Shania Twain Vs. Faith Hill (I) by Rich 06-Jan-00

Scenario: The 1999 CMA Awards Show in September. Shania Twain wins the big award of the night: "Entertainer of the Year!" Fast Forward to a gala party held after the awards show. Shania is in attendance and all smiles after receiving her award. She looked beautiful as ever in her black evening gown. A total Goddess! Faith Hill was also in attendance at this party. Unbeknownst to anyone at the time, Faith was a bit miffed at the fact that Shania had won this coveted award. Faith strongly felt as though her hubby, Tim, should have won that award, as he was also one of the nominees in the category.

"No one deserved that award more so than my Tim," thought Faith.

As the crowd mingled, Shania seemed to be drawing all the attention as everyone seemed to be gravitating towards her to offer their congratulations. Faith's feelings of jealousy rapidly began to reach their boiling point!

"I'll give her something to go along with that award and make this party a really memorable occasion for her," Faith thought.

On the spot, Faith quickly hatched a scheme which she hoped would bring some form of embarrassment to Shania in front of this large crowd! Faith, knowing full well that Shania was a non-drinker, instructed the party hosts to deliver some large bottles of potent champagne to Shania's table. The hosts informed Shania who had sent the champagne and Shania spotted Faith across the room and motioned for her to come over.

"Step one complete!"... Faith smirked to herself.

Faith, all smiles, gave Shania an obligatory hug, offering her congratulations. Then, not wasting any time, Faith instructed the hostess to start the champagne flowing. Everyone at the table raised their glasses in a toast, and then Shania placed her glass on the table and returned to her bottle of pure spring water.

Faith picked up the champagne glass and forced it upon Shania, saying: "Come on girl! You've earned it! This is your night to howl!"

Shania said: "Oh OK, what the hell... just this once won't hurt!"

Much to Faith's surprise, Shania all but gulped down the bubbly!

"Mmm-mm! That's good stuff," Shania said.

"Have some more," Faith said, refilling Shania's glass.

"No thanks, that's it for me," Shania said, as she pushed the glass away from her and out of reach on the table, so as not to be tempted by it.

"Damn," thought Faith. Faith excused herself from the table, saying she'd be back in a bit.

Working quickly to salvage her plan to inebriate Shania, Faith enlisted the help of some of her close friends who were at the party.

Faith informed them what she was up to, and they agreed to help her. The plan was simple. Faith's friends were to approach Shania in a steady flow and barrage her with champagne toasts until she had had a bit too much. Faith was guessing and hoping that Shania would not want to appear rude by turning down all the toasts and would cave in to swallowing some more of the bubbly!

Faith watched from across the room as her plan went into action. It was working! Shania had given in to the pressure of the moment and was accepting the non-ending toasts of congratulations, complete with the consuming of the bubbly! Faith squealed in joy.

"Step two complete," she thought.

Faith continued to watch for just a short time, trying to "guestimate" the proper time to go back to the table and intervene. She didn't want Shania to become so looped that she wouldn't realize what would soon be happening to her! Faith had only wanted Shania to consume enough to make her slightly tipsy and thereby take the fine edge off of Shania's better judgment and, equally important, to slow her reaction time and mess up her muscle coordination! Faith figured it was time to spring her trap!

Faith's bold plan was to lure Shania into a fight, make it look like Shania started it and then, with the aid of the alcohol coursing through Shania, kick Shania's sexy little ass while making it look like self defense on Faith's part!

She gathered her courage and made her way back to Shania, timing her approach just as Shania's glass was getting filled once again.

"Shania, you have a phone call honey. Follow me please."

"Oh OK, thanks Faith! I'll be right back, folks."

Faith thought, "Like hell you will!"

Faith picked up Shania's full glass to take it along with them. Much to Faith's pleasure, Shania tripped awkwardly and almost fell down as she rose to leave the table! Once Shania cleared the table, Faith handed back the glass to Shania. Faith led Shania to a pre-meditated strategic spot on the floor and stopped.

Turning to Shania, Faith said: "Shania, there's something I need to tell you."

"Yes, Faith, what is it?"

"Shania, I filed a protest against your receiving that award tonight. That award rightfully belongs to my husband."

"OH REALLY!", Shania said. "And WHAT pray tell are the grounds for your protest?"

