Hill-Twain Awards Show Ambush (revised) by longtime lurker

Acknowledging the generous applause from the crowd at Ottawa’s Corel Centre, Shania Twain took a bow before heading off stage in the direction of her dressing room. Shania had been asked to host the Juno Awards, the Canadian equivalent of the Grammies, and she was feeling pumped up with adrenaline at the chance to share a non-singing side of herself. She’d chosen a sexy, hockey-inspired outfits to rev up the crowd in Ottawa, a modified version of the famous Montreal Canadians outfit - a kind of sparkly tank top, stomach baring of course, combined with sexy aerobics-style, spandex pants. The tops of two well placed thong straps were strategically peeking out of the low riding pants, a hint at the presence of sexy underwear under the colorful, costume. She’d only have a few minutes to make a costume change, so she walked quickly. Opening the door and stepping in her dressing room she was immediately clobbered from behind by a folded wooden chair. BAM! Shania went down like a ton of bricks! Laughing, Faith Hill, Shania’s blonde American rival, stepped over the prone Shania and enjoyed the moment.

“Didn’t see that coming did you Shania?” said Faith as she reached down and grabbed a generous handful of Shania’s gorgeous, chestnut hair. “Upsy-daisy baby,” she mocked as she lifted Shania to her feet.

The brunette was bewildered, her eyes unable to focus after the heavy chair shot to her head. She barely knew what was going on as Faith ducked down a bit and wrapped her arms tightly around Shania’s torso, trapping her in a brutal bear hug.

“Unghhhh…unghhhh!” Shania whimpered as Faith squeezed her almost in half.

“Mmmmm! How’s that feel you brunette bimbo?” Faith giggled. She’d been working out and enjoyed the feel of her biceps straining as she sloooooowwwwllllllly squeezed Shania. To Shania, it felt like two steel cables wrapped around her chest, preventing her from drawing a breath. The pain in her torso slowly descended down so that she felt her lungs burning and her lower back straining.

“Oooooffff!” she whimpered pathetically. It took her several more moments for her to gather enough of her wits to flip back her head before violently crashing it forward onto the bridge of Faith’s cute little nose.

“Gahhhhh!” Faith cried out in shock and pain, as her nose was almost broken. She immediately released the bearhug and fell on her knees in front of Shania, who, wobbly-legged, soon joined her. The two rivals were now face to face on their knees. Shania capitalized on the turn in momentum by using one hand to grab a handful of Faith’s golden locks, keeping her head steady in place, and then using the open palm of her other hand to push against Faith’s already injured nose. What had been a trickle of blood, now became a steady stream as Shania twisted her palm back and forth, trying to finish what she started and break Faith’s nose.

“You stupid cunt…t-thought your ambush would work huh?” hissed an angry Shania.

Involuntary tears now ran down Faith’s face as Shania worked on breaking her nose. The pain was so intense she almost felt like giving up and begging for mercy. However she was made of sterner stuff than that. She knew she had seriously hurt Shania and she just had to stay calm and figure out a way to get the momentum back. Faith’s levelheadeness worked in her favor, as she concentrated and raked her nails across Shania’s eyes, blinding the brunette and breaking the nose grind. She did not waste any time and quickly straddled the stunned brunette.

“This is going to feel reeeeeaaaaaalllll good,” said Faith ominously as she slowly, deliberately wrapped her fingers around Shania’s soft, moist throat before squeezing like a banshee!

“Gaack! Cough!” Shania sputtered.

Her gorgeous throat, the instrument that had made her an international superstar, was now in the hands of her most hated rival and by the look in Faith’s eyes it didn’t seem like the blonde was going to let go until she had choked Shania into a possibly permanent slumberland. Faith smiled as the Canadian cutie gurgled in desperation.

“What’s the matter Shania? Not in good voice tonight?” Faith mocked.

The blonde bombshell, clad in black designer dress that exposed her back and her long gorgeous legs, bounced up and down on Shania’s famously sexy midriff forcing more oxygen of Twain. Oxygen Shania couldn’t afford to lose with Faith’s powerful fingers squeezing her windpipe shut.

“Oh Shania, Shania…I just never get tired of seeing you sputter for breath,” Faith laughed.

God, how Shania wished she could shut her up but she was in no position to do anything. Faith’s weight pinned her to the ground and the choke had gone on so long she was starting to see spots and get lightheaded. What did it take to get rid of this bitch? They’d fought tooth and nail on scores of occasions before. Shania had scored a few decisive victories in the early going, once straddling Faith much in the manner the blonde was now doing to her and punching her lights out until she was out cold. But in recent fights, momentum had switched to the taller, leggier Faith. Their last encounter ended in a long, lingering sleeper that wrung all the fight and dignity out of Shania, then Faith had added insult to injury - striping her naked after the fight and writing LOSER in red lipstick all over her nude body! Shania had had enough beatings and wanted out of the rivalry, but now Faith seemed to take intense pleasure in beating her down and had ambushed her several times over the last few months. But here? Now? Shania’s reverie was rudely interrupted by Faith’s open hand slapping her cheek sharply.

