Denise Richards vs. Jennifer Love Hewitt (Sexfight) by Newguy 05-Jan-00
This is a very explicit sex-fight with graphic sexual language. IF this stuff offends you, you've been warned! Don't read any further. Otherwise, proceed at your own risk!

Denise is in her dressing room getting ready for her first scene in the new James Bond film. She dressed in a short paisley skirt, white high-heeled shoes and white high-cut satin panties. She's in deep concentration trying to memorize the last of her lines.

In the meantime and pissed off Jennifer Love Hewitt comes to the security gate and demands that she be let onto the set.

The guard says, "Sorry Miss Hewitt, but your name's not on the list."

Jennifer screams "I don't give a shit about your stupid list! I was supposed to get this f---in part until that slut Denise stole it from me!" The security guard knew who Jennifer was and started stuttering, trying to explain to her that she still couldn't come in.

But Jennifer just pushed him aside and stomped through. Jennifer got inside the studio and sexily strutted up to a young page. The 18 year-old guy got a huge smile on his face upon seeing the lovely Jennifer. Especially in the short flared skirt she was wearing that barely made it to her thighs.

She stroked her cheek and asked, "Be a dear and tell me where Denise's dressing room is?"

The guys stuttered, "Um um um I can't tell you that Miss Hewitt. I'll get in trouble."

Jennifer then started to slowly lift her skirt up giving him a view of her pretty pink panties.

...So on the way to the dressing room Jennifer went. She barged in as a startled Denise almost fell off her chair.

Jennifer said, "You fucking slut! You know damn well that part was mine!"

Denise gained her composure and stood up straight giving her hair a flick back.

"You never had a chance you stupid bitch! B-grade horror movies are fine for you but this is the big-time."

Jennifer gasped, "Ohhh, Ohhhh why, you . . you little whore!"

Denise laughed watching Jennifer get more and more pissed.

"Stop getting all bent out of shape. Isn't there a little tiny movie you can do while you learn how to act?"

That was enough for Jennifer:.

"OK, common you fucking tramp! Let's go!!"

Jennifer hunched over into fighting position but Denise wasn't phased in the least.

"So you want to fight me? Watch what you wish for bitch!"

With that, Jennifer lunged at Denise and grabbed two-fistfuls of her hair. Denise's hands shot up and grabbed Jennifer's wrists and Jennifer started to pull her around the room by her hair. Then Jennifer planted her feet firmly and flipped Denise onto her back by her hair.

Denise landed on her back hard and the wind was temporarily knocked out of her. Jennifer dusted off her hands and started looking at her nails as Denise quickly came to. As Denise started to get up Jennifer looked at her with a smile.

"Oh, you're up now? Want some more?"

Denise had fire in her eyes! Fun and game time was over. She ran at Jennifer and dove at her, catching her shoulder in Jennifer's gut as they both went over the dressing table. It was a hair pulling match for a few minutes as they rolled over and over each other.

But the Jennifer got the upper hand and landed a great punch right across Denise's jaw. Denise instantly let go of Jennifer's hair as she got onto her hands and knees, holding her jaw. Jennifer then grabbed her leg and dragged Denise to the middle of the room. She bent her leg back twisting her knee as Denise screamed in pain. But Denise managed to kick Jennifer right in her forehead with her high-heeled shoe sending her flying onto her ass.

Denise got up and dove onto Jennifer who was still woozy from the head shot. She pinned her onto her back while sitting on her stomach and started bitch-slapping the shit out of her. Then she grabbed a hold of her blouse and ripped it open, then grabbed her bra and ripped it off. Denise commented "Nice tits honey, but we all know they're not real." Then Denise grabbed each of her nipples and twisted them hard and Jennifer kicked and screamed.

Denise kept squeezing her tits and nipples until they turned black and blue but Jennifer clasped her hands together and hit Denise dead on her left tit. Denise's eyes opened widely as she slumped over in pain. Then Jennifer grabbed the top of her paisley dress and pulled, ripping the straps off.

"Let's see your tits honey!"

Denise was curled up in a ball on her side holding her tit as Jennifer grabbed the other one and started turning, twisting, and squeezing it. Finally she stopped and stood up.

Jennifer held her hands in the air yelling, "Who won bitch?"

But Denise slowly got up to her feet and started circling her. Both fighters were now topless with Denise still in her dress and Jennifer still in her skirt.

While Denise had her hands up curled into fists Jennifer got up close in front of her. As Denise cocked her arm back to swing Jennifer kicked her chin as hard as she could. Denise collapsed to the ground holding her chin. Jennifer knelt down next to her and landed a series of punches to her gut, totally knocking the wind out of her.

Denise was almost limp as she laid on her back with her hands over her stomach. Jennifer then rolled her onto her stomach and sat on her back facing her feet. She reached down and grabbed her ankles and pulled her legs up into a Boston Crab type move. Denise screamed in pain. Then Jennifer let go and grabbed the hem of her skirt.