Faith thought, "Oh God, here we go!"

"Well Shania, I have already filed a personal protest that you received that award under false circumstances."

"HOW SO?", Shania asked.

Faith continued her act, hoping to get Shania really riled up.

"Shania, the CMA officials are in possession of my statement saying that you got to the male judges by promising to personally reward them with sexual favors in exchange for their votes. I'm sorry, but my husband deserves that award more so than a slut like you."

For what seemed like an eternity, the two just stood there, staring into each other's unblinking eyes. People were already starting to take notice.

Faith thought silently, "Come on Miss Goody Two shoes, DO SOMETHING! Throw your drink at me, slap me, anything!"

Faith desperately needed Shania to make the first move... hoping and praying that no one would interfere once the action started! Shania was internally fuming at Faith's accusation! BINGO! As Faith had wished for, Shania threw her champagne right at faith's face, thereby initiating the fight!

HOWEVER, Faith's battle plan was immediately in jeopardy as the champagne was blinding her! Faith was terrified. She couldn't see!

Shania, upset by Faith's false accusation, tore into Faith like an enraged tigress! She slapped Faith in the face, sending her to the floor!

Shania said, "You bitch! That's a lie and you know it! I'm going to teach you a lesson you'll never ever forget!"

Contrary to her original hopes, Faith now hoped that someone would indeed intervene and bring this confrontation to a halt! But... no one did! If anything, they were all backing away, as if to allow space for this upcoming spectacle to take place! Faith was on her own and fairing poorly right from the get-go!

Shania pounced on faith like a wildcat, wasting no time in reducing Faith's flimsy dress to shreds! Faith was left topless, her exquisite tits exposed for all to see, looking resplendent in nothing but her gorgeous white stocking hose, high heels, garter belt, and panties! ...sights no doubt originally reserved for hubby Tim a bit later in the evening! So far, Faith had been overwhelmed and unable to defend herself! Had she grossly overestimated or mistaken the desired affect the champagne would have on Shania?

Faith, scared and unable to see clearly, was ready to give up.

She shouted, "Please stop! I'm sorry I started this! Please, please don't hurt me! I give up!"

Shania said, "NO WAY, you slut! I'm just getting started on you, and I must teach you to finish what you start!"

(Little did Shania know that those words would come back to haunt her.)

Shania's heart was POUNDING now, serving only to send the alcohol coursing ever faster through her gorgeous bod. Shania could have stopped at this point and walked away victorious, but she wanted more of Faith! Faith's vision was starting to return, and she could now see the flames of rage in Shania's eyes! Faith was extremely sorry that she had started this confrontation! Shania had Faith hopelessly pinned at this point but she continued to ignore Faith's pleas of surrender!

Shania elected to stand up, releasing Faith!

"Get up and fight, bitch!", Shania screamed.

Faith just laid there doing nothing, pondering her dire situation. Shania was backing up, hands on hips, laughing, admiring her handiwork.

Shania exclaimed, "Well folks, ...Looks like the party's over for little Faith here! I guess I showed her!"

However, Shania had now taken one too many steps backwards, and her long dress suddenly caught under her high heel of her shoe! In a split second, down went Shania on her sexy ass, also bumping her head on a nearby table as she fell! Shania moaned loudly and did not make any effort to return to her feet! Faith, suddenly seeing a ray of hope, became instantly rejuvenated by Shania's misfortune! She marshaled her thoughts and sprang to her feet!

The crowd was now entranced and transfixed by what they were seeing! Faith strutted over to where Shania lay.

"OK you slut! Now it's my turn!"

Faith pounced on Shania, landing on Shania's mid-section with both of her knees, crushing the air from Shania's lungs! Faith elected to, "even things up" by taking the opportunity to strip Shania of her lovely dress! In seconds, it too lay on the floor in shreds. Shania was terrified at the thought of being exposed in front of the crowd, but offered no resistance at first. She looked ravishing in her black high heels with matching stocking hose, garter belt, and panties!

Of course, her luscious tits were out in the open for all to admire! Ironically, faith then made the same mistake that Shania had. She stood up, releasing Shania from her grip! Shania had caught her breath by now and was ready to retaliate! Shania struggled to her feet and came at Faith in a rush!

