Faith Hill vs. Shania Twain by Amanda & John J.

It was a warm September evening in Las Vegas and the city was abuzz anticipating the big fight. Usually big fights were common in a city renowned for Heavyweight brawls but this wasn't your typical heavyweight brawl. This was a DIVA-weight brawl! The long awaited showdown between rival country singers Faith Hill and Shania Twain was only moments away!

Canadian cutie Shania Twain had owned country music up until about five years ago when the tall, blonde from Mississippi, Faith Hill, arrived on the scene. It was widely rumored Faith essentially drove Shania into pop music when she realized she couldn't compete with Faith's combination of supermodel good looks, southern charm, and a voice straight from heaven. Faith was dubbed the "it" girl and Shania was written off as a trashy no-talent, bimbo who'd slept her way to the top.

After a heated war of words in the tabloids, Faith grew tired of Shania's malicious attacks and challenged Shania to a fight to prove once and for all who was the stronger - and better - woman. Shania, although feeling somewhat intimidated by the taller, younger blonde, reluctantly accepted! Faith knew she already had the upper hand on Shania in every other avenue they competed in and with both ready to release new CDs it was perfect time to finish Shania off once and for all.

A large crowd had gathered in front of the casino where the fight would take place and the atmosphere was like that for an awards show, complete with fans, media and even a red carpet. First to arrive was Faith and all eyes were on her as she emerged from her limo; unfurling her long lovely legs as husband Tim McGraw helped out of the car and escorted her down the red carpet. The tall, slender blonde looked absolutely stunning in a form-fitting light blue gown that hugged every curve of a 5'10" frame that was only accentuated by high heels!

Faith paused for a moment smiled and waved to the crowd before tossing back her long blonde tresses and strutting confidently up the aisle and into the arena. Faith was escorted to a conference room where she answered a few questions from the media. The room full of anxious reporters erupted into a barrage of questions as the tall, glamorous blonde entered and patiently took her place at the podium.

"I've only got time for a few questions so lets make it quick," Faith said, her voice taking on a strong, stern tone one wouldn't expect from such a beautiful woman. Then she took several brief questions from the media.

One reporter asked, "Faith, do you feel confident about tonight?"

The tall, sexy blonde smiled as she responded, "Yes. Very!"

"Faith, have you ever been involved in a physical altercation with another female before," a different reporter asked?

"Only once on the record, in high school," Faith responded, blushing slightly.

The same reporter inquired, "Who won?"

"Well let's put it this way. I ended up in the Principal's office and the other girl ended up in the nurse's office. I was grounded for like a year," she said with a giggle.

Then yet another report piped up, "It's been rumored your feud with Gwen Stefani got physical. Care to comment?"

"Gwen and I resolved our differences in private, other than that I have no comment," Faith snapped, appearing annoyed by the question.

The first reporter came back, "Faith, what do you say about being made a 10-1 favorite over Shania by the odds-makers?"

Faith smiled, "I think the odds-makers have damn good taste in women."

The room erupted in laughter at the blonde's quick-witted response and one reporter muttered, "A beautiful woman with a sense of humor. Now there's something you don't see everyday."

Faith wanted to end things on a high note and declined further questions, waving to the media as she turned and headed to her dressing room with her entourage of hair, makeup and wardrobe people in tow.

Back at the front of the arena, the focus had shifted to the limo carrying Faith's rival Shania Twain as it pulled up to the red carpet. All eyes were on the petite brunette as she exited the limo in a revealing black and silver sequined gown and matching heels. Her sexy dress had a plunging "V" neckline that really showed off an impressive rack, so much so that as she crouched to climb out of the car, her 36D breasts nearly spilled out of the revealing dress. Once out of the car, a somewhat embarrassed Shania had to stop to 'adjust' her impressive assets but once the sexy diva had everything together, she paused and waved to the crowd before heading up the carpet into the arena

Faith, who was watching Shania's arrival on the TV in her dressing room, couldn't help herself. "Lookit the little slut!" the long legged blonde fumed. "We passed prostitutes on the way here showing less cleavage! That washed-up little has-been isn't gonna be quite so proud of those tits after I finish using them as punching bags," the tall, blonde purred cattily as her entourage cheered and high-fived.

