenge, admitting defeat this time.

Natalie straightened her hair and, as she walked out of the room, looked back at Jennifer and said, "I'll keep our little talk to myself for now, but if you want a rematch, you know where and how to find me."

Then she turned and walked out, leaving Jennifer to lay on the floor in pain...and contemplating her next move.