Jennifer Love Hewitt vs. Gwen Stefani by Catfight Contributor

Hard as she tried, Jennifer couldn't get the music industry to take her seriously as a singer. In fact, there were still people in (and outside of) Hollywood who had trouble taking her seriously as an actress! She began to hear whispers that she was becoming more famous for being famous than any of talents. But what really drove her nuts was hearing the scorn heaped on her musical talent - especially by other singers. One night, she was at a star-studded party in the Hollywood hills, decked out in a revealing black top, short skirt, stockings and sleek sandals; busily chatting up everyone, asking what they thought of her talent. Jennifer was known to be easy to get along with until, in the midst of the party, she overheard her name a few feet away, and turned her head to eavesdrop.

"Have you heard that 'Barenaked' crap on the radio?" a girlish female voice said, followed by a rather unflattering impression of her. "If it wasn't for those boobs of hers," the voice continued to ribald laughter, "she'd be lucky to be singing at the mall with that voice! And the lyrics...Gawd, I wrote better lyrics in junior high!"

That was it! Jennifer wheeled around, and was startled to see that the woman mocking her was the incredibly beautiful and talented singer, Gwen Stefani, the lead singer for 'No Doubt.' Jennifer took a step forward and the petite blonde appeared momentarily startled. Obviously having no idea she'd been making fun of someone who was close enough to overhear her.

"Where do you get off talking…?" Jennifer began, fighting to hold back tears.

"Look, I'm really sorry," Gwen said, her tone barely convincing. "I didn't mean to..."

Normally, that would have been enough for the normally agreeable brunette to have accepted as an apology. But she was already fed up with other artists snippy attitude toward her music and she couldn't let it go. She got right into Gwen's face and kept right on yapping.

"All right, get out of my face," Gwen finally interrupted. She'd already had a couple of drinks, and she was starting to feel testy herself. "I said I'm sorry...what'm I s'posed to do, apologize 'cause you can't sing for shit?"

Jennifer was stunned...then she just got mad! With several people looking on, she suddenly slapped Gwen. "You're lucky there're so many people around," Jennifer hissed. "Otherwise, there'd be a lot more where that came from."

"Ooohhh, now that's a scary thought," Gwen spat. "But if you're serious, why don't you make good on it? We can surely find someplace private to settle this. You guys'll excuse us, right?" she asked the group of disappointed looking men who'd gathered around them.

For a moment Jennifer hesitated...which gave Gwen time to grab her hair and pull her against her until they were breast-to-breast, face-to-face. "I SAID little girl, let's settle this in private," she repeated as she started toward the stairs pulling Jennifer along. "No backing down now, hon!"

Before Jennifer knew what was happening, she was stumbling along in Gwen's wake and they were halfway up the stairs. She finally yanked her hair from Gwen's grasp, but there was no turning back now as a crowd had gathered at the bottom of the steps and all eyes were on her firm round ass as she slowly climbed the steps. Silently, the two women completed the climb as hoots and hollers in support of both were heard from below. At the top, Gwen took Jennifer by the hand and lead her down the hall to a large, almost cavernous bedroom. Once they were inside, Gwen shut the door. Both now realized this was going to happen for real. Glaring, they sized each other up, assessing their chances of success. Gwen's tank top and tight pants a sharp contrast to Jennifer's much more elegant ensemble; Gwen's nearly flat chest no match for Jennifer's very impressive assets. Although they were near the same height, Gwen appeared to have a slightly more solid and compact build than the waifish Jennifer.

Realizing she had to make a move sooner rather than later, Jennifer lunged at Gwen, trying to tackle her to the floor but Gwen spread her legs, planted her feet firmly and stood her ground. The two young women slammed together and locked up with each other. They struggled briefly, pushing and pulling, twisting their bodies this way and that until Gwen confirmed her strength advantage as she'd expected to. Overpowering Jennifer, Gwen swung her around and pushed her back up against the bedroom wall, the brunette grunting as she hit the wall hard. As soon as Jennifer's butt slapped the wall, Gwen drove her first into Jennifer's stomach drawing a loud gasp...then again...and a third time. As Gwen pulled her fist out of Jennifer's belly after the third punch, the slight brunette slid down the wall and crumpled on the floor at Gwen's feet moaning, gasping for air and holding her churning stomach in both hands. Stepping back, Gwen smiled at the results of her hand work.

