Jessica Simpson vs. Jennifer Love Hewitt by bigfan

The giant screen above the ramp comes on with Jessica Simpson with Morgan Fairchild who asks, “Jessica you face Jennifer Love Hewitt tonight, you worried she’s going to bury your face in her cleavage, again?”

Jessica looks in disbelief at Morgan before answering, “What do you mean AGAIN? Like she could EVER do that to me!” Jessica looks around, then asks Morgan, “When’s Cheryl coming back? I liked her.”

Morgan looks pissed and shouts, “She’s not coming back!” Calming down Morgan asks Jessica, “You still face a girl with tits that most likely that will end up covering your sweet face.”

Jessica grabs the mic from Morgan and growls, “Jennifer is a GOOD wrestler, but we’ll see whose getting breast fed tonight.”

Jessica drops the mic at Morgan’s feet and stalks out before Morgan can recover and ask her another question. The screen changes, now showing Morgan standing beside Jennifer Love Hewitt,

Morgan asks Jennifer, “Jessica says she’s going to slap her tits on your face tonight, what’s your response?”

Jennifer takes a second to think before answering, “I’m sure Jessica is going to TRY to win the match, but I’m going to DO it!” Jennifer pauses a second then chides Morgan, “So, are you just filling in for Cheryl? Is she on vacation or something?”

Morgan again looks angry and starts to respond, but by the time Morgan stops sputtering, Jennifer has walked away.

‘These Boots’ fills the arena as Jessica comes out wearing her pink bikini and cowboy boots. She saunters to the center of the stage where she does several deep knee bends turning slowly to give everyone different views of her awesome little body. While Jessica slowly makes her way to the ring, Vanna White introduces her.

“From Abilene, TX…this gorgeous blond stands all of 5’3” tall…here is Mssssss Jessica SIMPSON!”

She removes her boots at the bottom of the stairs, turning them over to a ring attendant. After climbing the stairs, Jessica bends over to slips through the ropes and her tits almost tumble out of her skimpy little top. Adjusting both her top and bottom, Jessica bounces over to her corner where she limbers up while Vanna introduces JLH.

To Maroon 5’s ‘This Love’ Vanna raises the mic and says, “And her opponent, from Waco, TX at 5’2”… Jennifer…LOVE…Hewitt!”

Jennifer comes out wearing a two piece swimsuit that’s lime green with white trim. The cheers for Jennifer are about equal to the ones Jessica received coming to the ring. Jennifer doesn’t show off as much as Jessica coming to the ring but she does stop and give high-fives to a few lucky fans. Once at the ring, Jennifer rolls in under the bottom rope, not the smartest entry as Jessica could have taken advantage of Jennifer’s temporary vulnerability. Jennifer’s trust isn’t betrayed, however, as Jessica doesn’t take advantage of her entry.

Finally, Latoya Jackson is announced as the referee (to cries of “I though she was dead” and “Where has she been?”) As soon as Vanna exits the ring, Latoya turns and signals for the bell. Jessica and Jennifer move to the center of the ring, stopping about a foot apart, then both raise their hands. Some fans boo and hiss as the two combatants shake hands.

After the short hand shake Jennifer says, “Good luck Jessica, you’ll need it tonight.”

Jessica replies, “I hope the photographers get a good shot of my tits crushing yours. I’ll send Nick a copy to remind him of what he’s missing!”

They both take up their wrestling stances, then begin to circle slowly. Jennifer shoots in to try and take Jessica down with a double leg takedown, but Jessica grabs and leans down on Jennifer’s head, laying her full weight on the brunette’s back. Jennifer tries to pull Jessica’s hips in, but Jessica spreads her feet and keeps her at bay. Then using a quick “snap” of her fingers, Jessica pops the clasp at the back of Jennifer’s top. Unable to pull Jessica’s legs into her, Jennifer gets back to her feet and shoves Jessica away, finally able to lift her head again. But while Jennifer’s loose top still covers her large breasts, it can no longer support her ample tits and as it starts to slip down, Jennifer angrily yanks her top off and flings it out of the ring.

Jessica shrugs, “Well, it’s only fair…”

Jessica reaches behind her back, unties her own top and she too tosses it out of the ring. Then Jessica winks and tells Jennifer, “I hate to upstage you, but think the fans DO want to see the better titties.”

Jennifer rolls her eyes and mutters, “In your dreams.”

They move together to lock up, but as Jennifer leans in toward her, Jessica hooks Jennifer under the arm, turns and hip tosses her over onto her back. Jennifer squints and groans as she hits hard and rolls onto her stomach. She doesn’t see Jessica drop to her knees by her head, but she surely feels it when Jessica pulls her up sitting and locks a chickenwing on her right arm! Jessica cups Jennifer’s chin in her other hand, pulling her head back and to the side.

