Jennifer Love Hewitt vs Alecia Silverstone by CROZ

"I just don't get. There is nothing in her that you can't find in any high school. She's not even that good looking," Alicia Silverstone said to her friend Tami as she watched all the guys in the gym stare at Jennifer Love Hewitt using a stair master machine.

"Oh come on now Alicia, your just being jealous. Remember, you where in her position once," Tami responded. "Ever since we joined this Gym, all you have done is complain about her. If it bothers you that much why don't you join another Gym?"

"Why should I have to join another Gym, plus this is the most popular Gym in California, everybody comes here. Just yesterday I saw Johnny Depp, Brooke Shields, and that lead singer to the Chili Peppers. I just wish that bitch Jennifer wasn't here, trying to show off her bony ass. I just don't understand what everybody likes about her," Alicia said filled with jealous.

"Attention the Gym will be closing in five minutes, thank you." A voice broke through the P.A. system

"I guess we better hit the locker room." Tami said.

The two ladies got off their exercise bikes and headed to the locker room. Alicia looked over at Jen getting off the stair master and gave her a dirty look. She wasn't even sure if Jen saw her, but she didn't care anyway. Alicia walked into the locker room and went over to her locker. She open the grey door and continued her bashing of Jen.

"Did you see how skinny her legs were, she really looked like a chicken and did you ever hear that horrible song she sang?" Alicia said as she shut her locker door.

To her surprise, she saw Jennifer Love Hewitt standing about 5 feet away on the other side of the her locker door.

"Oh umm" Alicia stutter as she saw a pissed off Jen staring at her.

"Chicken legs huh, why are you jealous you fat cow." Jen said in a real bitchy tone.

Alicia was fuming now, and got right in Jen face.

"I'm not fat you little shit, now shut your mouth before I stick my fist in it." threatened the Clueless cutie.

"You want to fight pig, 10 minutes in the ring outside. I'm tired of dealing with your looks and talking behind my back. Get ready to get your fat ass kicked," Jen challenged.

"You got it you fucking skank."Alicia responded.

Jen turned and left the locker room.

"Are you sure you want to do this Alicia"? Tami asked after witnessing the exchange of words between the two rivals.

"Positive, I can't wait to put that little stuck up bitch in her place. Oh, this is going to be great. Well she how cute her face is after I kick her ass." An anxious Alicia said.

Alicia and Tami left the locker room to head to the ring. The Gym had cleared out. The only people in there were 3 guys and 2 girls standing around the ring, they must have been workers there or something because the gym was closed. Alicia looked into the ring to see Jen standing there in a short pink cut off shirt with the numbers 55 on it, and in a pair of black spandex shorts. Her brown hair hung free. She stared daggers at Alicia who entered the ring wearing a grey sports bra and matching spandex shorts. Her gorgeous blonde hair hung down to her shoulders. The two stood about 10ft away just staring at each other giving each other looks.

"So what's the rules here bitch." Alicia said breaking the silence.

"No rules, just me kicking your ass to you give up." Jen said coldly.

"You wish bitch." Alicia answered.

The two hellcats drew in closer to each other, both staring straight at each other. They both seemed unsure what kind of match this was going to be. Jen approaches with her fist up like a boxer and Alicia moved in with her hands out in front of her like she was about to be in a catfight. Alicia leap towards the brunette only to met with a fist to her nose, snapping her head back. Alicia step back and brought her hands up to her face to hold her nose. She left her self wide open, as Jen gives her a kick to the stomach. Alicia gave out a loud "unfffff" and keels over.

The Party of five cutie grabbed the blonde locks of her injured opponent an nailed her with a knee bringing blood to the already hurt nose of the Alicia. The Aerosmith girl laid, sprawled out, dazed, and blood dripping from her face.

"Not so dam cocky now are you, fat pig." Jen Love Hewitt said smiling over her down rival.

"Fuck you rat" A dizzy Alicia managed to get out.

"Fuck me huh" Jen said as she jumped up and stomped the blonde right in the stomach. Alicia gave out another moan as the air rushed from her lungs. Jen grabbed the "Bat girl" by her hair and started to pull her to her feet as Alicia landed an uppercut right into Hewitt's crotch. Jen was totally caught off guard and drops to her knees holding her womanhood. You could even hear the small crowd going "awwwww".

Alicia got her head straight and walked over to the still kneeling Jen. She put her face right in front of the downed beauty.