She pulled her skirt onto her back saying, "Pretty white panties honey!"

She started spanking Denise over her panties with great force! Denise's ass and legs shook with every swat to her tight ass. Tears started to roll down her eyes as Jennifer started to give her the spanking of a lifetime.

Then Jennifer grabbed the waistband of her panties and pulled back hard giving her a massive wedgie. Denise screamed as her panties rammed into her ass. Jennifer leaned back as far as she could then started bouncing back and forth as each pull wedged her panties deeper and deeper into her ass. Finally her panties slipped into her pussy as Jennifer laughed. With a few more hard pulls her panties ripped off.

Jennifer stood up twirling her panties around her finger. Denise rolled over onto her back with tears of pain and humiliation streaming down her cheeks. But Jennifer was letting her guard down and found out the hard way that Denise was playing possum a little.

As Jennifer knelt over Denise to gloat she grabbed her hair with one hand and pulled her down while landing a big punch to her face. Jennifer's lip started to swell as Denise kept a firm hold of her hair. She got Jennifer to the ground and started wailing on her; smacking and hitting her all over her face and chest.

The she stood up and grabbed two hand-full of her hair, pulling her up. She turned her around and ripped off her black skirt and slammed her up against the wall. She pressed her body up tightly against her and whispered into ear "So you like wedgies huh?" and grabbed her panties like she was curling weights. Then she pulled up lifting Jennifer up onto her toes as her panties buried themselves into her crack and pussy. Denise leaned back for leverage and lifted Jennifer off the ground as she started to bounce her by her panties. Jennifer's mouth dropped open and her hands shot down to her crotch. Finally her panties tore off and she collapsed to the floor.

Jennifer was curled up on her side but Denise threw her onto her back and sat on her stomach. She then looked down saying "Nice muff honey. You like to keep a close shave I see." Then she grabbed her short pubic hairs and stared to pull sending waves of pain through Jennifer's body.

After enduring minutes of pain with Denise slapping her thighs and pulling on her hairs Jennifer was almost numb. Then Denise gently slid her hand over Jennifer's pussy as Jennifer reacted with a mild moan. The pain was so extreme that it didn't take a lot for her to get wet as Denise slowly started to stroke her pussy.

Denise then reached over to her purse which was thrown over on the floor and pulled out her dildo. The got up and grabbed Jennifer by her hair pulling her to her feet. There was not fight left in her as she could barely stand. Then she bend her over the desk chest first.

She shoved the dildo into her mouth and yelled, "Suck it!"

Jennifer just gave a half-hearted attempt so Denise grabbed her already swollen tit and twisted it again. Jennifer screamed again and began to suck on it hard.

Then Denise kicked Jennifer's legs apart as she stood directly behind her. She stared at Jennifer's swollen pussy and started to massage her inner thigh with the dildo. Jennifer closed her eyes tight waiting for the feeling of the dildo to enter her. Denise has a huge smile on her face as she started to slowly rub her pussy with the tip of the dildo. Jennifer started to moan and she slowly started to insert it into her pussy.

At first she just gave short strokes but then all at once she let Jennifer have the whole 9 inches. Jennifer let out a loud moan as Denise started to fuck her hard. It didn't take long and Jennifer already felt a huge orgasm building up deep inside her. Denise was paying good attention as saw her legs start to quiver. Just as Jennifer started to moan loudly she pulled the dildo out and grabbed Jennifer by her hair again.

She pulled back on it lifted her head off the table and said, "Beg me to let you come you little slut!"

Jennifer paused for a few seconds as Denise tugged back on her hair again hard.

Jennifer then quietly said "I...I..want you to make me cum."

Denise laughed and make her say it louder a few times.

Then she started fucking her again with the dildo as Jennifer quickly got worked up again. Her nipples were rock hard and her eyes were close tightly with her mouth partially open. She clenched her fists and moaned louder as Denise worked the dildo in and out quickly. Then Denise stopped.

"I know what'll make you cum harder you little whore" as she rubbed it gently over Jennifer's ass.

Jennifer yelled, "Oh God!" as Denise put the tip of the dildo right against her asshole and slowly started to put pressure on it.

Jennifer started to move around but Denise reached over and grabbed her hair with her left hand and pulled back. Then she shoved the dildo into Jennifer's tight ass and started slowly working it in and out. Jennifer moaned very loudly. As soon as Jennifer was back under control she let her hair go and Jennifer covered her face.

Denise yelled, "Whooooo baby! Take it in the ass!"

Again, Jennifer's thighs started to shake. Denise kept working the dildo in and out of her ass with one hand and started rubbing her pussy with the other. Jennifer couldn't take it one second more and exploded into a huge orgasm as her whole body shook.

Denise laughed and left her collapsed on the desk.

She rounded up her clothes and threw them out into the hall. She went back to find Jennifer passed out and dragged her out into the hall and left her there naked.

The END!!