Martina Hingis vs. Anna Kournikova by bbb4 and ?

SLAM! Even the inch thick steel door between the locker rooms and the tunnel couldn't muffle the raucous crowd outside, all clamoring for just a glimpse of that little Russian bitch. Nor could it contain the molten anger brewing in her belly, welling up into her chest.

"I'd like to muffle her..." Martina Hingis thought aloud, her words dripping with venom, her thoughts filled with all kinds of malice. Alone in the locker room after her victory, she stews in the bitter anger, kicking aside the plate she had just received as a trophy. Taking off her clingy top coated in the red dust of the clay court, she fumed, listening to the crowd noise just a few yards outside the door, and then the groans as Anna Kournikova bid her well-wishers goodbye and left the adoring crowd, heading down the tunnel.

Despite the openly partisan crowd, Martina had won every set. She had run the Russian from one side of the court to the other, toying with Anna, much to the crowd's disappointment. Martina had taken particular joy in the final point. Anna had slipped on the clay, but managed to return a high floating shot, close to the net. The Swiss Miss smiled as she recalled charging the net and slamming the easily lofted ball into Anna's round butt as she tried to climb up from the red clay. The look of hate on Anna's face she rubbed what was surely a huge bruise warmed Martina's heart, almost making up for the huge round of boos she'd endured during the trophy presentation. One of the thugs had even thrown a tennis ball from the stands. The tears from that presentation ceremony had dried, but the hurt was still heavy in her heart. Martina had skunked the blonde Russian, but the crowd wanted nothing to do with her, preferring to lavish their cheers on the loser. All of the their attention had been saved for the little bimbo coming up the tunnel. The adoring fans grew louder as the door creaked open and Anna slipped in, limping noticeably.

Pointing her racket at the partially dressed winner, Anna spit, "You hit me on purpose, bitch."

Waiting for a heated denial, Anna is surprised when Martina flashes her irritating toothy smile and answers, "Yeah... right in the ass. It was so big I couldn't miss."

Hiding her dismay at Martina's brazen admission, Anna snarls, "You just wish you had an ass like this, then maybe the crowd wouldn't boo you."

Martina is equally stunned by Anna's admission of the unspoken truth about the adoring fans always in Anna's corner. The crowd loves her because she is beautiful and not for her tennis. Anna's quick, easy statement cuts through Martina, touching the nerve that had only seconds ago been worked raw. All the years of grueling practice up in smoke because she doesn't have blonde hair and blue eyes. Hingis looks up at the blonde from her seat on the bench, where she is untying her shoe, "You'd better put that racket down, or I am going to pull your skirt up and shove it up your cute little ass."

"I bet if you did shove this racket up my ass, all the people out there would interview me and ask me how I'm doing. Not one of them would even bother taking the time to ask you why you did it."

Anna now starts walking closer to Martina, who is still seated on the bench. Anna hasn't had the time to even start getting changed, because Martina began mouthing off to her the second she walked through the door, so she is still dressed in her yellow tennis skirt and white tennis shoes. She is still talking to Hingis as she walks in her direction.

"Let's face it. I'm pretty, you aren't. When we're out there playing doubles, who do you think everyone is looking at??"

Anna is now standing right next to Martina, who has stood up to get face to face with her Russian rival. She fires back an insult of her own.

"Yeah, and who do you think our opponents are always hitting the ball at Anna? I'll give you a clue, it's not me!"

Anna comes back again.

"But there's a difference. I'm not jealous of your ability. You ARE jealous of my beauty and all of the attention I get."

Anna starts running one of her hands through Martina's hair.

"I do see some potential here though. I mean, I think I could at least make you not so ugly."

Martina slaps Anna's hand away from her hair.

"Don't touch my hair again bitch!"

Anna takes the same hand that she had run through Martina's hair and slaps her hard in the face. Martina's head snaps to the side. Anna then starts poking Martina in the chest with the same hand.

"What are you gonna do about it, ugly?"

