Jennifer Love Hewitt vs. Tara Reid by zjoker 6/13/01

It started a week earlier. Jen had been home watching an entertainment show. She couldn't believe it when she saw her hated rival, Tara Reid on the screen. Tara had stolen her boyfriend Carson Daly and had won the starring role in next year's big blockbuster action movie - a role Jen desperately tried to get herself.

She fumed as she watched the blonde explain why she'd won the role, "I guess the producers decided they needed something better than a has-been teeny-bopper whose only 'talent' is shaking their boobs for the camera."

The reporter smiled and noted, "Scream queen Jennifer Love Hewitt, who used to date Tara's current boyfriend, wanted the role but she apparently lost out again to the lovely and talented, Ms Reid."

Jen was filled with jealousy, feeling like the butt of Hollywood's jokes for the second time in a year - and all because of that blonde! But then she heard them say Tara was in LA training for her role, separated from Carson who was on his own in Mexico taping the "College Beach Olympics." Jen desperately wanted to get him back - now more than ever. He was the hottest star on TV and getting her man back could jump-start her own career while shutting up her blonde rival.

Jen took the first flight to Mexico and checked into the hotel where Carson's show was having its nightly party. She headed down to the event in a sexy dress that showed off her famous cleavage. Jen was certainly arrogant enough to think no man could resist her and, with the help of some drinks and her aggressive pursuit, she and Carson were soon drunk and back in each other's arms. The next morning Jen woke up all smiles, thinking she'd won back her man. A friend came by later, however, worried since the whole hotel had either seen or heard about the affair and gave her some disquieting news.

"Look Jen, word is Tara came in last night to surprise Carson. She won't be happy. You should watch your back. Tara has a mean temper; she's been known to go crazy on some girls."

Jen just shrugged as she headed out of the hotel and strutted down to the beach wearing skin tight white shorts and a white button-up shirt tied below ample breasts barely contained by her tight shirt. She saw Carson standing in a small wrestling ring she show set up on the beach for the college games. A rowdy crowd of (mostly drunk) college boys cheered when they saw Jen and expressed their appreciation for her sexy outfit. She felt on top of the world as she waved to Carson who looked nervous as he gestured for her to join him in the ring.

As Jen slipped between the ropes, Carson announced, "Now entering the ring - Jennifer Love Hewitt."

The crowd went wild! Jen smiled, not realizing she had walked right into a trap. She went to give him a hug, but he pushed her away and mumbled something about being sorry. Jen was stunned by his public rejection. Didn't he want her? Why was he sorry?

Then he turned and announced, "And making her way into the ring, her opponent . ."

What did he mean 'opponent'?" Jen wondered.

". . . the beautiful and sexy siren. My girl ... Tara Reid."

Jen's mouth dropped as Tara came charging into the ring in a robe and bikini. She seductively slid under the ropes to the roar of the crowd, tossing her long blonde hair. Carson handed Tara the mike and made a quick exit, leaving Jen and Tara alone, face to face. Tara glared as she marched right up to Jen.

"Well, well. Jennifer Loves 'er Big Tits. Surprised to see me? See I heard you made a pathetic attempt to throw yourself at my man last night, so I thought I'd set up a little face to face - you stuck up little bitch!"

Tara glared down at Jen's Love chest, barely contained by her shirt.

"You like shaking those things so much?" Tara giving a less-than-playful slap to Jen's left breast. "Let's see what you got!"

Jen was shocked and couldn't hide the fear in her eyes. She covered her chest and took a step back, unsure what to do. The crowd was roaring, the horny beach revelers sensing a catfight showdown between two nubile, sexy starlets.

Tara worked the crowd even more, "What do you think boys? Little Miss Priss thinks she's hot stuff. Maybe its time 'Miss Jennifer Loves Her Big Tits' got a big spanking on that big ass of hers!"

A roar of laugher and approval went up and Tara glared at Jen and whispered, "They'll have to carry your sorry ass out of this ring!"

Jen couldn't believe the turn of events. Everyone knew she'd made a move for Carson and had lost out to Tara - again!. Now, she was face to face with a rival who was again making a fool of her a third time. She knew she couldn't back down, so she tried to gather her courage.