"Oh, did I hurt the little princess" The Alicia gloated.

Jen spit right in the eye of Alicia and said, "Fuck you".

Alicia bitch slapped Jen knocking her onto her stomach.

"How dare you, you fucking cunt." Alicia said as she wiped the spit out of her eyes and wiped some blood from her still bleeding nose.

Alicia straddled the back of her victim. She grabbed the back of Jen's head and repeatedly rammed into the mat.

"Want to mess with my face, we'll see if everybody loves you when your face is smashed against the mat."

Jen gave out grunts and groans as her prized face was being rammed into the floor. She started bucking but couldn't get the blonde off her. Alicia, happy with drawing blood from the brunette nose, grabbed the back of Jen pink shirt and started to choke Jen with it from the collar of it. Alicia held the whole back of Jen's shirt in her fist. Jen started turning blue and knew she was in trouble. She started kicking her feet back, but with little effect. Alicia saw it more as an annoyance then a painful move.

Alicia was all smiles she choked the young star below her. She striped the small shirt from Jen and suddenly Alicia laughed and grabbed the back of Jen sports bra and started pulling it back crushing Jen breast between her bra and her chest. She gave out an almost squeal as Alicia pulled harder.

"What the hell is this a training bra."

Jen just took the insult with out response and tried to get out of her predicament. She thought of a move that proved effective. While Alicia pulled her bra back, Jen reached back and grabbed the blondes thigh and dug her nails in. Alicia caught off guard and off balance was tossed backwards as Jen pushed her self back falling backwards on top of Alicia.

Miss Silverstone had no clue what happen and was again dazed because the back of Jen head caught her right in the mouth. Jen twisted herself around to be looking down at the opponent on her back. Jen, in raged, starting raining punches into Alicia face, blooding her mouth and already bloody nose. She gave her a shot to the eye that would later blacken it. Jen was swearing during her rampage, calling Alicia every name in the book.

"Take that you fucking cow," and "How's that feel you cunt rag."

Jen continued to lace into the blonde, while all Alicia could do was try to cover up. She brought her hands over her face leaving her self open for some more of Jen's cruel torture.

"So you like to hurt my chest do you, we'll see how you like it." Jen said as she ripped off Alicia sports bra from the front with little problem, uncovering Alicia well developed chest.

Jen help her self right to them and started twisting and turning them as Alicia, screamed and tried to pry Jen's hands away.

"Aww am I hurting the little bat girl." Jen said smirking all the time while saying it.

She was really doing a number on Alicia boobs. She'd grip both orbs with her long nails and started turning clockwise, then counter over and over again. Alicia grab Jen's wrist trying to stop the titty torture she was enduring, but to no unveil. All she could do was moan with tears in her eyes.

Jen released the hold on Alicia left boob and grab her nipple. She squeezed it roughly between her thumb and index finger. Alicia was screaming at the top of lungs, but still could not unmount the hellcat on top of her. Jen let go of Alicia right tit, cocked her hand back, and punched straight down into it. Alicia was now in full tears and bawling loudly.

"Aww, am I making the little blonde slut cry, Good!"

Alicia was at the end of her rope. She was desperate for a move and tried to think of anything to get the brunette of her. She reached up and grabbed to the top of Jen's sports bra. She pulled it down and grabbed on to the two small, firm breast in front of her. Jen was caught off guard and gave out a grunt.

"Oh, no you don't" Jen said sending another fist into Alicia right boob.

Alicia gave out a cry and let go of Jen's chest to cover her own. She was still taking a beating and had to come up with some thing. While Jen was ravaging Alicia chest, she didn't notice Alicia sneak her hand into her shorts. About the time she did it was to late. Alicia grabbed a fist full of pubic hair and pulled. Jen gave out a glass shattering scream and her pussy fur was ripped out. She rolled to the side with he hands trying to sooth her aching woman hood. Alicia just laid there getting her self together from the beating she just took. Her hands massages her battered chest.

Jen still laid there crying as Alicia got up. She walked behind her opponent and picked Jen up by the back of her hair. Jen sent and elbow back into the blonds chest and spun around in totally rage. She grabbed Alicia and through her into corner. Alicia hit the turnbuckle with a dull thud. Jen followed and soon she was kneeing Alicia all over. Most of her shots were hitting Alicia stomach and chest. Alicia just laid there with her arms over the top rope as Jen reached out and grabbed both of the blondes boobs. She started pushing forward crushing the melons with her palms, but then got a firm grip and threw Alicia forward, to the ground by her chest. Jen walked over the her fallen opponent and straddled her face in a school girl pin.

