Faith Hill vs. Jennifer Lopez by Catman

As beautiful diva Faith Hill sat in her limo on her way to the music video awards, her beeper went off. It was the show's producer who it seems has a small problem that needs to be resolved. She agreed to meet him at his office as soon as she arrived. The limo pulled up to the red carpet and Faith emerged, unfurling her long, lovely legs and looking as glamorous as ever in a Versace gown and strappy sandals that really showed off her tall, lanky frame. Flashbulbs erupted as she flipped back her long blonde hair and waved to the crowd before strutting up the aisle into the convention center.

At the same time, Latina sensation Jennifer Lopez who had already arrived was practicing for a live performance. She received a similar page and spat, "What the fuck? Don't they know I'm a busy diva?"

The fiery Latina looked her usual curvaceously sexy self, decked out in black leather pants and a red halter top as she too headed for the producers office. When J-Lo arrived at the what was supposed to be the producers office she found Faith waiting outside.

"What's up blondie," J-lo quipped.

"I'm supposed to meet with the producer," Faith said with a shrug.

At that moment, the door opened and the producer called them both in. The two women walked into an empty room with only a desk as furniture; hardly what you'd expect for a major producer. Then the producer excused himself, leaving the room and locking the door behind him.

Faith looking nervously at J-Lo and asked, "Whats going on? Why'd he lock the door?"

J-Lo looking up at the tall willowy blonde replied, "I don't know but I don't have time for this shit!"

It was just about that time when they heard the producers voice on the intercom.

"Ladies we have a small problem. The two of you are tied for the best female artist title and the best way to settle this is called, 'may the best woman win.' The only thing I have to say is you must bring proof of your victory to claim your prize. We'll present the award in an hour." Then he added, "Oh, by the way Jennifer, aren't you the one who told me that Faith was nothing but a fake Goodie-two-shoes bimbo whose only talent is standing there and looking pretty?" As Faith turned toward J-Lo, her face flushing, he said, "And Faith, didn't I overhear you tell someone Jen was just a cheap, fat-ass bitch? Well, whatever you each said, have fun ladies!"

The two diva's squared off immediately, although Faith appeared nervous and seemed unsure of herself. She hadn't been in a real fight since hight school and was clearly intimidated by J-Lo's buff athletic physique and her cocky persona. Faith's tall lanky frame looked great in a dress, but she didn't appear to have the muscle tone to do much damage in a catfight. Sensing this, J-Lo immediately went on the offensive, grabbing and twisting Faith's long, slender arm behind her back, then pushing the tall blonde singer facefirst into the wall.

"OOOOOOhh!" Faith groaned in obvious pain as her nose flattened on the wall.

"Cheap fat ass bitch huh?," J-Lo spat as she pinned Faith against the wall with her body as she twisted her arm until tears started streaming down the blondes pretty face.

"Please, your hurting me," Faith whimpered. "Just let me go, you can have that dumb award!"

"What, and miss out on kicking your prissy stringbean ass!" Jennifer laughed. "I don't think so!"

Faith, in move born of her desperation, pulled her arm free when she felt J-Lo relax her grip slightly. She grabbed a handful of Jennifer's hair ripping out several clumps.

"OOOOWWWW!" Jennifer screamed, enraged by Faith's defiance of her will.

J-Lo rapidly unleashed a flurry of punches that battered the tall blonde. Faith tried holding out her long, frail arms in a feeble defense but J-Lo easily sent the leggy diva sprawling to the floor on her ass with a bloody nose and split lip. The battered diva tried to crawl away the Latina hellcat but J-Lo was on her in a flash, grabbing two handfuls of long blonde hair and slinging Faith into the wall.

The blonde hit with a loud thud and her knees buckled then she slowly slid down the wall and sat on the floor holding her head. J-Lo was clearly enjoying herself while Faith on the other hand was a sobbing broken wreck. J-Lo again pounced, putting Faith in a schoolgirl pin as she squirmed and cried ,wildly kicking her long legs in a futile attempt to break free. J-Lo had her locked in and was clearly in control as she looked down with an evil grin at her helpless victim. Faith looked up, her face a tear streaked mask of terror and confusion.

"Awwwww poor baby, your Revlon's runnin'," J-LO taunted.

Faith pleaded, "P..p…please J..J..Jennifer, I give up! Y…yo…you won. Lemme go."

"Soon baby, very soon. You be a good girl and everything's gonna be OK," J-Lo replied as she sat back plotting her next move to further humiliate the haughty diva.

Jennifer remembered what the producer had said about Faith commenting on her fat ass and it suddenly became crystal clear what her next move would be.

