Jennifer Love Hewitt vs. Christina Ricci by LoneWolf

Jennifer Love Hewitt sat in the terminal at the LAX (Los Angeles Airport) thumbing through an out of date magazine. She tossed it aside after she had gone through the index and found nothing that would interest her enough to read. She went through several more magazines looking for anything that would help her pass the time until her flight. There was a new movie being filmed in Mexico that she was a part of. The only reason that she wasn't there now was because of prior commitments that she couldn't reschedule. The Director told her that they would do shoots that didn't require her appearance until she could join the team later, which worked out perfect.

She obtained this part only a week ago when her agent told her about it. She went to the auditions and read part of the script like everyone else and waited for the final decision to be made. When it finally came, Jennifer was pleasantly surprised that she was chosen for the part. She found out afterwards that it came down to three choices. Christina Ricci, Katie Holmes and herself. The Director told her that the decision was made not only because of her acting ability, but her attitude. Katie and Christina had a history of being very uncooperative and too demanding and this time the Director didn't want to put up with any primadonna's.

Jennifer finally found an article in an old reader's digest and she settled back in the chair to read it. She was so intent on reading this composition she didn't even notice that Christina Ricci had entered the airport terminal and was now at standing at a phone booth dialing a long distance number. As the phone rang it was finally answered at the other end.

"Sunquest Hotel. May I help you?"

"Yes please. I was wondering if you could get a message to a Mr. Renny Harlin?" answered Christina.

"Is Mr. Harlin a guest here?"

"Yes. He's the Director who's using The Sunquest Hotel in a movie that's being filmed right now."

"Oh yes, I'm sorry. What message would you like left."

"Tell him that Ms. Hewitt is going to be delayed and that her arrival may not be for some time. Thank You."

Christina hung up the phone and looked over at Jennifer who was still reading her book. A cruel smile crossed her face as she thought of what she wanted to do to this Bitch. There was no way in Hell that she was gonna get that part instead of her and she was gonna make sure that Jennifer just happened to miss her plane.

Christina waited out of sight for an opportunity to arise. After about half an hour Jennifer finally got up from her seat and made her way across the floor to the washroom. Christina waited a few moments longer and then followed her. When she entered the room she noticed only one set of legs in all the stalls and realized that she and Jennifer were the only two in the room. She calmly went over to the entrance and locked it from the inside so that there were no interruptions and waited.

After a couple of minutes the toilet finally flushed and out stepped Jennifer. She walked over to the sink to wash and didn't even notice Christina until she was saw her in the mirror standing behind her. Startled she spun around quickly and upon recognizing who it was, she relaxed a bit.

"Oh s--- Christina. You startled me."

Christina only smiled while Jennifer turned back around to finish washing her hands. If Jennifer knew what Christina had in mind maybe she would have been a bit more careful, but how could she.

Jennifer felt Christina's hand grip tightly around her right arm. The next thing she knew, she was spun around quickly until she was facing Christina again and then all the wind was being forced from her stomach as Christina's fist buried itself into her belly. Jennifer gasped and tried to gulp in some air as she slumped to her knees.

"What are you doing?"

"Taking what's rightfully mine, you BITCH!" answered Christina as she grabbed Jennifer by her long hair and flung her into one of the bathroom doors.

The door had been jammed shut and it had no give as Jennifer's body was thrown into it. Christina then came up behind her and pressed her chest into Jennifer's back and pushed her against the door with all her might.

Jennifer was frantic. She didn't know why Christina was doing this, but she wanted her to stop. She raised her foot up and slammed it down on top of Christina's foot. It took three stomps until Christina finally let go of Jennifer and backed off. Jennifer pushed herself away from the door and confronted Christina.

"Just what the f--- is wrong with you?"

"Nothing a little ass kicking wouldn't cure!"

"Why me?"

"Because you're the slut that took the part in that movie from me!"

"I didn't take it from you! It was given to me! If you'd have been a better actress then maybe you might have gotten it!"

