Reese Witherspoon vs. Paris Hilton by Oberon

When Paris Hilton and Reese Witherspoon were interviewed on Jay Leno's Tonight Show they shared some interesting subject matter. There had been unofficial rumors of a rivalry between them floating around Hollywood, and Leno asked them if there was any truth to them. Neither would say for certain but it was Paris who suggested there might be when she said if they were rivals people might hear about them settling their problems in a wrestling match. This was a week before Reese would do an interview with Leno on the Tonight Show and the following week he quoted Paris, asking Reese what she’d do if Paris challenged her to a fight. Flashing her million dollar smile in response to this question, Reese at first hinted she might be amenable to it, then she finally told Leno that she would be more than happy to go to the mat to settle any differences she and Paris may have, but only if Paris was serious about challenging her, and if they could do it privately. With a wink Reese even offered Paris the chance to call her at home.

All this had been ON camera, however! OFF camera, Reese could tell Paris wanted to wrestle her and the more she thought of it, the more she realized she liked the idea - very much so she responded to Paris' indirect challenge by asking her agent to contact Paris' agent to see if they could arrange a private meeting; keeping it out of the press until they agreed on where they’d meet; any special conditions they’d fight under, etc., etc.. While on the phone with her agent, Paris didn't want to be outdone by Reese's enthusiastic response to her challenge and suggested a no-rules match after which the loser would become the winner's maid for a month - in addition to servicing any of her sexual needs. She also suggested they wrestle in a kiddie pool of eggs, to see if Reese was averse to the idea and would chicken out. But to Paris' surprise, Reese's agent said not only was she not averse to the idea, she seemed to like it! In fact, Reese even suggested they wear the skimpiest bikinis they had. Her enthusiastic response aroused Paris' determination to outfight her and make the actress her personal bitch as she found the thought of Reese pleasuring her over the following month quite stimulating!

Before long, Reese and Paris met in the backyard of a summer beach house their agents rented for the occasion. Both women were dressed for their meeting; Reese in a red string bikini that accentuated the formidable curves of her body, Paris in a pink bikini that left almost nothing to the imagination. They stood at opposite ends of a sizable kiddie pool, filled about a foot deep with eggs their agents bought from the supermarket. The noonday sun shone on them from above, warming their bodies, making their flesh tingle with excitement at the contest they were about to engage in. As both of them requested, no one else was present and the area was cut off from unwanted visitors, ensuring them privacy as they fought to prove who was the better woman. As Reese and Paris faced each other across the length of the large, rectangular kiddie pool; there were about ten feet between them and about six or seven feet between their left and right; they silently looked each other over, appraising one anothers half-naked bodies, ascertaining the parts of each other's bodies they would most want to go after. After a while, they wordlessly stepped into the kiddie pool, feeling eggshells crushed under their feet as they took their first few steps forward, slowly circling each other, sizing up the other's cockiness and enthusiasm to begin fighting.

Picking up an egg, Paris flung it at Reese, watching it explode on her chest. Reese picked up one of her own, throwing it in Paris' face. Paris rushed Reese, breaking eggs under her feet as she closed the distance between them, grabbing her rival by the hair and flipping her to the bottom of the pool. More eggs shattered under the impact as Reese crashed into them and yolks spilled all over her chest, stomach and legs. Paris approached Reese's prone body, extending her hand as if wanting to help her up. Paris' posture seemed sincere, but the look in her eyes told the downed brunette that she had other plans in mind. Going along with the feint, Reese took Paris' extended hand, then yanked harshly, planting her foot in Paris' stomach and flipping her to the bottom of the pool above her head. The sound of cracking eggs came from under Paris as her body was drenched in slime. Rolling up to her knees, the taller blonde tackled Reese while the shorter woman whirled to her knees to face her oncoming rival. Plowing Reese into the eggs, Paris made an attempt to keep her pinned to the bottom of the pool. Reese twisted her body to the side, tossing Reese to her back and slamming herself on top with a loud SLAP of flesh striking flesh. Paris flipped Reese under her, Reese responded in kind and the warring hellcats proceeded to twist and roll and squirm end over end in the kiddie pool, coating their bodies in slime.