Jennifer slid her now infamous ass up and covered Faith's pretty face as she said, "OK Faith baby, I think you know what to do now!"

"NOOO! Please, not that," Faith sobbed.

But Jennifer sternly told the weeping blonde, "DO it, or I'm gonna hurt you worse than before!"

"OK, OK," Faith gasped. "I'll do it, just don't hurt me," Faith replied.

J-Lo lowered her beautiful butt on Faith's face and the blonde diva reluctantly stuck out her tongue and went to work on J-Lo's pussy, flicking her clit and pleasuring her the way only a woman knows how please another woman. It wasn't long before J-Lo was in the midst of a massive mind blowing orgasm! She moaned and practically drowned her beautiful victim in a cascade of her love juices. Faith was too afraid to stop and she continued to pleasure J-Lo until the lovely Latina couldn't take any more and ordered her to stop.

"Damn, you're good at that baby," J-Lo praised. "I guess you get a lot of practice on tour. What's your hubby think about that?"

"I…I…just wanted to be a good girl like you wanted me to," Faith replied, her face turning bright red as she blushed deeply.

J-Lo smiled, "Well, then, be a good girl again and bend yourself over that desk. I think you still owe me a little bit more of an apology, so we're not done yet!"

Faith hesitated to comply with J-Lo's new command, so Jennifer hair-hauled the recalcitrant blonde up and shoved her to the desk in the corner of the room.

"Now bitch, bend over the desk and do as your told!" J-Lo spat.

Faith nervously obeyed, her long legs quivering ,terrified of what punishment J-Lo had in mind. J-Lo then came up behind the lanky diva and pulled up her dress to reveal a pair of pink, lace panties. Then she stepped back to drink in the sight of Faith's firm, round bottom and her long legs.

"Damn girl, you got legs all the way to your armpits! All legs and no biceps, you're built just the way I like 'em," J-Lo chuckled.

"Please Jennifer, just don't hurt me," Faith pleaded.

She only said it once before she broke down crying so hard she couldn't speak.

J-Lo ordered the now docile blonde to lay across the desk top and grab the other side .While Faith stretched her arms across the desk, J-Lo went into her purse and took out a tattoo needle. With Faith stretched out full length, J-Lo pulled the blondes panties down to her knees, rubbed some alcohol on her right ass cheek and bent over her. The tattoo needle began to buzz as Faith let out a scream.

"Just lie there and stay still baby," Jennifer said, giving Faith's ass cheek a sharp spank. "This'll only hurt for a couple a minutes if you behave. Otherwise, I could be here all night trying to get this just right."

Faith was too cowed to offer any resistance aside from a few sobs and whimpers. J-Lo began tattooing Faith's ass and, a few minutes later, she was done. J-Lo ordered Faith to stand up and then the producers voice again came over the intercom.

"Better wrap it up ladies," he said. "Five minutes to show time."

The door was unlocked and Faith quickly pulled up her panties and straightened her dress. When the two diva's emerged, J-Lo looked great as she headed down the hallway towards the auditorium holding Faith firmly by the elbow. In a stark contrast, Faith looked a mess. She was sporting a black eye and fat lip and her tangled, cum-soaked hair left no doubt who 'came out on top' in the altercation.

As they reached the back of the packed auditorium, J-Lo gave the producer a thumbs up and the presenter announced, "I believe we have a winner for the best female vocalist award, Ms. Jennifer Lopez! And here to present the award to J-Lo, is Faith Hill."

The crowd went wild as Jennifer proudly strutted down the aisle holding the beaten and humiliated Faith by the arm. When the two women reached the stage, Jennifer firmly guided Faith to one side and gave her acceptance speech without letting Faith say a word. Then, when she had finished, J-Lo turned to Faith who was standing submissively at her side still somehow managing to look beautiful in her Versace gown.

J-Lo concluded her speech with, "I'd be remiss if I didn't thank someone very special to me for all she's given me, Ms. Faith Hill!"

As the crowd rose to applaud J-Lo's sporting gesture, Jennifer hissed a command to the tall willowy blonde, telling her to turn around with her back to the audience and bend over. Faith hesitated, but J-Lo squeezed her arm hard and Faith did as she was told. While Faith was bent over, J-Lo reached down and pulled up the hem of Faith's dress. There, on Faith's right ass cheek which was perched prettily at the top her long, lovely, pipestem legs, everyone could see a tattoo. As the camera moved in for a close-up, the entire world got a good, close look at Faith's new tattoo, "J-LO'S BITCH"