They collided, and tumbled to the floor. Shania climbed on top of Faith, while simultaneously twisting one of faith's arms with cool cruelty! Faith's face betrayed her agony as her beautiful body writhed in a desperate attempt to escape! Seeing Faith's voluptuous figure squirming desperately on the floor was a sight that no one would soon forget! But Faith was not finished. She again marshaled her strength and she surprised Shania by heaving her body as though it were a whip, snapping free of Shania's hold and leaping to her feet! Shania also managed to get to her feet, although her actions appeared slow and sloppy!

"Good!", Faith thought.

Perhaps the champagne was beginning to work its evil deed on Shania! They circled each other briefly, appearing to size up each other's condition. Then, Faith elected to go on the offensive, lunging at Shania. They grabbed each other and again crashed to the floor! They tore and scratched and bit.

"Shania's so strong," Faith thought.

Faith didn't think she could hold up much longer under Shania's onslaught. But Faith valiantly continued to struggle until she found herself once again on top top of Shania. Faith saw an opportunity to further embarrass Shania! Faith was able to get a hand on Shania's panties, and with Shania on her back directly under Faith, their eyes met.

"Shall I rip these off for you?", Faith asked.

"No, please.... don't....", whimpered Shania.

"Sorry about your luck, honey", Faith said as she tore Shania's bikini brief panties off and exposed Shania's delicious crotch for all to see!

It was at this moment that Faith made a startling discovery!!! As Faith held Shania's panties high over her head in triumph of the move, she noticed that the crotch of Shania's panties was wet with "love juice!" Shania knew that Faith had noticed this, and it scared her into motionlessness!

"Well, Well, WELL, Faith exclaimed... what have we here? Don't tell me you're getting horny for me dearie!"

Shania wept openly as her face reddened in extreme embarrassment! Faith, confident that she was now in control, smiled evilly and decided to make the most of this moment! Faith decided to cease trying to battle Shania and instead make love to her!!!!

Faith reasoned, "If I can get this chick to orgasm in front of all these people, that would be SO MUCH more precious than any other type of victory over her!"

Shania tried to escape, but she could only writhe in agony under Faith's weight. Shania discovered she was having great difficulty in ordering her muscles to do her mind's bidding! She was becoming confused. Her mind was telling her to fight, and yet she could not take action on her thoughts!

"The champagne....", Shania thought.

Shania's eyes were beginning to turn glassy and Faith took note of this! Shania was becoming very subservient and offering no resistance whatsoever! This allowed Faith to concentrate on her new priority... getting Shania to submit by way of orgasm!!! The catfight had transformed into a full blown sexfight, except Faith was in complete control of her emotions, unlike Shania, who was becoming more aroused by the second! Faith went to work on caressing Shania's tits, and she paid special attention to Shania's erect and OH-SO-VULNERABLE nipples!

Faith proceeded to roll both of Shania's nipples aggressively between her thumbs and forefingers, causing Shania to squirm and whimper uncontrollably! This brilliant action by Faith was beginning to pay off! Shania's heavenly breasts were beginning to surrender their precious contents! Droplets began appearing at Shania's large and stiffened nipples! Faith, totally amused by this, was encouraged to "press on!"

Faith lovingly continued to massage, caress, and squeeze Shania's ample mammaries! Swiftly now, Shania's sweet, warm, succulent nectar began flowing profusely and copiously in erotic streams, squirts, and spurts from her aroused nipples!!!

YES-S-SSS! The end was near!!!

Faith then reached down and started massaging Shania's mound, occasionally expertly slipping a couple of her fingers in and out of Shania's sopping wet cunt!!!

The HARMLESS, POWERLESS, DEFENSELESS, and HELPLESS Shania could take no more!

Her eyes rolled back uncontrollably into her head... it appeared as though she would pass out! Faith looked on in triumphant amazement as Shania's breathing became labored, quickened, and shallow! Faith quickened her pace of fingering Shania's hairy pussy!


"YEAH BABY!!" Faith screamed. "GO AHEAD BITCH! Let your dam bust, right here, right now in front of all your friends and fans! yes! Yes! YES!!!"

Faith was ecstatic! Shania was now in the midst of the BEST, MOST INTENSE, LONGEST LASTING, MIND BLOWING ORGASM of her entire life!!!