Anna was pushing all the wrong buttons with Martina. Touching her hair... for just an instant, Martina had enjoyed Anna's touch ... and then slapping her. The pain from the slap was negligible, but the burning humiliation was still bubbling near the surface.

POKE! Anna's finger jabbed straight through her damp sports bra and into Martina's soft breast. "What are you gonna do about it, ugly?" the blonde asks. POKE! POKE! Each jab to her breasts sends her waves of anger through Martina as Anna smirks at her, flouting her beauty over Martina's talent... over the years of hard work Martina spent on the practice courts.

Hingis reaches down and grabs the shiny platter she had been given as the tournament champion. "How many of these do you have? How many championships have you won? How many Grand Slams have won?" Hingis' voice grows higher and higher with each question as the molten anger boils inside her.

"Who cares?" Anna spits back. "I may never win a title, but I'll take my millions of dollars and my million of fans over your tin lunch plate any day, bitch." Smirking she turns to head for the shower before looking back over her shoulder. "We'll see who is still knocking them dead in five years when you're retired and I'm still the pinup on every man's wall!" Anna throws a little extra hip into her saunter as she turns and walks away.

Stepping forward, Hingis slams the dish edgewise into Anna's lower back. The blonde grunts in pain and staggers forward, completely surprised by the brunette's aggressiveness. She doesn't get far before Martina smashed the plate across her already sore ass. Anna reaches for her butt, and staggers away again, but Martina grabs her by the back of her skirt and slams the plate across Anna's ass again.

"The only picture of you I'll see is on the side of a milk carton, you whore! You're nobody." Again and again she pulls the back of Anna's skirt only to slam the platter across Anna's backside again. The Blonde squeals in pain, each high pitched scream giving Martina reason to smack her across the ass again.WHACK! And again.CRACK! And once more.SMACK! Anna's tight butt takes another three smacks before the inevitable occurs.

RIIIIiiipppp! Out of her anger induced trance, Martina looks down to realize that she is holding only Anna's torn skirt in her hand. The blonde is lying on the floor, painfully rubbing her behind, and starring up at Martina with hate and vengeance in her eyes.

"You'll pay for that... a million times over, bitch," spits Anna as she slowly rises to her feet, now clad only in her panties and top.

Anna was standing there, looking as if she was waiting for her to attack. Martina just stood and stared back at her. Anna noticed Martina's eyes wandering down to look at the panties that she had just revealed. That's when Anna attacked.

She lashed out with a hard kick to Martina's toned belly, catching her off guard and doubling her over. Also causing her to drop the plate to the floor.

Anna quickly bent down and retrieved the plate. With Martina still bent over Anna slams the plate across the back of her head. Martina crashes to the floor face first.

Anna drops to her knees next to Martina and returns the favor from before by slamming the plate across her scantily clad butt over and over again. Each time Anna connects, Hingis grunts, then screams.

Martina starts crawling away, but not quickly. The shot to the head seems to have really dazed her. So Anna is able to switch tactics. She grabs her skirt, which Martina had discarded moments earlier and jumps onto her, straddling the small of her back. She wraps the skirt under Martina's chin and leans back, choking her. Anna smiles as she listens to the previously confident Martina gasp and gag. She shifts her weight as she feels Hingis squirm beneath her.

"Not so tough now, are you Martina??!!"

Anna shifts her weight a bit, so that she can dig her knee into Martina's lower back, right across the kidneys. Pulling back again, she smiles as the Swiss Miss lets out another pained grunt.

"UUUrrrkkk!" Martina grabs at the skirt around her neck, tugging uselessly as Anna pours her weight into the backbreaking choke hold. Stars and moons and then darkness begin to creep into the edges of Martina's vision as she is choked viciously by the blonde Russian.

Smiling broadly, Anna teases the brunette, "Hey, I asked you a question...Not so tough now, are you??!!" Leaning back, she pours more weight into the choke hold. Martina reaches back one handed trying to grab Anna's leg, but the blonde replies by adding a little more pressure until... RRRRiiiiippppppp! Already weakened by Martina's earlier tearing, the skirt gives way and Anna tumbles back. Martina's face slams forward into the cool tile as the tension is released from her neck and back. Although glad to be free of the devastating choke hold, she is dizzied by the lack of oxygen and the stunning blow to the face.