"I'm not afraid of you Tara," Jen said. "You want to put on a little fight for the crowd. Lets go."

Tara just smiled. Jen was more than a little nervous realizing she might have just fallen right into Tara's trap; lured into fighting her tough rival in public. She watched as Tara walked to her corner like a pro, kicked off her heels and seductively dropped her robe to reveal a tiny red, white and blue bikini. The boys went wild at the sight of her great body.

Jen turned, walked nervously to her corner and also removed her heels. She was glad she hadn't worn a bikini, since the last thing Jen (with her shy, teasing, reputation) wanted was to be in a wrestling ring exposed before such a big crowd. But the crowd was expecting to see her strip down as Tara had so they booed when she didn't remove her tight fitting shirt.

Tara looked on with amusement from across the ring and announced, "Don't worry boys. Miss Big Tits won't be able to hide that overstuffed body of hers after I rip off her clothes!"

Jen glared back, trying to look angry but really trying to hide her sudden fear; fear that Tara might actually try to do it.

But it was too late - Tara was strutting towards her. The two sexy rivals were about the same height and, although Tara was thinner, her body looked more muscular than Jen's softer, more curvy, figure.

Tara put up her hands for a test of strength and Jen met the challenge. They struggled evenly at first, but soon Jen's weaker arms were trembling against the blonde's power. Jen was quickly overmatched and she winced in pain as her wrists were twisted back until her back arched over the top rope, exposing the top of her large breasts as her chest was thrust in the air.

"Look at that wonder bra in action!" mocked a grinning Tara.

She suddenly let go of Jen's arms, grabbed the bottom of Jen's protruding breasts, and pushed them up even further until they were nearly popping out the neck of her shirt. While Jen shrieked and tried to pry the blonde's hands off her breasts, Tara delivered an unexpected knee low in Jen's belly that doubled her over in pain. Tara stepped back and smiled as Jen turned and stumbled along the ropes to a corner trying to cover up her chest and catch her breath .

But Tara was in no mood to lose her advantage. She caught Jen from behind, twisting Jen's arm behind her back and trapping her face-first in the corner. With Jen struggling, her chest was pressed against the ropes, so Tara began kneeing her from behind. Again and again, Tara's knee slammed into Jen's ass, each time driving deep into her soft bottom. Jen's tight white shorts offered no protection and she yelped and pleaded until Tara finally released her. Jen turned around to face Tara, rubbing her sore butt and realizing the crowd was enjoying it all waaaaay too much for her comfort.

"You witch! How dare you! What kind of fight do you think this?!" cried Jen angrily.

Tara smiled back, "One where I kick that big ass of yours and beat the stuffing out of those floppy tits!"

Once again Jen was stunned by Tara's trash talk. She was scared but she was also filled with rage.

"At least I HAVE curves!" she yelled as she charged her blonde rival.

Tara was caught off guard and Jen connected with a series of slaps to the blonde's face and body, sending Tara reeling back to the ropes. Jen pressed her attack, but Tara defended herself by pulling Jen's shirt, nearly ripping it off her body. That stopped Jen dead in her tracks but it sent the crowd into a frenzy. The left side of Jen's shirt was in tatters, exposing the top half of her heaving left breast. It could be seen to be held up by a sheer pink lace bra that she'd chosen to impress Carson.

Jen desperately tried to cover herself with her arms, but Tara gave her no chance, "Come on Miss Big Tits, lets see what you got in there!"

Jen pleaded for her to stop, but Tara moved in, reached out with both hands and grabbed great handfuls of her bulging breasts. Jen yelped as Tara squeezed her boobs as she tried to rip off the rest of her shirt and her bra. Jen stumbled away, but doing so she fell on her ass. Since Tara wouldn't let go of Jen's shirt, it came ripping away in her hands. Tara claimed her prize and she paraded around the ring, waving the tattered shirt in the air. While the crowd roared its approval, an exhausted Jen sat on the mat where she'd fallen, embarrassed and straightening her bra to make sure something was covering her heaving breasts.

