Crushin' Country Girls- Shania Twain vs. Faith Hill by TNT

"Uhhhhhhh, let go please, you're crushing my ribs," the beautiful blonde gasped as she frantically dug her fingernails into the brunettes calf muscles, scratching through the sheer pantyhose.

"Quit your struggling, and give up you stupid blonde bitch," the lovely busty brunette snarled in her long time rivals ear. She grabbed a handful of luscious silky blonde hair as her free hand slipped around her rivals front, and her fingers grabbed the front of pretty floral sun dress.

"Argggggh! Damn you bitch," Faith Hill snapped as Shania Twain ripped the front of her low-cut dress clean open exposing her sexy sheer lace bra.

"Too bad we country girls are all alone out here in the country, huh, cunt?" Shania teased as she cupped Faiths' full left breast and squeezed the firm mound hard. The brunette laughed as she felt the blondes nipple stiffen and press through the bra’s cup against the palm of her hand. In one quick smooth move, Shania yanked hard on the cup breaking the thin shoulder strap. She captured the long pink nipple between her thumb and forefinger and pinched as hard as she could.

"Aieeeeee!" Faith shrieked, bucked hard sending her rival flying, tumbling over and over in the lush thick grass.

"You dirty stinking slut, I'm gonna kill you!" Faith screamed, virtually ignoring her exposed sore breast as she leaped toward her lovely rival. Shania screamed as the angry blonde landed on top of her, and launched a furious attack, slapping her face and pummeling her with well placed punches to her stomach, ribs and breasts. Shania squealed and yelped as her attacker landed blow after stinging blow.

"Gonna strip you buck naked," Faith yelled as she grabbed the back of Shania’s tight white blouse and yanked hard. Faith laughed as she heard the loud RIPPPPPPP as the blouse yielded to her angry fingers. She tossed it aside as the now bra clad Shania made it to her hands and knees, then finally to her feet to make her getaway.

"Oh no you don't sugar," Faith shouted as she grabbed a four foot long branch and tossed it at her fleeing rivals feet.

"Aawwwck!" the brunette squawked as her feet entangled in the branch and down she went.

Biting her lip, to keep from busting out laughing, Faith watched Shania tumble to the ground once again and roll, her long legs and arms flailing awkwardly. The beautiful blonde country singer glanced quickly around at the beauty of the meadow on the forests' edge. She had came to the lovely secluded area but a half hour earlier, to enjoy natures' solitude. Country singing was quite demanding, this was one of her favorite spots. Little did she know that her spot would be invaded by her rival. Shania having done battle with the blonde lovely before had found out about her spot and wanted to "dance" with her again. Uninterrupted. Like to lovely country girls, having a bit of "conversation." Shania had waited like a lioness waits for prey.

"You silly clumsy wench, you picked the wrong day, the wrong time, the wrong place and the wrong bitch to mess with lady," Faith said as she walked slowly towards the downed Shania.

"Take this!"

"Uhhhhhhh…Ohhhhhhhh…" Faith grunted her surprise as Shania lunged, grabbed her leg stopping her kick midair. Shania's lovely face morphed into a self-satisfied smile as she twisted Faiths ankle viciously, pulled her off balance and took her to the ground.

"Just what are you gonna do to me babe?" the brunette laughed. She raised her leg, aimed her foot.

"Wha…Uhhhhhh!" Shania’s shocked reaction escaped her lips the next moment as a resourceful Faith, bucked, twisted her entire body and landed a sweeping kick to her opponents' legs sending her sprawling backwards.

"Ever heard that blondes have more fun?" Faith laughed as she quickly jumped to her feet, ran over and grabbed a double handful of long dark hair and jerked Shania roughly to her knees. A powerful forearm smash across those full bra clad breasts send Shania backwards hard.

"Honey, you don't look so good; and those nasty grass stains on that pretty white bra-not very good, huh?" Faith cackled. She moved in and fired a snap kick to Shania’s ribs as the brunette started to get up, once again sending her sprawling backwards.

As Shania groaned and moaned Faith landed several more kicks, then pounced on her, wrestled her onto her stomach and put her in a painful camel clutch.

