1-Paris Hilton vs. Samaire Armstrong by Interac

Samaire Armstrong went out one night dressed in a black and pink mini skirt with white top. She had on knee high boots and she went out clubbing looking for someone. In recent weeks it seemed all the actresses like her were at each other's throats. Those actresses that other women seen as tall victims; Katie Holmes, Dominique Swain, Diane Kruger, Liv Tyler, Keira Knightly and the woman she was looking for Paris Hilton

She went to some hot spots but was told about a new place opened up; it was an anti night club. A place for Hollywood to get away from the public, and if you weren't in something that people could recognize you from, you weren't getting in.

Samaire got to the door and she was recognized, but the bouncer was unsure to let her in. He called the owner who looked at Samaire "I like a good catfight, let her in."

Hearing that little comment, Samaire knew she found the spot. She was told that boyfriends separated Paris and Katie Holmes. She looked in a corner and there was.

Paris was at the bar, she was only there with her new boy-toy no Tara Reid, Nicole Richie or sister. Paris looked up and seen Samaire, she looked at the guy she was with "Don't stop it this time."

Paris stood in the middle of the establishment and looked over at Samaire who was making her way down. The place had a bar in the middle but the rest of it was plush booths. "You coming down for something, surprising, I had you the last time if it wasn't for Eliza"

Samaire shouted, "No matter what happens, this goes on one on one till one of us can't continue." She got closer to Paris who had on a bright pink dress, which only went halfway down her thigh. "And that's going to be you."

As she got close Paris jumped at her but hands were caught and Samaire flipped her over her hip and onto the ground. She sat on Paris' face but Hilton's legs came up getting Samaire around the head and taking her off. The skirt came up and all in attendance could see Paris' thong.

She now had Samaire in a head scissors and it seemed like this fight could end in record time. Paris looked at Katie Holmes and said "See this that is you if you go near me again."

Samaire got her hands between Paris' legs and kept kicking her legs up and was able to get out of the leg scissors. Paris was in shock as Samaire dove towards her, hands catching Paris around her skinny throat.

Paris was able to throw her off, and she started to get up gasping for air. Samaire was already up and grabbed Paris by her dress and ripped it off her slamming her back down to the ground

She picked Paris and threw her at the bar, she went to follow up but Paris kicked out one of her long legs catching Samaire in the stomach.

Paris turned around and her body was skinny but not as much as Samaire. Paris also had an average sized breast she wasn't flat like people had thought. Paris grabbed Samaire's shirt and hauled it over head so much and then choked her with her own shirt.

"You bitch, I'll teach you!"

Paris started dragging Samaire all around the posh private bar, and never noticed that Katie Holmes stuck her foot out and Paris tripped up and hit the back of her head. Armstrong fell down to her ass and took the shirt off and breathed in much needed air.

Paris was still holding the back of her head and she looked up and seen Katie Holmes smiling.

"You lousy bitch!" Paris screamed as she started to get up, only to be slammed back down when Samaire jumped atop her and wrapped her shirt around the heiresses neck.

"Teach me what Paris? How to kick your ass? Hell, I already know how to do that!"

After about thirty second of choking Paris she let her drop. Samaire stood up, and fixed her hair then looked down at Paris who was just about out of it.

She then looked at Katie Holmes, who got up and the two women stared at each other "I didn't ask for your help but thanks anyway. I won't beat on you tonight."

Katie laughed in her face and all of a sudden Samaire was falling, she had waited to long to continue attacking Paris. Armstrong hit her head and started rolling away cursing on herself for not finishing Paris Hilton.

Katie Holmes looked and never noticed that Paris had not moved and then she realized it when she heard Paris's voice.

"Don't interfere again!" Paris said as she slammed her fists three times between Katie's legs.

Then came up and hit a vicious uppercut that sent Katie back and out. She looked at Chris and was about to say something when she noticed that Samaire was getting to her feet. Paris grabbed a bottle from the table and smashed it over Samaire's head.

The fight could have gone either way if it was fair and without weapons. That was not Paris Hiltons way though. She put the broken bottle down and turned the unconscious Armstrong onto her back and sat atop her and started slapping her.

"Lousy bitch! I'm too good to fight the likes of you."
2-Paris Hilton vs. Katie Holmes by Interac

"Well how about me?" Katie Holmes was back on her feet, a bit of a bruise on her face.

Paris got up and looked at Katie, then at the center of the dance floor. The two women walked toward it from opposite ends and when they met in the center, Paris purred, "Why don't you take off that pretty dress; I'll knock you out just like I did Samaire."

"Why don't all these people put anything you can use as a weapon away?" Katie said, stepping out of her dress. Chris was asking her not to do this, not to get into a fight with Paris.

"Hear that Katie," Paris grinned. "He knows you're about to get beat and he doesn't want you getting hurt by me. You should listen to him."