"That all you got, TOUGHGRRL? 'Cause I gotta warn ya," she taunted, mimicking Jennifer's voice again. "There's lots more where that came from."

Jennifer rolled over, struggled to her knees and looked up warily at the blonde looming over her with her fists clenched. When Gwen backed off, it dawned on Jennifer that Gwen was not only supremely cocky, but took her so lightly she was willing to give her room to get up. That made her so angry that she sprang to her feet and ran at Gwen, wildly slapping and punching. The headlong rush caught Gwen off guard and she was forced to cover up while dodging Jennifer's wildly flailing blows. The fact was, however, Jennifer just wasn't very good at this fighting business. It wasn't like Gwen was such a great brawler but she was getting a definite sense that she was at little risk from her rival. As much as Jennifer flailed, even the few punches that landed really didn't do much damage. In fact, her fists did little more than sting.

Finally, though, Gwen had enough and, with a quick move, she forced her way past Jennifer's wild swings and wrapped her arms around her slender waist. Before Jennifer could properly react, Gwen slipped around behind her and, with her arms still wrapped tightly around her waist from behind, clamped her in a tight reverse bearhug. Jennifer bent forward and squealed in protest as Gwen's wiry arms crushed her belly; her pelvis thrust hard into her hard butt almost as if she were screwing her from behind! There wasn't much Jennifer could do since she was facing away from Gwen and although she clawed and pawed at her clasped hands, she couldn't break her grip.

Gwen poured everything she had into the bearhug, even lifting Jennifer slightly off her feet before setting her back down. For more than a minute Gwen held her in the breathtaking embrace as Jennifer’s struggles grew weaker. Finally, Gwen stumbled forward a couple of steps and threw Jennifer face-down over the edge of a king-size bed. As Jennifer started to push herself up, Gwen jumped on her back, her weight slamming into Jennifer’s body drawing a loud “OOOOF!” from the winded brunette. Jennifer writhed and kicked her legs so hard her shoes flew off but all her bucking and bouncing couldn't unseat Gwen who squeezed Jennifer’s hips firmly between her thighs and rode her like a bucking bronco. Before long, Gwen gathered up a handful of the hair from the back of Jennifer’s head and pressed her face down into the soft down comforter covering the bed. Jennifer stopped squirming as a lack of oxygen and Gwen’s beating took their toll on her slender body.

"Ready to go down there and tell everyone I kicked your ass?" Gwen asked as she bounced up and down.

"Nev…UNH…er!" Jennifer grunted as she strained just to raise her head enough to spit out a mouthful of comforter; flailing her lithe legs in frustration as Gwen’s weight continued to hold her pinned down.

"Fine," Gwen chuckled. "Then I guess I'll just have to be sure you're REALLY humiliated before we leave this room. Make it CLEAR you understand NEVER to FUCK with ME again,” she grunted, slamming her ass down on Jennifer’s back for emphasis!

Gwen slid up until she was straddling Jennifer's waist, then grabbed her top and in once smooth motion, yanked it up and off over her head. She unsnapped Jennifer’s expensive lace bra and, after pulling Jennifer's upper body up by the hair, used her free hand to reach around under her chest, grab the bra between the cups and jerk it right out from under her, leaving her topless!

"NOW!” Gwen demanded. “Are you ready to give up?"

There was no response at all this time, so Gwen began to bounce, up and down, up and down, driving whatever fight was left in her hurting rival out of her right along with the remaining air in her lungs. Finally, seeing Jennifer posed even less threat than she had before, Gwen slid her body back up and over Jennifer’s raised ass and down her thighs until her feet touched the floor. Grabbing Jennifer’s ankles, Gwen pulled her off the bed and dropped her on her bare chest to the floor with a loud grunt. Jennifer started to slowly push up on her hands and knees, but a light kick to her raised butt knocked her back down onto her stomach.

"Tell me," Gwen said, grabbed Jennifer's stocking foot, lifted her leg and slowly bent it back over her butt until the heel was pressed into her back. Gwen pinned her leg down with her foot and asked without a trace of feeling, “So, does THAT hurt?" When Jennifer didn’t reply, she reached down and pulled back on her hair, bowing her back sharply, putting more stress on the slender body of the brunette. "How 'bout THIS?"