The egg yolks clung to their half-naked bodies as Reese and Paris fought for a dominant position. Rising back to her knees and pulling Reese with her, Paris wrapped her arm around Reese's throat, pulling her rival into her and mashing Reese's face into the side of her egg-slicked breast, rubbing most of the gunk all over the side of Reese's face. Reese inhaled deeply as Paris' forearm pushed its way into her windpipe, letting oxygen out only in short gasps as she felt the side of her face mashed in her opponent's breast. Reese inhaled egg yolks in addition to air as Paris twisted her body to the side, half-dragging and half-throwing the gagging brunette from her knees. The next thing Reese knew she was laying on her side with more egg yolks smeared on her body. With some effort Reese struggled back to her knees as Paris continued flexing her arm, a smile crossing her face as she wrenched the headlock. Choking as her breathing was cut off by the forearm pushing into her windpipe, Reese curled the fingers of her right hand, digging her fingers into Paris' stomach and gripping tight enough to force Paris to double over at the waist, gasping from the stomach claw.

A second later, Paris steeled herself and wrenched the headlock on Reese again, but the diminutive brunette retaliated by sinking her fingers deeper into Paris' stomach, inching back so she could pull her head out. Not willing to release her grasp on Reese, Paris made a renewed effort to strangle her, gripping tighter to cut off more of her breathing. Reese's mouth was hanging open as Paris persisted in tightening the headlock, lowering her head she sank her teeth into Paris' forearm. Not too deep, but just enough to cause her opponent to jerk her arm away so Reese could wriggle from Paris' clutches. Releasing the claw as she escaped the headlock, Reese balled her hand and slugged Paris hard in the belly, causing her to double over again. Grabbing Paris' hair, Reese flipped Paris to her back and rolled her onto her chest. Standing up as Paris was face down, Reese pulled her up by the hair, trapping Paris' head between her thighs as she poured pressure into a standing head scissors. After a time she pushed Paris to the pool's bottom, grabbed her wrists, placing them between her thighs and calves as she straddled her. Reese clasped her hands under Paris' chin, leaning back and pulling Paris with her. Paris groaned loudly at having her back arched at this painful angle.

Paris squirmed to escape, rocking her body left and right in the hope of throwing her opponent off her. Reese pulled harder, working Paris's back as she bore down with her weight, forcing a grunt from Paris' throat. Reese maintained the hold indefinitely, exerting just enough pressure to cause small waves of agony up Paris' spine whenever the taller woman made an effort to writhe out from under her. The crushed eggs under Paris' tits and belly smeared more goop on her squirming body, but Paris was only barely aware of this. Most of her attention was on the painful submission hold Reese had her in, and the pain grew more intense as Reese maintained it. A moment of respite came some time later when Reese released her chin, but this was temporary as the shorter woman reached back to grab her ankles. Placing Paris' ankles under her, she planted her ass on them as she grabbed Paris' wrists, leaning back as she pulled and sat down hard on the crossed ankles, eliciting another groan from Paris as more slime washed over her stomach. Reese kept her center of gravity as she remained astride Paris, pulling at her rival's arms as she bore down.

Paris' groans grew louder as Reese rocked back and forth in increasing arcs, putting considerable strain on her rival's shoulders, back and thighs. Paris groaned as Reese pulled backward, leaned forward and pulled backward, thrashing her head left and right in protest as Reese maintained the punishment. Fueled by the moment, Reese finally released Paris' wrists and lifted up, grabbing her hair and pushing her face into the eggs as she jumped up a bit and came down with her knee on Paris' back. Releasing Paris' hair and rapping an arm around her neck, Reese laid down in the eggs as she pulled Paris on top of her, sliding her legs around her opponent's waist, bending her knees and crossing her ankles above Paris' crotch, pushing her inner thighs into her sides. Paris grunted as Reese squeezed her shapely legs around her rival's midriff, sliding her arms under Paris' armpits and applying a tight full nelson to keep Paris from targeting her legs. Paris arched her body upward as Reese's deceptively soft looking legs compressed her waist, crushing her with surprising strength. Still groaning, but determined to escape, Paris planted her feet onto the bottom of the pool and bridged. In response Reese poured still more energy into the full nelson, putting more strain on the blonde's shoulders.

Pulling her legs in, Reese kicked them tighter around Paris' body, extending them as far as they'd go to apply maximum pressure. Crying out from the additional compressions, Paris squirmed in defiance of the compressions and somehow managed to pull her arms out, ramming the back of her head into Reese's nose. Dazed, Reese reflexively loosened her legs, allowing Paris room to squirm her way out of the scissors. She crawled to her hands and knees as Reese shook the cobwebs out and rose to her feet, wiping egg from her face and chest. Glaring, Paris charged Reese before the shorter brunette could take a defensive posture, lowering her shoulders as she ran forward and rammed them into Reese's chest. A huff of air escaped Reese's lungs as Paris coiled her arms around her waist, lifting her off her feet as she applied a tight bearhug. Reese threw her head back and cried out as Paris shook her like a ragdoll, pulsing her arms around Reese's waist and tightening her grip with fierce resolve to squeeze the breath from her curvy rival.

