Faith Hill vs. Pink by Mr. Chris

Faith Hill has had a rough time in the world of celebrity fighting. True, she’s beaten a few of the other country singers, but too often she has been humiliatingly defeated. She is determined to turn this situation around. Faith knows that at this point in her fighting career she has no chance against girls her own size, so to regain her confidence the 5'9" singer tells the promoters that her next celebrity opponent must meet the following criteria:

1. Her opponent must be 5'4" tall or less.
2. Her opponent has to be a singer; no action movie actresses or pro wrestlers.
3. Because Faith hasn’t felt too good the morning after she’s been KO’d, or her body tortured with a submission hold at the end of a match, she decides that if she must lose, 3-count pins are easier to handle so the match can only be decided by pinfall rather than KO or submission.

With those conditions in place, plus Faith’s own stepped-up workout schedule and extra time in the weight room, she feels confident she can win or at least make a respectable showing before getting pinned. The promoters agree to her conditions, and work is begun to get a match set up for the beautiful country music super star.

A month later, the match takes place at Opryland in Nashville, Tennessee.

“Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to tonight’s celebrity rasslin’ match. Let us meet tonight’s competitors. Now entering the ring area, born in Jackson, Mississippi, standing 5'9" and weighing in at a fit and firm 122 pounds, the great country music diva and legendary superstar songstress…MISSSSSS FAAAAIIIITH HILLLLLLL!"

The amplified sound of Faith's recording of 'This Kiss' filled the auditorium, as the tall blonde beauty walked out towards the ring. She looked as attractive and sexy as ever, dressed in a black halter-top and “Daisy Duke” style high-cut denim short-shorts with a slender bare midriff in between them. The crowd busted a gut cheering and applauding for their beloved Faith Hill. The country music star made her way down the pathway in the arena, giving a dazzling smile to admiring fans, blowing a few kisses here and there. The audience admired not only her beautiful face with those doe-like eyes, framed by her long blonde hair, but also those long, lean legs which, on her slender buid, made her appear even taller than her actual 5'9" height.

Faith hasn’t been told who she’ll be facing tonight, but she’s been assured her opponent meets all the criteria established.

“Ladies and Gentlemen, until now Faith Hill’s opponent has not been disclosed, not to Faith or anyone else, now let us see who this surprise competitor will be. A Grammy-award winning singer-songwriter, she hails from Philadelphia, Pee-A…she stands 5’4” and she says she weighs 125 pounds…Opryland proudly presents in her first appearance… PINK!”

The lights dim and the spotlights focus on an entryway and the music from her hit single “Trouble” booms out as Pink struts out into the arena to make her way to the ring. Her hair is dyed a bright orangish-pink, she wears a leather halter top and leather thong below. Her tattooed torso looks taut and well-muscled. Her breasts bulge out of the halter top. Her meaty arms and strong-looking legs complete the picture of a real bruiser. She is accompanied to the ring by her tall girlfriend Kristanna Loken.
This country audience despises Pink and they let her know it; unleashing a mighty cataract of boos and hisses upon her head.

Anyone looking at Faith Hill’s face at this time sees a look of shock. This was NOT what she expected. She starts getting worried. Faith noted that Pink actually weighs three pounds more than she does -- she wished she had added a condition to the match that her opponent must weigh less than her. But Faith manages to convince herself that her greater height and recently strengthened body can take down this horrible woman.

Pink and Kristanna enter the ring. Kristanna pulls out a cloth tape measure as Pink lifts her right arm out and flexes in a classic bicep pose. Kristanna carefully measures the circumference. “Thirteen inches!” she proclaims. Pink nods with satisfaction. Kristanna Loken calls over to Faith, “How about you? Care to give us a flex?” A pale, nervous looking Faith just shakes her head ‘no.’

Kristanna and Pink let out a harsh laugh, then Kristanna prepares to leave the ring as the match will soon begin. But as Loken is bending over to step between the ropes…

“Come here you!” Pink grabs Loken and pulls her 5’11” girlfriend’s head down, then plants a long French kiss on her - a kiss Kristanna lustfully reciprocates.

