Jennifer Love Hewitt vs. Jessica Simpson by Jon Grey
Jessica Simpson couldn't believe it. The blond bombshell had funded this show specifically as a vehicle for her. From what her agent had told her, another bombshell looking for a career boost had muscled her way in.

While Simpson, her Dallas Cowboy cheerleader looks making her the classic All-American sex symbol, was recovering from a stagnant reception to some public moves, her competition was coming off a show that had done fairly well with critics and fan reception, but ultimately had to end eventually. She was obviously looking for a quick turn around.

But Jessica, her face getting angrier as she brushed her recently showered blond hair away from her face and eying her still-young features in the mirror, knew that she'd be better in the part anyway. It was a show about a young woman who was kicked out of her sorority, and had to go through college using more than just her looks. She knew it would be a good way for her to move out of the ditzy blond persona that she'd established, because as the show progressed, she'd have to be convincing.

Her opposition for the role, however, had just come off a relatively successful hour-long drama, and she didn't need the exposure (in Jessica's mind). So she was going to talk to her about it. And, if it came to it, do something a bit more drastic.

Both women vying for the role had something in common aside from youthful appearance; they were known largely for their breasts. Jessica's tits were made a public object of affection from the moment she stepped onto the public scene, but her newfound rival's orbs had garnered their own attention early in her career as well.

Jessica hefted her left tit, smiling as she felt its impressive density. As she dressed, she made sure the bra hefted her tits even further, creating a valley of cleavage that even her foe wouldn't be able to compete with. She completed the outfit with a plain white t-shirt and a short pair of jean shorts, to show off her toned thighs and legs. She'd been working out for this part, and her smooth stomach and healthy looking legs showed it.

As she arrived at the production office, she ignored the usual paparazzi, making her way to the producer's office. She adjusted her heavy pair of breasts once more, figuring every advantage would be helpful. When she walked in, she ignored the secretary's warning remarks, save for a wilting glare at the woman. She pushed the door open and was surprised to see a brunette leaning forward in her chair, seemingly in deep conversation with the handsome young executive.

Huffing, Jessica cleared her throat, and both turned to the new arrival. The young man had a shocked look on his face, while the young woman, with her big, brown eyes and pouty lips. They were covered in red lipstick, and Jessica's first thought was that she would be completely unsurprised to find it on the producer's cock.

"Hey Jessica," the producer stammered. "I didn't expect you here today." Jennifer Love Hewitt smiled.

"I guess you should make an appointment," she said, her voice coy and lilting. "We've been talking about my new breakout role, Jess. Thanks so much for getting this together for me. I had no idea what I was going to do after my show ended, but now I don't have to worry about it."

"Ellis," Jessica asked, restraining herself as best as she was able. "Is this true? Did you give this saggy-titted bitch my part?" Jessica's eyes followed the plunging neckline of Jennifer's low-cut brown blouse, the hint of a matching lace bra peeking out just over the point where the breasts had been pushed together by the lingerie.

Ellis swallowed, unsure of how to react. Jessica rolled her eyes as she saw the man caught in his lie, and looked down at Jennifer again.

"Here's a thought, you bitch," Jessica said harshly. "I made the tv show for me, not you, and I'm not going to let you take it without a fight."

"Well, there's not much you can do, sweetie. Ellis here has already given me the part. All I have to do is sign this piece of paper, and I'll be on TV all over the country."

"How about I prove that I deserve the part more than you, you brunette tit-for-brains?" Jessica asked, a steel edge in her voice.

"And how do you propose to do that?" Jennifer asked, reaching for the lovely pen on the desk to sign the contract.

"By kicking your skank ass," Jessica said, diving at the brunette. The pen, just having entered Jennifer's grasp, flew out of that grasp and landed on its side in front of Ellis, who picked it up without thinking and backed away. Jessica's attack surprised Jennifer, as the blond's tackle spun her out of her chair and to the floor. Jessica took a bit of damage, too, falling over the chair, but landed atop the surprised brunette, and began slapping her in the face.