Jennifer moaned, at first trying unsuccessfully to reach back to slap Gwen's hand away, and when that failed, beating her fists on the carpet. Still, she refused to give Gwen the satisfaction of conceding.

"So, that didn't work either, huh?" Gwen said, releasing her hair and removing her foot. "Let's try something different, then."

Straddling Jennifer's back facing her ass, Gwen dropped on her ass, knocking more wind from Jennifer. Then she began working on her miniskirt. It wasn't easy, especially with the brunette thrashing her legs, but with enough time and effort, Gwen managed to break the catch and started to tug the skirt down. Leaning forward, she pushed it right down over Jennifer’s thighs, her lower legs and finally to her feet. She pulled it off and sat back, her eyes widening in surprise as Gwen discovered the "good girl" wore a rather naughty thong. This was an opportunity she couldn't pass up! With more than a little enthusiasm, Gwen began to rain open-faced spanks down on Jennifer’s firm, bare behind. Jennifer yelped in protest, her arms flailing and her stocking feet beating a tattoo on the floor, but she was powerless to stop the humiliating spanking. Over and over, Gwen continued to spank until she hear her rival break down and began to sob. She could feel the warming sensation of Jennifer’s body quivering and shuddering between her tightly clenched thighs and beneath her ass.

"Just give up, you stupid bitch," Gwen advised.

But even with tears streaming down her face and her makeup running, Jennifer still refused to submit. Finally, her hand stinging, Gwen gave up on spanking and got to her feet, standing over Jennifer as she yanked her to her feet by the hair. Then she let go so the brunette could turn around to face her on her own. As soon as Jennifer turned, Gwen unleashed payback for her earlier slap with one that sent the thoroughly beaten young woman crashing back onto the bed. Gwen took her time, straddling Jennifer’s chest before turning around to slid back slowly until she had a comfortable seat on Jennifer's face. Gwen was staring down at Jennifer's bare breasts, her thong and her limp legs draped over the edge of the bed at the knees. Then Jennifer squirmed, her legs kicking in the air, but by this point she was too weak to put much effort into her resistance and her legs soon flopped back down. Looking down, Gwen's eyes feasted on Jennifer's heaving soft breasts as she licked her lips enviously.

"Wow," she sighed softly, "they’re all they were cracked up to be…and then some.” Gently reaching down to collect two handfuls, with some spilling out between her spread fingers and plenty more to spare, Gwen began squeeze the impressive breasts as Jennifer moaned. "No wonder you still have a career," she mused.

Surprisingly finding herself growing more and more turned on by her dominance of the gorgeous brunette, Gwen found her thoughts turning to other ways of humiliating the proud young would-be singer. With Jennifer's squirming having subsided to a relative minimum, Gwen leaned forward, grabbed Jennifer's legs under the knees and pulled them up and back to her. She tucked them under one arm to secure them as, with the other, she slid Jennifer's panties up to her knees. Then, she was suddenly snapped out of her lecherous reverie and brought back to reality when she heard the sound of the door behind her open with a soft ‘click’ and the squeak of hinges. Gwen looked up and saw standing in the doorway, Neve Campbell - Jennifer's old castmate and “close” friend.

Neve wasn't entirely surprised as she took in the scene before her when she opened the door. Indeed, she’d expected this outcome after witnessing the spat earlier. She’d seen Jennifer in many similar situations before (and even put her in a few herself) but Neve was outraged by what she assumed this stranger was about to do to her friend and her eyes burned holes through Gwen.

"All right, that's enough," Neve snarled. "Now let her go and get ready to deal with ME."

Gwen quickly climbed off Jennifer who heaved an audible sigh of relief as the blonde singer bounced off the bed, looking slightly unnerved. She and Neve met in the middle of the room and almost instantly locked into each other. Gwen quickly found out that Neve had a lot more power than skinny Jennifer and within seconds she was on her knees with a startled expression on her face. At least she was on her knees until Neve’s knee to the side of her face knocked her flat on her back! From the shocked look on Gwen's face, Neve probably could have stopped right there and Gwen would have fled in terror, but the bigger brunette had no intention of letting her off so easy.