People looked at the two evenly matched women, same height the same slight frame with average sized breasts; actually bigger than what they look when the women have clothes on. Katie didn't listen though, instead she swung around and stood in the center of the floor, hand on hips. Paris smiled as she slowly walked back to the center of the floor; both women knew once they started to fight no one was going to break it up. They slowly walked around in even tightening circles, sizing up the other until Paris acted first, jumping at Katie's hair. She brought Katie down and slapped her once in the face then got up.

"Too easy"

Katie jumped up to her feet and just looked hatefully at Paris and the two women lunged again, this time Katie swatted Paris down and as Hilton tried to get up. Katie jumped atop her stomach slapped her and then came across with a back hand. Holmes now stood up and looked down at a pissed off Paris Hilton.

"Very easy!" she smiled. "And I'm not talking about beating, I'm just talking about YOU!"

Paris got up and gave a fake smile and pushed Katie. Holmes came back and shoves Paris. "Spoiled bitch" Katie then said as she slapped Paris Hilton. Paris felt her cheek where she was slapped and then came up and hit Katie with a backhand slap

"Well this spoiled bitch is gonna kick your ass!"

Paris glared at Katie who was feeling her cheek. Paris smiled and spanked Katie's ass! Katie quickly turned her face red with anger at that indignity and she threw herself at Paris' waist bringing both to the floor. They grabbed at each other's long locks and started rolling around. Back and forth they rolled neither woman getting the advantage each got their head hit into the floor at least twice during the frantic rolling and ripping. Both women's panties ended up around their knees and finally Katie seemed to gain the top position.

She was lifting Paris head up a couple inches and slamming it to the floor. She couldn't do much else as Paris was still had her hair and was keeping Katie as close as possible. Katie tried something else, trying to wedge her leg between Paris', but she wouldn't let her and the two women kept kicking each other's legs out trying just to get a knee lift into the other's pussy. Katie almost had it for a second, but kicked downwards and ended up snagging and pulling off the blonde's panties.

Paris now had a free shot and she took it! Everyone looking could see Hilton's knee up and then heard Katie scream. Paris Hilton then turned the brunette over and was now on the top position and was able to bring her body up to forty five degree angle and slammed an even harder knee between Katie's legs. Paris then lifted her knee up and put it on Katie's pussy and started grinding her knee and Hilton was laughing at Katie's screams. She stopped and stood up bringing Katie with her and she threw Katie Holmes across the room.

"I knew she was no match for me, why do I waste my time on ugly women like her and Samaire. Speaking of which…." Paris turned her back on Katie and went to continue pummeling Samaire but she was grabbed from behind by Katie and rammed facefirst into a wall.

"We are so not over yet; you cheap whore!" Katie snarled as she spun Paris around and started slamming knee after knee up between her legs. She finally stopped and threw Paris down face first. She looked up and seen Chris with a smile on his face; his woman won the fight. Paris groggily rolled onto her back and Katie looked down with a tight grin as she planted a foot on Paris's breast, flattening it as she posed and flexed her muscles. "Rich bitch finally got what was com…..AHHHHHH!"

Paris had slammed her foot up, catching cocky Katie squarely between the legs. Katie dropped straight down and Paris pushed her down on her back and slammed two knees. She went to say something after the third but Katie's entire body jerked up and she slammed a head butt nearly putting Paris out. Katie dropped back down onto her back though, the move completely accidental but if she could take advantage and end the fight she would. She was barely able to move at the moment though.

Paris was no better, still on her back holding her face praying there was no blood on what she thought was a perfect face. They both finally started moving and had made their way back up to their knees when Paris slapped Katie hard.

"You ah-mus bloke my nodes," Paris whined.

Katie slapped her back and hissed, "What's the problem; it'd just have given you back your original honker!"

Paris came across and hit another slap and then hit a back hand that almost put Katie down. Katie though fired back and two of her own slaps, and that brought Paris down she was only up because she had her hand on the floor balancing her. Katie balled her fist up and slammed it into Paris's cheek putting her down. Katie with her hands on her thigh's breathing hard.

"So, do you give up Paris?"

Paris was about to say something when Samaire Armstrong came running over and kicked Katie in the chest, then stood over her and screamed, "This is MY fight! If you try to get up and interfere again, you WILL be sorry!!"
3-All Hell breaks loose (Swain, Kebbel, Armstrong, Trachtenburg, Kruger, Knightly, King) by Interac

Samaire turned back at Paris who lunged at Armstrong's legs tackling her, that was all the offense that Samaire would let her have though. Easily over powering the already beaten Paris, she threw her on her back with Samaire sitting on her stomach. She grabbed Paris by both ears and started hitting Paris's head over and over again into the floor.

Samaire heard a voice say, "Don't worry about Katie if she tries to stop you I'll deal with her."

"Good, whoever you are?" Samaire said as she started clawing Paris's face.

Katie indeed got up and she immediately jumped and tackled Samaire, she hit one punch before Katie was tackled by Dominique Swain who hissed, "I've waited years for this chance to get you Katie!" She was hitting punch after punch to Katie's face and Samaire looked on with great joy. She turned around and was jumped by Paris Hilton and the two went down to the ground and wrestled around.