Looking up from the nearby bench she had landed against, Anna rubs her back and butt, still stinging from Hingis' earlier abuse. She looks with apprehension at the brunette, half expecting her to be bearing down on her, but giggles as she sees Martina still lying face down on the tile.

Scooping up the remnants of her skirt, she looks down at Martina as she struggles up to all fours. "Hmmmm... looks like I need a new skirt." Looking at the grey skirt covering Martina's infamous behind, she adds, "Grey is a nice fall color." Reaching down, she helps herself to a handful Martina's skirt in one hand, while she unzips with the other. Ziiiiiiiiiiiiipppppppppp! The cool breeze on her ass and inner thigh make it through the shroud of pain in Hingis' addled brain, but far too late. She reaches down, only to find that Anna has taken her tennis skirt and her briefs, leaving her nude below the waist.

Tossing the skirt and briefs on top of her nearby bag, Anna adds spitefully, "Now I'm going to teach you a liiiiiittle lesson in humility." Anna is on her knees next to the partially stripped Hingis. She moves her knees, gliding closer to the Swiss star. She reaches down with one hand and grabs a handful of Martina's hair and pulls her head back off the floor. Looking straight into her eyes... "You're gonna regret ever messing with me bitch!!"

Anna then slams her face back down into the tile floor, causing Martina to moan... "Uuuuuunnnnnnn.."

Anna then stands and walks over to grab the racket that had been discarded earlier. She stands over the weakened Hingis looking down. She can't help but notice her large panty covered ass begging for attention. So she gives it some..

Taking the racket she starts slamming it down onto Hingis' butt over and over again. Martina screams in agony... "Oooohhh Godddddd..OUUUUUUUCCCHHHHH!!!!" Her legs are kicking wildly, her arms flailing in front of her as Anna administers the spanking. Anna then changes tactics and slams the racket across the back of Martina's head causing her to slam her head into the tile floor once again...

With Hingis dazed, Anna lays down in front of her and wraps her strong legs around her neck. She slides forward, positioning herself so that her thighs are wrapped around Martina's neck and the Swiss sensation's face is buried in her panty covered crotch, smothering her and squeezing her at the same time...

"Ready to give up yet you baby....??"

Her butt still on fire from the paddling, Martina tries to climb up from the cold tile floor, only to be slammed in the back of the head by the Russian. Lying face down, she vaguely hears Anna's irritating voice, rattling around in her already dizzied skull. The words, slurred together with ringing in her ears, mean nothing to the brunette tennis star, "rrrrr...togivupytyabby...??"

The world begins to steady a bit as Hingis again rises peeling her face from the cold deck, shaking her head in confusion, looking about for the blonde bitch that had been beating her ass only moments ago. Martina's world again is shaken as Anna grabs her by the hair on the top of head and slaps Martina's face into her crotch. Quickly closing her thighs around the brunette's head, Anna crosses her ankles and squeezes, just to let Martina know who's in charge. Leaning back, the Russian beauty squeezes her perfect thighs again, this time eliciting a muffled squeal from the Swiss Miss. Kournikova relaxes her thighs a bit, using her still strong grip on Martina's hair to pull her opponent's face even tighter into her groin. Squeezing again, Anna revels at Martina's completely silenced wails of pain and humiliation.

The bubbly blonde giggles and rolls her eyes back as Martina's hot breath warms the front panel of her briefs. Hingis struggles to her knees, her face still buried squarely between Anna's tanned thighs. Anna rolls with her, but a third flex of the thighs further compresses Martina's already aching skull even as Anna again giggles in pleasure. Martina lets out another muffled cry as Anna's toned legs try to collapse her head.