Jessica holds Jennifer tight as she taunts. “It’s going to be a long night Love. I have to make sure the cameragirl gets plenty of chances to take my photo.”

Jennifer rolls to her side enough to push herself up to her feet. She drives an elbow backward into Jessica’s gut hard enough Jessica is forced to grunt in pain. Jennifer fires a second elbow to the gut, then takes off for the ropes. Jessica, still trying to catch her breath, is flattening by Jennifer’s clothesline when the brunette returns with the added impetus given her slight frame by the spring off the ropes. Jennifer quickly locks an armbar on Jessica and uses it to rest as she tries to catch her own breath. After a few deep breaths, Jennifer drags Jessica up by the arm, swings her around and Irish Whips her into the corner where Jessica’s back hits the lightly padded turnbuckle and her arms fly back over the top ropes. Jennifer follows her in, driving her thigh across Jessica’s puffing belly.

Jessica grunts in pain and doubles over as Jennifer steps back and makes a little moue, “Aw, You have a tummy ache?”

Jennifer again drive’s her knee into Jessica’s churning gut, then puts a hand on Jessica’s shoulder and pushes it up and back, exposing her heaving breasts as she twistes her body in behind an overhead slap that sweeps down and lands with a loud CRACK on Jessica’s big fleshy breast. The crack of flesh on flesh is immediately followed by Jessica’s scream of pain, “OH SHIT!” Jennifer looks on with glee as Jessica’s body slumps slightly, her shoulders hunched over, both hands cradling her rosy tit.

But then Jessica pushes off the turnbuckles, grabs Jennifer by the shoulders, whips her around and slams her back into the corner, trading places with the brunette. This time it’s Jessica who drives two kneelifts into Jennifer; the first to her gut and as she folds forward, the second crushes Jennifer’s big tits flat! Jessica grabs Jennifer under the chin, forcing her head backward over the top turnbuckle as she brings her hand slashign downward…THWAP…on Jennifer’s left boob. The load fleshy crack echos in the hushed arena as Jessica pirouettes and bounces and jiggles back to center ring where she stops, turns and takes a running start back toward the corner.

Poor Jessica can’t put on the breaks when Jennifer steps aside and she rams herself tits first into the corner, her windmilling arms flailing helplessly down outside the topmost strands on either side of the corner turnbuckle. It takes Jennifer a second to collect herself, then she steps in behind Jessica who’s draped limp over the top ropes. She grabs Jessica by the shoulder, turning her, then draws back her hard little fist and fires several punches into Jessica belly, her left hand keeping Jessica pinned with her back to the corner as her punches slowly work their way upward until she finishes by nailing the blonde’s big bare tits with the last several blows!

Jessica grunts, groans and moans with each punch while her body soaks up the abuse. Jennifer has a big grin on her full lips as she concludes her battering with a pinch of both of Jessica’s nipples, then a long, slow agonizing streeeeeeeeeetch before she lets the rubbery flesh SNAP back. Jessica’s body droops in the corner, her mouth gaping, her eyes dazed and unfocused with pain.

Jennifer flicks Jessica’s red, raw nipples and chuckles, “Not your best start ever, is it Jessica?” Then she sweeps her arm up under Jessica’s armpit and tries to set her up for a hip toss. But Jessica grabs onto the ropes, stopping the move in its tracks! Then Jessica swings her leg around and knees Jennifer in the belly again.

“How, your tummy feel?” Jessica purrs as her right hand swings around, the Stomach Claw digging deep in Jennifer’s belly. Jessica stands in front of Jennifer, wrapping her arms around Jennifer, then takes her over in a belly-to-belly Suplex. As they lay on the mat, Jessica rubs her tits on Jennifer’s heaving boobs and sneers, “That’s his first chance.” As she rises to her knees, Jessica adds, “But I’ll give him more chances later.”

Jessica lifts Jennifer and slids a leg under her to apply a scissors to the brunette’s breasts which painfully compress under the pressure of Jessica’s thick thighs. Jennifer gasps, her tiny fists beating and clawing Jessica’s thighs as the cruel blond raises her ass off the canvas as she arches her back to increase the pressure.

Love’s face is turning red as she chokes back the urge to scream. Jessica pokes the heavy bulge of Jennifer’s boob peeking out from below her leg, twisting her fingernail in the tender flesh. “So, you ready to give up before those babies pop? Huh?”