As Gwen started to scamper away on her hands and knees, but Neve grabbed her by the waist of her pants and hauled her to her feet. Quickly securing a hold, Neve proceeded to drive knee after knee to Gwen's lower back and butt, until she was whimpering and moaning. Neve threw Gwen forward, sending her flying into the wall headfirst. Just as Jennifer had earlier, Gwen crumpled upon impact and dropped to the floor in a heap. Before long, she'd been yanked back up again as Neve continued to lay a beating on her. To her credit, Gwen gamely tried to fight back, throwing punches of her own even though Neve had her cornered. But Neve’s punches were stronger - and flew faster. Finally, Gwen’s only escape was by tumbling to the floor where she wrapped her arms around Neve's legs and tried to tackle her down. But Gwen was tired after her earlier fight with Jennifer and too weakened by her beating to be able to do much and she wound up clinging pathetically to the thighs of the dominant brunette.

"So, you like beating up my friends, huh?" Neve said, looking down with contempt at the writhing blonde. "You like taking clothes too, huh? Well, we’ll just see how YOU like it done to you."

Neve reached down and with a single swift pull, yanked Gwen's T-shirt over her head. The blonde wasn't wearing a bra, of course, which after a moment of surprise, made Neve smirk as she studied her small, perky breasts.

"Awwww. No wonder you’re so jealous of my Love's great tits," she said. "Must be humiliating to have these little things," she teased, grabbing Gwen's nipples and pulling her over face down to the floor. Neve stomped her foot down on Gwen’s ass. "If you know what's good for you, you won't try to fight back," she told her.

Neve then proceeded to strip Gwen until the squirming blonde was down to her panties. Grabbing her by the back of her waistband, Neve jerked Gwen to her feet and pulled her up onto her tiptoes, giving her a super wedgie as she marched her slowly to the bedroom door.

"Now,” Neve hissed in her hear. “You're just lucky I'm in a good mood today. Now, you get the hell out of here and go downstairs and tell all those people that I kicked YOUR ass." Then as she let go of Gwen’s panties, she grabbed her hair and pulled her head back onto her chest, glared down on her red face and told her, "On second thought, tell ‘em Love kicked your ass. Now GO!"

Gwen tried to protest, not thrilled at the idea of wandering a strange house virtually naked. But Neve was having none of it. She gave Gwen a hard kick in the ass that propelled her out the door. Neve slammed it behind her and Gwen knew better than to go back in and try to reason with either of the angry brunettes.

As Neve turned back toward the bed, Jennifer was just pulling her thong back up and she blushed deeply as she mumbled, "Thank God you helped me. Who knows WHAT that psycho bitch would’ve done to me if you hadn’t shown up in the nick of time!"

"Yeah, who knows," Neve chuckled as she swaggered slowly over to the bed. Jennifer - still naked except for her thong panties - sat up and looked right at Neve. She was still recovering from the beating, but something in her was also turned on by the idea of her friend arriving to rescue her like a knight in shining armor on a white charger. Neve stood beside the bed and Jennifer slowly raised her leg and ran her stocking foot teasingly upward along the inside of her friend's leg.

"ANYthing I can do to thank you for saving me from that awful blonde bitch?" she whispered in her most seductive voice.

"Well, a few things," Neve grinnend, lifting Jennifer's leg and running her tongue over the foot, up her lower leg, then all the way to the inside of her upper thigh. Before long, Neve was straddling the petite brunette - but far differently from the way Gwen had.

Out in the hall, her ear pressed to the door, her eye at the keyhole, Gwen squatted with her hand between her open legs. It would be hours before she could get her clothes, and there was no way she was leaving without them. But there was no way, either, she was going back in there to face Neve and Jennifer - certainly not together. As the three of them each satisfied their needs, Gwen promised herself that the next time she saw Jennifer, she'd first, be sure Neve was nowhere around and then second, she'd finish teaching her the lesson she'd started. Then, when Jennifer had been properly ‘instructed’ Neve WAS going to answer for the crime of interrupting a Gwen Stefani ‘performance.’ Gwen wasn’t sure how or when, but she WAS going to make Neve sorry she’d opened that door!!