Once in the building, Shania proceeded to the same conference room where she too took a few questions from the media. As she entered, a barrage of questions overwhelmed Shania who seemed to be carrying herself with a bit less confidence than her tall, blonde rival. She gingerly approached the podium looking like a deer in the media headlights.

"P-p-p-please one question at a time!" the petite brunette yelled struggling to be heard over the mob of energized reporters.

Sensing her frustration, her manager quickly came to her aid, "Ms. Twain will only answer one question at a time! So one at a time or we're outta here!"

After order was finally restored, Shania proceeded took several questions starting with, "Shania, Faith stated she was very confident about the fight. How do you feel?"

"I feel confident also...I guess," Shania replied nervously; the look on her face saying otherwise though.

Another reporter asked, "Shania, there's been speculation a humiliating loss to Faith could end your career. How do you feel about that?"

"Ever since that big, blonde, beanpole came along, I haven't gotten an ounce of respect from the media. Why should now be any different!" Shania snapped, her displeasure with the question obvious!

A different reporter shouted, "Faith said not long ago in an interview if she ever had the opportunity, she'd make you pay for your role in her feud with Gwen Stefani. Care to comment?"

"No I don't!" Shania spat as tears began to well in her pretty brown eyes. Her mind raced as she nervously wondered how anyone found out she was involved in the leak of comments about Gwen Stefani.

With that, Shania obviously visibly upset, stormed out of the conference room in tears. Her big bouncing breasts again on the verge of exploding out of her low cut dress as she trotted down the corridor to her dressing room. Once inside the safety of her dressing room, Shania locked the door as she struggled to regain her composure.

After a good cry, Shania unlocked the door to let in her concerned entourage of hair, makeup and wardrobe people. Some very concerned sponsors, more than a little nervous about her mental state, also wanted to get in to see, and check in on, the sexy brunette before she went into such a pivotal event. Finally, after much consoling by her support staff, a more composed but still less-than-confident Shania began putting the finishing touches on her hair and makeup in preparation for the fight. Over in Faith's dressing room, the mood was much lighter. The tall, confident blonde cracked jokes with her staff as she sat pulling a pair of thigh-hi stockings up her incredibly long, sexy legs.

"Damn girl it must take you hours to shave those things," one of her wardrobe people commented, ogling Faith's legs, which measured an ultra-long 40 inches in length from crotch to heel.

"Why the hell do you think I'm always late for appointments!" Faith joked as laughter filled the room.

Seconds later, the fight producer knocked on Faith's door and announced, "Five minutes to show time." A moment later, the same knock came on Shania's door. The dressing rooms for the two beauties were on opposite sides of the huge arena, making it extremely unlikely the two ladies or any of their entourages, would run into each other, prior to the start of the action.

Faith walked toward the arena quietly, focusing her mind and her energy on the fight and what she needed to do. The tall, gorgeous blonde exuded confidence, but not cockiness, with each long stride. As Faith, her husband Tim and a few very close friends waited at the doorway, Faith ran her fight plan through her mind for the last time.

Shania and her group walked toward a similar entrance on the other side of the arena. Shania paced and shifted nervously, as she, her husband and friends waited at their entrance. Shania's husband tried to rub the brunette's shoulders to settle her down, but she pulled away and continued to pace nervously.

The door in front of Faith swung open as the loudspeakers announced, "Our first competitor in tonight's DIVA brawl is the luscious and lovely, long legged blonde from Mississippi, FAITH HILL!"

Faith and her troup stepped out to a chorus of whistles, catcalls and applause. She smiled, waved and signed a few autographs as she strutted on her long, curvy legs up to the wrestling ring. After giving Faith a deep kiss, her husband Tim McGraw and the entourage took their seats in the VIP section of the front row as Faith seductively climbed through the ropes and settled in her corner.

After Faith was in her corner, the door in front of Shania opened and the loudspeakers boomed again, "Our second competitor for this catfight brawl is a lady that has had numerous altercations with Faith. She is petite, but very curvaceous. Let's here it for the singing superstar from Canada, SHANIA TWAIN!"

Shania and her group stepped out to lots of whistles, catcalls and applause. She wasn't nearly as energetically waving and smiling as Faith had been and seemed more intense as she walked toward the ring, her cleavage bouncing with each step. Shania's husband gave the brunette a soft kiss before he went and sat down in the VIP section across the ring from Faith's group.