As Ms. Loken finally exits the ring breathing hard, the referee calls Faith and Pink together and goes over the rules. He reminds the fighters and the audience this one-fall match mustn’t end with a KO or submission, but only when one pins the other for a three-count. The two songbirds return to their corners, turn around, the bell rings and the match begins!

Although the audience is solidly behind Faith Hill, they’re as nervous as she is. Pink is one tough girl. She doesn’t just fight in organized league matches, she is a real-life scrapper outside the ring, regularly beating up people and having run-ins with the law. Pink appears fit and youthful (since, relative to Faith, she’s a full twelve years younger. In fact, Faith is almost old enough to be Pink’s mother but, this being Tennessee…let’s not go there! Perhaps mother-daughter matches will be covered in a future story; perhaps not!

Pink slowly walks to the center of the ring, spreads her feet, puts her hands on her hips, and just stands there staring at Faith Hill. Faith approaches warily, she realizes she’s being taunted, but Pink may have underestimated her. The tall blonde attacks, plunging a fist onto the center of Pink’s bare midriff. But to Faith’s dismay the punch has no effect whatsoever, other than hurting Faith’s hand which painfully rebounds off of the impenetrable abdominal muscles of her opponent.

Faith tries to ring out the pain from her hand. Pink still just stands there like an immoveable statue. Faith comes at her from the side. With her five-inch height advantage, Pink’s head is almost at the level of Faith’s shoulders, which makes it easy for Faith to stick out an arm and wrap it around Pink’s neck with a headlock. Faith works hard to power Pink down into a bent over position, but it is difficult to do.

Then it seems like she does succeed as Pink’s body begins to bend forward. But it’s just the beginning of a move by Pink – she grabs Faith and lifts the taller woman off her feet, holds her in mid-air for a moment, then slams her down tailbone first across her extended knee.

Faith bounces upward off the knee and falls to the mat. Already finding herself in terrible pain at the start of the match, she begins crawling away to get some distance and regroup. But Pink grabs her legs by each ankle and flips Faith over to her back. Then Pink wishbones the legs outward, jumps up, and drives her knee down onto Faith’s exposed crotch. Faith screams. Pink repeats the move, then drops Faith legs.

Pink gets down on her knees next to Faith and tucks her right arm under Faith’s neck and her left arm reaches below and around Faith’s knees so she can grab her two legs, and then she begins pulling both ends towards each other – trying to cradle Faith and fold her in half upon herself. Faith begins to power down with both her legs to prevent the move, but she makes no progress. In fact, Pink continues to push Faith’s legs up.

Pink says, “Oh my God, you mean to tell me your two legs can’t push back my one arm? And my left arm at that. You’re pathetic.”

Faith’s body gets matchbooked onto itself by the tight cradle hold. Then Pink lifts her completely off the canvas into the air and brings the willowy woman’s spine crashing down onto her outstretched knee. Pink removes her hands from the cradle hold and balances Faith’s body on her knee. Then Pink drives down an ax-handle punch into Faith’s belly that causes the taller woman’s body to jackknife and fall to the mat.

Pink stands up and just shakes her head with contempt as she gazes down at Faith writhing around in pain on the mat. She grabs Faith by the head and places her in a reverse headlock. Holding Faith in that bent-over position, Pink drives a knee lift into Faith’s crotch that impacts so hard it lifts Faith’s feet off the mat. A second, third, and fourth knee lift pound upward into Faith’s feminine pussy.

Then Pink re-adjusts her grip and turns around so that Faith’s head is pulled into a standard Front Headlock, with Pink by her side. With her strong arms Pink squeezes Faith’s head into the side of her round ripe breast. Faith lets out a moan. Then Pink removes her left arm and continues to hold Faith immobile in a headlock with just the one arm around her neck. With her free hand Pink SLAM drives her fist into Faith’s face. Then WHAM, she gives her another fist facial, then BAM a third; brutally beating the older woman’s face with a series of blows to the head as she holds her trapped in the Headlock.