Faith finally arose to leave Shania lying helpless in a large puddle of her own titty milk and cum!!! The crowd was speechless! Shania had passed out! It would be hours before she would awaken. The memory of this night will be forever etched in Shania's mind!
Shania Twain vs. Faith Hill (II) by Rich 10-Jan-00

Naturally, Shania had been absolutely LIVID ever since the evening Faith had so diabolically humiliated her at the CMA party. Twain had vowed to set the record straight. Not 2 days after her stunning defeat, she had contacted Faith to issue a challenge to a rematch! Faith accepted. (She figured Twain would waste no time in requesting a rematch) Shania further informed Faith that she intended to invite the country music industry execs who had been present at the party the night of her downfall. Shania's intent was for them to be present to show and prove to them first hand that Faith's victory over her that "fateful" night was indeed a fluke.

The stakes at this rematch would indeed be high for Shania! If Faith were to defeat her again, the consequences would prove to be disastrous for Shania! Twain was extremely anxious to get back at Faith, but much to her dismay, planning and coordinating the rematch had proven to be very frustrating and had taken much longer to set a date for than she had anticipated! Shania's unfortunate encounter with Faith had occurred back in September '99. The rematch was now set for after the new year. Shania would have to bide her time....

Fast forward to January 2000- FINALLY!

After over 3 months, the big night arrives! The scene was the large estate home of one of Shania's record label execs. It had a large auditorium and stage which would easily accommodate all the invited guests and the 2 lovely combatants. Faith too had invited some influential industry big wigs. Both women were at present in separate bedrooms, preparing themselves for each other and for what was to come! As Shania stood before a full length mirror, she could feel her emotions, driven by revenge, seething within her! She looked dressed to kill in a black Frederick's lace up cami-bra and matching thong panties, along with garter belt, hose stockings and heels! She felt supercharged and couldn't wait to get her hands on Faith to finally make her pay for her actions of over 3 months ago!

Meanwhile, down the hall, Faith had just finished dressing for the event, looking sexy in a lace-over satin bra, with matching g-string/panties, hose, and heels. She gazed at herself in the mirror, oozing with confidence that she could once again make Shania her victim! Faith broke into an evil grin as she began going through some mild warm-up exercises. She had in store yet another surprise for Shania on this night.... Nothing devious like alcohol this time around to "set up" or "soften up" Shania, not in the least!

Unbeknownst to Shania, Faith had taken advantage of the nearly 4 month delay waiting for their rematch to embark upon a grueling and regimented exercise and conditioning program, working out daily in a gym, under the watchful eye of a trainer! Faith had recognized that Shania had indeed for all practical purposes beaten her on that September night! If it hadn't been for Shania's accidental fall and the alcohol which Faith tricked her into, Faith knew she would have lost to Shania! Now, however, thanks to a successful conditioning program, she had greatly multiplied her strength, boosted her confidence level, and perhaps most importantly - should tonight's fight continue to drag on for any length of time Faith's new found endurance and stamina could prove to be the deciding factor!!!!

Taking a final look in the mirror, Faith viewed herself as a lean, mean, catfighting machine! Shania, on the other hand, had done nothing additional or out of the ordinary to prepare for tonight's encounter! She was being fueled entirely on revenge....

Little did she realize who she would be up against shortly.... "The new and improved Faith Hill!"

The moment had arrived!

First Shania appeared... smiling confidently and waving to the cheering audience. Faith followed close behind, also to much cheering and whistling! No words passed between the two as they went to opposite corners of the stage to await the signal to begin. Each had previously agreed to the terms of tonight's catfight/sexfight. They were simple, but erotic!- the first to submit, either through an inescapable pin, OR- the first one to submit to orgasm and/or multiple orgasms and be unable to immediately continue against her opponent would be the loser! (YIKES!)

The two beauties simultaneously removed their robes... the audience voiced their approval... The icy glares between the two women were frightening... Shania thought that somehow Faith looked "different" tonight... heh-heh... She would soon find out that Faith not only looked different, but would "feel" different as well...

The match now began!!!

For the first few moments, the two toyed with each other, grabbing hands and wrists, trying to feel the other out and perhaps bring her opponent to the carpeted floor.

Faith spoke first, "You'll be singing Man, I Feel Like A Woman by the time I'm finished seducing you tonight, Shania! I'll be pulling your strings like a puppet's!"

Shania replied, "We'll just see about that!"