Jennifer starts to buck and thrash her legs, each convulsive jerk moving her butt a few inches closer to the ropes. Four flopping kicks finally bring the ropes within reach and LaToya forces Jessica to open her legs, freeing Jennifer who hangs from the middle rope, face a bright red as she sucks in deep, ragged breaths while Jessica gets up, flexes her legs and moves back to the center of the ring. Jessica waits smirking as Jennifer struggles to her feet, then pauses to rub her breasts.

Jessica can’t resist more taunting, “If your boobies are sore Jennifer, you can always give up and go back to the dressing room and have someone care for them!”

Jennifer’s answer is a swift charge that catches the boastful blonde unprepared. Jennifer leaps on Jessica, wrapping an arm around her head and twisting Jessica around as she drops the blonde with a Spinning DDT. Jessica lays stunned, offering no resistance to the Half Nelson Jennifer uses to roll her over onto her back. Once she has Jessica on her back, Jennifer hooks her leg trying for a quick fall. But Latoya barely gets to “ONE!” before Jessica angrily kicks out. Jennifer takes a moment to mount Jessica and rub her big breasts on Jessica’s before she jumps to her feet and hair-hauls Jessica up.

“I’ll send you a picture of that. I’m sure the cameragirl got one of my tits crushing yours.”

Once Jessica is upright, Jennifer locks an armbar on the blond and forces her into the nearest corner. Standing in front of Jessica, she grabs the front of Jessica’s pink bikini bottom and jerks Jessica’s hips forward…right into her fist… as she punches Jessica just above the line of elastic. Jessica face contorts as Jessica drives two more shots into the blondes belly. Barely able to speak, Jessica hangs onto the ropes in the corner, struggling to firm up her rubbery legs, yet even as she’s wincing in pain, the blond bimbo can’t resist talking.

“Is…that all…ya got…Love?” Her face shows she’s really hurting, but Jessica IS getting under Jennifer’s skin.

Jennifer angered by Jessica’s defiance, screams, “You asked for it!” She hammers her fist into Jessica’s left tit, dropping the blonde gasping to one knee.

But from the mat, Jessica reaches up, grabs the front of Jennifer’s bikini bottom and yanks her forward. Off balance, Jennifer falls over Jessica’s raised knee and her face smacks off the top turnbuckle. As she lays on the mat with her head under the bottom rope, Jennifer’s hands cover her mouth checking for blood. Behind her, Jessica stands up, grabs Jennifer by the hair and back of her bikini bottom and hauls her to her feet, then shoves her back into the corner, trading places. Still holding Jennifer’s hair, Jessica bends her head back over the top turnbuckle.

“My turn.” she grunts as she pumps her fist into Jennifer’s belly; then takes careful aim, lines up Jennifer’s big boob…and BURIES her fist deep in the soft mound of flesh. Jennifer lets out a squeak of pain as she collapses to her knees, her arms across her chest, protectively cradling her damaged boob like a newborn baby. Jessica leans over, “You OK Jennifer?” she giggles as she pulls Jennifer up by her dark locks and wraps her arms around the brunette, locking her hands under Jennifer’s shoulder blades, pressuring her breast to breast. Jessica is nose to nose, looking Jennifer in the eyes. “I just love this move.” Lifting and turning Jennifer, Jessica takes her over with her Tit-To-Tit Suplex! Again laying on top, Jessica takes time to slowly rub her tits against Jennifer’s tortured rack. Kneeling beside Jennifer, Jessica fixes her hair, letting Jennifer roll onto her side and curl up in a fetal position.

Jessica says, “I guess we can end this farce now.” Pulling Jennifer back to her, blonde Jessica goes for a breast-to-breast cover, hooking Jennifer’s leg casually with all the certainty of her imminent victory. LaToya gets to “TWO!” before Jennifer kicks out. Instead of staying on Jennifer and trying for a more professional pin, Jessica turns to LaToya. “That was really slow. Now I have to beat poor Lovie up some more.”

LaToya ignores Jessica’s rant, but Jennifer gains real benefit from the break as she not only rolls away but gets back to her feet before Jessica finally looks back to where she left her only to find Jennifer is gone! Jessica whirls looks around looking for her…just in time to get kicked in the gut! As Jessica doubles over gasping, Jennifer doesn’t waste any time, putting Jessicas arm over her shoulder as she sets her up for a Suplex.

Jennifer says, “Jessica you should know better than to turn your back on someone.” She grabs Jessica’s pink bottom and snaps her hips, lifting the screaming blonde up and sending her over. WHAM! Jessica’s scream is cut off mid-yowl as she lands hard flat on her back. Jennifer rolls over, covering Jessica quickly but this time LaToya is a bit slow getting in position and once more only gets a two count before Jessica gets her shoulder up.