"That's my part!" Jessica yelled. Jennifer raised her arms to protect her face, leaving her torso unprotected. Jessica, her quick moment of violent rage dissipating before her desire to beat on Jennifer, took her opportunity and slugged Jennifer in the stomach. The brunette's big eyes got even bigger as the air exploded out of her lungs. Jessica felt Jennifer's body tighten up as she tried to breathe, but kept punching her stomach. Eventually, the brunette's hands fell away from her face, and her hair shook as she coughed. Jessica stopped punching her stomach and stood, leaving Hewitt gasping on the floor.

"I want that part," Jessica told Ellis, breathing heavily. "Your tart here couldn't hold up against the better woman, so I'm going to sign the cont-…OOOOF," Jessica hadn't seen Jennifer rise and the brunette planted a disturbingly powerful kick into her side. Jessica doubled over, giving Ellis a view of her accentuated cleavage. Ellis wisely said nothing, but had either Jessica or Jennifer been paying attention, they would have noticed his eyes tracing the jiggling flesh of Jessica's tits with impressive fervor.

Jennifer's attention, however, was on the blond slut trying to take her new job. Now that everything had registered, that the surprise had worn off, Jennifer was ready to make her own statement. She grabbed Jessica's shoulders and threw her forward, onto the desk. Several small crashes filled the office as Jessica's ample chest cleared office supplies, sending calendars, pens, and stacks of files off of the table in a flurry.

"I want it, too, Jessica," Jennifer spat. Jessica felt a fist bury itself into her lower back, and she arched up in pain as Jennifer repeated the blow two more times. "And I'm gonna get it, even if I have to leave your mutilated face on the office floor." Jennifer's eyes seemed to light up as she mentioned the singer's face. Grabbing Jessica's blond locks, Jennifer pulled up and Jessica responded by whimpering.

"Ow! Let go, whore!" Jennifer laughed as Jessica tried to struggle, pushing herself up so she was closer to the hands painfully pulling her hair, trying to relieve some of the pressure on her now sore head.

"Not yet, bitch," Jennifer said. Without any warning the brunette slammed Jessica face first (cheek first, Jessica had time to turn her head) into the desk. Jessica howled as her pretty face bounced off the desk, once, twice, and three times before Jennifer punched her twice more in the back. The brunette stepped away to admire her handiwork and looked for the contract. Jessica groaned as she lay on the desk, her breasts crushed beneath her, flattening against the hard wood. She felt the trickle of warm liquid on her cheek, and knew that she had s mall cut, but despite this awareness, was unable to resist as Jennifer rolled her over.

"We done here?" Jennifer asked smugly. She was breathing relatively heavily but nothing compared to Jessica, who seemed to be gasping as she looked at her rival.

"Fuck off, Jennifer," Jessica said. Jennifer didn't hesitate before throwing three punches in rapid succession into the blond's toned stomach. Jessica felt the explosion of pain and groaned as she tried to slide down the table, at least bend over to alleviate some of the pressure. But Jennifer held her in place, holding the blond's left shoulder with her right hand, and fired another punch, this time the blow careened into Jessica's heavy right breast.

"Oh! My boob," Jessica cried out. The fire emanating from her tit didn't kill her resistance, but it did make her desperate, and she lashed out with her shapely left leg. Jennifer had expected it somewhat, but did not expect the speed, and the kick into her side pushed her back, enough for Jessica to pull herself to her feet and get a couple of breaths to rejuvenate herself. When Jennifer came at her, Jessica's hand flew out, and she felt a hard cheekbone connect with her knuckles. Jennifer spun around, but kept her feet, which made Jessica's shot into her left breast much easier.

"Fuck!" Jennifer screamed. Another shot into Jennifer's left tit sent flesh waving away from Jessica's fist. Jessica followed up with two swift punches to her stomach as Jennifer tried to cover her breasts. The brunette doubled over, and Jessica punched her once between the shoulder blades. Hewitt fell to the floor quickly, her own sore tit now crushed beneath her.