Coming into the bar now was Keira Knightly and Diane Kruger. Paris Hilton won the ground wrestling with Samaire and was now banging her head off the floor. Keira remembered being knocked out by Paris and ran at her grabbing her by the hair; lifting her off of Samaire and throwing her into the wall face first. Before she could gloat, Samaire turned her around and kneed her straight between the legs.

"Paris is mi…" but she never got it out as Diane Kruger jumped her from behind and slammed her face first into the wall!

Jamie King came in and asked someone what was going on and heard what Dominique had done and she and very casually grabbed the back of Dominique's hair and lifted her off of Katie. "Now you need to learn about why jumping people is not….OOF!"

Dominique turned and nailed Jamie with a hard punch to the stomach. She then grabbed King's hair with one hand and started slapping her forehand and backhand over and over again. Jamie King was out of it but Dominique just kept slapping her "And who do you think you are. You are a no one who I can easily dispose of that is who."

Katie Holmes was up and she snuck behind Dominique Swain and kicked her between the legs. As she fell Katie jumped on her back and slammed her face into the floor and kept doing it.

Michelle Trachtenberg saw Katie Holmes jump Dominique and she looked at friend Arielle Kebbel, "Find someone to fight - this is going to be something else"

Katie was ripping the clothes off of Dominique Swain when she heard, "Why don't you try fighting someone straight up rather than jump them from behind." Katie got up furious that someone would say that she turned around and was hit by a thrown shirt. Michelle looked at Katie and could tell she had been in a fight and with all that was going on around, all the fights it was hard to tell who Katie had been indeed fighting first.

"You better be joking, she jumped me from behind and you are going to interrupt me from getting some revenge. Turn around and leave or you'll get hurt Michelle."

Michelle walked up to Katie and slapped her in the face and put her down to the ground. She quickly school girl pinned Katie Holmes and started asking "Whose going to get hurt Katie."

Right next to her Jamie King was rubbing Dominique Swain's face into the floor. Paris Hilton was on top of Keira Knightly with her two hands around Keira's throat choking her. Samaire Armstrong was now beating Diane Kruger around the bar.

Still at the door, Arielle Kebbel was wishing she had someone to fight when Maggie Grace walked in.

"Hey what's going on here?"

"What's it look like dumb-ass!!"

"I'm sorry what did you say to me."

Arielle turned and faced her "You heard me." She then slapped Maggie so hard that it sent her off balance. She followed her in but Maggie was back on her feet and slapped her back. The two young blondes were now trading slaps, when Arielle hit one that knocked Maggie Grace down.

On the way down she knocked Paris Hilton off of Keira Knightly "My god, who else am I going to have to beat?"

She said no more as the Lost starlet reached up grabbing Paris by the hair and yanked her down onto her back and slammed her head into the floor once. She got up and started looking for Arielle Kebbel. Paris Hilton was out cold though as was Keira Knightly.

A loud CRACK was heard and Maggie was the one who seen what it was. Arielle Kebbel had knocked out Samaire Armstrong who had just finished beating on Diane Kruger.

"What, you ready for round two?"

"Damn straight!"

They came at each other again hitting slap after slap and again Arielle Kebbel put down Maggie Grace who rolled back and got up and the two started slapping each other again. Security had finally come in and started breaking up fights and that was the first fight they broke up.

"Not over between us Kebbel, not over by a long shot."

"Next time I see you, I WILL end it!"

They pulled Jamie King off the completely beaten Dominique Swain and Michelle Trachtenberg stood up just before they grabbed her, leaving the crying Katie Holmes on the floor.

"I'll get you back, bitch!" Katie sobbed.

"I'll be waiting!" Michelle laughed as she walked out with Arielle Kebbel and Jamie King.

They then brought Keira and Diane outside and put them in a cab. Samaire Armstrong who had started the mess was brought into an office and Dominique Swain was put in a taxi as well.

They would come back for Katie Holmes and Paris Hilton, Holmes was getting up to her feet and looked around; the place was empty. Then she seen Paris "At least I beat you"

"I don't remember giving up."

"Oh you want to go for part two do you?"

"Maybe some other time Katie, when there aren't so many people around."

"No excuses for either of us then, when that time comes Paris; I'll beat you again."

Katie and Chris left the bar and Katie collapsed in his arms "There was just too much."

"I knew I was too much for you to handle. Wait until Sarah hears about how I beat up on Katie Holmes! With ease."

Chris "Jesus Michelle, she fights Paris Hilton, then gets jumped by Dominique Swain, and when she fights back on Dominique you jump her."

"When we left she said she was going to get me back, did you mean that Katie."

"Tell me when you want to do it Michelle, and I'll be more than ready."

"Don't worry, it'll be soon enough! I'm going to let you heal from tonight.." Michelle said and now Katie was standing on her own two feet looking right at Michelle.

Michelle walked up to Katie so now they were face to face. Arielle Kebbel was right behind her friend. After a minute of nothing but a stare down Michelle smiled and backed away and pointed at Katie, "You'll find out!"

Katie looked at Chris and mumbled, "So who do I go after first? THAT bitch; your slut Paris or that cunt Dominique?"