Jennifer Love Hewitt vs. Britney Spears by Al 15-Jun-00

Jennifer has suffered many losses and humiliations from other women. She wanted to be able win some fights and started training a few months ago. She has gone to the gym everyday. Jen wanted to finally get a chance to humiliate another and make her plead for mercy. She decided that she would fight Britney Spears. Jen suffered a loss last time they fought when Britney smothered her to oblivion. She felt that this time she could win and wanted revenge.

She had watched the fight Britney dominated against Keri many times, but was still confident. Jen knew that Keri was weak and her tiny tits couldn't handle the beating Brit had done. She knew that her tits weren't that much smaller than Britney and had a better chance in this fight. Britney had laughed when she heard Jen call her to schedule a re-match. However Britney didn't know about Jen's new stronger body so she quickly agreed to this fight.

The match was to be held in Jen's house this time. After Jen moved all the furniture from her living room except a table and a couch, she was imagining how she would totally humiliate and destroy poor Britney. After awhile, Britney had finally arrived. Jen led her in the house. Britney was wearing a hot pink halter top with matching hot pants. Jen was wearing a green crop top with a matching green short shorts. Both women were very confident in winning. Britney felt this would be another easy victory. She is the first to reply

"You sure you're ready for this little girl, should do you want me to smother the life out of you again."

Jen retorts, "You're gonna regret ever fighting me, slut."

The two babes both lunged both hands at each other throats. After a few minutes, Britney starts to feel more of the beating from Jen's strong hands. Before she knows it she is backed against a wall. Brit is desperately in need of air. Her hands from Jen's throat to her wrists. Jen's hands are to strong to pull off. Britney tries to give Jen a crotch kick, but Jen senses the coming and blocks it with her foot. Then Jen presses her entire body against Britney so she can't make any effective kicks at her. Before Britney passes out, she thinks quickly and uses all her strength to push Jen away. However, she falls to the floor gasping for air and Jen approaches in seconds.

Jen gives Brit a few hard kicks to her tits and stomach. She picks Britney up by her hair and gives three strong punches in the face. Then she slams the back of her head against the floor. Britney collapses to the floor on her stomach almost knocked out. Jen then slips off Brit's shorts revealing her nice ass. Jen places her own firm, butt on Britney's shoulders, squashing her large tits against the floor. Jen is facing Britney's butt. Jen then seeing that she has the advantage begins slapping Britney's glutes.

Jen teases Britney, "Look at this flabby piece of flesh, you wish you had a firm ass like me, cunt."

Britney begins squealing after each slap.

Jen slaps Brit's ass until it's bright red and gets off of her. She picks Brit up by the hair again and gives her a few hard slaps in the face. Britney is so dazed. Jennifer smiles at what she has already done, she feels that she has this match in control. Jen shoves, Brit against the wall again. Britney however can's stand and falls to the ground on impact. Jen grabs both of Brit's ankles and drags her on the floor.

Britney is on her back and her already sore butt is getting even more bruised. After Jen stops she opens Brit's legs wide open. Britney is able to look up at Jen, but looks in horror as she feels Jen's heel shoved right in her pussy. Britney's hands go straight to her crotch for protection. Jen then pries Brit's hands away and gives a 4 more cunt stomps. Jen then just looks down at Britney with a smile and looks on Brit face full of pain. Jen tries to give Brit another cunt kick, but as she approaches, Britney sends up a kick in her cunt.

Jen immediately grabs her cunt. She carelessly doesn't even look at Britney after this kick. Brit sees a opportunity and sweeps Jen's legs from right under her. After a minute Britney is the first to get up.

She says looks down at Jen and says, "It seems like you trained for this match, but all that won't do a thing, cuz I'm gonna finish you pretty soon, bitch!"

Britney sits right on Jen's hard abs and rips off her crop top, revealing her large tits. She pins Jen's arms under her knees and begins torturing Jen's tits. Britney is pulling and twisting her large tits until they have smelled twice as large as the were. Jen struggles to find a way out of this tit torture, but can't. She just screams and sobs through this. Britney is really enjoying watching this.

Brit teases, "Why are you crying and screaming little girl, your little tits can't handle this beating, huh?"

Jen remembered how Britney did this to Keri which led to her easy domination. Jen knew she had to do something. Brit was even more pleasured to see Jen's tits swing around after each slap and punch on them. Jen had almost passed out, but Britney then stopped the tit torture to keep her awake for her next move.

Britney claims, "Now to end all this and show who the better woman is."

Brit removed her halter top showing her large melons and bringing her to Jen's eyes. Britney begins to lay both melons on Jen's pretty face. Jen saw an opportunity to get out of this. She her knee between Brit's legs and drove it right in her cunt as her as she could. Britney could feel her victory slipping away.

Jen pushed Britney off of her and slowly got up. She stood over the whimpering Britney and laughed. She gave Brit a couple of hard kicks to her face. Jen was angry now, she almost lost that fight with all the hard work she put in, so she made sure she wouldn't let this victory slip away from her.