"Maybe if I would have f---ed around like you I would have got it, but I don't do shit like that!"

"That's not what I heard!"

As soon as Jennifer said that she regretted it. She didn't really wanta fight Christina. At least not here and not now.

Jennifer hardly had time to react as Christina slammed into her. The two gorgeous women battled in a hair pulling fight as they stumbled backwards across the bathroom until Jennifer's back smacked into the unyielding wall with a thud, halting the movement. The two of them squealed as hands wrapped in the others scalp and continued to yank and pull for all they were worth. Their scalps were on fire as their hands tore out handful of one another's long hair.

Christina, without letting go of Jennifer's hair, brought her knee up and slammed it into her soft belly. Jennifer groaned as the blow hit her and she started to slide down the bathroom wall. Although hurt, she didn't let go of Christina's hair and as she slid to the floor Christina was wrenched over and was pulled to the cold floor as well.

They both wrestled around on the floor, wildly kicking away at one another. Both were rolling around while grunts and groans escaped from their lips. Everything was happening so fast one minute Jennifer would be on top, the next Christina then it would go back and forth. Both girls faces were all red from the slapping and they were changing positions faster you could think.

Suddenly Christina gained the upper hand when she sent a knee into Jennifer's crotch folding her up. Christina jumped up and started stomping on Jennifer's belly. The pretty brunette cried out as Christina's foot found it's mark around her belly. She curled up into the fetal position to try and protect herself somewhat. This gave Christina the opportunity to relieve Jennifer of her top.

Jennifer felt the tugging on her shirt and realized what Christina was doing, so instinctively she grabbed a hold of her shirt and attempted to keep it in place. This lasted for only a few seconds as another well placed kick to Jennifer's open belly and a strong tug finally ripped Jennifer's shirt from her chest.

Imagine Christina's surprise when as soon as Jennifer's shirt was tossed aside she noticed that she wore no bra and that her tits were now in plain site.

Christina's first thought was, "OPEN SEASON".

Jennifer's eyes were wide as Christina jumped on top of her once again. As they scrambled on the floor Christina's hands found their way to Jennifer's small tits and began to squeeze them. Jennifer moaned in pain as she realized what Christina was trying to do. She knew she was at a disadvantage and had to even the score.

Jennifer grabbed the back of Christina's T-shirt and began to try and pull it over her head. All the while she was grimacing from the attention that her tits were getting from Christina's fingers. As she struggled with her top Jennifer managed to get her feet into Christina's stomach and with a good shove, Jennifer sent Christina flying over her head and landed on her back only a few feet away. Jennifer got what she wanted though as she got to her feet and tossed Christina's shirt aside.

Christina got to her feet. She was standing there in a bra that barely contained her large tits. Surprisingly she reached behind her and unclasped it and let it fall to the floor.

"You want see tits Bitch! I'll show you tits!"

What surprised Jennifer even more was when Christina continued to strip off her clothes. Soon her jeans and panties were thrown aside and landed close to one of the bathroom stalls.

"Well what are you waiting for Bitch!" challenged Christina.

Jennifer still didn't want to fight, but Christina started this and she was damned if she wasn't gonna finish it. She too began to remove her garments while Christina stood there patiently. As soon as her panties were tossed aside, they were at it again. They circled one another for a few seconds until Christina let loose a terrific slap that had Jennifer's face spinning into the opposite direction. The sting was so great that tears started to swell up in Jennifer's pretty eyes.

"What's the matter? Little girl gonna cry." Christina mocked.


This time it was Christina's face that felt the blow. She gazed at Jennifer with hateful eyes as they slammed into one another seconds later. The hair pulling again was unleashed as squeals and cries erupted into the air. Their naked bodies were plastered together so tightly that it was hard to tell where one body ended and the other started. Their boobs were already coated with a light covering of sweat. Christina's larger tits were easily dominating and crushing Jennifer's smaller ones and Christina knew and relished it as she pressed her massive boobs harder into Jennifer's.