Martina, although deaf to Anna's giggling, is now completely humiliated. She scratches and slaps at Anna's legs and butt, trying to pull herself free, but the Russian simply slaps her hands away. Martina's groping hands climb higher and higher, grabbing Anna's arm then her shoulder and then her hair. Martina leans all the way forward, folding Anna over against the tiles floor. Martina's notoriously fine ass sticks straight up in the air as she leans into Anna, grabbing a second handful of golden hair.

Anna unexpectedly screeches in pain as Martina yanks down on her golden locks. Jerking Anna's head from side to side, Martina tries desperately to break the smothering scissor and pry her face out from under Anna's skirt. After only a few seconds of trying to battle the enraged brunette, Anna releases her grip on Martina's hair, splits her thighs and kicks the Swiss Miss in the chest with both feet. Her handholds on Anna's head long forgotten, Martina is thrown a few feet by Anna's feet. The two women square up again, both hissing mad.

"Don't ever touch my hair. Do you know what a stylist costs these days?" Anna spits. Suddenly teasing again, she looks at Martina's short brown hair, "Obviously not!"

Still wiping the awful smell from her face, Martina snaps, "You'll need a plastic surgeon when I am done with you."

Both women stare in at each other angrily as they circle each other. Anna's confidence is soaring, having already basically had her way with Martina moments earlier....

This proves to be a bad thing as Anna thinks she is invincible and goes straight at Martina. Hingis was waiting for an attack, however, and easily side steps Anna and goes behind her. She kicks Anna in the butt with her foot and Anna stumbles face first into the locker room wall...

Martina follows her in and grabs her hair from behind. She proceeds to throw Anna by the hair into a set of lockers. When Anna comes stumbling back, Hingis grabs her by the hair again and throws her into the opposite row of lockers. When the Russian beauty connects, she slides down the lockers until she is on her knees, her face pressed against the lockers.

Martina comes up from behind and easily rips off Anna's tennis skirt leaving her in her bra and panties. As Anna tries to rise to her feet, Martina is waiting. She grabs Anna in a headlock, which she quickly turns into a sleeper hold. Anna screams as she realizes her predicament, flailing her arms around wildly in total disbelief at the sudden change of events.

Martina keeps the pressure on Anna's neck and head, forcing her face down as she works the sleeper on the Russian teen. She smiles at the pleasant warmth and pressure of Anna's sweaty back against her stomach and bra clad breasts. Hoping to drop the Russian teenager quickly so that she can begin to really humiliate the blonde, Anna increases the pressure once again, listening as Anna's grunts and begins to slacken. Even as darkness begins to close on Anna, the young blonde has the wherewithal to notice Martina's pink toes dancing on the tile, balanced lightly on either side of her won tennis shoe clad feet. With a lopsided grin of her own, she raises her foot and stomps down on Martina's bare foot. A howl of angry pain fills her ears and the pressure on the sleeper eases. Following her success, another stomp and Martina lifts her foot, trying to stay away from the Russian's well placed feet. With Martina now hopping side to side, trying to avoid any more broken toes, Martina is taken for a ride. Lunging backward, Anna carries the brunette right into the same steel lockers that she had just had a meeting with only a few moments before.

With an earsplitting clang, Anna rams Martina into the lockers a second time. A third trip and final to the lockers forces Hingis to release her devastating sleeper hold. Anna lightheadededly stumbles forward, trying to clear the cobwebs. She first falls to her knees, then all fours as Martina remains standing behinds her. Anna's hand slowly rises to the back of her head, only to find a slight trickle of warm sticky blood. The little Russian slut had drawn blood! A small drop of red on her finger had come from the growing knot on the back of her dashed skull. It was a small cut to be sure, but the little bitch had to be made to pay for scarring the best tennis player in the world.

Clearing her own cobwebs a bit, Hingis stares down at Anna. The blonde is stall on all fours, her perfectly shaped ass only inches from Hingis. Leisurely stepping away from lockers, Hingis takes her first measure of revenge, viciously running her nails from the shoulder down, pausing only to skip over Anna's sports bra. Raking her nails down the rest of Anna's unsuspecting back, Hingis smiles again. Kournikova screeches in pain, arching her back in agony as the salty sweat trickles into her new wounds.

