Jennifer Love Hewitt vs. Jessica Simpson by SamDog

Jessica Simpson's agonized scream filled the open air as her torso was crushed in her rival's lethal embrace. Every second of the bearhug was an eternity of pain. At the end of a long and grueling fight, her ribs and sides ached terribly. Her once-marvelous chest throbbed and felt ready to burst under the pressure of her foe's rack.

Jennifer Love Hewitt breathed a sigh of relief as Jessica's grip loosened. They had been squeezing each other in a mutual bearhug for several minutes now without pause, and the blonde's strength was finally abating. Jessica had devastated the brunette's fabulous breasts early on, but Jennifer Love had managed to somehow survive miraculously. Now, her orbs were finally able to establish their supremacy over the blonde's pair.

The two ladies were nearing the end of a long and grueling breast smother bout fought on a luxury yacht. Both had stepped onto the open deck expecting a glorious victory before an adoring crowd of onlookers. Instead, they had become bogged down in a demanding and punishing struggle. Both had been rendered topless, Jessica in a hot pink bikini and Jennifer in a silver one. Both ladies were tired and exhausted, and each was desperate to finish the other before she herself was pushed past the point of no return.

Sensing Jessica's weakness, Jennifer coaxed some more power into her arms. Jessica howled again as tears welling up in her eyes and flowing down her cheeks against her will. At the end of her rope, the blonde used all of her remaining energy to create some room in between them and began to twist back and forth, swinging her tits wildly into Jennifer's. The thoughtless ploy actually worked - Jennifer wailed as her breasts were clubbed back and forth. Jennifer couldn't take it any more, pushing away and stepping back. She cradled her battered boobs in her hands, staring back at Jessica with doe-like and pleading eyes.

Jessica allowed herself a smile as she circled like a hungry predator. Sensing the end, she lunged at Jennifer determined to take her down and finish her. Instead, she ran right into a right hook to the jaw. The helpless doe was really a wild wolf, and she was always hungry and dangerous. Jennifer snapped the blonde's head the other way with a left hook, and another right hook spun Jessica around and dropped her to the hardwood ship deck on her side.

"Stay down where you belong, bitch!" Jennifer demanded as she stood over fallen foe. She smiled for the first time in a long while as Jessica rolled over and lay face down and senseless. Jennifer took the opportunity to strut, smiling pretty and showing off her body for the audience that was cheering wildly for her. As she sauntered and paraded around Jessica's fallen form, Jennifer's eyes locked onto the blonde's husband Nick Lachey, who had a front row seat. Sitting quietly in his chair, he was clearly in awe as she destroyed his wife, and in spite of the distance, Jennifer could hear his heart racing with excitement. Looking him straight in the eye, she licked her lips as she figured out her next move.

Coming towards Nick, Jennifer sat down in his lap and straddled his legs, facing him. Taking a moment to run her hands up and down his chest, she slid them slowly up and around his neck. Pulling herself forward, Jennifer pressed her bare breasts against his chest and nuzzled her head against his chin and neck. "Admit it. You think I'm hot," she whispered, "I drive you wild, don't I? You must have loved watching me trounce Ms. Wonder Tits back there." Running her hand to the throbbing bulge in his pants, she continued, "I'm a lot more talented than HER you so many, many ways..."

"You slut! Keep your hands off of him!"

Looking up at the two, Jessica was slowly dragging herself across the deck, trying vainly to reach her foe and defend her territory. Looking down, Jennifer smirked before hopping off of Nick to stand over Jessica. Then she reached down and pulled Jessica to her feet by her disheveled blonde locks, locked her arms around her and squeezed with a bearhug meant to end the fight. Screaming, Jessica attempted to reciprocate, but before long her trembling arms hung limp around Jennifer's hips as she moaned senselessly and her head lolled on her shoulders. Never before had Jessica faced such strength and determination as she found in Jennifer. The brunette's arms threatened to crush her torso like an empty soda canl leaving her own proud jugs a hollow shell of their former glory; battered, bruised, and mauled red as they gave way to Jennifer's own magnificent chest until they lay crushed flat beneath the heavy weight of the brunette’s awesome breasts.

Still squeezing, Jennifer slowly lowered herself and her burden to their knees then began to slowly force Jessica to bend backward until she lay prostrate on her back. In spite of her condition, Jessica knew what was coming and with the last vestiges of consciousness, she frantically slapped her hand on Love's lower back. It was, however, a futile and useless gesture for nothing was going to stop this brunette from taking her supreme prize.

Once she had Jessica pinned, Jennifer scooted up and planted her perfect boobs on the blonde's red face. With her arms clamped tightly around the back of Jessica's head, Jennifer pulled the blonde's face up into her cleavage, grinding her tits down at the same time. In many situations, Jennifer's boobs would be a wonderful thing, but to Jessica they were a prison without any escape. Jessica struggled weakly beneath the brunette, but it was hopeless and Jennifer happily hammed it up for the audience while finishing Jessica off until the weakly writhing blonde fell still, overtaken by unconsciousness.

Letting her go and rising to her feet, Jennifer smiled as she slowly turned around and took in every moment as the audience cheered her on. The count was a mere formality which Jennifer slyly took with her foot planted firmly on Jessica's chest as she posed in triumph. Victory was hers!

Promo for next week's "Newlyweds" episode: “Special guest star Jennifer Love Hewitt. Jessica spends the majority of the episode struggling under Love's spectacular facesit and trapped in her guest's fabulous breast smother. Jennifer spends the rest of the time flirting shamelessly with Nick. Calamity and hijinks ensue!