Michelle Williams vs. Jennifer Love Hewitt by Hawkeye 28-Aug-99

The strategy for Fox's Party of Fivers against the Dawson Creek duo of Katie Holmes and Michelle Williams had been to grab the early advantage with their powerhouse Neve Campbell. She played out the scenario as if acting her way through a finely scripted scene. Neve took over early and pummeled Katie into a limp rag doll of a figure, at the end stripping the lithe brunette of everything but her black lace bra and panties. Neve placed her foot squarely on Katie's open midsection in a dramatic pose of domination to claim the win.

Truth be told, Michelle had mixed feelings watching the dismantling of Katie. The final moments of humiliation Katie had been forced to suffer at the hands of Neve put Michelle in a position to lose out on the $100,000 purse for the winning team, but to see her cast mate embarrassed in such a fashion brought a smile to her face. Michelle had always felt slighted by the media's loving embrace of sweet fresh faced Katie. Now, the buxom young blonde was in a position to show people she was more than Katie's second banana and to do so against another syrupy sweet media darling like Jennifer Love Hewitt. Well this was a heaven sent daily double she planned on cashing in.

Michelle entered the ring in a basic black outfit that accentuated the milky white of her skin. The ensemble consisted of a sports bra that appeared to be at least two sizes too small. Whether this was an oversight, a bow to vanity or to make these potential weapons easily accessible, only Michelle knew for sure. In addition, she wore satin boxing trunks slit well up the sides. Michelle danced around the ring. She shadowboxed and bounced off the ropes, her nervous energy coming to a head.

Love came down the aisle in a matching pink bikini top and briefs. Her ever present smile lighting up the ring if her ample breasts and flimsily covered derriere had not done so already. Michelle couldn't help but break into her own smile, as Love hardly looked the part of a dangerous opponent. She swayed back and forth waiting for the bell like she had just been given the keys to Saks Fifth Avenue and was about to turn the lock.

The bell rang and the women circled each other around the ring. Surprisingly, Michelle attempted a collegiate style single-leg takedown, but the quicker Jennifer slid out of the move and the deliberate dance recommenced. Out of the corner of her eye, Michelle caught sight of the bruised and bandaged Katie making her way to ringside. Stupid bitch, she thought to herself, but the thought was quickly displaced by a sharp burning sensation from her jaw. Love had taken advantage of her distraction and landed a lightning fast left from out of nowhere that had Michelle backpedaling. She was still trying to regain her bearings when Love followed up with a clothesline that slammed her to the mat with a resounding thump, the back of her head taking the greatest force of the landing.

Michelle was desperate to gain some recovery time and she hastily rolled out of the ring only to be met with another vicious clothesline, this time with a little added force behind it. Dazed, she looked up from the arena floor and through the glare of the lights saw Neve coming back for more of her. Where the hell was Katie, off powdering her nose? Michelle was hoisted to her feet and thrown back in the ring into the waiting arms of Love who ripped off a textbook belly to belly suplex and Michelle once again was counting the lights in the ceiling.

Wisely, Love kept the pressure on dropping a knee across Michelle's throat that had her flopping around like a grounded mackerel. She then climbed to the second rope and splashed on top of the blonde's exposed belly. Michelle groaned deeply on impact and was hurriedly sucking in air to replace that she had lost from Hewitt's one point landing. With such glorious results staring her in the face, Love could not resist taking to the air again for an encore performance, but this time Michelle had the wherewithal to bring her knees up and now it was Love rolling on the ground with her eyes bugging out of her head.

It had become a battle to see who could recover first and it appeared Michelle had won, finally sauntering over unsteadily. She caught Love as the slender waif was getting to her knees. Michelle grabbed her long brunette tresses and prepared to bring her to her feet with a yank, but Love had something else in mind. She brought her forearm up between Michelle's alabaster thighs and caught the young blonde in a most vulnerable locale. Michelle immediately dropped to her knees facing Love nose to nose. She draped her arms over Love's shoulders in a last effort to stay upright, but she might have been better served going straight to the mat. Love now snatched at Michelle's readily available bounty, squeezing and twisting, producing high-pitched squeals from the busty Dawson star.

"Let's get a better look at those or more precisely a better feel," said Love as she frenetically relieved Michelle of her top, releasing the impressive mammaries bridled underneath.

Now Love really went to work with the nipples, twisting and pulling them out from their soft, fleshy home. Michelle's jaw dropped open, but no sound was released, at least to the human ear. Next, she sunk both sets of talons into the now sweaty mounds and squeezed. Michelle screamed and tried to roll away, but Love had a strong hold and followed her down to the mat, ending up straddling the now prone Michelle.

The young blond was in severe pain, but was far from debilitated. While Love continued to concentrate on her painful grip, Michelle landed a couple of decent straight rights to Love's chin. Each punch increased the pressure placed on Michelle's tits, but she had to bite the bullet if she was going to break free. A couple more pops to the jaw did the trick and Love released her grip.