As they each maneuvered for position, the action grew more volatile. Shania approached Faith and violently yanked at Faith's top, revealing the blonde's voluptuous tits. Seemingly uncaring, Faith saw her opening and rushed back at Shania to return the favor, ripping off Shania's cami-bra!

Shania's ample tits were now bobbing freely, much to the enjoyment of the audience. The two women locked themselves together in a bearhug and tumbled to the floor! They rolled across the floor several times until Faith expertly stopped the rolling action just as she ended up on the top of Shania. Now sitting on Shania in a classic schoolgirl pin, Faith proceeded to place her hands around Shania's neck in an effort to choke the brunette. Shania immediately placed her hands on Faith's wrists and attempted to wrest her foe's grip from her windpipe! But Faith's grip was like a vice, and could not be broken! Shania couldn't breath and she was in danger of being pinned. She had to act quickly!

Shania reached for and found Faith's exposed nipples and began pulling on them mercilessly. Faith squealed and had no choice but to release her grip to save her tits. As she did so, Shania was able to free herself from under Faith. They then separated from each other briefly. Shania made a move, rushing at Faith in an attempt to tackle her and bring her to the floor, but Faith dodged the tackle and Shania went flying past, falling to the floor. Faith quickly followed, leaping on top of Shania from behind.

"Are your tits leaking yet?" Faith asked, attempting some psychological warfare on Shania...

Shania didn't bother to reply...

As she lay on Twain's back holding Shania face down, Faith reached around, shoving her right hand between the carpet and Shania's chest, in search of Shania's right nipple... Finding it, Faith began to pinch and squeeze the Canadian's nip in hopes of inducing some flow, as she had been successful in doing not 4 months ago!

Shania was having none of this... at least not yet! She wildly bucked, throwing Faith from her back! Shania turned quickly and attacked Faith with the swiftness of a cobra striking- knocking Faith to the floor. Then Shania ripped at Faith's panties, tearing them to shreds and rendering Faith naked!

The audience seemed to appreciate this and cheered Shania on! Shania started to pound on Faith's exposed belly! Lines of fear started appearing on Faith's face! It was evident that the two women were both tiring some. As the fight progressed further, Shania seemed to gaining the advantage. She was able to foil any sustained attacks by Faith, while successfully doling out heavy punishment to Faith's legs, arms, and breasts! Faith's desperate writhing kept Shania from pinning her! The audience wondered how long this would continue! The action found the two disengaging from each other briefly once again, but not for long.

Faith rushed Shania, but Shania stood her ground, allowing Faith to crash into her! The impact knocked Faith backwards, tumbling her to the floor. As Faith lay on the floor dazed and on her back, Shania leapt on top of her, crushing the air from Faith's lungs in the process. Shania clutched her foe around the throat, causing Faith to gasp for air!

Shania could now sense that Faith was weakening quickly beneath her! Brimming with confidence by now, Shania decided to toy with Faith now by giving her a chance to struggle back...

Shania figured, "Why not let Faith exhaust herself with what little strength she has left!"

Shania now viewed Faith as harmless, but wanted to see her totally helpless as well! Shania's control of the situation was becoming crystal clear: Every time she moved up, she took Faith's body with her. Every time she went down, Faith was underneath! Had Faith been playing possum???

Suddenly, in a wild and desperate move, which took Shania off guard, Faith shot her body at Twain, hoping the impact would stun the brunette. It seemed to work!! For a moment, Shania appeared helpless on the floor and Faith was able pause and catch her breath! Shania laid on her back, moaning! Faith knew she had to pounce on Shania and pin her while she had the chance! Faith tried to finish the fight by suffocating Shania into unconsciousness by holding her hand tightly over Shania's mouth while at the same time using her thumb and forefinger to close off Shania's nostrils!

In spite of Faith's time spent on conditioning, Shania was still too powerful to be held down! Shania was able to reverse her position on Faith! Faith's strength was now sapped, and Shania easily remained on top of her weakened victim, sinking her entire weight down on Faith now, breasts against breasts... Faith tried to squirm and writhe out from under, but it was no use... Shania had her... Faith relented and conceded the match to Shania!

Twain released her hold and rose up, leaving Faith to get up whenever she so chose... It was over... The audience cheered as Shania acknowledged them and retreated from the room!

The End!