Jen couldn't believe this was happening. To her! The crowd was cheering Tara, enjoying seeing Jen stripped and humiliated by her rival. Jen wanted to crawl away, but Tara looked down and, seeing Jen helpless on the mat, grabbed her feet. Jen tried to kick out and pull away, but Tara wouldn't let go. She twisted Jen's legs, flipping her over onto her stomach.

Tara dropped to her knees behind Jen and reached out, grabbing Jen's shorts by the waist. Jen panicked as she felt the first tug on her tight pants, but Tara had her legs pinned under her, so Jen couldn't reach back to stop the attack.

With Jen squirming helplessly, Tara slowly managed to work her shorts down over Jen's round, plump bottom and expose a pair of lacy pink bikini panties.

"You witch! Let me go!" pleaded a totally embarrassed Jen.

Tara just smiled as she looked up and saw her hated rival's sexy full round ass at her mercy right there in front of her.

"Look at that big ass!" teased Tara, as she leaned forward and grabbed Jen's cheeks in both hands. She squeezed and dug her long nails deep into Jen's soft ass flesh. Jen Love cried out as Tara squeezed and pinched her bare butt again and again. Tara clawed Jen's ass without mercy as she continued to ridicule her.

"An ass of jello would be tighter than this!" Tara teased as she grabbed two handfuls of Jen's soft round bottom and shook it. Jen's jiggling butt cheeks shook every whicha way. Laughter and cheers rose from the crowd, but all Jen could do in reply was to pound her hands on the mat in front of her in pain, frustration and humiliation as her prized butt jiggled and shook with each new indignity Tara inflicted on it.

Tara finally released her claw hold on Jen's ass, but she immediately slid up on Jen's right side to clamp on a side body scissors. Jen struggled between Tara's legs, feeling particularly vulnerable since her tight shorts were down at her knees, binding her legs together and making escape difficult, if not impossible. With her own legs tangled in her shorts and her body being squeezed between Tara's thighs, Jen's squirming. exposed rear end was just too inviting a target.

Tara reached down and grabbed Jen's tattered bikini panties, yanking them up with a viscous pull. Jen's butt came flying off the mat as her panties wedged deep into her ass crack and her sensitive crotch. Jen cried and begged Tara to leave her battered butt alone, but the blonde continued to jerk and tug on the panties, which by now had been turned into a thong.

With Jen's full ass bared for all to see, Tara yanked several more times, enjoying seeing the haughty scream queen squirming and writhing helplessly in her control. Jen begged her to stop, but Tara was unforgiving, Jen had to learn her lesson about messin' with another woman's man. Still yanking on Jen's panties with one hand, Tara started to spank Jen's soft, round, bottom with her other hand, flattening her ass with each swat and bringing cries of pain and embarrassment from the humiliated starlet.

After many smacks, Tara finally released her hold. Jen quickly reached back to rub her sore bare bottom and pick her tattered lace panties out of both crevices where it was now tightly wedged. When Jen finally rolled over to sit up, she heard the crowd cheering her rival as they enjoyed her humiliation.

Jen reached down to pull her shorts up around her knees, but Tara stopped her by putting a foot on the shorts, ending Jen's attempt before she had begun.

"Not quite yet Jen Love," Tara said as she sat down on Jen's stomach, pinning Jen's arms under her knees.

Tara gazed down at Jen's large, soft, unprotected heaving tits, already halfway out of her torn bra and she smiled wickedly. Jen begged Tara to leave her alone, but Tara silently shook her head and slowly, carefully and almost gently closed her hands around Jen's big breasts in another claw hold. She started squeezing, twisting and pulling while Jen kicked her feet up and down, beating them on the mat until she could stand the pain no longer and screamed out her submission. Tara gave her one last slap to the black and blue, battered tits, then stood up and straddled Jen's waist with her hands on her hips.

Tara looked down at her well-beaten rival and sneered, "Now you know what Carson, movie producers, talent scouts and just about everyone else in Hollywood knows. This girl can beat your sorry ass any time, at any game Jen My Love."

With that, Tara Reid swung out of the ring and into Carson's arms, leaving Jennifer Love Hewitt behind; flat on her back, beaten, spanked and half naked while a crowd of drunken, sex-hungry college boys surged toward the ring.