Pink vs. Faith Hill by Amanda 1-13-02

The VH1 Diva's Live 2002 show was approaching and the shows producers were in somewhat of a quandary. After already inviting back glamorous country diva Faith Hill, the network brass had changed their minds and decided they wanted to go in a different direction. Admittedly, there was no questioning the country-to-pop crossover queen's beauty and class, but the cold hard reality was that elegance was out and attitude was in. And, quite frankly Faith's, 'stand there and look pretty' routine was getting a little stale.

Enter upstart the new 'hip-hop' sensation, Pink! The 22 y/o Philly girl's feisty attitude and playful arrogance would give this year's show the 'kick in the ass' it's needed for some time. So, despite already knowing Pink was their girl, the producers decided in fairness to Ms. Hill to bring both girl's in for an audition.

The next day Pink arrived first at the network New York headquarters. She was sporting her usual hip-hop dud's; a ball cap, tank top, hip hugging jeans and sneakers. She may have been short in stature at 5' 3" tall, but as she loudly announced her arrival before taking a seat she was definitely proving that dynamite comes in small packages.

Somewhat later on the scene arrived glamorous diva Faith. The 5' 10" willowy, blonde was obviously dressed to impress, decked out in a pink mini-dress with matching high heel strappy sandal's.

"Prissy bitch," Pink muttered as Faith daintily strutted past her with her nose in the air to the receptionist desk. After grandly announcing her arrival, Faith sat down across from Pink and, with a demure smile, straightened her dress and crossed her long, slender legs in a very graceful, feminine manner. The hip-hop queen could only roll her eyes as she stared at Faith.

Pink was known to detest beauty queens like Faith and couldn't resist sneering, "Faith honey, aren't you a little old to be going to the prom?"

Faith, miffed by the arrogant young girls remark hissed, "Least I look good in a dress. Sound like somebody's a little jealous to me!"

"Not at all Faith, sweetie," Pink calmly replied. Then added, "Matter of fact I ripped the heads off all my Barbie doll's when I was a kid. You're not careful, I may add another one to my collection."

Infuriated by the brash young divas remark, Faith sprang from her chair, her face flushed and hands on hips, and spat, "Are you talkin' to ME?"

Cool as a cucumber, Pink got out of her chair, grabbed the tall blonde by her long swanlike neck and slammed her back into the wall. Holding the frightened Faith by the throat, Pink sternly responding, "Listen here you clueless, self-absorbed, weak, pathetic, little bitch. After seeing that ass whippin' J-Lo gave you at last year's award's show, it's more than a threat; it's a friggin' promise!"

Before thing's could escalate further, Ginny the receptionist alerted security who hustled the defiant divas out of the reception area and into a private conference room where they could settle their dispute in private. As soon as the door shut behind the security guards, the two haughty divas picked up right where they'd left off.

"Alright you overgrown Barbie doll let's settle this," Pink spat, casually cracking her knuckles.

"Uhhh...oh…oh….oh….OK sure," Faith stammered nervously as she put her purse down on the table, unsure what to do next.

Pink couldn't help chuckling as Faith assumed and awkward fighting stance you might see from a 6th grade schoolgirl. Pink quickly went on the offensive, rocking Faith with a punch to the jaw followed by a jab to the face. The quick one-two left the tall blonde with a split lip and a bloody nose.

Faith began fighting back her tears as she tried to counter, throwing a clumsy right cross that Pink easily ducked under, then came up from below - pounding a hard, right deep into Faith's slender but soft midriff.


Faith groaned and doubled over clenching her stomach. Then her long thin legs buckled and she slumped face down on the carpet. After briefly catching her breath, Faith tried to struggle back up to her hand's and knee's. But in true hellcat fashion Pink was on her, wrapping a well-muscled forearm around Faith's long thin neck from behind.

She softly whispered in the helpless blondes ear, "C'mon Faith honey you can end this right now. Just admit what a weak, pathetic little bitch you are."

Recall her humiliation at the hand's of J-Lo, Faith refused to submit and reached back behind her with her long, slender arm and frantically raked her long, well-manicured nails across Pink's sweaty back.