"Leggo, you're breaking my neck," Shania squealed as Faith jerked her head back hard.

"Oh shut up." "You sure have big boobs, hon," Faith laughed as she leaned forward and looked down at her rivals huge breasts that bulged out of her bra cups.

"Aaawwck! No… don't…please!" Shania squealed as Faith reached down, cupped a full breast, squeezed it through the bra cup, slid her index finger slowly over the stiffening nipple, and nibbled on Shania’s right ear lobe.

"Feelin' horny?" Faith rasped a bit surprised at how warm she was feeling as she watched her captives upper body’s clammy skin break out into a million goosebumps.

"Don't think you'll need this anymore," she giggled as she suddenly released the firm breast, slid her hand around and unsnapped Shania’s bra. In one skillful smooth sensuous move she ripped the bra off and wrapped it around Shania’s neck.

"Nooooo, uhhhhhhmpffh!" Shania's loud combination protest and groan shattered the stillness as Faith jerked her upward, rolled her over and executed a leg scissors with perfect deadly precision. The blondes sun dress rode high, clear up to her waist as the now topless brunette struggled frantically, furiously until the two luscious lithe perfectly muscled legs perfected their vice like trap.

"Nice pantyhose bitch," Faith said, her sultry lust filled voice dripping with sarcasm. Her free hand tore at the sheer hosiery, ripping holes and long runs in the silky material as Shania squirmed and groaned, her gasps becoming softer as her captor tightened her own bra into a tight air stealing weapon.

"Blonde takes brunette! Country music’s finest settle their dispute ladylike! Backwoods bitch babe brawl!"

Faith smiled as she thought what interesting titles, the gossip and news magazines might come up with if they knew about this battle. She looked at a beautiful bluebird who had landed a few feet away and seemed to be enjoying the view that she knew she and her unwilling almost naked captive were providing.

"Pleaseeee, uhhhhh, leggo, pleaseeee," Shania gasped, her pleas now barely audible.

"Really, you really want me to let you go?" Faith chirped incredulously. She tightened her legs around Shania’s waist even harder, hear an exasperated grunt, reached down and tore the remaining shreds of pantyhose off her rivals deliciously long legs. She raked her fingers over Shania’s tender muscular thighs, then pinched a sexy "cheek." As Shania squealed a barely audible protest she leaned back, tightened every muscle in her legs, grunted and lifted Shania up, then dropped her down on the hard ground.

"Uhmmmmpfffh! Ouccccch!" Shania gasped as her butt and tailbone slammed into the ground. Faith giggled as she watched the brunettes huge boobs bounce. She yanked on the bra forcing Shania to thrust her magnificent chest out. Another powerful leg squeeze. A whimper. Another "body bounce."

"Gosssh, it sure is quiet out here. So lovely! Except for the noise my defeated rival makes, right Shania?" Faith giggled. She leaned forward, cupped Shania’s full breasts and squeezed them hard, slow and painfully, tweaking and pinching the erect nipples. "Shania, girl, I hear you are quite musical; got lots of talent," she mused as she teased the brunettes nipples skillfully.

Faith listened intently to Shania’s pleasurable moans. She giggled, relaxed her scissors a bit, then shifted position. She smiled as she cupped her own breasts, then ripped her sun dress to her waist and slowly sensuously removed her torn bra. She cupped her breasts, teased her nipples to full erection, tweaking them as she moaned. She stared into Shania’s glazed, anxious eyes.

"Wanna write some new music together, bitch?" Faith whispered as she slid her tongue between her lips and gave Shania a quick kiss on the lips.

"Noooo, uhhhh, never, you stupid dumb blonde bimbo," Shania rasped, as she turned away.

"Need some time to think about it I guess, huh girl," Faith snipped as she tightened her legs. Shania gasped as the two lovely 'pythons' did their deadly work.

"Nooooooo..." the brunette gasped as she struggled frantically - and futilely.

"Yessssss!" the blonde said as she leaned her luscious body onto her longtime rival. A new country hit was just around the corner.