Peeling Anna's bra up over her head, she leaves Anna tangled in her own tights. Hingis adds, "I don't think you'll be needing this." As she watches Anna struggle to free herself.

But her struggles are all forgotten as Martina blisters Anna's back with another cruel rake, this time leaving continuos crimson streaks from Anna's shoulders to her bikini line. A third rake sends Anna to the tile floor, on her belly, squirming to free herself and get away from Martina's claws.

"Need a little help, babushka?" Martina asks sweetly, helping Anna peel her bra all the way off. Tossing the sweaty spandex aside, Hingis grabs two handfuls of Anna's golden locks again. Pulling her slowly up to her knees again, Hingis slowly forces Anna's head between her thighs. Anna's screams are threaten to bring down the walls and Hingis squeezes her skull between her tanned thighs. Martina leans forward even as she squeezes, leaning on Anna's now scarred back. Slipping one of her hands down, she gropes Anna's left breast. At the low point of the dangling tit, Martina finds a small, stiff circle of flesh, with an even smaller peak. Martina latches onto the sweet flesh, twisting to the left first then the right. Kournikova, no stranger to tit wringing, quickly grasps Martina's lower arm and digs her nail into the soft flesh on the bottom.

"OOOOoch! bitch!" Martina looks at her arm, noting the second trickle of blood from her forearm. Reaching down she grabs Anna's briefs and pulls upward on them cruelly. The untanned portion of Anna's perfect ass is exposed for an instant before Martina releases her grip and napalms Anna's ass, leaving a bright red hand print. WHACK! "Like that? Want another?" screams Martina. SMACK! Another open palm spanks across Anna's struggling buns.

Even as Martina cranks up the brain crushing pressure, the unrelenting flexing of her thighs begins to burn unpleasantly. Straining and sweating a bit, Martina is amazed that the Russian won't surrender to her inescapable standing scissor. Hingis releases the Russian momentarily, just long enough to reposition her opponent's head high betwixt her punishing thighs, between the thickest part of her legs. Anna's blonde hair is a mess against the cream white of Martina's legs, high up, where the tan ends... and the pain begins!

Both women stare in at each other angrily as they circle, Anna's confidence is soaring, having already basically had her way with Martina moments earlier...this proves to be a bad thing as Anna thinks she is invincible and goes straight at Martina. Hingis was waiting for an attack and easily side steps Anna and goes behind her. She kicks Anna in the butt with her foot and Anna stumbles face first into the locker room wall...

Martina follows her in and grabs her hair from behind. She proceeds to throw Anna by the hair into a set of lockers. When Anna comes stumbling back, Hingis grabs her by the hair again and throws her into the opposite row of lockers. When the Russian beauty connects, she slides down the lockers until she is on her knees, her face pressed against the lockers.

Martina comes up from behind and easily rips off Anna's tennis skirt leaving her in her bra and panties. As Anna tries to rise to her feet, Martina is waiting. She grabs Anna in a headlock, which she quickly turns into a sleeper hold. Anna screams as she realizes her predicament, flailing her arms around wildly. In total disbelief at the sudden change of events....

Anna's head was pounding. She was in an awkward position. On her knees, with her head trapped. Her eyes were open but she was seeing spots as Hingis squeezed her head unmercifully. Anna's hands were resting on the Swiss Miss' knees. She was trying to pry her head loose but Martina's thighs were too strong.

Anna needed to switch tactics and soon. Her strength was being drained from her body by the second. Anna reached up both of her hands blindly and began groping at Martina, feeling around for anything. At long last she grabbed hold of Martina's breasts and tried to squeeze but the sexy Swiss star easily batted Anna's hands away.

Switching tactics again, Anna tried to rise to her feet. Her hands were back to resting on Hingis' knees. She was pushing, holding onto Martina's knees for leverage. The young Russian was slowly accomplishing her goal and after a long while she was on her feet.

