Faith Hill vs. Gretchen Wilson by Clyde

It was one of Faith Hill's favorite nights, the CMA's. She had been in Hollywood for a while and it was nice to get back to mingle with her peers. She loved the glitz, and glamour of any award show, but the Country Music Awards show was her favorite, because everyone always made a big deal about her when she arrived. Other than Shania, Faith was the most sought after star there. She had on a long black dress with a slit clear up the side, showing her incredible legs. The top was a V neck showing off what little cleavage she could muster but her golden hair was long and flowing, almost as if it had a life of its own and it shown like a shimmering golden crown. In a word, Faith was absolutely radiant! After all the fanfair settled down, Faith took her seat in the front row. Even though Faith wasn't up for any awards, she was still on cloud nine because she was treated like royalty.

Half way through the show, Gretchen Wilson came out to do her song "Redneck Woman." Faith was excited, because she'd heard so much about this new girl and tonight was the first time she'd hear the song performed live. She was also thrilled that she had a front row seat, so she could get a good look at the new singer. As Gretchen was announced and her music started to play, she came out from behind the curtain. The crowd roared and Gretchen didn't waste any time as she went right to the front of the stage where Faith was and blurted out the opening lines of her song, while staring directly at Faith.

"Well I ain't never been the Barbie doll type..."

The direct shot was greeted by a loud approval from the audience as Gretchen continued her song and flung her long brown hair around, throwing numerous menacing glances toward Faith every chance she could. In her tight blue jeans, and tight T-shirt with a ripped up v-neck and boots, Gretchen had the crowd eating out of her hand and, getting carried away, she couldn't help jumping off stage to sing the chorus right in Faith's face! The tension was impossible and the crowd loved it! When the song ended, Gretchen left the stage grinning as she heard the crowd chanting her name.

Meanwhile, back in the front row, Faith was white as a ghost. She couldn't believe what had just happened! In just three minutes Faith had gone from Country Music Princess Diva, to nothing more than a stepping stone for Gretchen; and in the process she'd been humiliated in front of her friends and fans. As the commercial break started, Faith bolted back stage, hyperventilating and crying. She was even more upset when she got backstage to find no one was paying any attention to her and she ducked into a bathroom stall where she struggled to compose herself.

She pulled out her pocket mirror and started to console herself, "That little bitch isn't going to get away with this, as soon as a see her, I'm going to give her a piece of my mind!"

Faith ran her fingers through her long curly blond locks, leaned her head back and fluttered her hair, then opened the stall to go get back her dignity. Just as the bathroom stall opened, Faith's heart almost jumped out of her chest, as she came face to face with Gretchen standing on the other side, waiting for her.

"So you want to give me a piece of your mind Barbie?" Gretchen hissed. Faith was speechless as she stared at Gretchen who was a little shorter but outweighed the blond by a good five pounds. Gretchen wasn't skinny, or toned, but she was solid and her full breasts stretched her black T-shirt and her ass filled out every inch of the seat of her tight blue jeans.

"I just want you to know, I hate everything about you from your long tan legs, to your silky blond hair,” Gretchen hissed. “And if you ever get in my way, I’ll totally demolish you... got it slut." Then Gretchen reached out with her fingers and flung Faith’s hair right in her face.

Faith had a fury of emotions running through her as she finally responded, "I don't know who you think you are, but I'm Faith Hill and NOBODY does this to me!"

Faith gave Gretchen a loud and painful open palm SLAP! In a blink of an eye, Gretchen went from intimidating to enraged and without thinking her fist balled up tight with anger and shot right into Faith's unsuspecting belly. Gretchen almost took Faith off of her feet with the punch and the gorgeous blonde doubled over as the air left her lungs. Gretchen looked down at the back of Faith's head and sent another powerful fist to the base of Faith’s skull. Faith crashed face first to the floor and as she lay trying to get her breath, Gretchen pounced on her back and started pounding the sides of her head with her fists until Faith finally got her arms up to protect herself.