Jennifer's tits practically disappeared into Christina's valley, but the pain she was feeling from having her tits crushed was evident from the cries of pain that came from her lips. Their sweaty and taunt bellies were also plastered together, but with the layer of sweat between their two succulent bodies made it difficult for them to remain in one spot for too long. Their constant movements caused their sexy tummies to rub and slide together in a almost sexual ballet.

Their thrusting of hips also caused their naked pussies to bump and grind together. Both girls pussies were covered with dark pubic hair which became slightly entangled as their womanhood's came into contact.

This dance continued until Christina brought up her knee and slammed it until Jennifer's naked pussy. Jennifer groaned loudly as she again slumped to the floor. Christina didn't give her time to recover any as she grabbed her by her long locks and dragged her back to her feet. She held Jennifer up by her hair while Jennifer's hands were down between her legs massaging the pain in her crotch.

"Time to take a bite outta crime!" said Christina as she spit in Jennifer's face and then fastened her teeth around Jennifer's small right tit.


Christina's teeth were imbedded around the aureole of Jennifer's boob. She squeezed her mouth together harder and her tongue felt Jennifer's nipple get erect, but she doubted that it had anything to do with her becoming aroused.

Jennifer's hands were engulfed in Christina's hair as she pulled back as hard as she could in an effort to get Christina's teeth away from her tit. The next thing Jennifer knew she was being thrown to the floor. She managed to roll herself onto her back just in time to have Christina land on top of her with a thud.

Christina was once again sitting on top of Jennifer. She began pinching Jennifer's nipples, and her legs started to kick around like she was going through an epileptic fit as the pain hit her. Christina enjoyed the agony she was giving Jennifer. "Do you give c--- or do I gotta rip these puny little tits off?"

"Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! f--- YOU!" was Jennifer's only reply.

Jennifer then began bucking her hips up and down in an effort to unseat Christina from her perch. Jennifer's pussy kept slapping into Christina's ass as she kept on trying to get her off. After several attempts Jennifer was starting to get tired and was no closer to getting Christina off her then when she first started. Jennifer then changed her tactics as she rolled herself onto her stomach. Now it was Christina's ass sitting directly on top of Jennifer's.

Quick as a flash Christina whirled around so that she was still sitting on top of Jennifer, but she was now facing her ass. With her open hand she then began to spank Jennifer's butt. "SLAP!"





Jennifer's ass quivered with each stinging smack that hit her gorgeous butt. After turning Jennifer's ass red, Christina whirled around again on her back until she was facing the back of Jennifer's head. She then put her into a chinlock and pulled back roughly on her neck. Christina had her head too close to Jennifer, and that would really cost her this time. Jennifer slammed her head back into Christina's nose. The sound the crack made sounded like a rifle shot. Christina fell backwards and covered her nose with both of her hands.

Jennifer sat up and noticed how hurt Christina was. Her first thought was to pick up her clothes and leave, but she remembered what Christina had did to her and decided a little pay back was in order. She then reached down between Christina's legs, grabbed a handful of her dark pubic hairs and yanked out a handful.

Christina sat up immediately crying out in pain. Jennifer just took the fur that was in her hands and stuffed it into Christina's mouth.

"A shut the f--- up, you Bitch!"

"Please stop pulling my pussy hair OWWWW!" shouted Christina as Jennifer went back for another handful.

"Oh shut your ass!!!" shouted Jennifer stuffing the pussy hair in Christina's mouth.

Christina starting to choke on it trying to spit it out for the second time. Jennifer stuck her hand into Christina's c--- and grabbed onto her clit. Christina felt Jennifer's hand invade her pussy and a moment later she was having spasms as her pussy felt like it was on fire. Jennifer worked her fingers around Christina's pussy and scratched at the inner walls of her sex organ and then latched onto her clit once again pulling on it. Christina hollered in agony but instead of submitting Christina surpassingly did the same to Jennifer. Both girls rolled around battling on the floor to see who could put a more painful claw on the other's pussy. Both girls lay on the floor with their hands up each others pussies screaming, moaning and trying to hurt the other. After about three minutes of savage pussy mauling Jennifer got the upper hand and Christina released her grip.