Wrapping her legs around Paris' thighs in an effort to cause her to lose balance and fall to the bottom of the kiddie pool, Reese attempted to wrap an arm around Paris' neck so she may shift Paris' focus away from her body. Paris broke into a brief sprint, falling forward and bodyslamming Reese into the eggs. The brunette grunted as more goop washed over her. When Paris straddled her, Reese reflexively lifted her legs to coil them around Paris' neck from behind so she might unseat her. As Reese crossed her ankles and forced Paris from her perch, Paris slid her legs forward, wrapping them around Reese and kicking out viciously. The two women sprang apart before either of them would be able to capitalize on their respective scissors, and Paris charged again, throwing Reese face down into the eggs. Pushing Reese's face in the shattered eggs, Paris ground her into the bottom of the pool by the hair, smearing the egg yolks on her face and chest for a while. Satisfied, she snaked her arms under Reese's armpits, pulling Reese between her legs. As the small of Reese's back rested on her crotch, Paris closed her legs around the brunette, crossed her ankles and squeezed.

Reese gasped as the compressions began, clawing the thighs pressing into the space between her ribs and hips. This only encouraged Paris to squeeze tighter, channeling energy through her limbs as Reese writhed to escape. Reese's fingernails clawed Paris' legs harder, and her writhing movements increased in intensity as the compressions around her waist grew stronger. Paris reached down and pulled Reese's hands from her thighs as she loosened the scissors, reset her legs and then kicked the leglock even tighter, groaning from the pressure she poured on Reese's midriff. The brunette grunted as she fought to squirm her way out of Paris' crushing limbs. Aided by the slickness gathered on their bodies, Reese came close to freeing herself of the devastating scissors, but Paris wasn't willing to relinquish her hold as she slipped her arms under Reese's armpits again, sliding to Reese's right as she dragged Reese down to her back and established another scissors, her right thigh sinking into Reese's belly as her left thigh pressed into her back. Paris poured on the pressure as Reese clawed and scratched at Paris' thighs, trying to loosen them.

Running her hands along the thigh pressing into her stomach, Reese sought out the muscle in the back of it, meaning to grab it with both hands. Paris shook her head in admonishment and kicked her legs tighter; Reese's body jackknifed as she sat up, making another attempt to reach the muscle in the back of Paris' thigh. Paris set her jaw as Reese's fingers slid across her thigh and compressed tighter, forcing the trapped brunette to lean back on her hands. Reese threw her head back and groaned as the pressure on her midriff mounted with each passing second. Loosening her legs, Paris kicked them violently outward again, compressing Reese's body into a smaller space between them. Reese hammered the thigh crossing her stomach with both fists, demanding to be released from the leglock. Paris responded by kicking her legs around Reese's waist, even tighter. Crying out so loud she was almost screaming, Reese twisted to the side and hammered Paris' chest, feeling her fists sink into her rival's breasts until the legs crushing her finally loosened and gave her enough room to slide out. Kicking Paris in the stomach as she rolled away, Reese collected herself and rose to face her rival again, flipping her hair from her face and wiping excess from her shoulders as she waited.

Rubbing her stomach, Paris struggled to reach her feet as Reese circled to the left, keeping her eyes on the blonde as Paris moved to her left to match Reese's movements. Moving forward with startling suddenness, Paris grabbed hold of Reese's slime-coated hair, pulling Reese into her as her knee shot up and caught her in the belly. Bending at the waist, sucking in her breath, Reese reached up and grabbed Paris by the hair as the taller woman came after her, flipping her wildly onto her back. Reese straddled Paris, preparing to press her crotch into the blonde's face when Paris slipped out from under her, slamming her fists into Reese's back. Grunting, Reese whirled to tackle Paris, but the taller woman backed away and jumped her, meaning to wrap another scissors around her midriff. Thinking quickly, Reese laid back as Paris descended on her, quickly slamming her legs around Paris' waist and locking her ankles together. An instant later Paris was groaning from the pressure of Reese's thighs as the perky brunette set her jaw and squeezed her bent legs together, pressing her calves into Paris' back as her thighs pressed into her sides. The legs around Paris' body felt like a vice forcing the air from her lungs as Reese clenched her teeth and crushed her.