Gretchen grabbed Faith’s arm and awkwardly pulled it back, almost twisting it out of the socket. Faith screamed as her arm was held twisted back for some time until Gretchen let go and it flopped lifelessly at her side. Gretchen then sank her fingers into Faith’s golden locks and slowly pulled her head back. Faith could feel the roots of her hair being stretched to the limit and she squealed and panted as Gretchen held her while Faith used her good arm to try to protect her hair.

But Gretchen was having any of that and she slammed Faith’s head down hard to the floor, then got off of Faith's back and towered over the fallen Diva. Faith was just laying there with her face in her arms sobbing when Gretchen let loose with a viscous kick to her side. Gretchen buried her boot in Faith’s belly several times, leaving Faith curled up in the fetal position gasping and groaning.

Gretchen was feeling her oats as she glared down at the body of the helpless, broken Faith. After a few seconds of gloating, Gretchen reached down and pulled Faith up by two solid handfuls of hair. Faith yelped as she was violently yanked to her feet and asa she slumped back against the stall, Faith tried to shield her ravaged belly with her good arm while the other just dangled limp at her side.

Gretchen put her hand under Faith’s chin and lifted her head so she could see the damage. She looked into Faith’s tear stained face, but she wasn’t pleased with what she saw. Although Gretchen had pounded the tart, Faith’s umblemished face was still beautiful, even streaked with tears as Faith was begging for mercy.

"Please, no more, you win…"

Gretchen just smiled evilly, "I know I win slut; but I’m far from done!"

With that, she slammed her fist right into Faith's perfect little nose. The blondes head snapped back and hit the stall door KRONK! Still not satisfied, Gretchen pounded Faith's nose twice more and after the third punch, blood began to trickle from the dizzy blonde's nose. Filled with adrenaline from the sight of Faith’s blood, Gretchen went wild on Faith. She sent three powerful knee lifts into Faith's belly, then as she doubled over, Gretchen grabbed her hair and sent a viscous kneelift to Faith’s angelic face. Gretchen yanked Faith vertical and started ramming the back of her head on the stall as she held her by the hair and Faith wobbled in her clutches.

"Well, well, well,” Gretchen sneered. “Lookie at the Barbie Doll now. You're just a terrible mess Faith. I reckon we need to clean you up."

With blood running from her nose and another trickle curling down her chin from a busted lip, Faith was barely coherent as Gretchen kicked open the stall and dragged her to the toilet. Faith collapsed on her knees in front of the toilet with Gretchen standing right behind her, holding Faith’s long hair pulled back into a ponytail in one fist. Almost with a gurgling plea, Faith begged Gretchen, "Please don't….."

But Gretchen just grabbed the front of Faith’s hair with her other hand and slowly started to force her face down toward the water. For a brief second, Faith saw her reflection in the still water, then tiny droplets of her blood splashed down, rippling the still water. Faith’s nose was just touching the surface but even with her hands on the edge of the bowl, Faith was absolutely powerless to stop Gretchen.

"Just remember slut, I totally own you,” Gretchen barked. “So you better NEVER fuck with me again!"

Then Gretchen violently jerked Faith back and threw her on her back, stepped over her and left the country dive lying helplessly on the floor with her face slathered in her own blood. Gretchen went to bathroom door and unlocked it, leaving Faith sprawled in her wake, utterly destroyed. As she strutted out of the bathroom, several reporters converged to greet her and Gretchen simply pointed silently to the ladies bathroom.

"G’won in, I think Faith has something to say to y’all."

As the reporters surged into the bathroom, Gretchen smiled ans she went out and sat in Faith’s seat in the front row.

Later that night, Gretchen won the "New Horizon Award" for best new artist and as she went backstage with her award, she passed Faith who was sitting on a trunk being attended to by the medical staff.

Gretchen held her award up in one hand and grabbed a fistful of Faith’s blond hair in the other as she shoved the trophy in Faith’s face and laughed, "Look Faith, I won!"

Faith just broke down sobbing, having to be taken out of the arena on a stretcher, put in an ambulance and hurried to a local hospital where she spent several days, ‘recovering from exhaustion after a grueling tour schedule.’