However, she was bent over, as her head was still pressed tightly between Hingis' squeezing thighs. And because Anna had wasted so much energy to get to her feet, she was unable to attempt any counter attack. In fact, after a bit more squeezing Anna dropped back down to her knees. This time, however, her hands slid all the way down Hingis' legs, past her knees and all the way off...until they were dangling at her side..

"Come on sweetie...Is that all you got?" Martina asks, playfully slapping Anna's nearly bare buns. Hauling up on Anna's briefs again, she gives the Russian a painful wedgie, exposing even more of Anna picture perfect ass.

"Offff!!! BIIiiifffttchh." Anna snarls, her voice muffled by the might of Martina's thighs as she squeezes Anna's head in response to her spiteful remarks.

"Surely a rough, tough Russian has more than... YYAYYAAAAAAAEE!" Lunging forward as Martina was intent on playing with her panties, Anna shoves her shoulders into Martina's shins. The brunette is cantilevered back, landing flat on her famously round ass, and skidding a few feet across the hard, slick, tile floor. Hingis grimaces, in pain, and lets out a whimper of pain as she rubs her sore buns. After a few seconds, she looks up, not surprised to see Anna still on all fours, her head lolling forward in exhaustion.

Quickly regaining her composure, the brunette crawls over to Anna and grabs her by the ever present blonde mane. Martina quickly reasserts her dominance by raking her fingers from one side of Anna's eyes to other. Kournikova lets out a blood curdling scream covering her face, trying to rub out the tears that begin streaming from her eyes. Prying Anna's hands away from her face, Martina smiles as she cruelly rakes her opponent's eyes again.

"Bitch!" screams Anna as she tries to squirm away, crawling away on all fours.

But before she can completely escape, Martina again uses Anna's long blonde hair against her, pulling her back in close. She drags Anna to a sitting position in front of her before taking a seat herself. Wrapping her thighs around Anna's waist, she gives the Russian a taste of pain, squeezing her slightly between her tanned, muscular thighs. The warmth of Martina's thighs against Anna's sides is pleasant for a second before the crushing pressure of the Swiss Miss' legs come to bear. Filling her other hand with blonde hair, Hingis loosens her thighs before pulling Anna in close, snugging her up between her thighs.

"Come on, honey, is that all you got?" asks Martina. "You want a little more squeezing before you go down?" Anna again whines as Martina squeezes a little more, compressing Anna's thin waist. Reaching forward Martina, under Anna's arms, Martina fondles Anna's beautiful breasts, lightly rubbing the nipples with the tips of her fingers. After first letting out a low growl, Anna grabs Martina's wrists, pulling them away from her sensitive ovals of flesh.

"Ohhhh...aaaaawwdddd..." Anna moans as Hingis squeezes her a third time. Anna's hands drop to her waist as Martina's sweaty thighs constrict around her midsection. Resuming her massaging of Anna's teats, Martina relishes the feel of the stiffening flesh against the tips of her dainty fingers. Anna moans again, but it is mixture of pleasure and pain as Martina squeezes her and stimulates her at the same time. "Ahhhhh...stop..." Anna whines, but her voice is unconvincing.

"Zip it, bitch!" Martina spits. Moving her hands up Anna's body a little, she puts her hand over Kournikova's mouth and then pinches her nose with the other hand. Feeling the pleasant suction against her palm, she smiles and leans back, Squeezing her thighs again as she bring Anna's upper body her.

Feeling the Russian begin to fade, Martina whispers in her opponent's ear, "When I'm done here, I'm going to sit on your face."

Anna's entire body is basically limp from the constant pressure being applied by Hingis' athletic thighs. When she hears Martina's promise, Anna's eyes widen in fear. Knowing that she may be powerless to stop the Swiss star from dominating her in such a way. Martina seems intent on making good on her promise quickly. She rolls onto her side, dragging Anna's basically dead weight with her. When the Swiss Miss relaxes her thighs Anna rolls onto the cold floor, face down and moaning. Her upper body moving up and down from her panting for breath. Martina, still laying on her back, reaches out her bare feet and gives Anna a shove in her side. Anna rolls limply onto her back, moaning some more, her head lolled to the side. Martina, in the meantime, has risen to her feet and appears ready to deliver good on her promise...

