Faith Hill vs. Shania Twain by Clyde

Faith walked up to the agreed upon location, an empty cottage on banks of Lake Huron where she and Shania had agreed to settle their differences once and for all. Faith opened the door and saw Shania standing in the middle of the one room cottage. She’d already pushed the sofas out of the way, to give them more room to tear into each other. Shania sneered when Faith appeared, then turned her back on the long legged blond.

"How dare she turn her back on me. That stupid little bitch, doesn't she think I'm a threat to her?" Faith thought to herself, as she approached the over confident Canadian beauty from behind. Shania didn't flinch, she just crossed her arms and waited for Faith to make her first move.

"Well I'll show that bitch she should never turn her back to me," Faith hissed in her mind.

When she reached the shorter brunette, Faith viscously wrapped one long arm around Shania's slender throat, then used her free hand to lock in the hold, violently pulling Shania’s body back into hers. The Canadian hellcat yelped and gurgled as Faith started to pull up, putting Shania on her tip-toe's.

"How's that feel slut, not as tough as you thought, are you?" Faith hissed as she continued her assault. She dragged a rapidly weakening Shania back until she felt a step behind her. She carefully stepped up and lifted Shania until the dark-haired beauty's feet dangled dangerously in the air, hung helplessly in Faiths unforgiving torture hold. "Had enough skank, or should I really hurt you?" Faith said in the toughest voice she could muster.

"Uuuuuuggggghhhhhh ggggggggrrrrrrrrggggllllleeee," was all Shania could say as she pawed desperately at Faiths arm.

Shania could feel her lack of oxygen taking effect as she slowly started to pass out. She had gravely underestimated Faith's power and vicious streak and she was gonna pay in a humiliating loss to her, a loss that showed she didn't even put up a fight. Faith was now in complete control and feeling strong from the adrenaline flowing through her sexy body as she wildly shook Shania like a rag doll until the gorgeous songstress went limp in her arms.

When Faith let go, Shania dropped at her feet, crumpled in a humiliated, unconscious ball of beaten flesh. Faith stared down at her prey with a big grin on her face, "That don't impress me much!" In fact, Faith kept playing it over and over in her head until she awoke to the sound of the clock radio playing the Shania song. It had all just been a beautiful dream!

Faith awoke in a Hotel in Canada, lying in bed with silk sheets and silk pillow cases all around. She was to meet Shania later that day at the cottage described earlier and she couldn't get it out of her mind. She turned the alarm off and kicked off the silk sheet, spreading her pale, naked body on the bed wearing nothing more than a confident smile on her lips. As her long blond hair cascaded over the silk pillowcase, Faith spread her legs wide as, still in a dream-like state, she moved her hand lightly and lovingly over her firm breasts, down across her flat belly until she felt the full lush soft sexiness of her blond bush. She moaned sensually as she caressed her pussy - the lips engorged and wet from dreaming of dominating Shania; a dream in which she’d put the cocky bitch out without her even putting up a fight. Faith's mind soared with thoughts of domination over the smaller woman as one finger dug into her overly moist love canal and she slowly, languorously diddled her clit. Within seconds, the gorgeous blondes body shook with a powerful orgasm as she groaned out loud and her head rocked from side to side as her free hand lightly pinched her nipple, causing her to arch her back with an even more intense eruption.

After a few long minutes of playing with herself, Faith's body fell into fitful slumber filled with dreams of dominating Shania. She awoke about an hour later and realized it was time for her to get ready. She showered quickly, but thoroughly, cleaning her over-sexed pussy and washing her sweat-soaked blond hair. When she was done, she put on a short white skirt with a low cut V neck over a pink sports bra, garters, stockings and high heels. She completed the ensemble with a long trench coat so she wouldn't make anyone faint as she walked out in public.

Faith was excited as she left her hotel ready to finally put an end to her rivalry with Shania and show her who’s boss once and for all. Her heart began to race a little faster as she pulled into the driveway of the cabin. Shania was already there and as Faith walked up to the front door and it was already open. Shania was waiting in the middle of the one room cottage, having pushed a sofa and chairs back to the walls. It was identical to Faith's dream and she couldn't help but give a cocky grin as she walked in. Shania stood in the middle of the room in a short black leather skirt and black leather top with a zipper between her full breasts, almost pushing the two mounds of flesh out the top. She also had on garters and high heels which she slipped off as Faith entered the room.

"Are you ready to do this blondie?" Shania asked almost disrespectfully.

"You bet I am, you little hussy! But are you ready to get your ass handed to you?" Faith shot back.

"Just so’s we’re clear on this Faith, the only way to win is the loser has to admit defeat. And just so you don't give in too easily, the whole thing is video taped. Winner gets the tape and can do whatever she want's with it," Shania said in a coy voice.

"Fine,” Faith hissed. “I'll only use it to keep your mouth shut when you try to talk tough next time."

"Hhhhmmmmm, I figure you’d use it to whack off while you watch it, you slutty little tramp," Shania laughed as Faith’s face turned red.

