Jennifer Love Hewitt vs. Britney Spears by Shanahan 21-Jul-99

Jennifer Love Hewitt and Britney Spears were going to meet for a private wrestling session, this one to be decided solely by smothering. Choking and strangling would not be allowed, but hand-over-mouth smothering would be. They could also use their breasts and butts to suffocate each other, the goal being to deprive the other fighter of breath until she passed out. Anything went as far as rules, except the aforementioned two-handed choking (headlocks were allowed), with the winner being decided by smother hold.

The fight was set for the afternoon, in Britney's front living room, just inside the main door. It was a very hot July day outside, but inside they could wrestle one another in air-conditioned comfort. Britney and Jennifer were dressed in bikinis, Britney in orange, Jennifer in green, and both of them were barefoot.

Jennifer and Britney settled into wrestling crouches, arms and legs spread wide, as they stalked each other, circling and drawing closer to each other before finally coming together in a mutual bear hug and squeezing hard. They wrestled in this way for the next few moments, grunting and groaning, neither woman able to gain the advantage, until Britney relinquished her grips and reached up to plaster her hands over Jennifer's mouth and nose, trying to suffocate her.

"I'll smother you breathless, bitch!" promised Britney as she bore down.

Jennifer could only offer a muted "mmmph" as she clawed at Britney's hands, trying to break free. Pressing down, Britney began to force the two combatants towards the floor, hands still cemented over Jennifer's breathing passages, trying to finish this fight before it ever really started.

Jennifer then rammed a knee up hard between Britney's legs, stunning her, and Britney dropped to her own knees in pain. Before Britney could recover, Jennifer grabbed her by the back of the head, and then Jennifer pushed Britney's face into her chest, trying to smother her.

It almost worked, as Britney's struggles grew frantic and then weakened; then Britney grabbed Jennifer by the back of her knees and toppled her to the floor, Jennifer losing her grip as she hit on her back. Britney then wrenched free of Jennifer's hands, and scuttled away backwards to gain some room and regain her breath.

Each had gotten in their licks so far, with no clear-cut winner in sight. They soon renewed hostilities, coming together and covering each other's mouth with their hands as they fought to suffocate one another, their tangled bodies a writhing, twisting mass of tanned arms and tanned legs on the red carpet as they rolled over and over, trying to straddle one another. Finally they came to rest side by side, hands still sealing off one another's mouth as they pinched each other nostrils shut with their opposite hands, asphyxiating each other in a battle only one woman could win.

As Britney and Jennifer battled to a smothering standstill on the floor, arms stretched to the limit leaving just a few feet between them, Britney managed to get her foot up against Jennifer's stomach and push her away, breaking both their holds. As Jennifer rolled onto her knees and tried to get up, Britney jumped on her back and caught her in a headlock, wrapping one arm about Jennifer's neck and squeezing hard. Jennifer tugged hard at Britney's arm, trying to pull loose, but Britney's grip was too strong. To make matters worse, she had also wrapped her legs about Jennifer's waist from behind, preventing a clean escape.

Jennifer grimaced in agony as Britney worked her over, her struggles growing weaker as Britney wrapped her up in a sleeper hold and overpowered her, Britney's left hand pulling back hard on Jennifer's scalp. Finally Britney tired of torturing her opponent that way, and dumped Jennifer face-first onto the carpet. Unwrapping her long legs from about Jennifer's body, Britney then interlocked her hands under Jennifer's chin and pulled back hard in a camel clutch as Jennifer moaned loudly. A minute or two of alternately rearing back and relaxing, and Britney again dropped Jennifer face down on the floor before rolling her over by the shoulders so Jennifer was flat on her back, looking up at Britney, who was still on her knees in-between Jennifer's thighs.

Suddenly Jennifer thrust her legs forward and coiled them about Britney's waist and squeezed, Britney crying out in agony as Jennifer punished her. Her body slightly off the floor, Jennifer leaned back and locked the ankles of her bare feet together to increase the pressure on Britney's trim mid-section, Britney crying out even louder now. Jennifer also reached up and pulled hard at Britney's hair, Jennifer yanking as hard as she could as Britney suffered in her twin grips. She may have been on top, but Britney wasn't in control of the fight anymore.

That soon changed when she plunged down with both hands to fasten them over Jennifer's breathing passages just like before, one hand covering Jennifer's mouth, the fingers of the other pinching Jennifer's nose shut and completely denying her of life-giving oxygen. Jennifer's eyes were shut in agony as she twisted back and forth on the rug, trying to pry Britney's hands loose with her own even as she tried to squeeze Britney lifeless with her thighs. Britney had her head thrown back, her eyes closed and her teeth gritted as she poured everything she had into suffocating Jennifer.

"Don't try to breathe, bitch," scolded Britney. "Cause I'm not going to let you!"

The struggle lasted a few more minutes until Jennifer's arms and legs splayed out uselessly to the sides, her consciousness and air supply both nearly exhausted. Britney held her smother hold for another half-minute or so, before prying her hands loose from Jennifer's reddened countenance. Britney then reached down and unfastened Jennifer's bikini top before tossing it away and exposing Jennifer's bare breasts.

Britney then plunged down with both hands again as if to wrap them about Jennifer's neck and choke her mercilessly, but instead Britney fastened onto Jennifer's breasts with those greedy, grasping palms and began squeezing her foe's breasts for all they were worth with her fingers. Jennifer stirred slightly and groaned in pain, but Britney refused to relent, squeezing Jennifer's breasts as hard as she could, determination etched across her face, until her hands hurt so much that she simply couldn't squeeze her foe's soft boobs any more. Jennifer moaned softly as she lay on the floor, her breasts red from Britney's attack, as Britney took time out to catch her breath before torturing Jennifer again.

Reaching up and behind her, Britney then unfastened her own top and discarded it before lowering herself onto Jennifer's body and pressing her own ample melons over Jennifer's face. Only Jennifer's hair and eyes were visible as Britney ground away with her chest, her fingers wrapped in Jennifer's hair and her legs now grapevining Jennifer's gams in order to prevent flight. Britney mashed her soft pointed breasts harder and harder against Jennifer's face, completely suffocating her, as Jennifer offered no resistance whatsoever. Finally Britney sat up on Jennifer's stomach and wiped her face with the back of her hand before staring down at her smothered victim, Jennifer's chest barely rising and falling.

It wasn't over just yet. Britney shifted forward and ground her bikinied crotch against Jennifer's face for a brief time, Jennifer again making no countermove, before Britney stood up over Jennifer, stripping off Jennifer's bikini briefs and tossing them away as she did so. Britney then stepped out of her own briefs before turning 180 degrees so that her backside was over Jennifer's face, before Britney got down on all fours, placed her bare bottom over Jennifer's face, and ground away as she ultimately smothered her adversary completely unconscious.

The fight was over, and Britney had won decisively. Turning around again, Britney slapped Jennifer awake before squeezing Jennifer's breasts again, this time even harder than before, until Jennifer was moaning loudly, too spent to defend herself. Britney then hand-smothered Jennifer out cold again before getting to her bare feet and stepping all over Jennifer's body, including her face. Britney even pinched one of Jennifer's sweet breasts between her toes.