Grunting at another compression of Reese's legs, Paris clawed at her shorter opponent's face and neck, throttling her with one hand as her other hand tried reaching for Reese's eyes. Reese violently shook her head, biting Paris' probing fingers to force her to pull away. Yelping, Paris raked her fingernails across Reese's breasts through her egg-soaked bikini top as she kept a firm grip on her throat. Reese uttered a guttural sound and kicked her legs around Paris' waist, stretching her legs and then pulling them in again. crushing the blonde as Paris writhed between them, choking Reese as she dragged her nails across Reese's chest again. As Reese responded by kicking her legs out and pulling them in again, Paris began twisting her body to pull herself free, grasping Reese's throat with both hands and lifting her up to slam the back of her head into the bottom of the pool. Egg ran over Reese's face as Paris did this, blinding her enough that she didn't see Paris lowering her upper body to press her breasts over Reese's nose and mouth. Smothering her rival as she squirmed against the crushing legs around her middle, Paris finally pulled herself free and wasted no time pulling Reese to the side, edging up to wrap her own legs around Reese's head, pressing her face in Paris' crotch.

Reese heard blood singing in her ears as Paris' thighs clamped her head, pushing into her ears as her breath was cut off with Paris' drenched bikini covering her nose. Fighting for air as Paris smothered her, Reese pulled her head out of her crotch with supreme effort, resting her chin in the narrow space between Paris' thighs as Paris capitalized on the length of her legs, shifting the scissors to Reese's neck and squeezing harder. Reese bucked her upper torso against the compressions, her legs sliding through the broken eggshells, yolks and the eggs that were still whole, clawing the thighs that were converging on both sides of her neck, squeezing tighter each time Reese tried to move. Grabbing the brunette's wrists and pulling them from her thighs, Paris arched her body, exerting more pressure on Reese's neck as the trapped woman gasped for breath. Reese's face was beginning to turn red from the loss of oxygen as Paris kept her legs wrapped around Reese's neck, pulsing the scissors in short bursts and then stretching it as far as she could. After a time Paris rolled Reese to her back as she shifted position and reinforced the leglock, pressing the back of her thigh into Reese's throat. Almost desperate to get free before she lost all her air, Reese leaned forward and sank her teeth deep into Paris' thigh, eliciting a scream as her legs sprang open, leaving Reese to lay there gasping for breath.

When Reese could breathe again, she met Paris' charge with one of her own, ramming both shoulders into her chest and pinning her to the bottom of the pool. Sliding upward along her chest, Reese grabbed Paris by the hair, wrapping her legs in a figure four position around Paris' throat and twisting slightly to the side, leaning toward the leg that was curled around and behind Paris' neck as her other leg hooked the ankle behind the knee. Keeping her hand in Paris' hair so Paris would feel the full brunt of the submission, Reese flexed her legs and strangled her, smiling into Paris' eyes as she effortlessly choked off her breathing. Paris' legs flailed and thrashed, breaking more eggs as she fought the tight compressions on her throat. Paris scratched and then punched at Reese's thighs; Reese responded by twisting to the side a little further, as if informing Paris she could increase the pressure as much as she wished. Paris sputtered and gagged as Reese increased the pressure, holding her indefinitely until she uncoiled the figure four, extending her legs straight outward to trap Paris's neck as she held Paris in place by the hair. Paris' feet drummed the eggs under her as she twisted to the side, trying to pry Reese's legs apart. Reese rolled with her and maintained her grip on Paris' neck.

Thrashing and kicking more fervently as Reese shifted and rested one leg across her windpipe, Paris slid both hands under Reese's thigh, digging her nails in and trying to pull the limb away from her throat. Reese fought to keep the leg scissors where it was, meaning to press on. It was like trying to suppress a bronco as Paris whipped and shook her body, redoubling her efforts to break the scissors. Finally able to do so, she jumped Reese, tackling her into the eggs as Reese twisted her body to face her rival. Returning a slap to her face with a harder one, Reese made an effort to pin Paris under her and grapevine her legs, but Paris slid out at the last second, grabbing Reese around the neck and sliding her legs around Reese's waist. Curling her legs, she applied vicious pressure to the shorter brunette, reveling as Reese cried out from the tight compressions. Keeping her arm locked around Reese's throat, Paris secured it with her other arm, pulling in harshly as she tightened the scissors around her body. Stretching Reese's shorter frame as the brunette writhed to escape, Paris shifted the scissors to a figure four, pressing her calf into Reese's belly as the arms around her neck exerted more force to choke the breath from her, occasionally pulsing the chokehold tighter.