Shania climbed into the ring very seductively making sure to give the audience, Faith, and Faith's husband, a good look at her cleavage. As she shook her boobs at Tim McGraw, she blew the blonde's husband a kiss in an attempt to rattle her tall blonde rival. After getting into the ring and seeing that all her little flirtatious kiss did was piss Faith off more, Shania settled down and quieted down, not making much eye contact with anyone.

With the fight about to start, Faith looked around the arena, waving and smiling at her adoring fans, giving a definitely confident, but not overly cocky attitude. Shania, on the other hand, made little eye contact with anyone in the audience, purposely avoiding all eye contact with Faith as she talked quietly with her husband/manager in her corner, apparently discussing strategy.

Shania thought back to the fight she'd instigated between Faith and Gwen Stefani. She'd been sure Gwen would have put up more of a fight or at least roughed Faith up some which would have given her a better shot at beating the big blonde. As Shania looked nervously across the ring, she saw how Faith towered over her. Shania was 5'6" in her stiletto heels while Faith was 5'10" in her bare feet. In heels, Faith was well over 6' tall. The more the brunette thought about it, fighting Faith seemed to be a bad idea, but she knew she had no way out of the fight at time point, at least not without looking foolish and she'd rather be beaten senseless in a fight than skulk away with her tail between her legs.

The two gorgeous country singers stood in the opposite corners of the ring glaring at each other with hatred in their eyes. Both ached to tear the other beauty to shreds. Faith stared Shania up and down as they stood in their lovely formal gowns and high heels waiting for the fight to start. Shania appeared rather intimidated by the tall blonde who was glaring at her angrily.

Finally, after what seemed like an eternity, "CLANG!" and Faith sprang out of her corner toward Shania. The brunette was slightly more hesitant, taking a defensive stance as she moved slowly toward the tall blonde. With the fight started, Shania appeared to be a completely different woman from the cocky, arrogant, and downright bitchy singer who'd challenged Faith to fight.

The stunning gowns worn by the two lovely singers were as different as the singers themselves. Everyone got a glimpse of Faith's long lean legs through the slits in the sides of her nearly floor length skirt, as the tall blonde took her long steps. The gorgeous light blue form-fitting gown was the epitome of class and grace while showing off enough to be sexy and flirtatious. Shania's gown was just outright, blatantly, sexy, with no attempt at class or refinement. The sparkly black and silver gown had a deep plunging V neckline, with a halter attachment behind her neck and virtually no back. The slits at the skirt of Shania's gown were higher and far more pronounced than Faith's, giving a much more obvious and constant view of Shania's muscular legs.

The two beauties crashed together like wildcats; both pair of hands instinctively going for the other's long tresses. As they pulled, yanked and twisted each other's beautiful long hair, they wobbled and hobbled around the ring on their high heels. It didn't take very long for Faith's height advantage to come into play as the hair pulling war grew more serious, with tempers rising. The brunette quickly found herself reacting and backing away, trying to defend rather than attack as the hair pulling battle raged. They staggered and stumbled as they moved around the ring in a clinch, with Faith slowly overpowering her smaller rival and shoving her backward. Shania tried to fight back though, occasionally yanking hard on Faith's hair. Each beauty was trying desperately to keep her own balance, while at that same unbalance her hated rival and send her down.

The gorgeous blonde's size advantage won out as the hair pulling battle neared its end. Faith nearly took the raven-haired beauty off her feet, as she bore down and tugged harder on Shania's long dark hair, bringing a yelp of pain from Shania's lips. Shania's grip on Faith's luscious hair weakened as she was forced to work hard just to keep her balance. Sensing Shania's defenses fading, Faith gave another vicious tug and the brunette lost her balance and started to fall back with yet another groan of pain.

As Shania dropped, Faith stayed with her and when the brunette dropped on her back in the middle of the ring, Faith let herself fall on top of her. Faith carefully aimed her knee and drove it down into Shania's midriff. Shania grunted in pain as Faith's knee drove deep into her belly, driving the air out of her lungs.

Faith got quickly to her feet and yanked the brunette up to her feet with a rough pull of her long dark hair. Shania scrambled to get her feet under her as Faith pulled and tugged her long tresses. As soon as she had the brunette on her feet, Faith moved forward and smashed Shania's head onto the top turnbuckle in the nearby corner. Faith kept hold of the brunette's hair as she whacked her head into the turnbuckle a second time. But when Faith set herself for a third smash, Shania looked down and saw a target of opportunity. Just as Faith reared back to slam her head for a third time, Shania stomped down hard and drove her high heel down on Faith's foot.

