Faith Hill vs. Shania Twain + Anna Nicole Smith (Shania's Revenge) by Mikey

Shania was still hurting both physically and emotionally from the beating at the hands of Faith Hill. She was hounded by the press and laughed at in public ever since then. She feared that her career might be over. Then she came across an article in the tabloids about how Faith Hill had said some very nasty things about Shania and Anna Nicole Smith. It said, basically that women like them give women in show business a bad name, from the way they dress and the way there careers were based on nothing more than being sluts.

Needless to say this infuriated Shania even more and decided to give Anna a call and see if she had seen the article. Sure enough, she had and was as mad as Shania was. They decided it was time to bring little Miss Faith down from her high and mighty alter.

TONIGHT: FAITH HILL IN CONCERT! Read the marquis as Shania and Anna walked in through the back gate.

Shania had many adoring fans even still and it just so happened that one of the head security guards at the arena was one of them. Shania talked and flirted with the guard for awhile. To make a long story short, she eventually got to go in to the backstage area with Anna. They strutted down the corridor until they came upon Faith's dressing room. The door wasn't marked, but she knew which one was the main star's room, from playing concerts here in the past.

Shania, dressed in a black leather vest and black leather pants and spiked heals, walked up to the door with Anna by her side and said to the large blonde and giggled, "This'll be a night little Miss Priss will never forget; I'll make damn sure of it!"

Shania and Anna opened the door of the dressing room quietly. Faith had her back turned to the door at the time, getting ready for the big concert when she saw in the reflection of the mirror the two women standing there with hands on hips.

"How in the hell did you get in here?" Faith hissed.

Shania replied, "I just wanted to introduce you to my new friend Anna. You know her right?"

"Nobody's allowed in here now, especially not you Shania. Wasn't that ass kicking enough for you or do you want some more?"

"Oh, I want some more all right and so does my friend here. It seems you've been running your mouth about us being trailer trash!"

Anna said, "Maybe you'd like to say something about me now!?"

"No Anna, I was only expressing my opinion about your show. I just thought it was trashy. Sorry if you took offense."

Faith then got up and started toward the door and was met by Anna who stepped right in front of her. Anna who was wearing a blue jean vest and jeans stood about two inches taller than Faith and outweighed her by nearly 100 pounds. Faith was wearing a black leather jacket with only one button keeping it closed and blacks leather pants. The contrast in size was unbelievable and Faith new she was in deep trouble.

With a shaky voice, Faith said, "Look Anna, I don't want any trouble. If you want an apology I give it to you now and I will issue a public apology tomorrow in the press."

"That's OK if you want to do that, but, you are still going to pay for what you did to my friend Shania?"

With that Anna took a meaty fist and drove it straight into Faith's stomach, doubling her over.

"UUUGH!" Faith grunted as she fell back against the wall.

She couldn't get her breath. Anna grabbed her by her hair and got in her face and said, "After I get done with your skinny little ass, Shania will show you who's really sorry!" With that, she pulled Faith to her and wrapped her arms around Faith getting her in a bear hug. She lifted Faith off of the ground and squeezed with everything she had crushing Faith's already flat chest into Anna's DD's!

As Faith could feel her ribs creaking she could barely get out a, "Please, stop" in a barely audible voice.

Finally, after about a minute, Anna let go and Faith crumpled to the floor gasping for air. She picked up the skinny singer and drove another fist into her ribs. Faith crumpled to the floor again. Anna lifted her up by the jacket causing the button to pop open. Anna ripped the jacket from her back and grabbed first one arm and then the other, pinning them back behind her, exposing her small breasts and protruding rib cage. Her arms were pinned back so tightly you would think she would snap!

Up walked Shania with an evil grin on her face, "Well string-bean, it looks like it will be me that gets the last laugh in this battle."

Shania then kicked Faith in the hard in the ribs. "HUUUGHH!"

"What's wrong Faith, can't BREATHE?" mocking Faith's song. "You really enjoyed yourself humiliating me in front of the world last month didn't you? Well, I am going to deliver your beaten scrawny little ass to your fans tonight and they can see what happens when you fuck with Shania. I've got a feeling you'll be singing out of your ass tonight bitch!"

All the while Shania was taunting Faith, she was wrapping her fist up getting ready to do damage. Then Shania cocked her arm back...

"OOOUUUGHH!" She jammed her fist right into Faith's stomach causing Faith to double over. Anna grabbed even tighter to Faith's skinny arms, which were completely helpless to break out of Anna's powerful grip. Shania thrust punch after punch into Faith's unprotected stomach, ribs and tits.

"I'm gonna pound those tits even flatter than they are," yelled Shania as she kept pounding Faith's small tits, crushing them against her rib cage.

Faith hung limp in Anna's arms barely conscious. Shania then grabbed Faith by the hair and buried her face in her beautiful chest smothering her.

"You wish you had a chest like this, don't you bitch?"

Anna dropped Faith's beaten body on the floor on her back and pulled off Faith's skintight pants and thong. Shania took Faith's long slender legs and spread them far apart, took the heel of her spiked heels and ground it into Faith's pussy.

"How do YOU like having a shoe up your pussy you skinny skank?"

After what seemed like an eternity to Faith, Anna picked her limp body up and took her over to the couch and threw her down face first. Shania went over to the closet and grabbed a mop and brought it over to her victim. Anna knew what was coming and while snickering she grabbed Faith around the waist and lifted her to a doggy style position and Shania promptly jammed the handle into Faith's ass as far as she could. Anna buried Faith's face into the seat cushion to muffle her blood curdling screams!

Up and down, around and around, Shania wiggled the mop handle until she heard the intro music for the concert and decided they'd better leave. But before leaving, she grabbed Faith, who was about to lose consciousness, by the hair and whispered, "Next time you won't be so lucky, string-bean!"

With that they left the scene, leaving Faith laying there half-conscious and hurting. She had to cancel her tour and take a long break to recover. It took a lot to get over THIS beating and she still regretted she ever messed with Shania and especially Anna Nicole!