Tossing Reese across the kiddie pool after a long squeezing session, Paris pursued her, only to have Reese's nails slash across her eyes unexpectedly. Paris had enough of her wits to dodge the scissors Reese attempted wrapping around her, throwing a kick to the middle of Reese's chest as the brunette advanced on her. Dodging this, Reese aimed a kick at Paris' belly, moving quickly to avoid an attempted bearhug from Paris after she managed to slip aside. Grabbing Paris by the hair as Paris moved in, meaning to wrap her arms around her curvaceous frame, Reese slammed her knee into the side of Paris face, sliding forward to position herself on Paris' lap, slithering her legs forward as she moved to pull Paris' head between her breasts. Before Paris could get away Reese succeeded in fixing the scissors around her, trapping Paris' face in her cleavage as she set her legs and squeezed down hard. Wrapping her arms around Reese in an instinctual motion, Paris pulled her into her own body as Reese's legs pressed harder into her sides. Grunting as the arms around her ribcage flexed and tightened, Reese pushed Paris' face deeper into her boobs, seeking to smother her before she could tighten the bearhug. Paris persisted in crushing Reese's ribs, squirming against the scissors that held her as she sank her jaws into the nearest breast covering her face. Reese screamed and released the smother.

Lifting Reese as she maintained the bearhug and Reese's legs were still wrapped around her, Paris slammed her into the eggs. More slime ran down Reese's body as the scissors jarred open. Withdrawing her arms, Paris slid forward to secure a scissors around Reese's neck. Using the egg yolks to slide out from under Paris, Reese charged Paris as the taller blonde whirled and moved to tackle her. Rolling around the kiddie pool with Paris and smearing more yolks on one another, Reese slammed a head scissors on her, lifting her ass off the pool bottom to apply pressure. Crying out, Paris took to hammering Reese's thighs with her fists. Reese refused to relinquish the hold as Paris went from punching her legs to trying to claw them and pry them apart, grabbing Paris' wrists and yanking them away. Reese grabbed an arm, securing it with her own arms as she stretched backward to apply more pressure to Paris' neck. Groaning, Paris tried pulling her arm loose as Reese stretched the limb and continued squeezing. Finally succeeding in freeing her arm, she landed a shot to Reese's ribs, forcing the brunette to loosen the tight scissors so Paris could squirm away.

Deciding to press the tactic she had used a short while ago, Paris crawled toward Reese and grabbed her around the waist from behind, pulling her into a reverse bearhug. Reese cried out as Paris stood and lifted her off her footing. Her body jackknifed and folded at the waist as Paris's forearms sank into her yielding skin, pulsing and contracting, forcing wind from her lungs. Hoisting Reese high in the air, Paris pulsed the bearhug in harsher pulses, savoring the moment, then slammed her ass-first to the pool's bottom. The impact jarred Reese from her butt to her head as Paris pushed her prostrate on the bottom of the pool, and jumped in the air and crashed on top of Reese's prone body, slamming her ass into Reese's crotch and mashing her boobs under her back. Pulling herself to a sitting position, Paris flipped Reese over her shoulder and crawled toward her feet, slamming a reverse scissors on Reese's neck. Reese clawed Paris' ass as Paris pushed herself up by her hands and poured on the pressure, trying to bite into one of her ass cheeks. Paris was having none of it, and increased the pressure around Reese's neck until Reese's legs wrapped around Paris' throat.

Choking from the sudden compressions, Paris twisted to the right, dragging Reese with her as they maintained the dual scissor locks. Still more eggs were crushed under their weight as the hellcats rolled end over end, the yolks spread on their already drenched bodies as they fought to out squeeze the other, clawing, slapping and biting at each other's legs and asses. Paris dragged herself out from between Reese's thighs when she rolled on top of her, readying herself to smother Reese with her ass. Reese slipped away at the last instant only to find herself caught in a figure four scissors around her neck. Steadying herself, Paris tucked an ankle behind a knee and pulled inward. Encouraged by the gagging noises that came from Reese's lips, Paris leaned forward to nail her with a few belly shots, then extended her legs and rolled to her stomach, taking Reese with her and pinning her face down. Reese gagged again as egg yolks invaded her nostrils and Paris' long legs stretched and compressed her neck with increasing pressure. Pulling Reese with her again as she rolled face up, Paris released the neck scissors and moved her legs to Reese's waist to apply pressure. Reese took the opportunity to escape as Paris' legs moved down her body, slamming a heel into the taller blonde's groin.