With that, Faith kicked a high heel at Shania and then lunged at her, tackling her smaller opponent and landing on top of her. Before Shania could move, Faith smacked her across the face, then backhanded her, sending Shania's beautiful brunette hair flying back and forth across her face.

“This was going to be even better than my dream,” Faith thought as she glared down into the brunette’s dazed eyes.

Just then Shania wildly bucked, throwing Faith onto her side and allowing Shania time to reverse the situation and get on top before Faith could get her bearings. Shania grabbed a handful of blond hair at the front Faith's head and pulled her into a vicious short punch that landed flush on her nose. Faith squealed as Shania savagely pounded her nose one more time, bringing a small trickle of blood. Shania then drove the back of Faiths head down on the floor with a resounding THUD!

Before Shania could do more damage, however, the dizzy blond managed to flip her off and roll to safety. Faith got rockily to her feet, just as Shania gained her feet and they squared off as Faith reached up to wipe the blood from her nose and looked down at it on her hand.

"You stupid cunt, you'll pay for that!" she hissed as she again charged the smaller brunette.

Shania tried to duck under Faith's obviously telegraphed move, but as she lowered her head, a powerful knee caught her right to her face. Faith had anticipated Shania and caught her perfectly on the chin, causing the Canadian queen of Country music to howl in pain and straighten her up holding her jaw. It left her wide open for another viscous attack by Faith. The sexy blond grabbed two handfuls of Shania's hair and held her in place as she powered her knee into her belly so hard it lifted Shania off the floor as it knocked wind out her. Faith kept up her onslaught by nailing Shania with another viscous knee to the belly with even more force. Faith kneed Shania so hard it sent her falling backwards. Unfortunately, Faith also lost her footing and fell right next to Shania.

But, unlike Shania, Faith managed to break her fall and suffered little damage while Shania was still rolling around on her back holding her belly and sucking in large gasps of air when she felt Faith push her over on her back and straddle her. Faith roughly pulled Shania's arms aside and pinned them under her own long, sexy legs as she dropped her ass down hard on Shania's chest, mashing her breasts in her leather top.

"Oooooooohhhhhhh, uuuuuuuuggggghghhhhhhhh," was all Shania grunt before Faith established herself astride her, grabbed her by the hair and slammed her fist down on her nose, crushing the brunette's tender nose.

"Payback’s a bitch, isn't it slut?" Faith cackled as she raised her fist for another punch but she was caught from behind by Shania's leg as she raised it and hooked her arm, then Shania caught Faith's other arm and, with a grunt she straightened both legs and flung the surprised blond over on her back.

As Faith hit on her back between Shania’s feet, she furiously tried to get back to her feet but was hit with a quick punch to the belly, then another punch slammed into Faith's belly. As her body convulsed, as her torso jerked upward and when her shoulders and head left the floor, Shania quickly wrapped her short, sexy legs around Faiths swan-like neck. When she locked her ankles, the hold was locked tight!

"Aaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh," Faith gasped as she bucked, squirmed and pawed Shania's legs to no avail.

Faith lay with her head resting on Shania's barely covered pussy as the Canadian’s stocky legs crushed Faith’s lovely neck. Shania's arms braced her back, her hands were flat on the floor as she arched her body for added leverage for her legs.

"That's it bitch,” Shania taunted. “Squirm like the helpless little rodent you are in my ‘mousey blond trap’,” Shania cackled. “I'm gonna crush your pretty little body like a bug and there's nothing you can do about it," Shania sneered as, with a grunt, she ratcheted up the pressure another notch.

Faith was starting to fade fast. In a last ditch effort, she planted her feet firmly on the floor and used her long, powerful legs to push her onto her side. Shania strained mightily to keep Faith on her back, but she couldn’t; Faith was stronger and was exerting too much power. With a final grunt, Faith managed to roll over onto her belly. Unfortunately, Shania legs were still wrapped around her neck and in that position, Shania's pussy was pressing against the back of the blondes head, forcing her face into the floor. After using all her energy to flip over Faith was nearly out from the pressure of Shania’s leglock. She had put herself in an even worse position than before, because now her nose was being mashed on the ground and she could hardly breath.

Shania ground her hips, rubbing Faiths face on the floor and causing her nose to start bleeding again. Faith howled, as Shania was humping the back of her head with a soft THUMP, THUMP, THUMP as it bounced on the floor. Shania's fun came to and end when her thigh cramped up in a charley horse. She grunted in pain and quickly released the nearly depleted blond. Shania bounced up and quickly worked out her sore leg while Faith managed to roll over and suck in desperately need air. Faith had just started to get up and was on all fours when….


Shania kicked Faith right in her tender belly, driving all the hard-won air out of her as she collapsed back to the floor. Shania's pussy began to drool at the sight of Faith writhing helpless at her feet. And Faith was indeed quite a sight! She lay with her hair covering her red face; one of her garters had snapped and hung loose at her side and her shirt was ripped, exposing the pink sports bra. Her full breasts heaved violently as she gasped desperately for air.