The big blonde screamed in pain as the heel dug into her foot and she immediately decided that wearing the open toed high-heeled sandals had been a mistake. Showing no compassion, the cruel brunette jacked her elbow back into Faith's belly. The blonde shook off the pain and fired a flurry of punches to Shania's lower back. Shania groaned and gasped as the repeated painful kidney punches landed solidly. She tried to counterattack by backfisting the blonde in the mouth, but Faith sidestepped and Shania spun awkwardly, nearly losing her balance as the blow missed completely.

Faith went back on the attack when she spun and cracked Shania across the mouth with the back of her hand, using Shania's own move against her. Shania stumbled back, surprised at the blow, but kept her balance and didn't fall. In fact, as she got her balance, Shania lunged forward just as Faith started to move toward her, still hobbling from the stomp on her foot. Shania drove in low, while Faith was setting her defenses. Faith managed to partially move aside, avoiding having her luscious long legs taken out from under her but Shania did grab a fistful of Faith's lovely blue gown. She pulled and yanked as she fell forward, trying to pull Faith off her feet. As Shania pulled, she tore the side slit open higher. The slit widened as it ripped nearly all the way up to Faith's luscious boobs. Faith staggered and reeled, spinning as she fought valiantly to keep her balance.

The sexy brunette pulled herself to her feet and went on the attack once again. Shania grabbed Faith's arm and whipped the blonde around facing her, then with a hard push slammed Faith's back into the turnbuckles. Shania fired away at Faith, landing a hard forearm chop to the boobs. Faith turned things around as she caught the brunette's arm in the middle her swing for a second chop and, before Shania could react, Faith twisted her arm back violently and pulled Shania into a hammerlock.

As Faith poured on the pressure to the hammerlock, Shania tried to work her way out of the predicament. She hopped and bounced as she tried to ease the pressure on her trapped arm but Faith stayed with her and kept the pressure on the arm. Shania grew desperate and with her free hand she reached back and grabbed and pulled at anything she could get her claws into. There was a loud tearing sound as Shania reached back and tugged once again....and another large rip opened in Faith's lovely light blue gown, this time right down the cleavage!

Faith was left with a very classy, but sexy, satin teddy visible through the large rip. Looking down at her torn and tattered dress, Faith responded in kind. Holding Shania in the hammerlock with one hand, she used the other to rip at Shania's sexy gown. Faith continued ripping and tearing Shania's once beautiful gown until only shredded and tattered fragments remained clinging to the brunette's voluptuous body. With very little of the material still holding together, Faith had no problem stripping the remnants of Shania's gown from the busty brunette's body.

As her gown came completely off, Shania was left in the very risqué - if not outright slutty - lingerie she'd put on under her gown. The top was a bra with half cups; Shania's luscious melons supported from the bottom by the partial cups leaving her hard nipples and the top half of her breasts visible and exposed. Shania had chosen g-string panties for the bottom and the front barely covered a neatly trimmed pussy, while the back was no more than two thin strings; leaving her ass one step from being completely bare.

Faith was momentarily distracted when she looked at Tim and tossed Shania's gown to her husband. That gave Shania an opening, and the brunette took advantage to quickly reverse the hammerlock. Faith yelped when Shania rose up on her toes as she levered her arm up and twisted violently. Though still trapped in Shania's grasp, Faith regained some control of the action, putting her height advantage to use and started to muscle Shania back, forcing her into the corner.

When Shania's back hit the turnbuckle she tried to use the hammerlock to push Faith forward but the blonde had other ideas. With her height advantage and her long legs putting her ass at just the right height, Faith shoved her butt back and rammed her curvy butt in Shania's belly. Shania wheezed as Faith knocked the breath out of her and she lost her hold on the hammerlock. Not giving her hated adversary a rest, Faith slammed her ass back into Shania again. Shania pulled down the back of Faith's gown trying to scratch her back, as she fought to get out of the corner. She succeeded in adding more tears to the once perfect gown, but her manicured nails did no damage to Faith's flawless flesh.

With a quick spin, Faith whirled around facing Shania, keeping the smaller brunette pinned in the corner. As she turned, Faith brought her knee up into Shania's gut and Shania gagged as the knee knocked the air out of her again. Shania started to fold over from the impact of the blonde's sexy long leg, but Faith jerked her upright with a violent yank of her long dark hair.