Mounting Paris in another attempt to grapevine her legs, Reese almost became the recipient of a grapevine pin as Paris hastily reversed the move. Rolling back on top, Reese grapevined her legs as she fought to keep her shoulders pinned. Twisting her body, Paris kicked her legs free, half-tackling and half-bodyslamming Reese into the eggs. Slipping behind her, Paris knocked Reese to her side, planting her feet in Reese's back as she grabbed her ankle and wrist. Pulling her groaning rival's arm and leg behind her as she stretched her legs in the other direction, Paris worked overtime to wear Reese down, pulling and stretching, then retracting... pulling and stretching, then retracting... over and over until Reese was almost breathless from the persistent strain. When she suspected Reese may be unable to resist, Paris moved to ensnare her in another bodyscissors. Amazingly enough, Reese forced herself out of the way with a sudden burst of adrenaline, rolling Paris into a head scissors and squeezing her legs together before Paris knew what was happening.

Reese was sitting in front of Paris as she applied the scissors, arching her body to channel greater force. Paris forced herself up to her knees, grabbing Reese's stomach and applying a belly claw to force her to let go. Reese tightened her legs in response, and Paris added more pressure by gripping the claw with her other hand, pushing her fingers in even deeper. Reese held out against this for a while, then she was forced to uncoil the head scissors to get better purchase and pry Paris' fingers loose. Grabbing Reese's wrists suddenly, Paris twisted them behind Reese's back, pushing them upward toward the middle of her back as Reese struggled to twist her wrists from Paris' grip. Managing to do this after a while, Reese grabbed Paris' hair, dragging her to her feet and dropping to one knee, throwing Paris from her feet and smashing her back across her other knee, driving her fist into Paris' pooched belly for good measure. Slamming a knee to Reese's head as she curled under her fist, Paris reeled from a slap Reese hurled at her face, returning the favor by punching Reese in the side of the head. Reese shot back with a knee to Paris' groin, and a series of shots to her belly when Paris trapped her in a headlock. Pulling free, Reese headlocked Paris and pinned her to the bottom of the pool.

Throwing vicious punches at Reese's stomach, Paris slammed her legs around Reese's midriff as the brunette cinched the hold tighter. Rolling across the kiddie pool to force Paris' legs to spring apart, Reese reestablished the choke. Again came a flurry of gut punches to Reese followed by a devastating scissors as Paris' legs snaked across her midsection in a wordless demand to be set free. Now it was Reese's turn to feel pressure on her body and mount a counterattack of punches to Paris' chest and stomach as Paris flexed her legs and squeezed. Her efforts were to little avail, as Paris was determined to crush the diminutive brunette. Grabbing for Reese's ankle in an effort to wrench her leg behind her, Paris was frustrated as Reese kicked her leg out of reach of Paris' grasping hand. Still raining punches at Paris' chest, Reese managed to open enough space in the scissors to turn around and face her rival. This done, Reese threw wild slaps and punches at Paris' face and head as the scissors tightened again. One punch to Paris' cheek gave Reese the time she needed to wriggle out from between the crushing legs around her. Attempting a scissors of her own, Reese was thwarted an instant later as Paris' fingernails slashed downward along her face. Returning this with a slap to the face of the taller blonde when Paris attempted a bodyscissors, Reese was again frustrated when she tried the same.

Pressing her attack, Reese tackled Paris into the eggs, wrapping a bodyscissors on her before she could roll away in the slick substance. Planting her hands behind her and lifting her lower body, she channeled energy into the scissors, suppressing the taller woman's frenzied struggles as she felt her legs pushing into Paris' belly and lower back. Reese grunted as Paris slammed her forearm into her upper chest, tightening the scissors in response. Twisting wildly from side to side, Paris pushed and pried at Reese's thighs, growing more desperate to loosen them until there was enough of a space for her to wriggle out. Trading attempts to catch each other in head scissors, they punched and slapped at one another in their war for dominance. Reese again managed to trap Paris in a scissors from the front, squeezing for all she was worth as Paris groaned from the sensation. In an effort to break the leglock around her, Paris managed to coil her legs around Reese's thighs, exerting pressure until the scissors snapped open, allowing Paris to slide away, rearing up on her knees and glaring openly at Reese as the shorter brunette did likewise, returning Paris' glare.

During this break in the action, the warring hellcats took time to assess the situation between them. Their bodies were saturated in yolks and covered in eggshells; their bikinis loosened in strategic places and seemed about to fall off their bodies, their appearances disheveled and almost exhausted, their breathing labored, their eyes blazing with the will to outwrestle each other. They instinctively knew they had expended most of their strength and energy during their fight and were almost performing strictly on adrenaline by now, but they also instinctively knew they'd continue until one or the other quit, or passed out from the pain or lack of oxygen. Without speaking, both women seemed to be sharing the same thought, wondering which of them would fall to the other and which of them would be the other's mistress for a month to come after this was over. This idea, and the constant physical contact between them, seemed to excite both women to a primal extent; as if signifying this, they peeled off their bikinis as they slowly rose to their feet, tossing the flimsy material outside the kiddie pool as they wiped the excess slime from their naked bodies, slowly coming together until they emerged within striking distance of each other, raising their arms as if at an unspoken signal.