Jennifer stays on Jessica, pulling her up to her feet by her blonde locks. Jennifer spins around behind Jessica and pulls both her arms back in Chickenwings. Jennifer leans her head forward, pushing against Jessica’s upper back as she hisses, “Sorry, but this is REALLY going to hurt!” Jennifer lifts Jessica’s arms as she pushes them forward. Jessica’s eyes shoot wide open as she falls forward and CRASH hits the mat chest first! An instant later, the rest of Jessica’s body is smashed flat on the mat as Jennifer comes sailing down on top of her! Jessica lays whimpering while Jennifer pulls her head up by the hair and asks, “How’d you like that?”

Jennifer shoots a half-nelson and rolls Jessica onto her back, positions herself breast to breast and guffaws, “Looks like you’re tits up. I guess that means my tits get top billing.” Then she counts aloud with LaToya as her hand slaps the mat.

“ONE…TWO…THR…” Jessica kicks out just in the nick of time!

Jennifer is shocked she didn’t just win the match. Jennifer starts to complain, but then remembers what happened when Jessica complained. So she hooks Jessica under the armpits and lifts her again for a Suplex. But this time when she yanks on Jessica’s bottoms the thin, over-stressed cloth breaks. She does give Jessica a partial wedgie but doesn’t lift Jessica off the mat. In fact, Jennifer herself almost goes tumbling over backward when Jessica’s suit comes away in her hand.

Jessica takes advantage of Jennifer’s confusion, firing her right hand into Jennifer’s gut three times very fast, then shoves Jennifer backward. The blonde leaps forward with her arm extended and her Clothesline catches Jennifer flush across the boobs and knocks her to the canvas. Jennifer lands hard on her head and shoulders, her legs almost straight in the air. This time, Jessica vows not to make the same mistake and is right on top on Jennifer pulling her leg up by her left ankle.

“My turn bitch!” Jessica snarls as she kicks the back of Jennifer’s thigh, then her round butt cheek. Jennifer can only cry out with each blow as Jessica kicks her over and over like a madwoman. When she stops kicking, it’s just long enough to drop the left leg so she can capture Jennifer’s right ankle - and repeat the assault to her other leg. Dark bruises appear on Jennifer’s smooth legs from the kicking and Jessica seems to suddenly realize her bottom is gone. So she bends down, grabs both sides of Jennifer’s bottom and pulls.

“If I’m gonna be nekkid, then you’re gonna be nekkid too!”

Jessica yanks and pulls until Jennifer’s green bottoms come sliding off her legs - which are so badly abused she can barely wiggle them in protest. Jessica takes time to walk to the ropes where she leans her fabulous breasts over the top rope as she extends her arm and then gaily tosses Jennifer’s bottom to the fans.

But once again Jessica pays for turning her back to Jennifer who gets up limping. But when she’s on her feet, she grabs Jessica’s wrist and Irish Whips her to the far ropes. Jessica, all bouncing boobs and jiggling butt, rebounds back into Jennifer’s waiting embrace as she takes the blonde over with a quick, snap Body Slam. Jennifer hooks her leg but Jessica won’t stay down, kicking out at LaToya’s “TWO!”

Jennifer rolls Jessica onto her stomach and hooks each of Jessica ankles behind her shins, then bends down to collect both of Jessica’s wrists. Falling backward, Jennifer pulls Jessica up into a Surfboard. Jessica lets out a scream of “NO!” when Latoya asks if she wants to submit.

Jennifer can only hold Jessica up so long and finally rolls over on her side, dumping Jessica on the mat. Jennifer takes several deep breaths, then gets to her feet and moves back to Jessica. Pulling the blonde into a sitting position, Jennifer slams her forearm down on the top of Jessica’s head. Jessica body shakes from the blow and her eyes roll as she flops to the mat. Jennifer rolls Jessica on her back and once more she rubs Jessica’s breasts saying, “Sorry hon, looks like this is NOT your night.”

Jennifer pins both of Jessica’s arms to the mat over the blonde’s head, mounting her boob to boob as she sensously rubs her tits on Jessica’s while Latoya makes the count out.

“ONE…TWO…TH…” Somehow, Jessica again just manages to roll her right shoulder to break the count.