"That's enough teasing, Faith,” Shania sighed as she plucked her panties from her moist snatch. “It's time I got a better look at that lovely body."

Shania reached down and ripped Faiths shirt completely off, revealing her sport bra. Then Shania dropped down with the torn shirt in her hand and wound it around Faiths neck, choking her with it. While Faith gagged and grunted, too weak from the earlier punishment to do much to prevent it, Shania sat down on the battered blonde’s heaving chest. She cupped Faiths chin in her fingers and moved the blondes head from side to side at will.

"What's the matter Faithy, no more fight left in that sexy body of yours," Shania cackled, as the dazed blond tried to focus her eyes.

With Faith's arms securely pinned at her sides, Shania reached down, clapped the palm of one hand over Faith's luscious lips and pinched the blonde’s broken nose shut with the other hand, completely suffocating her. "Nightie-night blondie,” cooed Shania as Faith’s screams were muffled by her hand.

Faith's strangled cries quickly died down as her eyes rolled back in her head. Shania had done it, Faith was out cold, defeated without question, but unfortunately for Faith, Shania was far from done! She swaggered over to the closet where she retrieved her favorite riding crop. When she returned, she was shocked at what she was witnessing!

"Nnnooo, noo, not my nipples, ooohhhhh, uuuuuhhhh, ooohhhh ggooooddd, that feels so good Shania," Faith moaned in her dream-like semi-conscious dazed state.

Faith was once more dreaming about Shania, but this time instead of dominating Shania, Shania was having her way with the delicious blonde who was mumbling in her unconscious state, revealing her dark fantasy to her most hated rival. Shania couldn’t believe what she was hearing - this was too good to be true! She dropped to her knees and bent over Faith’s twitching body to watch the battered girl wrestle with her nightmare as Faith's trembling hands caressed her nipples as she continued to moan. Shania’s lips curled into an evil grin as a plan formed in her devious mind.

Shania put her lips next to Faiths ear and whispered seductively, "Who's my sweet little bitch?"

Faith responded with a shake of her head, "Uuuhhh, oohhhh nooooooo……..please…..don't…."

Shania gently ran the crop over Faith’s heaving belly and used the braided leather tip to flick her aroused nipples as she whispered to the vulnerable blonde, planting subconscious thoughts in her head until the sexy blond was crying out her name. Within seconds, Shania had totally dominated Faiths will. Satisfied she’d laid the groundwork for her plan, Shania heaved the sexy blond over onto her belly, lifted her ass in the air and flipped her skirt up to bare her sexy ass.

Shania leaned over and whispered, "Now it's time for your spanking my little bitch."




Shania cracked Faith’s tight ass with three quick, sharp, painful shots with the riding crop.

"Aaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh, uuuuuuuhhhhhhhh," Faith howled as her body jerked and she flopped on her belly as she was snapped out of her semi-consciousness stupor by the sharp stinging pain. Although she still was still, confused it was as if her dreams had become real. It all seem far too real for the willowy blond as she awoke to the real pain of Shania chewing her ass up with her riding crop. Faith cried and begged, waving her hands in the air behind her, but nothing she did to resist her ass whipping had any effect on cruel Shania.

"Pllleeeeaaassseee stop Shania, you …you win," Faith moaned.

"Beg me as your mistress, you slut," Shania scowled as she continued her unrelenting onslaught on Faiths now fiery assflesh.

Unable to take another lashing, Faith quickly conceded and agreed to accept Shania as her Mistress. Faith collapsed when the whipping stopped, laying on her belly with her feet moving slowly as she rubbed her bare bottom with both hands.

Shania stood up and used her toe to roll Faith onto her back, then stood hovering over the cringing blond. As she straddled the blondes body and started to lower herself, Faith looked up and saw that Shania wasn’t wearing any underwear as her pussy closed in on her face.

"Please Shania, don't do this, I give… win, you win!" cried the helpless blond.

Quickly, however, Faith’s pleas for mercy were muffled to soft whimpers as Shania straddled her face, pinning her arms under her knees as she rode her face like a Western Canada bronco. Shania pulled Faith's blond hair with one hand, locking her face tight to her pussy as she reached back behind her and idly stroked Faith’s breasts, belly and thighs with her crop until Faith passed out for the last time. Shania continued to bump and grind until she came on Faith's face, then she insolently cleaned her pussy with Faith’s thick blond hair.

As Faith’s beaten body lay sprawled on the floor, Shania coolly put her high heels back on, straightened her clothing and began to leave the beaten blond lying on the floor. But as Shania started to walk away, she heard Faith again muttering in her unconscious dream, begging Shania not to fuck her pussy anymore. With a snort of derision, the sexy brunette strutted over to Faith, dropped a copy of the tape she recorded of the fight and said, "I've made two copies, I figure you'll enjoy the end of this one, babe....Sweet Dreams."

Then with all the arrogance of a diva, Shania strolled out of the cottage with a big smile, not only having dominated Faith Hill but possibly having changed forever their relationship because of the secrets she’d learned about Faith’s fantasy.