Martina Hingis vs. Britney Spears by Aspen 06-Jun-2000

Into the weight room goes Martina who just got done doing her morning stretches. Martina decided to take a break from tennis since she was injured and couldn't participate at the French open taking up residence in Hawaii. Hingis dressed in her thin white tank top along with soft pink shorts looking mighty firm in her physique. Martina sits down contemplating whether or not she should try to work out her legs since her knee was the reason she couldn't play.

Finally she decides she will just work out her chest and back just to make sure she doesn't aggravate it any further. Martina lays down on the bench and does a warm up set as the people start to pile in the gym. At about 7:30 who walks in the weight room but Britney Spears. Britney wearing a lavender tank top with black spandex shorts. Britney has just got done filming her made for TV special live from Hawaii. It will air in June. Britney walks over to the leg press and begins to warm up when one of the employees walks over to her and asks for her autograph. Martina a little jealous for she has yet to be noticed walks over to the bench that is closest to Britney's leg machine. Britney turns around and walks right by her not even recognizing her. Martina is fumed, for there is a thin line between wanting to be seen and wanting to be left alone and she is walking it right now.

More fans of Britney's walk up to her and give her their support and soon enough Britney returns to her workout machine. Martina wants to be recognized by the pop star and is frustrated with it. She even goes up to Britney and asks her for a spot. The young vocalist lends a helping hand still giving no impression that she knows who she is.

Martina begins to heat up with envy and for the first time in her life she feels insecure, before long the two of them help each other with their workouts. Finally Martina in a very unreasonable state of mind is spotting Britney while she is on the hack squat machine. Britney can't quite make the 15th rep and really struggles to get back up.

She looks over at Martina who is supposed to be helping her and blurts out a plea, "Help, I'm stuck! Give me a spot, hurry!" Martina in a state of psychosis, just stares at the struggling pop star as her legs begin to shake. Subconsciously, she enjoys the pain in Britney's eyes. Finally someone from the other side grabs a hold of the bar and helps Britney to the top. Britney is miserable as her legs are all but numb looks over at Martina and Yells

" You said you were gonna help me, Why did you leave me there?"

Martina just laughs and walks over to her bench and does another set. Britney trying hard to recover, finds it difficult to walk but finally makes her way over to her. Martina lowers the weights to her chest when halfway through the repetition Britney forces the bar down onto her.

"I asked you a question, why did you do that to me?"

Martina struggles to push the bar up when finally Britney pulls it up for her. Martina thinks to herself, "This bitch definitely can't know who I am. If she did, she would know better than to cross me this way."

Martina drops the weights on their hooks and storms to her feet. Britney backs away in a state of shock. Martina had already manipulated her short fuse but this was enough to push her over the edge. The tennis star darted at Britney and belted her in the midsection with a vicious kick. Britney crouched over in pain, as she looked up and tried to speak but Martina hammered her again with a knee to her school girl stomach. Britney's legs which were already weakened from her mishap just gave way as she dropped to her knees clutching her stomach. Martina then drove a powerful kick into Britney's groin causing her to flail to the floor. The teens moans were subliminal as they echoed off the cold hard surfaces of the weight room. Martina savaged her up and pulled her to her feet as one of the observers ran to the other side of the gym exploiting the catfight. The people in the gym were frantic and even Britney and Martina's body guards stood by to watch the event.

Britney in her desperate state sends an elbow into Martina's chest but it is not enough to halt the tough tennis star's attack. Martina sends Britney flying over a work out bench as her head crashes into loose weights on the floor. Britney, slow to move, is yelling for help but nobody chooses to help her. Martina on the other hand, pulls her to her feet again by the hair and locks her up in a headlock. Martina crushing the young upstarts neck as Britney's arms unsuccessfully try to loosen Hingis' grip. After a short interlude of torture Martina pulls Britney's waist up, bending her over her shoulder chest up. Britney dangles in helplessness as Martina looks in the mirror admiring her dominance over the young school girl.

Finally she drops Britney down over her knee with a shoulder breaker. Britney's shoulder is jolted with velocity as her body topples forward across a bench. Britney's arms and legs droop over the sides and to the floor as Martina creeps up over her and drops an elbow to the back of Britney's head. Britney tumbles forward from the impact as her body follows her and crumbles to the ground along the side of the weight bench.

Martina, starting to enjoy herself, forces Britney to her feet. Martina grabs a hold of Britney's crotch and lifts her to the air for a slam, but Martina then has another idea and carries her across the gym floor over to the universal machines. She tosses Spears to the hard ground like dirty laundry before grabbing and removing the hand grip off from the universal machine. Britney is in utter pain as she slowly tries to make her way to her feet moaning softly. Martina grabs a hold of the wire and adds more weight before wrapping it around Britney's neck. Britney just getting to her knees is totally unaware of Martina's plan. Martina then releases the weights and they violently tear Britney off of the ground. Britney dangles in the air as her knees are about 6 inches off the ground and her lower leg is just draped across the mat. Her arms just hanging to her side with little effort to save herself.