"Say it bitch, I'm prettier and more talented then you could ever dream to be. Wait, don't say it yet, there still some pay back to do." Jen said in her dominate position.

She reached back, trying to slid her hands into Alicia shorts to return her earlier favor. Alicia knew what was coming. She reached up with her legs a Jen leaned back and wrapped legs around Jen's throat. She pulled Jen off her and into a vicious neck scissor. Jen had no clue what happened. Alicia repositioned herself to make the leg lock more secure. Jen now laid trapped in between the legs of her rival.

"How did you like that one rat" Alicia said, proud of her reversal move.

She grabbed Jen's hair to keep her in place. Jen wiggled and tried to get out of the vice, but her attempts were in vein. Alicia had her topless body locked in.

"Let go of me you fat ass bitch." Jen pleaded.

"I had about enough of you." Alicia said as she open her right hand and slap down on Jen's tit.

Jen gave out a squeal as Alicia repeatedly open handily slapped down on the brunette tits. Alicia even rotated her hands between holding Jen's hair and slapping her chest. Jen was crying loudly and is screaming in pain with each slap. Her body even jerks a little bit from the impact of the hit. Alicia stop her torturing of Jen's breast and grabbed two handfuls of brown hair. Alicia starts to use all her power to really grind in the leg lock. Alicia grits her teeth and starts to fade out. Her vision is going black and she can't think straight, this lasted only about 3 min, but to Jen it felt like a life time.

Right before Jen passes out Alicia loosened up the leg lock and gets to her knees. Jen is totally out of it and can barely see straight. The room is spinning and she is totally oblivious to Alicia who is now pulling her up by her hair. Jen can't even stand by herself. Alicia is holding her up by her hair.

"Its fun time now, you little stuck up bitch." Alicia says as she lets loose a sucker punch right into Jen's stomach.

Alicia holds Jen up and then throws her down on to her knee. Again Jen stomach is targeted and all the wind is knock out of her as her stomach hits Alicia knee. Jen just laid there curled over Alicia knee as Alicia slowly pulled down Jen's black spandex shorts to reveal a black thong. A smile came across Alicia face as she grabbed the back of the thong and pulled it up giving Jen a massive wedgie. Jen gave out a yelp as the cotton panties dug in to her crotch and ass. To much of Jen's relief, Alicia pulled the thong back after a couple seconds and took them completely off leaving Jen completely naked over Alicia knee. Alicia then licked her fingers and started spanking Jen repeatedly.

"You want to act like a little girl, I'll treat you like a little girl" Alicia said cruelly.

Jen was still too out of it to stop the blonde from doing this. She knew what was going on, but felt helpless to stop it. She was so embarrassed about her normally modest show of her "assets", being revealed to total strangers. She started to cry even more. Now more from embarrassment then from pain. Alicia was really lacing into Jen's ass. He cute little butt was now beat red. Alicia grew tired of this and rolled Jen off her knee onto her back. Jen just put her hands up, covering her face and crying her eyes out. Alicia got up and walked over to the sobbing cutie.

Standing over her Alicia said, "So you think my ass is so fat huh? Why don't you get a closer look."

"Please no more I give up, please no more." Jen pleaded with Alicia.

The blonde would have none of that and lowered her ass onto Jen's face. Jen's face disappeared under Alicia's bottom. Alicia faced the rest of Jen's petite body. Jen's screams were muffled by Alicia's gorgeous ass. Jen was blacking out and tried one last move by clawing her nails down Alicia thighs.

"Oww, that hurt you fuck." Alicia said as she made a fist and came crashing down on Jen's pussy mound.

You could hear Jen's scream even through Alicia's smother. Alicia kept up her pounding and soon Jen was out cold. Whether Jen passed out from pain or lack of air, I guess we'll never know, but Alicia got off her sleeping rival after giving her a few more nipple pinches. She picked up her disregarded clothes and got dressed. She was in some pain, but she didn't fell it as she thought how she kicked Jen's ass. Alicia left the Gym with Tami.

Jen was left naked, sprawled out on the mat. The small crowd was left in "aww" as they couldn't get over what just transpired. A few of them came in to the ring to help the beauty who was just coming to. Jen was never seen at the Gym again, much to the disappointment of many male members of the club, but hey at least they had Alicia.