Clasping their hands together, they engaged in a test of strength. The muscles in their arms strained as their breathing, interrupted by an occasional grunt, grew heavier as they sought to overpower each other. Pushing at one another and twisting their bodies in search of a position of advantage, Reese and Paris grunted louder as they remained locked in a struggle that would have appeared almost Herculean to an onlooker, beginning to groan from the extreme strain of their mutual exertions. Their chests began to rub and slam together, intermittently at first, then with increasing regularity as a fresh series of groans emanated from their throats. Finally they came together in a bone-crunching double bearhug, the strain evident on their faces as they locked their arms in position and squeezed as if their lives depended on it. Reese's teeth clenched as Paris lifted her from her footing, shaking her back and forth as her own arms were coiled around the blonde's torso. Suppressing the scream, Reese waited until Paris lowered her and made her own effort to lift Paris off her feet. The effort was not too shabby as Paris' face registered surprise at being lifted an inch or three in the air. Not to be outdone when Reese lowered her, Paris lifted the shorter brunette and shook her in the air again. This exchange lasted for a few more minutes until Reese wrapped her legs around Paris' as she was lifted, shifting her weight to trip her rival to the bottom of the pool.

Yolks and eggshells flowed over Paris' naked body as Reese pinned her, moving to grapevine her rival's legs. Quickly, Paris reversed the move, flipping Reese over and attempting to grapevine her. Reese reversed the move in turn; Paris did the same, almost trapping Reese's legs before the brunette managed to kick out of it. Rolling on top of Paris, Reese wrapped her legs around Paris' thighs, but Paris just as quickly extricated herself. Once more Paris moved to trap her rival in a grapevine; Reese thwarted this and lifted her legs higher, trying to wrap them around Paris' midriff. Paris, still determined to defeat the brunette, rolled under Reese this time, sliding her legs around her waist and starting to crush her opponent. Whipping her body convulsively, Reese resumed the contest, sliding under Paris and slamming her legs around Paris' waist. Paris squirmed and twisted as Reese's legs closed and squeezed, scratching the encircling limbs until she could wriggle out. Snaking her legs around and behind Reese's to hinder their movements, Paris pressed her chest into her prostrated rival, rubbing her breasts over Reese's as if giving her a taste of what they would be doing later. This seemed to bolster Reese's resolve as she kicked her legs free, wrapping them around Paris' waist.

Paris groaned from the pressure, then took to repeatedly slamming her chest into Reese's, harder and harder. Reese fought to maintain the scissors around Paris' waist, but they eventually loosened and fell away. Paris took advantage by grapevining Reese's kicking limbs again, still slamming their naked chests together. Reese made an effort to squeeze against Paris' gripping limbs as Paris forced her legs farther apart, sensing that victory just might lay within her ability to force the fight from her rival. Reese refused to give in to her, eventually managing to kick one leg out of the grapevine. A few seconds later she was able to extricate herself completely. Rolling atop Paris, she grabbed her legs and tried to bend them toward her chest, but Paris kicked out before Reese could set it up, sending Reese crashing into the eggs. Descending on Reese, Paris slammed her chest into the brunette's again, rolling Reese into a painful bodyscissors. An agonized groan came from the trapped hellcat as Paris' legs squeezed powerfully, straining to deflate her. Reese shot a blow across Paris' breasts in answer to the powerful compressions; Paris squeezed the scissors tighter as if to say she would not release her so easily. A series of blows aimed at Paris' boobs changed her mind readily enough.

Returning the blows with a stinging slap to Reese's face, Paris pushed her to the bottom of the pool, sitting on her sore chest as she grabbed Reese's legs, folding them toward her head. Reese groaned from this pressure but she refused to give in. Reaching up, Reese grabbed a handful of Paris' hair as the blonde bounced up and down on her breasts. A series of grunts came from Reese as Paris continued bouncing on her tits. Reese yanked Paris' head back in retaliation, determined to turn things around even in her vulnerable position. Finally able to kick her legs from Paris' clutches, Reese slammed them around Paris' heaving waist, locking her ankles and squeezing with much of the power she had left. The brunette's legs did a considerable job in draining Paris of her energy, but whether or not it was enough still remained to be seen. Bucking free from the scissors, Paris slipped behind Reese and wrapped her arms around her neck, applying a devastating choke as Reese gasped and sputtered and fought to break out. Finally achieving this with a great deal of effort, she knocked Paris to the bottom of the pool, moving to Paris' side, jumping up and slamming herself across Paris' chest. The impact knocked much of the wind from Paris' sails as Reese inched upward to trap her in a head scissors.