Faith continued her attack, pounding a rapid series of forearm chops to Shania's heaving bosom. The blonde's height gave her excellent position for firing forearm chops down onto Shania's chest with maximum effect. Shania sobbed as Faith's forearm slammed into her with precision accuracy, flattening her luscious melons on her chest. After a fourth chop, Shania started to slump to the ring in tears, as she raised her trembling hands to protect her tits.

As Faith moved to attack her again, Shania rolled out of the ring and fell to the floor. Shania adjusted her skimpy top as she sucked down air and walked around outside the ring wiping the tears and sweat from her flushed face. As Faith climbed out after Shania, she could feel her once lovely gown falling apart on her body. The blonde decided to discard the remnants of the gown herself, before Shania did it for her. She pulled off the strips of torn gown and angrily flung them aside.

The lovely blonde stood in a classy and elegant, but very sexy white satin teddy with lace across the cleavage and hips. The high hip design showed off her long legs perfectly. Faith had just hitched up the teddy when she felt something wrap around her legs. The blonde quickly jumped just moments before Shania would have pulled her feet out from under her.

Shania lost her grip on Faith's legs and stepped back looking concerned as Faith lunged toward her. Faith tried to kick her petite opponent but Shania managed to grab her legs and pull her into the position she'd tried earlier. With a wicked grin, Shania pulled Faith's ankle as she maneuvered the blonde into the position she wanted. Faith tried to scramble and kick out with her luscious legs and was partially successful, but Shania kept a partial grasp on Faith's one leg and pulled back as hard and fast as she could, unwilling to let an opportunity to attack pass her by.

Faith braced herself with one leg as her other leg was pulled back, glaring angrily at Shania as the brunette's attempted attack registered in her mind after her momentum stopped and the attack achieved nothing. Shania scrambled away from the ring, shaking her head in disgust after the failure of her attempted pussy slam into the corner post. She moved to climb back into the ring as the crafty brunette gave the big blonde a hard punch to the gut, then climbed back into the ring while Faith gasped for air, more pissed off that she'd walked into the punch than hurt by it.

Shania gave a hard tug on her hated rival's long blonde hair as she yanked Faith's head into position and desperately fired a kneelift into the blonde's face. Faith moved her head just enough that the brunette's knee bounced off the side of her face instead of hitting her flush in the nose. Trying to keep from losing control of the action, Shania clamped on a side headlock, then rushed forward and charged toward the corner intending to ram Faith's head into the turnbuckle.

Faith managed to block the move though, using her long legs to slow them and her long arms to brace herself against the ropes to stop Shania's attack. As Shania tried to muscle Faith into the corner, the blonde pulled her head free of Shania's grasp and delivered a couple of hard kidney shots that brought a pained yelp from the brunette.

The brunette whirled back on the blonde and continued her attack, giving Faith a rake across the eyes with her nails. Faith screeched as her eyes burned with pain and as she raised her hands to her eyes, Shania dug her fingers into the top of the blonde's classy teddy, ripping the front apart and leaving the embarrassed Faith topless!

As Faith recoiled in shock, Shania stomped the blonde's long legs, trying to injure her knee. Taking a couple hard kicks to her knee, Faith continued to backpedal as Shania chased her. Faith carefully maintained the distance, using her long legs expertly, even though one knee was throbbing in pain. Faith judged the distance perfectly, keeping far enough away that Shania's punches couldn't reach her, but near enough that she could pound the brunette repeatedly with her fists. And that's exactly what Faith did as she hammered a barrage of punches into the voluptuous brunette. Shania was able to defend herself for a while, but she grew frustrated by her inability to close the distance and counter punch.

Eventually, Faith's punches began to land repeatedly on Shania's face and tits and the fight's momentum changed. Shania was forced into a retreat trying to keep away from Faith who went back on the offense. Faith played it smart as she attacked, carefully maintaining her distance as she pursued her retreating foe. With her long, sexy arms flailing gracefully, Faith drilled combinations of lefts and rights into Shania as the brunette's defenses crumbled steadily.

Shania groaned as she was backed into a corner, trapped by Faith who wisely kept her distance, swinging with her long arms as she fired more punches at the brunette until Shania's once-perfect tits were swollen and bruised; her trashy bra ripped and tattered under the barrage of punches. Shania took repeated shots to her belly and ribs, leaving her midriff aching.

