Faith Hill Vs Denise Richards by NewGuy 15-Oct-00

It was a beautiful Texas night at the Astrodome. A special benefit boxing card had been set up that night, with a "special attraction" main event. Little did the thousands of spectators know they weren't gonna see a boxing match, or professional wrestlers. What they were gonna see was one of Hollywood's brightest young actresses and one of the most attractive women in the world go at it, in a staged wrestling match. Or so Faith Hill believed.

Denise Richards and Faith Hill entered the arena at basically the same time. Two different personalities, two different attitudes towards the match. Faith was thrilled to do a little charity, get some publicity, and get off tour. She loved athletics, and thought this would be a fun thing to do. Denise Richards however found this to be insulting, as she was one of the most vicious women in Hollywood, frequently beating girls to bloody pulps. She was furious when she was asked to do a "staged" match, and even became more angry when she was asked to take the fall for Faith in the match. She walked into the blonde as they both came towards the door, Faith with a smile ear to ear, with both her daughters by her side.

"Hi!" Faith said enthusiastically. "It's a pleasure to meet you! I hope your as excited about tonight as I am."

"Yeah well, me and you have to talk a little bit," said Denise. "You see, I fight for real and I never lose. And quite frankly I don't want to take a fall for you, even if it is staged. So tonight, I'm gonna win!"

Faith looked a little stunned, and felt a little worried deep down inside. She told her kids to go find their father inside the building and stay with him.

"Now, honey I'm not here looking for a problem or a fight. I just wanted to help some people and..."

"Shut up bitch!!" spat Denise. "I'll see you in the ring tonight, and if you don't take the job, I'm gonna take from you what matters most bitch!"

Faith knew what she was talking about, and quickly thought about her options. She thought all the way up to match time.

It was now five minutes before the match, Faith Hill had finished dolling covergirl face up, oiled her self down, and sent her kids to bed with their father. She knew what might happen, and wanted them to be as far away as possible. She was no fighter, and knew about what Denise could accomplish between the ropes.

Denise was already in the ring, sweating under the hot lights and the humid weather, her hair up in a pony tail, her body covered by a tiny white bikini, struggling to hold her massive bust. Faith now walked down to the ring, wearing a white one piece bathing suit and tight jean shorts. She smiled all the way down to the ring, until her eyes met Denise. The smile quickly went away as she climbed up into the ring, the boxing mat replaced with a softer mat to protect the two girls.

While not flat-chested, Faith was no where near as voluptuous as her brown haired adversary. However she made up for that by dropping her shorts, the bottom of her suit snuggled in between two beautiful tight butt cheeks. The crowd roars as the Blonde smiles, runs her fingers under the back of her bathing suit, and snaps it high on her hips.

The two girls are called to the center of the ring where they are reminded the match is for charity.

As the ref. walks away, Denise issues a final warning, "Make up your mind yet? You know what's going on?"

"I'm going to do what I've been told to do!" Faith remarked.

"Big mistake bitch. Big, big mistake!"

Faith turned away and walked towards her corner. She was standing facing the turnbuckle, waving and smiling at the crowd, when from across the ring, Denise Richards began a full sprint and slammed her right fist into the small of Faiths back!

Faith let out a scream and archer her back in pain! Denise grabbed her by her arms and spun her around to face her, and delivered a vicious paint brush slap to Faiths beautiful cheek! Faiths head spun to the side, and she slumped in the corner, covering her aching cheek. She stood up in the corner only to have an upper cut right slam into her tight gut.

"Ungh!" Faith moaned

Grabbing both top ropes and favoring to the right, Faith's long legs start to give out under her. The sexy blonde uses all her strength to pull herself upright again, only to have Denise bring a knee into her gut repeatedly. She is rewarded with Faith belting out a tune of pain, grunting with each vicious blow.

The crowd is in a frenzy at the realism of the match, not knowing that Denise is planning on destroying the beloved country singer. The humidity in the building is unbelievable, as now beads of sweat fly off of Faith as Denise delivers a vicious over hand slap to Faiths breasts. This is too much for Faith as she crumples to the mat, holding her torso and chest, sweating and heaving while Denise laughs wickedly and presses her foot into Faiths lower back. She straddles her back, and grabs a fistful of the blondes bathing suit, and tugs it, digging it into her ass and pussy.

Faith can only moan as the pain is something the country cutie never prepared on. Denise digs her fingers into the two sweaty buns below her, and begins to slap and grab and pinch her awesome ass. Faith is bucking wildly trying to grab a hold of Denise to thwart the pain. She succeeds and grabs Richard's pony tail, tugging hard and flipping Denise down in front of her.