Mewling from the sensation of Reese's legs crushing her head, Paris writhed furiously to escape, fighting her way out by biting into Reese's thigh. Knocking Paris' legs away before she could get them around some part of her body, Reese slipped behind Paris, grabbing her wrists and pulling them toward her back as she slammed Paris face first into the egg soaked pool, grinding her chest into the bottom as she poured pressure on Paris' arms. Releasing her wrists and pulling her up, Reese moved to trap her in a headlock, but Paris slugged her in the belly and jumped her as she doubled over at the waist. Trapping Reese in the hold she meant to use, Paris held out for as long as she could as Reese rained punch after punch to her chest and stomach, uttering a deep guttural sound as Reese whaled her in the crotch. Pulling herself out from Paris' headlock, Reese delivered a series of brutal knee shots to her rival's belly and boobs, following this with a flip to her back and a scissors to Paris' breasts. Screaming, Paris slammed her fists into Reese's thighs and groin; her screams degenerated to pained groans as Reese held on with both legs, mashing Paris' tits into her chest. Breaking out was extremely difficult, but when she did she returned the favor with a crushing front bearhug that mashed their tits together. Raining slaps to Paris' face until she was freed, Reese went for a bearhug of her own that Paris slapped her way out of just as easily.

Growing excited by the sensation of their naked, slick skin rubbing together, Paris wrapped her arms around Reese's waist, pulling Reese into her as she squeezed down. Their breasts fought for dominance until Paris' engulfed Reese's, however Paris could tell that Reese was more excited than deflated by the feeling of Paris' tits mashing into hers. The brunette was still determined to emerge the victor, though she and Paris were closer to the end now and both of them seemed to know it. Giving Paris a fierce headbutt, Reese quickly squirmed her way out of the bearhug. Knocking Paris into the crushed eggs, Reese sat on her chest as Paris had done to her just before, planting her ass just above Paris' heaving breasts. All Paris could see was Reese's ass as the brunette channeled all her weight into pinning her down. Blindly lashing out as Reese grabbed her legs and lifted them toward her head, she managed to connect with Reese's kidney, stunning the brunette for long enough to kick out and slam her legs tight around Reese's throat, forcing Reese face down in the eggs as she exerted maximum pressure. Still unwilling to quit, Reese slid her legs back, wrapping a scissors around Paris' throat in retaliation. Gagging, Paris tightened her grip on Reese's neck, biting her way out from between Reese's legs. Sucking in air, Paris slid her legs down to Reese's waist and prepared for another squeezing session. Reese slid out at the last possible instant, sliding back to establish a reverse head scissors on Paris.

Reese maintained the scissors until Paris was almost completely spent; it was only by a last ditch effort that she was able to escape the crushing legs slowly choking her into submission. Seeming to sense that Reese would demand the blonde verbally give, Paris pulled herself away in sheer desperation. But Reese sensed that Paris reached the end of her endurance and wasn't willing to stop until she defeated Paris, one way or the other. Nailing Paris with a brutal flip to the pool's bottom, Reese mounted Paris in the same position as before, reverse headscissoring the blonde with all that she had left, gritting her teeth in fierce concentration as her thighs worked overtime to choke the breath from her foe. Almost beyond retaliating, Paris struggled more and more desperately to escape before she was knocked out. In seconds the last of her strength waned as she found it harder and harder to breathe. Reese seemed to thrive on the thrill of overpowering the taller woman after a hard-fought contest; so much so that she hardly found it necessary to demand a verbal submission from Paris by now. Feeling Paris fade between her squeezing legs was enough. Reese redoubled her efforts, knowing it was a matter of seconds now before the inevitable happened. Sure enough, Paris stopped struggling to free herself from Reese's devastating head scissors and lay there in the broken eggs, out cold.

Satisfied that Paris was unconscious and not playing possum, Reese uncoiled the scissors from her neck, sitting up against the nearest side of the kiddie pool, looking over the sleeping woman she had just squeezed unconscious. The images Reese began to think about concerning what she and Paris would be doing for the next four weeks when the two of them were alone in her home, according to their prior agreement; excited Reese greatly. Still watching Paris as she lay there in the remnants of the eggs they had been wrestling in, Reese pleasured herself while thinking of each possibility of how Paris could pleasure her in the days to come, eager for Paris to wake up after she was finished.