The brunette's face also showed the effects of the flurry of punches; her eyes puffy, a trickle of blood streaming from her nose and a line of blood at the corner of her mouth. After another punch to her mouth, Shania's head snapped and the brunette's battered body slumped into the turnbuckles, her head bowed and nearly in tears. Faith moved in close and with a sadistic smirk, lashed up with a knee to Shania's bruised and battered belly. Shania gasped in pain, tears filling her eyes as she slid down the ropes and bounced on her ass on the canvas. Showing no compassion toward her hated foe, Faith grabbed Shania by her aching breasts and squeezed as she pulled the battered globes up, forcing the wailing brunette to scramble to get to her feet; her vision blurred by her tears.

As Shania's body rose, she grabbed the ropes on either side and used a burst of power to drive her own knee up, trying to knee Faith in the pussy and stop her assault. Shania's blurred vision ruined her aim and her knee struck Faith's thigh instead. Faith cringed in pain as Shania kneed her, but the kneeing wasn't nearly as devastating as it might have been if the brunette had connected where she intended.

Now with Faith in a bit pain, Shania used a leg sweep to take the big blonde off her feet and followed that with an elbow drop to Faith's luscious bare tits. Ignoring the pain in her own bruised globes, Shania straddled Faith and dropped her breasts down on Faith's face to smother the blonde as she had so many others. Using a handful of hair, Shania pulled Faith's face between her tits and held on tight! She gasped and sucked in air as she struggled to hold Faith down. She'd gotten lucky with the hold, Faith had been beating the crap out of her. Now, she wanted so bad to smother Faith out cold and win this fight that it was all she could think about! How great it would be to have this come-from-behind win!

Suddenly, Shania let out a scream and rolled off to the side clutching her bruised and battered tits where Faith's red lipstick and teeth marks were quite obvious. Faith sat up red-faced, her chest heaving, but she quickly scrambled to her feet and went after Shania. She used her sexy long legs to her advantage once again as she fired several hard kicks at Shania. The brunette tried to block and defend with her hands, but Faith drilled her strong legs right through her defense. Solid kicks landed to Shania's head, ribs and tits and she moaned in pain as each one landed with an audible THUD!

A sidekick to Shania's ribcage was quickly followed by a huge roundhouse kick to the head that left Shania dazed and rocking forward out over her rubbery legs. Faith ran to the ropes and bounced off and, as she came rocketing off, kicked high and caught Shania square in her ravaged boobs with a dropkick that sent the brunette flying into the ropes. She hit and her arms draped over the top ropes briefly, then she crumpled to the canvas in a heap. Faith got up and walked over to Shania, kicked her over onto her stomach and clamped on a surfboard hold. Faith used her long, luscious leg to dig hard into the brunette's back as she hauled back viciously on her arms, lifting her torso up off the canvas mat.

Shania gritted her teeth through the pain, but shook her head when the ref asked if she would submit to her blonde rival. Faith smiled at the brunette's refusal and abruptly released the surfboard hold but only to spin around and put her into a Boston Crab. The gorgeous blonde used her long legs to bend Shania's back at a horribly painful angle, cranking up the pressure as she leaned back farther and harder, twisting Shania's body at a more severe angle with each passing second. The brunette broke down and started to sob as Faith worked the Boston Crab like an expert.

Faith demanded, "Do you give up, slut?"

Shania hissed, "Leggo! Oh, God! Ohhhhhh, it hurts!"

Faith laughed, "Is that a surrender, sweetie?"

Shania shot back through her pain filled tears, "Fuck...!"

Faith snickered, "Oh, you stupid little tramp! You had one chance. Now, you're getting your ass kicked real bad!"

The big, long legged blonde released the Boston Crab and let the brunette's legs drop limp to the canvas. Shania just lay still, her only movement coming as her lush body was racked by tearful sobs. Faith grabbed a fistful of dark hair and dragged Shania to her feet as roughly as she could. Shania yelped and cried out in pain as Faith turned her around to face her.

Ignoring Shania's loud sobbing, Faith pulled the brunette into a bearhug and wrapped her arms around her outside of Shania's arms, trapping them at her sides. Faith used her height advantage and long legs to lift Shania into the air and held her there as the brunette sobbed while Faith used her strong arms to crush her. Shania felt her body weakening as Faith's crushing bearhug kept her from getting a breath.