Jennifer looks like she’s in shock that she just didn’t get the win. She rolls away and takes her time getting back to her feet while Jessica rolls the other way to the ropes. Jennifer lifts Jessica up, draping her headfirst over the middle rope with her upper body outside the ring. Jennifer races to the other side of the ring, hits the ropes and builds up speed coming back before she leaps into the air to come crashing down astride Jessica’s back…

…but Jessica slides through the ropes and topples off the ring apron just as Jennifer goes airborne. Jennifer’s left leg goes between the rope and her right leg stays inside. That leaves her crotch to hits the vinyl covered rope and the steel strand digs deep into the tender crevice between her spread legs. Jennifer hangs suspended on the middle rope briefly, her mouth gaping wide open in a silent scream, then she topples over and drops on the ring apron, bounces, and drops to the floor below.

While Jennifer lays on her back with both hands wedged firmly between her clenched thighs, Jessica lies in a heap a few feet away as Latoya begins to count both women out. “1…2…3…4…5…6…7…” Jessica rolls over pushing up to her hands and knees. “…8…” Jessica gets to her feet and starts to climb the ring steps in one corer while Jennifer, still with one hand holding her pussy has made it to her knees. “…9…” Jessica climbs through the ropes, but her trailing leg catches on the ropes and she trips, sprawling on all fours. “…10…11…12…”

When Jessica looks up, she sees that Jennifer has struggled up the steps in the other corner and rolled into the ring under the bottom rope. Both have made it back before the “twenty count” so the match continues. Jessica gets to her feet, moves to the hurting brunette, and kicks Jennifer in the chest. Jennifer blasted back onto her back, gasps and and gags trying to catch her breath while Jessica staggers around in a circle, returning to where Jennifer is sitting. Jessica pulls Jennifer to her feet by the hair and put her in a side headlock. She raises her arm and makes a circle in the air before taking a few running steps and then driving Jennifer’s head into the mat with a Bulldog!

Jessica pops right back to her feet and walks to the ropes facing the ring photographers, “Get ready I want really good shots of my tits crushing hers!”

Jennifer is still writhing in pain when Jessica returns. She struggles to get Jennifer to her feet, then turns Jennifer around and hooks both her arms back in Chickenwings. “This is such a tough move, lets see if I can master it?” She lifts Jennifer’s arms and pushes forward. Jennifer’s sweaty body SMACK hits the mat as Jessica comes down on her back. Jessica hangs on to the Chickenwings and again lifts Jennifer. Trying to sound innocent, Jessica says, “I don’t think I did that right let’s try again.”

Jennifer again has the air driven out of her as her tits are crushed flat under the combined weight of both her and Jessica who keeps clinging to the Chickenwings. But she has a lot of trouble getting Jennifer back to her feet this time and is breathing hard as she struggles to get Jennifer more or less upright. Taking time to catch her breath, Jessica says, “That last one was close. But one more and I should have it.”

It’s more of a collapse this time, but again Jennifer is driven tits first into the canvas. Jessica is exhausted after dragging Jennifer up and dropping her and she just lays sprawled over Jennifer’s back. After a few seconds, she kneels beside Jennifer, reaches under her, grabs one of her tits and uses it to flip the brunette over onto her back.

Still kneeling over Jennifer, Jessica looks down saying, “I can’t pass this up!” She attacks Jennifer’s big tits. SLAP! THWAP! SMACK! And adds an occasional scratch, claw or slap of Jennifer’s pussy for good measure. But all the abuse only gets soft moans from the semi-conscious Jennifer. When Jessica looks around and sees the photographer she yells, “Hey! Get your ass right over there!”

Jessica points to a spot around the ring and she waits until the photographer gets to the spot she’d indicated, then she mounts Jennifer face-to-face, their big tits compressed together. When Jessica lifts her head and smiles, the photographer snaps a whole roll of film in the time it takes LaToya to make the three count. Jessica lays atop Jennifer, waiting for the photographer to give her a sign all the shots have been taken. Her own pain and exhaustion seem to catch up to her and she struggles just to get to her feet. She nevertheless takes a victory lap around the ring although she has to stop halfway to catch her breath. While Jessica is bent over with her hands on her knees, her chest heaving, she is joined in the ring by her sister Ashlee.

They hug and Ashlee asks, “So you’re serious about making a run at the Title?” Jessica just nods, too exhausted to speak. “OK" Ashlee says, putting her hand on her sister's back. "But there’s a lot more women standing between you and Sarah.”

Jessica finally catches her breath and says, “I didn’t say it was gonna be easy!” Ashlee nods and the sisters head toward the rear. On the way, Jessica says, “We need to find who’s next.”

Jennifer, finally awake, rolls slowly out of the ring under the bottom rope, slithers off the apron and staggers back to her dressing room, her head bowed in defeat, muttering that she can’t believe she let the match slip through her fingers.