AAAAAAAHHHHHH!! Pink cried out as Faith's sharp nail's dug deep into her pale skin and drew blood.

But Faith's desperate plan backfired for the pain only strengthened Pink's determination to destroy this prissy country diva.

"You dirty little bitch!" Pink hissed. "Oh, you're so gonna pay for doing that."

She tightened her vise like headlock on Faith's neck and the thin blonde momentarily ceased her struggling. Pink turned her sights to another target, Faith's crotch. The tall, blonde once again began to struggle violently as Pink used her free hand to reach up under the willowy blonde's short dress to begin a savage assault on Faith's womanhood.

Pink viciously shredded Faith's pantyhose and all Faith could do was sob, whimper and kick her long legs in protest. Having shredded the crotch of the sobbing blondes pantyhose, Pink pushed her fingers thru Faith's sweat soaked panties and applied the dreaded Philly Pussy Claw.

AAAAAAIIIIIEEEEE!!!!! Faith screamed as Pink cruelly jammed her thumb into her quivering bunghole while simultaneously pushing two fingers deep in her womanhood.

"Pa…pa…pa..pleeeaaasssee Pink win please stop yu…'re right. I'm a weak pathetic little bitch," Faith gasped between whimpers and sobs as contrasting sensations of pleasure and pain coursed through her quivering body.

But Faith's cries only fueled the fire as Pink, sporting an evil grin, tightened her hold on the doomed diva's throbbing crotch. Causing the tall, blonde's to convulse violently before eventually passing out.

"Hell no, you're not gettin' off that easy you weak little bimbo!" Pink hissed.

She flipped Faith's limp body over onto her back.

"We're just gettin' to the fun part now," Pink laughed.

She pulled off the remnants of Faith's tattered pantyhose, using them to bind the humiliated diva's wrists. Then, taking off her jeans she straddled Faith's slender torso, pinning her arms to the floor with her knees. Then she began to slap the tall, blonde in an effort to wake the unconscious diva. After half a minute or so of slapping, Faith awoke as her puffy, mascara stained eyes fluttered open.


Faith again started to scream as she awoke to see Pink's cruel smile and ruthless eyes staring down at her.

"Just shut up," Pink barked. "Do as your told and I might let you live to regret ever screwing with me."

Pink lowered her well-rounded ass down onto Faith's terrified face.

"OK, get to work you pathetic little slut," Pink sternly ordered, grabbing Faith's long blonde hair to pull her pretty face toward her sweaty crotch. Faith whimpered and resisted briefly before submissively sticking out her tongue and going to work on Pink's pussy. Then after several minutes of Pink bumping and grinding on her face, Faith found the sweet spot that sent Pink soaring to a massive orgasm.

"OOOOHHHH! God! YESSsssss" Pink groaned as her viscous love juice trickled down to cover the humiliated blondes blushing face.

Clearly satisfied by Faith's performance, Pink praised, "You sure can't fight a lick, but you can lick with the best of 'em!"

Faith's only response was to whimper and sob, obviously completely traumatized by her ordeal. In a last humiliating gesture, Pink picked up her panties from the floor, wiped her sticky, smelly crotch and then shoved them in Faith's mouth to gag her, then tying them in place with Faith's shredded pantyhose.

Only muffled sob's could be heard from Faith as Pink hair-hauled the helpless woman up onto the large table in the middle of the conference room. There she left the diva destroyed, dominated and humiliated diva while she casually slipped back into her jeans and sneaker's and headed out the door. In the hall, Pink was met by the show's executive producer who led her to his office.

As they sat down, he eagerly told her, "Congratulations you're our next Diva." Then added, "But that's not the best part."

"Oh?" Pink asked curiously, "What's the 'best' part?"

Just then a security guard came in and handed the producer a videocassette from one of the security camera's in the conference room. The producer held it up as he smugly replied, "This is the best part. When this tape hits the black-market, we're both gonna make millions!"

Pink grinned. She wanted to 'make it' in the movies and how it looked like she'd finally done it!