The audience renews its booing and Pink looks up, then hurls curses at the crowd. Seeing her girlfriend, Pink calls out, “Hey Loken, you ever get out of hand I’ll be doing this to YOU.”

“Yeah, right; that’ll be the day,” replies the blond Amazon.

“Don’t make me have to come down there!” Pink snarls with self-assured cockiness and Kristanna winces visibly.

Then Pink jumped forward and bulldogged Faith’s head hard into the ring’s surface. Pink flipped Faith onto her back, held her shoulders to the mat, hooked a leg, and the referee began the count. At that moment Faith thought to herself, “Praise Jesus, she’s pinning me so this can end.”

The ref counts “ONE….TWO…”

But then Pink grabs Faith by the hair and pulls her shoulders off the mat, ending the count. She could have had the pin but wants to keep the match going! The crowd lustily boo’s this sadistic tactic.

“You don’t like that?” Pink screams at the crowd. “You ain’t seeing nothin’ yet. Now’s when I’m gonna really go to work on this sorry excuse for a woman.”

The freaky-haired fireplug from Phillie jerks Faith off the mat and brutally rakes her fingernails across Faith’s face and eyes. Faith screams and holds her hands up to her face and begins stumbling around blindly. The crowd is going berserk with rage as paper cups and other foreign objects are being hurled into the ring, prompting management to issue an ejection warning to anyone throwing further debris into the ring.

As Faith stumbles into range, Pink launches a spinning kick that nearly decapitates the country singer, and drops her flat to the mat where the pink-haired singer gets down and snakes her legs around Faith’s slender waist.

“I know a lot of women have scissored you,” says Pink, “But mine’ll take you to a whole ‘nother experience level.” And she slowly starts squeezing.

“I’ll gradually crank up the pressure,” says Pink. “We’ll see how much you can take. Here’s 10% of my strength.” Faith gasps as she feels her waist constrict between Pink’s strong legs.

“Now here’s what 20% of my scissors-strength feels like.” She squeezes harder and Faith loudly cries out in pain.

“Good. You’re holding out better than I expected. You ready for 30% power? Here goes!” Pink squeezes harder, this time pressing down on the mat with her strong arms and lifting her own butt off the mat as she tightens her legs.

Faith’s ribs start to creak as they are bent inward and she starts screaming, “AIEEEEE! Please, stop! I submit! No more! I beg you…. Ref, I’m done!”

Pink relaxes her grip a little. “Don’t feel bad,” she says. “A lot of girls don’t get past 30%. But I think you forgot, this match can’t end with a submission. Remember? It’s pins only.”

“Oh, please pin me,” Faith asks forlornly.

“Hmm, let me think,” Pink taps her chin as if considering the matter. “Uh, no – I don’t think so. Besides, you’ll want to see these next couple of holds – you might learn something. Now a scissors works well in combination with another hold. Like this.”

Pink removes her legs from around Faith’s middle and moves them up to Faith’s head which she jams between her steel thighs. Then Pink wraps her arms around Faith’s waist. Then she pulses both the head scissors and the waist hug. Faith’s muffled groans can be heard from within the head scissors.

“Oh stop your whining!” scolds Pink. “You’re really getting the kid-glove treatment from me this evening. You should have seen what Queen Latifah looked like when I got done with her.” The tough songstress squeezes hard once more than releases the scissors and belly-hug. “Here’s another combination,” says Pink.

The pink-haired one sits herself behind Faith, wraps her legs around the waist, and puts Faith into a full-nelson. She pressures the legs and pushes down on the full-nelson. Once more Faith is helpless.

Pink leans forward and starts talking quietly in Faith’s ear. Ringside spectators can here her first words, which are something like, “After the match you’ll have to join Kris and me in our suite. What we’re going to do is…” the rest of her words were whispered quietly into Faith’s ear and couldn’t be heard. Whatever she said made Faith’s face flush bright red. Then in an adrenaline-fueled spasm of righteous fury, Faith frees her arms from the full nelson enough to smash her elbow hard into the face of her tormentor. Pink let’s out a cry of pain, and screams out the “F” word as she kicks Faith away from her.