"We're not done," Jessica hissed. She kicked Jennifer in the side twice before grabbing her by her blouse and yanking. Rather than pulling Jennifer (which is what the blonde had intended), the blouse ripped, and frustrated with another delay, Jessica simply kept tearing until Jennifer's lace brown bra remained.

Jennifer felt the humiliation begin festering, and when she heard the final rip of her (expensive) blouse, she balled up her fists and waited for Jessica to try and pull her up. To her horror, she felt Jessica's fingers circled around the bra strap and begin pulling. The cruel underwire began biting into Jennifer's boobs and the brunette changed tactics, scrambling to stand. But it was too late, and she heard (and felt, somewhat) the clasps on her bra bend and snap as she was left with a destroyed piece of lingerie. Jennifer completed standing, and Jessica laughed as she saw the bra lurch forward.

Jennifer tried to pull it up, but it was no use, and so she threw a punch at Jessica's face. The blonde, still laughing, didn't see it, but the blow was lessened as the bra strap fell to the middle of Jennifer's arm during the strike. It still hurt, but Jennifer's growl of frustration drowned out the grunt of pain that Jessica let out when her chin snapped back. She threw down her bra, revealing her pale breasts, shaking and moving as she panted.

"You're going to pay for that," Jessica growled. She threw herself at the topless Love, who, rather than punching or kicking, decided to return the humiliation, and grabbed Jessica's shirt. Too late the singer realized Jennifer's real target, and the tearing of fabric was the brunette's reward. Jessica gasped as her push-up bra was revealed. The singer backed away, and the tatters of her shirt fell to the ground. Jessica, still dumbfounded about being topless, didn't react in time to stop Love's punch to her gut. She was able to tense her defined abs, which helped some, but she staggered back as Jennifer gleefully grabbed the bra and pulled. Jessica suddenly stopped and so met the full force of Love's punch to her right breast. Jessica's tit popped out of the cup and she groaned as the sensitive flesh was rocked.

"Oh, these are fun to punch," Jennifer said, mocking her. "Let's try the other one." Still holding Jessica by the bra, another shot whipped into Jessica's left breast, again pushing it out of the cup. Jessica swung a haymaker at Jennifer's face, but as she reared back, the brunette let go and stepped back, so the punch flew in front of Jennifer's face as Jessica fell. She hit the floor hard, her ass absorbing most of the blow before she fell flat on her back, hitting her head on the thinly carpeted surface. Jennifer jumped at the chance to finish the fight, and dove at the blond. Jessica, still dazed, could do little as Jennifer straddled her opponent and began pummeling her torso.

Punches rained into Jessica's face and tits, and Jennifer's rage hit its crescendo as she launched two punches into Jessica's chin. The blond saw fire and colors explode at the same time, and when she was able to open her eyes, she saw Jennifer's breasts close in around her face. Jessica thought that the soft flesh trapping her nose and mouth was softer than her own breasts, but it was no less effective, as she felt the oxygen cut off, she began to kick, but only managed to brush Jennifer's back with her legs. Her struggles increased her need for oxygen, and her eyes grew dark before blackness enveloped her.

Jennifer felt the struggles slow and kept her heavy tits in place with her hands, knowing that Ellis was watching. Jessica's struggles finally stopped, and the blonde’s eyes rolled into the back of her head. Holding her there for a few more minutes, Jennifer finally leaned back, filling her hands with the blonde’s heavy, dense flesh.

"They are amazing," Jennifer said. "Pity she didn't know how to use them. She pulled at the slowly bruising flesh once more before standing.

Ellis was sitting, his mouth agape as he watched the successful woman rise. Jennifer idly noted the bulge in his pants and reached down to sign the contract. As she placed the pen on the paper.

"I believe you requested one more thing to seal the deal?" Jennifer asked. Ellis's amazement was evident on his face as the brunette knelt, reaching for his pants. "I told you earlier, Ellis: I'll do whatever it takes." Ellis's eyes wandered to the prostrate form of the producer on the floor and wondered if he was going to enjoy the forthcoming negotiation with the fear creeping into his mind.