"OK no more Jennifer, you won!!!" said Christina.

"I'll let you go, but first I wanta hear you say who the better woman is!" said Jennifer.

"You are! You're the.............." started Christina, but she passed out from the extreme pain in her pussy.

Jennifer squeezed Christina's pussy a little harder before getting off of her. She looked down at her tit which had been trapped in Christina's mouth. It still had the remnants of Christina's. This pissed her off.

Jennifer got up and went into one of the stalls and took the roll of toilet paper off the rack and brought it out to where Christina was still laying. She placed Christina's hands behind her back and then proceeded to wrap them up tightly with the tissue paper. After wrapping her wrists up with almost a complete roll she rolled her onto her back and then proceeded to wake her up by filling her mouth with water from the tap and then spit it out onto Christina's face.

Within a few moments Christina was staring up into Jennifer's face.

"Guess what you get to do Bitch!" said Karen.

"What? asked Christina her eyes getting wide.

"Oh no!!!!!! mmmmmph!"

"Yep, you better start licking it Bitch!" said Jennifer as Christina soon began licking out Jennifer's pussy.

Jennifer lifted up to give Christina some air . Jennifer had about a dozen orgasms during this five minute episode. Christina's tongue kept working over Jennifer's pussy hoping that this humiliation would soon end. After having her fill Jennifer looked down into Christina's face a smiled.

"I've got a little time left before my plane leaves so maybe we'll have a little more fun."

Jennifer then laid her body out on top of Christina's so that her tits were pressed into Christina's. Their bellies were flattened together with only a thin sheen of sweat between them and their pussies plastered together. Jennifer then began to gyrate her hips in a circular motion so that her winning pussy was pressing into Christina's beaten pussy. Their pussy hairs became entangled as Jennifer kept up her movement. Each revolution she made got a little bit faster the next time around until Jennifer's pussy was practically becoming part of Christina's pussy. Both began to moan in a mixture of passion and pain. The mauling that each of them did to the others c--- was still there, but Jennifer ignored it the best she could as she continued to hump Christina.

After several minutes Jennifer pulled her pussy away from Christina's which caused some of the pussy hair, which had become entangled, to be pulled from each girls cunt. Jennifer then positioned her pussy lips so that they were press tightly against Christina's. Their clits had become enlarged because of the arousal both were getting and as soon as they came into contact and Jennifer began her gyrating motion one more time, Christina' body stiffened and let loose her love juices in a screaming orgasm. This caused Christina to be partially repulsed because she was trying as hard as she could not to have an orgasm, but she didn't have enough strength of will. Jennifer knew that Christina was upset with herself after she let her go of her resistance and gave into her pleasure so she continued until Christina was on the verge of orgasming once more. Before she was able to Jennifer pulled her pussy away from Christina's and again ended up pulling out a few pussy hairs that had become entangled.

"I don't think so BITCH!" said Jennifer as she went back to her pussy claw.


Whatever orgasm Christina was gonna have had suddenly disappeared as Jennifer attached her hand to her pussy once again. This time with her free hand Jennifer began to bald Christina's pussy.


Jennifer was getting tired of listening to Christina's screaming so she rolled out a fistful of tissue paper and stuffed it into Christina's mouth. To make sure that she didn't spit it out and continue to irritate her with her cries, Jennifer squatted her ass onto Christina's face and finished her balding job.

Christina's muffled screams and kicking soon subsided and her body remained still. Jennifer got up and got dressed. Her plane was just getting ready to board as she exited the bathroom. Thirty minutes later and 30,000 feet in the air, Jennifer wondered what kind of excuse Christina was gonna come up with when she was found. Jennifer had to laugh to herself as she settled down to watch the in-flight movie.

The End