Hiking up her tennis panties, exposing a bit more of her famous butt, Hingis addresses the fallen blonde as she tries to climb up off the floor, "Time to teach you a little lesson in humility."

Looking up from the floor, Anna tries to roll onto her stomach again, but Martina kicks her in the side, flipping her onto her back again, clutching at her bruised ribs. Martina, a determined, bitter, look on her face, stands over Anna, straddling her before silently lowering herself onto Anna's stomach. Sitting down on the Russian's hard abs, Martina slaps the blonde's face several times, more to impose her will on the cowering blonde than to hurt her.

"Do you think they'll cheer for you when I am done sitting on your face for a gooooooood looooooong time?" asks Martina.

Anna cowers, not answering the question as, ever so slowly, relishing every moment, Martina begins to inch forward, rubbing her sweaty thighs, her womanhood and her round rump on Anna's bare belly. Martina lets out a light giggle as she presses herself against Kournikova, enjoying the feel of Anna against her. She spreads her thighs as she pushes Anna's arms up over her head.

Continuing at a glacial pace, Martina maintains her stream of trash talk, "See what talent and hard work get you?" Inching forward she notes the fear in Anna's eyes as Hingis' crotch edges it's way closer to her face. Passing over the Russian's still perky breasts, Hingis stops to let her weight crush Kournikova's lungs and tender breasts. Wiggling her butt, she grinds her ass into Anna's breasts, savoring the whimpering cries. With each sniveling cry, Martina slaps the younger woman, "Shut up bitch...shut up! Take it like a woman!"

Her hips finally engulf Anna's face, and the blonde's wet eyes pass between Martina's legs. Closing her thighs, Martina throws her head back in a giggling as the sensation of Anna's struggling face stimulates her. Reaching back, she grabs Anna's still stiff nipple, giving it a good twist. The Russian struggles mightily as she is suffocated and nipple twisted at the same time. Even as Martina keeps the pressure up on Anna's teat and her face, the blonde's struggles begin to wane as she is smothered out.

Just as Anna's struggles appear to be done, Martina rises. Kournikova sputters back to life, gratefully gulping down lungful of air. Anna's face, now brilliant red, turns to the side as she pits and hacks from Martina's devastating ass smother. Martina does an about face and lowers herself again, this time using the reverse face sit, her fleshy buns resting on Anna's forehead. Hingis giggles again as she closes her ankles over the top Anna's head. Rubbing her rump against the Russian teen's face Martina lets out a squeaky chuckle. Reaching down, she fills her hands with Anna's bare breasts, squeezing them gently, while twisting the swollen teats side to side. Anna's struggles again, but even more quickly, she energy subsides as she is denied the oxygen to sustain her fight.

"Nighty night, bitch!" Martina mutters, as she raises Anna's hand and lets it drop uselessly to the cool tile. Rising up, she walks over to grab her skirt, but pauses, looking back at Anna's sleeping form for the first time. Taking the sweaty bra from the bench where it had landed, she crawls over to Anna.

"Breakfast time," she whispers, shoving the bra into Anna's mouth and pressing her hand over it.

Anna's struggles briefly, but again succumbs to the smothering of Martina, her beautiful eyes fluttering closed once again. Rising for the last time, she zips up her skirt, and finds her shirt and shoes. Not wanting to hang around for Anna's wake up call, she throws on her shirt, and stops in front of the mirror. Flipping her hair vainly, she turns and heads for the door. Almost immediately, she is accosted by throngs of reporters.

"Is Anna in there? When will she be coming out?" scream the reporters.

"Oh...yeah... she's already showered up and ready to uuuhhh... talk to you guys." Pointing back toward the metal door, she adds, "Right through there. She should to be ready for you right now..."