She picked Brit up by her nipples. She viciously gave Brit hard shots with her fists to her face. Then Jen slammed Brit's head against the wall a few times almost knocking her out. Jen laid Britney's naked body across a table, laying on her back. A wicked smile came across Jen's face as she had the opportunity to now humiliate her. She had waited for this moment for so long and now she had it.

Jen says, "So you like to torture girls with smaller tits huh, well I'll show you how it feels bitch!"

First she climbed up and sat right on Brit's tummy. She began to give her a tit torture like Brit had done to her. She made the pop singer scream like a little girl and she had tears pouring down her face.

Jen teased, "Brit you scream like a 7 year old girl. Just like how big your tits are gonna be when I'm done with you."

After minutes of tit torture, Jen sat her firm ass on her tits and went to focus on her cunt. She began to slowly pluck each pube. Britney's body kept jerking up after every pube pulled out, which just encouraged Jen even more.

After almost balding her clit, Britney yells out in surrender, "Stop Jen, I give, I give!!!!!"

Jen then gets off of Britney and leaves the room. Britney is a little relieved, but can't believe she just loss to Jen. A few moments later Jen returns.

"I've got a surprise for you Brit," Jen says with a huge smile on her face.

Britney look up to see an 8 inch vibrating dildo in her hand. Brit looks up in horror, but Jen looks down with ecstasy. Jen removes her hot pants and turns on the vibrator. She sticks it in her own pussy. After a few minutes of pleasure she cums all over the dildo.

She put the dildo next to Brit's mouth, demanding her to suck on it. After a few seconds, Brit refused to open her mouth, so Jen twisted her nipple. This brought a scream from Britney's lips and then put the dildo in her mouth.

Jen kept the tit hold until Brit sucked every drop off, then Jen climbed on top of Brit and lowered her cunt over her face and made her lick it. Britney did as she wanted. After a few seconds, Jen orgasmed all over Brit's face, leaving an ounce of her fluids on her face. Jen was enjoying this humiliation and Brit had never been so humiliated before.

Jen decided to stick the vibrator in Brit's cunt until she orgasmed. While the dildo was inside her, Brit screamed and moaned until she finally let the juices come out. Now the dildo was covered all in her own cunt and Jen put it next to her mouth again. Brit didn't want to suck on another drop of cum, especially her own. Jen threatened with a clit clamp, but from fear and torture Brit passed out. Jen wasn't done yet and wanted to continue this humiliation. She dragged Brit off the table onto the floor and began slapping her till she woke up.

After 10 minutes Brit finally woke up to see Jen sitting on top of her with the wet dildo. Britney struggled to keep the dildo away from her mouth for 5 minutes. When Jen realized this wasn't working she decided to finish Brit off with a breast smother. She put down the dildo and her tits covered all of Brit's face. All she could do was flail her arms in agony. Almost knocked out, she opened her mouth and clamped her teeth on Jen's left nipple. Jen quickly stood up in pain. Jen began examining her left tit and let Brit gasp more air. Jen returned to Britney

"Now you're gonna get it slut," exclaimed Jennifer

As she approached, Britney cocked back her knee and shoved her foot into Jen's pussy, forcing her to fall on her back in pain. After a few minutes both girls slowly got up at the same time. Jen's back was facing Britney and as she turned around to face her, she felt Brit's right hand claw her cunt and left hand strangle her throat.

Before she knew it, Britney had backed her against the wall. Jen was more worried about the pain in her pussy then the one-handed strangle hold. She tried pulling Brit's hand out, but after each tug, more pain occurred. Jen tried to reach out and rips Brit's tit, but every motion made Brit squeeze her cunt and throat harder. Jen couldn't believe she let this victory slip away. Britney then let go of her throat and cunt, and grabbed her tits. She lifted Jen up above her head by her tits. This brought incredible pain on her sensitive tits. Jen felt like she was being hung by her tits. After a few minutes, Britney's shoulders began to tire so she let Jen drop and caught her. Luckily Jen was almost passed out. Brit laid Jen's naked body across the couch. She wanted to torture Jen just as badly as she did to her.

She went over to pick up to dildo and returned. Brit was in total control now. She shoved the dildo in Jen's pussy as hard as she could. This made Jen feel pleasure and pain at the same time. Jen was now crying and screaming like a little girl. After Jen orgasmed all over the dildo, Brit put it to her lips. After Jen refused, Brit grabbed a handful of her pubes to make her scream and let her put it in. Then she climbed on Jen putting her own cunt over her face. When Jen refused again, Brit grabbed and ripped another handful of pubes, leaving just about 4 hairs there. Then did what she wanted. After a few minutes, Britney cummed all over Jen's face. Then Brit smothered Jen with her large melons till she was out cold. Britney walked out of Jen's house thinking about how she just kicked little Jen's ass.