Shania started to lose consciousness as Faith increased and decreased the pressure, trying to hold the brunette on the verge of passing out but not allowing her the mercy of unconsciousness. Faith jerked Shania up a little higher, then planted her knee and suddenly dropped the trapped brunette down onto it. Shania shrieked in pain as her pussy was crushed onto Faith's extended knee. Shania toppled over to the canvas sobbing uncontrollably with both hands squeezed tightly between her legs as she rocked from side to side in a tight little ball.

Faith continued to destroy Shania as she roughly pulled the sobbing brunette to her feet by the hair again and used a handful of hair to walk her around before securing her in a side headlock. Then Faith ran forward and sat down on her sexy ass, driving Shania into the mat with a vicious bulldog. Faith was careful though, making sure that Shania's heaving, battered boobs took the impact. Shania sobbed even louder as the proud globes pancaked between her body and the ring.

With yet another rough yank of Shania's long dark hair, Faith pulled her broken rival's head between her legs and locked them around the brunette's neck in a figure-4 headscissors. She secured her calf under Shania's neck and hooked her foot behind her other knee. Then she squeezed hard, pouring on the pressure as she crushed Shania's windpipe with her powerful legs. The leggy blonde showed her sadistic side as she expertly used her powerful thighs to bring her hated rival to the brink of passing out, only to ease off on the hold and give her enough air that she was still awake when she repeated the same move again. Shania began to cry and beg as she fluttered at the ragged edge of passing out.

The brunette sobbed, "You win! Please stop! No more!"

Faith cranked up the pressure a bit more, as she squeezed her thighs and dug her calf into the brunette's throat, laughing, "What was that sweetie?"

Shania sobbed, barely conscious, "I've had enough. You win!"

Faith hissed, "Say it louder!"

Shania cried and yelled as loud as her weakened state would let her, "YOU WIN! I GIVE UP!"

Faith squeezed again and giggled, "Tell everyone you can't sing worth shit. Oh, and that you're a slutty tramp too!"

Shania continued to sob, "Yes! Yes! I agree!"

Faith hissed, "NO bitch, SAY IT!"

Shania cried out, "OK, OK! I can't sing worth shit.......and...and I'm a slutty tramp!"

Faith laughed, "Yes, you certainly are!"

Again, Faith turned on the pressure of her long, lean thighs. But this time, she didn't release the hold until the brunette passed out cold. Then she got up and stood over her beaten foe, studying her limp figure. With a deep sigh, Faith bent down and ripped away Shania's tiny little g-string panty, then pulled her torn bra off. She tossed both out into the crowd which precipitated a wild scramble for the souvenirs. Then the sexy blonde started to bump and grind as she slowly removed her own ripped satin teddy and tossed it to a different section of the screaming crowd. The gorgeous, long legged blonde moved into position for a schoolgirl pin and, once she got herself seated on Shania's sore boobs, she slapped the brunette awake.

Shania immediately started to cry again as she looked up at the victorious blonde and pleaded, "Please! I gave up. No more. You win. Don't hurt me!"

Faith snickered, "Yes, I sure did win, you pathetic slut loser! Now, you're gonna pleasure me. I know you've had lots of experience at that and so you'd damn well better do a good job!"

She slid forward and shoved her neatly trimmed blonde pussy down on Shania's red face. Being more scared of what Faith might do if she didn't comply than worried about the humiliation of being forced to eat her pussy, Shania quickly went to work with her tongue, delving deep into Faith's excited pussy, flicking and sucking her swollen clit. The blonde threw her head back in pleasure, as the broken Shania worked her tongue with a skill born of years of practice in dingy music club dressing rooms around Western Canada. As she felt her orgasm approaching, Faith grabbed a fistful of dark hair and pulled Shania's face tightly into her crotch as she started to buck and moan.

The blonde's moans of pleasure grew louder and louder while Shania continued to do as she was told until Faith screamed in pleasure and her body bucked, then she shuddered to a powerful orgasm. Shania's soft sobbing was muffled further as Faith's hot, wet, sticky girl cum streamed down to cover her flushed crimson face. Satisfied, Faith stood on weak legs after her powerful orgasm.

She walked around Shania's body, her head thrown back, flipping her long blond hair and strutting while Shania continued to sob.