However, Williams quickly forsook her moderately effective offensive and instead began massaging her now reddened bosom. As she gently kneaded some of the pain away, Love took the opportunity to reach behind her and open a second front to the south. She grabbed at one of the slits on the side of Michelle's boxing trunks and gave a violent tug ripping them up through the waistband soon leaving Williams with nothing but the black g-string underneath. The removal of her shorts brought Michelle back to the real danger she was still in and she grabbed a hold of Love's perky chest looking to return the favor of moments earlier.

However, Love acted quickly and from her seated straddle across the blonde's tummy, she rose to a catcher's crouch. She then replanted herself with vehemence back into Michelle's breadbasket causing her to release the air in her lungs with an audible rush and more importantly to Love, release her grip on her now tenderized bosom.

With Michelle now in a fit of coughing, Love took the opportunity to swivel 180 degrees and go to work down under. She grabbed the g-string and pulled it back as if she was trying to land a 12-pound bass. Despite being busy gulping in air, Michelle's pain reflex brought her up to a seated position, but a quick backhand swipe by Love sent her crashing back to the mat.

Again, Love gave Michelle the ultimate wedgie. The intense waves of pain shot out from her crotch through her entire body. The spasm once again brought Michelle up, but this time she pushed Love forward as well. As she did, the slender cutie tumbled forward but caught herself before falling to the mat face first. From her seated position, Michelle saw the promised land and made a snatch for it. From behind, she clamped on an underhanded iron claw into the pubic mound and held on for dear life. She painfully brought her legs out from underneath Love holding onto the claw all the while. Love, afraid to move in any direction, remained on all fours as Michelle moved around and climbed to the side of her back positioning herself in the collegiate up position, only with a highly uncollegiate crotch claw.

She drove Love forward and down to the mat climbing on top of her. Michelle slid her hand underneath Love's tiny undergarment and began alternately squeezing, stroking and easing off Love's delicate vaginal entry bringing Love to the height of pain and pleasure before bringing her back down. Once Michelle felt she had assured herself control of the match, she released her grip and climbed aboard the small of Love's back. Interlocking her fingers, she placed the cup of her hands underneath Love's chin and pulled back causing the wispy beauty to be bent back into a chiropractor's worst nightmare. Any possible screams from the vicious torture being subjected to her spine were muffled by the devastating chinlock. Michelle took the time to look over at Neve and wink playfully. The dangerous and ravishing Canadian knew that any step inside the ring would cause instant disqualification from the entire competition not just this match, so she was stuck squirming in her seat forced to watch Love writhe in agony under Michelle's pressure.

Growing tired of the situation, Michelle released her chinlock, grabbed both of Love's cheeks and forced her face hard into the mat. She then pulled her head back up leaving behind a few splotches of blood on the mat where Love's nose had started to drip a few corpuscles. She slammed her face down hard again causing gasps from those assembled. Love was now all but lights out. Michelle rolled her over and gazed deeply into her eyes.

"Anybody home," she said condescendingly, as she knocked lightly on the side of Love's noggin.

She stood up bringing Love along with her and brought her over to the side of the ring where Neve and Katie were watching the match. She shoved Love to the ropes and talking in an exaggerated high voice talked for the nearly unconscious actress.

"Hey, Neve, I told you I'd beat up that little Dawson pipsqueak. Whoops, guess I was wrong."

Neve got up out of her seat, but caught herself before getting to the apron. Michelle threw the spent brunette backward into the middle of the ring and turned toward Katie.

"That's how you do it, your majesty," she snapped at her obviously perturbed costar.

Love had begun to stir and Michelle wanted to knot this competition at one apiece on an official basis, so she approached with care. She grabbed both of Love's sleek gams and stretched them wide apart. She then stomped her right foot down into the unprotected crotch and twisted the heel in for good measure causing Love to yelp like a scared puppy. Michelle now climbed aboard Love in a full body press, first elevating and then releasing herself to gravity, crushing Love's supple body underneath. Once the girl had been properly tenderized Michelle moved up her torso. Love was now motionless, but for the heaving of her chest still working to get oxygen back to its starved system. Michelle's exquisite ivory globes ran up Love's neck and over her chin finding their appointed targets.

Gently, Michelle laid her bounty over Love's face leaving only her eyes open to Michelle's view. Love's arms waved only in the slightest measure before dropping limply to her sides and any doubts were laid to rest as Michelle saw Love's eyes start to roll over white. Within 30 seconds, she was dead to the world and this competition was all square. Michelle rolled up off her inanimate adversary and mocked Neve's earlier pose by placing one foot on Love's crotch and raising her hands in victory.

"One down, one to go," she said, once again winking at Neve.

Now that the match was officially over, Neve ran to the ring ropes and prepared to climb through to end Love's humiliation - and get an early piece of Michelle. However, her plans were quickly cut short, as instead of climbing through the ropes she was sent flying over them from a blow to the back of the head by Katie. Michelle ran forward and got in a couple of stomps before nearby attendants broke things up.

"Don't think I was helping you," said Katie, "I just owed that bitch a little payback."

"Yeah," Michelle responded, "too bad you didn't think of that during your match, Little Miss It Girl."

The two stormed off in different directions leaving the contorted Neve and the dozing Love in their collective wake.