Faith Hill, once out of her predicament scrambles awkwardly to her feet, only to be tackled aggressively down to the soft mat by Denise Richards. The blow obviously knocked the wind out of the luscious blonde, her eyes wide open, neck arched back mouth wide open, gasping for air. Denise humps her for a few short moments trying to position the sweaty babe beneath her, and then Denise strips off her bikini top and drapes her sweat soaked titties over Faith's face.

Denise grinding her bust into Faith hard and aggressively, gritting her teeth and screaming as Faith is trying to leverage out of the debilitating hold. Faith is beginning to black out under the huge breast over her mouth and nose, the sweat helping Denise making it air tight between her bust. Faith points her glassy eyes upwards and makes one final effort to escape, and digs her thumbnails into the under skin of Denise's breasts.


Denise rolls off of Faith who gulps in much needed oxygen, with her left hand still in a death grip with Denise Richards right breast. Her finger tips struggling to keep a grip on the firm sweaty flesh, her right hand now joining the attack, a double handed attack on one titty. The left fingers gripping and squeezing the tit flesh, while the right is delivering hard jabs to the tit, making it bounce back and forth. Denise Richards now finds herself in a state of agony as the blonde who she heavily underestimated is now destroying her huge chest, doing double the damage.

Faith for some reason relinquishes the breast grab, and gets to her feet. She brushes her long blonde hair out of her face as she looks at Denise still lying on the mat holding her tit. Faith walks and to the top of Denise's head and sits down above it Indian style, then she reaches both hands over and grips the brunettes firm sacks of pale flesh, and squeezes for all she's worth, screaming louder than her opponent underneath her. The smile long gone from Hills face, as she continues to punish her breasts, gripping them, digging her fingernails into her titties, and pulling and pushing them in all directions.

"I'M GOING TO KILL YOU!!" Denise screams at the top of her lungs. "I'm gonna make you pay the ultimate price you dirty redneck."

Faith simply continues to squeeze away at Denise breasts, until she feels a sharp pain in her calf. She gasps in horror when she sees Denise has turned her head and has sunk her teeth into her calf. She quickly lets go of Denise's bruised tits, and flops herself backwards onto the slick mat, hands above her head screaming helplessly. Denise swiftly changes tactics, letting go and spreading Faiths legs, and then driving a head butt into her pussy! Faith spasms her back of the mat, and then falls back with a sweaty thud, hands covering her face.

Denise simply laughs at her plight, and sinks her sharp fangs into her inner thigh! Faith now slapping her palms against the sweat soaked mat, screaming as her soft skin is being punctured by the sharp teeth of her opponent. Denise to take away a counter attack, lays across Faiths other long sexy leg, and pins it to the mat. To insure that her opponent is in maximum pain, Denise bears her claws, and digs her finger nails into the fat of her calf, and with her other hand slaps the top of her thigh, which she is also gnawing into.

Denise squints her eyes closed, now chewing into the thigh, her saliva running down her sweaty inner thigh. Faith screaming so high she seems to have hit a pitch she never has, and begins to think of a way to make the pain stop. She sits up and viciously pounds down on Denise, but still her death grip will not break. She reaches towards Denise's bikini bottoms and tugs hard and viciously, digging them deep into her pussy and ass. She can hear Richards scream, even with her face in her thigh. This just makes her jaws clamp tighter and quicker on her leg, and she begins to feel her leg bleed, and begins to feel herself black out.

It is then Faith makes her final move and wraps the discarded bikini top of Denise Richards around her neck! Denise's jaw begins to loosen, although her free hand now leaves the mauling of her thigh, and begins to claw at her pussy! Tears now rolling down the Blondes face, as she knows she must hold on a little longer.

Denise's fingers however stop scratching and her teeth completely loosen on her bloodied and beaten thigh. All that remains is her mouth drooling all over her thigh. Faith lets out a final scream and takes the bikini top off of her opponents neck. The county babe tries to get to her feet, but cannot, and simply collapses back down. Faith grabs Denise by her hair, tugs her head up and begins to slap her angrily across her face, repeatedly.

"Wake up you stupid bitch, I'm gonna end you right now!" Faith angrily hollers at her vicious rival.

After about ten stinging slaps to the face, Denise awakens to see only the sweat soaked g string of Faith hill in between her luscious bronzed buns, humping them down into her chest. Denise coughs harshly with each flash of Faiths hips. Then, her face turns red and all the oxygen in her body rushes from her mouth. Faith Hill, who succeeded in humping the air out of Denise Richards by riding her sweaty tits, begins dropping bombastic punches into her tight midsection.


"What was that? Are you hurt? I didn't think you could be beaten?" Faith sarcastically remarks.

She continues to punish Denise' gut, reddening it, until her abs are completely mashed, her belly bright red, and the words, "I, I give up!" leave her lips.

Faith Hill, like a true woman and champion, obeys and gets up. Raises her arm in victory - only to smash her foot into Denise's face, knocking her cold.

"Fuck you!" she says, as she leaves the sweat soaked ring.