Faith screams, “I will NEVER do those perversions with you! You can’t make me!”

Pink is holding her hands to her face to ease the pain. For the first time tonight she actually sounds genuinely angry, enraged even. “Now you’re fucking gonna die!” she says menacingly.

At ringside, Kristanna Loken gets concerned; she’s seen this dark side of Pink before. “Hey,” she calls up to Pink, “Cool down. Remember that time you got pissed off and beat that one girl into a coma? It took some expensive lawyers to keep you out of prison.”

“Don’t worry,” replied Pink, “But this one’s going to wish she WAS in a coma rather than suffer through what I’m about to do to her.”

Meanwhile, Faith’s burst of anger has passed and she has returned to reality. Wide-eyed with fear she pleads with Pink, “I’m sorry...I didn’t…didn’t mean to do that…puh…puh…please…don’t hurt me anymore.”

The only reply Faith received was a vicious open-handed slap that twisted her head to the side leaving a dark red imprint of a hand on her cheek. Then Pink smashed her with a huge backhand that sent Faith reeling. The angry pink-haired singer put her hands on Faith’s shoulders to hold her victim steady, and then rammed a Kneelift into the taller woman’s crotch.

Pink unloaded on Faith with her potent fists. She battered Faith’s belly, arms, and chest with punch after punch, using her like the heavy-bag at the gym. Pink stopped the pummeling of Faith’s torso only to land an Uppercut that lifted Faith onto her tip-toes before she collapsed in a jumble of limbs to the mat, like a marionette whose strings have been cut.

Pink pushed the punished woman onto her back, and straddled her waist. Pink roughly removed the halter-top from Faith and dug her nails into her foe’s exposed boobs. She clawed them roughly as Faith began sobbing and begging her to stop, calling out her submission repeatedly but to no avail - thanks to the rules she herself had insisted on.

When she tired of this form of tit-punishment, Pink began standing up, maintaining a firm grip on Faith’s boobs such that they st-rr-e-tt-chhhdd out to the limit as Pink lifted her up off the mat. Then she pulled Faith over to the ropes and pressed the bottom of her breasts down hard onto the top rope. Then she proceeded to drag Faith's boobs along the rope, causing major rope burn to their underside. Faith let out an unholy scream, as the audience once more erupted in protestations of shocked rage.

Then Pink ended her rope-burning of the tits and unsnapped Faith’s shorts and let them slide down her slender legs. Then Pink picked Faith up around the waist and carried her to the ropes where she hoisted her up and the dropped her, Crotching her on the top rope. And just as she had rope-burned her tits, Pink now dragged Faith’s body the length of the ring, riding the rope, which cut and burned Faith’s sensitive womanhood as all the while she howled in anguish.

Pink hoisted Faith back down from the ropes. Pink removed her own leather bikini top liberating her large, round, firm boobs. Then she wrapped her arms around Faith’s head and pulled her face between her breasts. Pink clamped Faith’s head tightly to her bosom, holding the Breast Smother for a full thirty seconds. Normally a referee would be raising Faith’s hand and letting it fall three times, but since the match couldn’t end with a KO, Pink could hold the Breast Smother as long as she wanted.

Finally, however, with Faith limp and unresponsive, Pink released the smother and addressed herself to - a probably unconscious - Faith, “Gee, I guess I’m supposed to pin you now.”

She threw her down on the mat and with Faith spread-eagled, Pink wiggled her big toe into the belly button of the unconscious country cutie and popped a double biceps pose.

The referee counts “ONE – TWO – THREE!” then the announcer confirmed the obvious. “The winner of the match…PINK!”

Pink picked Faith up and effortlessly cradle-carried her to the ropes where she dumped her over the top rope into the eagerly awaiting arms of her lover Kristanna Loken. Then Pink exits the ring and the three of them retired for the evening to the hotel suite Pink and Kristanna shared. For Faith, the fun had only just begun…