“Don’t pass out on me yet, bitch! Where’s the fun in that?” hissed Faith.

Shania’s face had gone from red to a pasty white under the intense pressure of Faith’s choking hands and she was indeed slipping into unconsciousness when Hill’s vicious slap brought her back to reality…or close to it at least. Faith got up off her perch on Shania, grabbed two handfuls of the brunette’s beautiful chestnut hair and dragged the wobbly Twain onto her feet.

“Let’s work on that famous tummy of yours.” Faith laughed.

“Go-God…oh, fuck you bitch…” Shania said weakly.

“Oh, you’re going to pay for that whore.” replied Faith threateningly.

She bulled Shania into the corner of her dressing room, where the brunette would have minimum wiggling room and then proceeded to fire knee after knee after knee into the soft and inviting target of Shania’s stomach.

“OOOOOFFFFFFFFF!” Shania exhaled after the first few knee strikes.

After about 6 or 7 of them though, there was simply no more air to exhale and she could only gasp and wheeze pathetically, as further knee shots buried themselves in the pit of her gut.

“Uunghhhhh…..unghhhh…unghh…” she sputtered, almost inaudibly.

“Aww c’mon, Shania! I thought your sexy tummy was your strong point. You’re really disappointing me her. When did you become so easy to beat up?” said a laughing Faith.

The blonde changed tactics now and instead of firing knees she simply placed an open hand, fingers outspread, directly over the area of Shania’s bellybutton. She reinforced the hold by using her other hand to grab the wrist of her squeezing hand pushing it deeper and deeper into Shania’s midsection. Then Faith stretched out her legs behind her and leeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaned into the hold, her bare toes digging into the carpeted floor and giving her extra leverage to inflict this brutal stomach-punishing hold.

Shania’s face registered a mixture of intense shock and pain. God! It felt like this bitch was going to punch a hole right through her. Her stomach was being pushed in with extreme force, until she almost felt like Faith was tickling her kidneys. Shania’s mouth was open in a silent “o” and tears streamed down her pretty face. She would have begged for mercy but she simply had no air left to make any sounds, and not enough wits about her anymore to form a coherent though. Looking up, Faith broke into a gorgeous smile as she richly enjoyed her moment of triumph- and Shania’s moment of utter and complete defeat. After just a few more agonizing minutes, Shania completely collapsed. Her head bobbed forward uselessly against her chest. Her arms and legs went limp, her shoulders slumped; only the leverage that Faith was bearing against her was keeping her up, pinned against the wall of the dressing room. Faith finally relented and let the Canadian collapse in a sweaty mess at her feet.

“Ha-ha, let’s take a look at the damage shall we?” said Faith as she flipped a limp Shania on her back. When she removed her arms from around her midriff, the brunette instinctively folded into a fetal position. “Ohhhh!! Hahahaha. Look at that!” exclaimed Faith as she saw the red imprint of her hand almost burned on Shania’s midsection. An ugly bruise was already spreading over her midsection. “Oh man, your fans HAVE to see this!’ said Faith. “But first, let’s strip you of what’s left of your dignity!”

Faith peeled off Shania’s clingy spandex pants, then her tank top-style shirt, til the sexy brunette was left only in a bra and thong. Faith then reached behind Shania's and grabbed a hold of the thong before pulling it up violently giving the brunette an incredibly painful wedgie. Shania seemed to be stunned and uncomprehending in the face of the extreme pain she was in. Automatically she tried to reach back to pull out the thong that was cutting into her sexy ass, but Faith then added insult to injury by ripping off Shania’s bra. She scornfully rubbed it in Shania’s face before stuffing it down the throat of the Canadian.

“Choke on it bitch!” Faith laughed. Picking up Shania by the ankles, she dragged Shania out of the dressing, through stunned back stage crew members in the wings, out onto the stage in front of thousands of stunned Canadian music fans She used a handful of Shania’s hair to lift her unconscious face so all of Shania’s fans could witness her ignoble defeat.

“Feast your eyes, you stupid Canucks. THIS is what I did to Shania Twain with my bare hands.” Faith stabbed her stiff fingers into Shania’s bruised and injured tummy. “Your superstar….she’s nothing! I kicked her ass ‘til she begged me to stop and then kicked it more ‘til she couldn’t even beg anymore. She’s a wimp; I’m the better woman by a million degrees. Don’t ever let her forget it!’

Then she viciously slammed Shania’s face on the floor and departed, leaving a stunned audience and a bare naked, seriously hurting and humiliated, Shania behind tits-down; bare butt-up on stage.