Faith Hill vs. Rose McGowan by noname

Faith entered the ring first in a sexy black string bikini. She paraded around the ring, flipping her hair back and looking sexy for the crowd. Rose entered next wearing a very sexy outfight derived from the dress she wore to an awards show that showed her ass. Rose leaned over the ropes and started flirting with Faith's husband Tim McGraw before the match. This totally pissed Faith off and she went over, grabbed Rose by the back of her hair and threw her to the mat. Faith jumped on Rose's back and started pinching her ass.

"A little too much cellulite there you bitch," hissed Faith.

Faith rolled Rose over and sat on her stomach then bounced up and down a few times before she moved up further and sat on her tits. After slapping Rose a couple of times, Faith moved higher still until she was seated astride Rose's face. Rose started kicking her sexy legs in the air until she was somehow able to hook them around Faith's head and pull her over backward.

Rose quickly locked in the head scissors, securing it by using a handful of Faith's long blonde hair to pull her head tight up between her powerful thighs.

"After I get done kicking your ass," Rose hissed in Faith's ear. "I'm going to give Tim the best sex of his life."

Faith frantically kicked her long, sexy legs and twisted her hips from side to side. No matter what the blonde tried, however, she just couldn't break the hold. After two minutes, Rose legs started to tire and she released Faith. After two minutes being squeezed by Rose's legs, Faith was barely conscious and didn't move when Rose pulled her legs away.

Rose kicked Faith in the side a couple of times to roll her over onto her back, then she straddled Faith's head and dropped, landing with her big ass covering Faith's face.

"How do you like the taste 'cellulite' you bitch?" Rose screamed.

Suffocating under Rose's buff bottom, Faith was being suffocated. She kept flailing and kicking her long legs but no matter what she did, it couldn't budge Rose. Faith's predicament got far worse when Rose grabbed two handfuls of her hair and began to rub Faith's nose against her clit.

"Do a good job of making me happy now," Rose taunted her. "And maybe I won't take Tim home and make him happy tonight."

Faith really didn't want to satisfy Rose, but more than that, she realized that if she didn't do what Rose demanded, Rose would surely screw Tim. Choking back a sob, Faith stuck out her tongue. As Rose smiled at the crowd, Faith began to pleasure her. In and out Faith worked her tongue, swirling it in Rose's pussy and flicking it on Rose's clit until Rose exploded in an earth-shattering orgasm and came all over Faith's face.

But instead of getting off of Faith, Rose slithered down and lay on top of the gasping blonde. Rose wedged her feet between Faith's legs and put her in a painful leg grapevine. Rose began to rub her body up and down on Faith's while she whispered in her ear saying she was still going to go fuck Tim after she finished destroying her.


Faith began to cry and, although she started bucking her hips it was futile and only further aroused Rose who had the grapevine hold locked in tight. After shivering to a mini-climax as Faith bucked and humped her hips in a futile effort to escape, Rose scooted back up Faith's body and planted her big, soft tits on Faiths face.

All that was visible beneath the globes of her pale flesh were Faith's terrified wide eyes, staring up at Rose pleading silently. After a couple of minutes, Faith's eyes fluttered shut and her struggles slowed and then stopped altogether. She passed out.

Rose stood up, put a foot under Faith's shoulder and heaved her over onto her stomach. Rose pulled off her own top and used it to tie Faith's hands together behind her back. Next, Rose pulled down her own thong, took it off and used it to tie Faiths feet together, then pulled her feet up and tied them together to her wrists.

Once Rose had Faith securely hog-tied, she strutted around the ring, stopping in her corner to retrieve a battery powered razor from her gym bag. By the time Rose finished showing off and strutting her naked body for the roaring crowd, Faith had regained consciousness and was begging Rose not to do what she realized she was about to.

Rose just laughed, switched the razor on and began to shave Faith's head, cutting off her long, beautiful blonde hair as if she were shearing a sheep. Faith was crying and screaming, wriggling and squirming, trying everything to pull free of her bondage, but there was nothing she could do.

After Rose had shaved her head completely bald, she went over to Tim and asked him who he wanted to go home with. Tim looked at Rose's voluptuous naked body, then at his bald wife, then back to Rose's thick, luxuriant pussy. He stuttered and stammered, so Rose gave him a big long wet French kiss.

Faith began screaming "Please Tim, don't! Remember how I said I don't do oral sex? I lied. I'll do whatever you want, just don't leave me tied up here like this."

Rose slipped her arm in Tim's and as they walked out together, she told him, "Don't worry, Timmy. I'll show you what a real blow job is."

As the heavy door slammed shut behind them it cut them off from the plaintive wailing sound of Faith screaming and crying. Rose put her arm around Tim and pulled him close, "You'll never forget this night, big boy," she whispered.

"And neither will that bitch Faith," Rose smugly thought to herself.