Then Faith bent over and cooed, "Now, it's your turn, Shania my dear!"

Shania cried, "No! Please! Don't. My pussy's still too sore!"

Faith dropped to her knees between Shania's legs and moved in as if to lick her pussy; then she suddenly reared up, pulled her head back and waved her hand in front of her nose.

"Oh ick! I'm not sticking my tongue in THAT smelly ol' thing! You stink!"

Shania sobbed even louder as Faith's verbal abuse continued as she reached over and pulled off of Shania's high-heeled pumps.

Faith smiled as she held up the shoe, "This should do nicely!"

The blonde took the high heel in one hand and used the fingers of her other hand to spread Shania's labia as she slowly inserted the heel into Shania's pussy, then began to pump it in and out of the brunette's love tunnel like a long, thin dildo.

Shania screamed in pain, "Please, no! I'm too sore! Don't......!"

Faith taunted, "Just shut the hell up and take it like a woman, not a damn little crybaby!"

Shania continued to sob as Faith pumped the high heel in and out until, with a shocked cry of disbelief and completely against her will, the brunette’s weakened body shuddered and convulsed, then exploded in a powerful orgasm caused by the incendiary mixture of humiliation, pain and pleasure! Faith pulled out the dripping high heel and got up off Shania's body holding it in her hand as a pool of wet, sticky girl cum slowly spread below Shania's ass. Faith smiled at the sight, proof positive that the clever brunette hadn't faked it.

Faith extended a long leg and ran her toes down over Shania’s heaving belly as she gloated, "Sweetie, we're about done now. Then you can crawl back to your dressing room and haul that skanky ass out of here! I wonder how you're singing career’s gonna go after your fans and admirers see the tape of this here lil’ sporting event? Hmmm, Shania? Whadda ya think, dearie? Considering the slutty dress you wore in here, I can suggest a new line of work. You sure got the perfect outfits for one great high-priced whore!"

Faith continued the stream of abuse, "Now, ‘bout the topic we came here to discuss. Rumor has it, you played a very big part in my little squabble with Gwen Stefani. Oh, and speakin’ a’ Gwennie, since those rumors started flyin’, she and I did have a discussion to work out our differences. And, yep, it did turn physical! To be blunt, I kicked her platinum ass! Now Shania, I got sources who tell me you instigated that fight and were even behind the leaked comments that started the trouble ‘tween me ‘n’ Gwen. What’d you like ta say about that?"

Shania shook her head, sobbing, "What…..what’re you talking about?"

Faith pressed her high heel down on Shania’s bruised and aroused pussy until the frightened brunette shrieked in pain!

"Wrong answer slut! Let's try again, shall we? Now….what would you like to say about those nasty allegations?"

Shania cried, "Yes! Alright, I did leak the rumors. I was behind….wanted to soften you up for this fight. I'm so sorry. It was all my fault!"

Faith reached down and patted Shania on the head like a good puppy, "See, that wasn't so hard, now was it! We're just about done now, Shania, dearie. I just wanna leave you with one last thing, so you'll know to NEVER TO FUCK WITH ME AGAIN!"

Faith kicked Shania in the ribs, rolling her over with her luscious bubble butt in the air. Then Faith took the high heel she’d used to make Shania cum, took careful aim and, with one hard fluid shove, pushed the wet, sticky, high heel up into Shania's tight little asshole! She shoved as hard as she could, forcing the stiletto heel as deep into Shania's tight butt as it would go. Shania wailed and shrieked in pain; her body convulsing violently until she passed out from the pain of having her butt violated in such a cruel and ruthless manner.

The tall victorious blonde posed for hundreds of pictures over the body of her thoroughly dominated rival. Faith was all legs and smiles (and no clothes) as she raised her long arms high above her head and beamed with smiles as she posed with her stiletto heel on Shania's tight little ass while hundreds of flashbulbs erupted.

Faith was carried out of the building on the shoulders of a mob of her adoring fans, while the medical staff rushed to attend to Shania’s injuries. Although not serious, the petite brunette was taken to a nearby medical center for precautionary reasons where she was treated for exhaustion and numerous cuts and bruises, including her black eye and split lip. Unfortunately, however, there were two injuries the doctors couldn’t treat, Shania's wounded pride and her battered ego. They’d take a very, very long time to heal, if ever. (Faith-595; Shania-327)