Martina takes a step back to admire Spears who desperately grasps for breath. Hingis rips off Britney's tank top and bra before drilling her breasts with two rights. The struggling superstar's resistance is almost gone as Martina pulls the wire down, unwraps it from Britney's neck and lets Spears fall lifeless to the ground. Britney murmurs in her sea of weakness as Martina disrobes her down the rest of the way. Catfight fans from around the gym cheer as Britney lies naked in utter despair. Martina is enjoying her dominance over her as she takes Spears ankles and squeezes them in her grip, she spreads Britney wide displaying her privates for everyone to see. Martina again with a smirk proceeds to pulverize her in the crotch with 2 kicks. This pain awakens the slumbering Britney a bit as she screams again over the gyms sound system. Martina reaches down and grabs a hold of Britney's breasts slowly forcing her up by them.

"We will find out if there is silicone under this flesh now, won't we?" taunts Martina

Martina walks the limping, aching school girl by her breasts and tosses her backward over the dumbbell rack. She drapes Britney's arms around the top shelf while wedging her head against the wall. Poor Britney is trapped against a mound of discomfort as the dumbbells are driven into her back. Martina proceeds to reach down between Britney's legs and claw at Britney's crotch, manipulating her with fierce and forceful movements. Britney's cries of discomfort are muffled by the wall as Martina continues to assault her womanhood. Hingis uses the other hand to poke, twist and fondle Britney's breasts displaying to the fans her complete dominance before driving her knee between her legs.

The singing sensations head pummels against the wall as Martina seizes Britney by the breasts again, forcing her to her wobbly feet. She lifts Britney up over her shoulder spreads her legs and atomic drops her onto a bench. The bench drives up between Britney's legs as she just falls forward onto her face. Her legs straddling the bench as her arms just fall off the side. Martina places her foot onto Britney's shapely ass before she begins driving her down into the bench. She grinds and grinds the bench between her legs until Britney reaches the plateau of arousal. Britney's groans of pain turn to pleasure as her pussy begins to pump out cum all over the bench. Martina laughing continues her assault grinding Britney's crotch into the now lubricated vinyl surface. The spectators are aroused as Britney squeals fill the air in delight till finally the pop star orgasms again. Martina continues her pulsating grinding as Britney's juices begin to run off the bench and to the floor.

Martina pulls her foot off of Spears watching as the school girls face rests on her right cheek. She notices Britney's exhaustive facial expression and she grabs her by the hair. Martina takes Spears and arches her backward off of the bench allowing Britney's incredible globes to dangle freely beneath her as the bench drives further and further between the school girls legs. Spears is close to passing out as Hingis drives her face down into the gently padded surface. Britney lies motionless for a moment before her arms collapse off the side again. Drool begins to trickle from her mouth along with the weak pleas of pain. Martina grabs Britney by the hair again and pulls her toward her.

Britney slides forward while her legs are straddling the bench until finally she is dragged entirely off leaving a trail of her love juices along the top. Britney rolls up into a fetal position while on the floor as Martina seizes her by the breasts once more. The singing sensation makes it as far as her knees before being hoisted up by the chin. Martina shows unbelievable strength suspending Britney in front of her before toppling her back down on the workout bench. Britney lands chest up in the puddles of her own juices as her arms quickly flail off the side bouncing to a stand still. Her eyes slowly open as she pathetically raises one hand trying to communicate with Hingis. Her puppy dog eyes beg in desperation for mercy as Hingis slams her arm back down to the floor.

"I'm not finished with you yet, little one," spatters Martina

The tennis star proceeds to disrobe her lower body revealing her gorgeous crotch. She places herself over Britney's face before lowering slowly down onto her. She trembles as Britney's nose first makes contact with her womanhood till finally she drives the school girls face into her like she was trying to win first place in a tournament. Britney's pleas are muffed by Martina's crotch as Hingis slides herself continually across the teen's face. Hingis now arousing the spectators with her moans of pleasure squeals herself into a orgasm. She slows her pace as she empties herself onto her victims face while her fingers come to a standstill in Britney's clit. The teenage pop star still pumping cum onto the vinyl padding. The school girl finally passes out as her resilience has been utterly spent.

After a brief interlude where the spectators are heard moaning in the background Hingis goes at it again. Sliding up and down, forward and backward across the helpless Britney's face before creaming another orgasm onto her. Martina again slows her pace as she slowly raises herself up off of Spears. Britney's face is covered with Martina's fluids falls to the side to a motionless position. Hingis allows herself time to savor the moment before wiping her womanhood with Britney's hair. Finally the tennis star puts her shorts back on while enjoying the view of the pop princess hanging off the bench. She seizes Britney's breasts and begins to thrash them.

"We still have to find out if these puppies are real!!!" dictates Martina

She proceeds to twist, pull, poke and pounce her breasts till she draws blood, Britney's breasts were once only battered an swollen now become bloodied from Martina's assault.

Finally Hingis releases her grip on the schoolgirl's defeated chest and whimpers, "Well I guess they are real. You learn something new every day."

She proceeds to take the pop princess by the hair, pulling her up to a seated position. Martina's love juices along with Brit's drool drip from the school girls face and neck onto her abused breasts.

"I have a gift for all the spectators patiently watch me beat the crap out of you."

She once again clutches Britney's neck and lifts her into the air to a standing position before grabbing her wet crotch and lifting her into the air. The spectators stand in amazement as Britney's insignificant teenage body is being lifted above Martina's head . Britney's legs, arms and breasts just dance in the wind as Martina proceeds to toss Britney's naked figure into the audience of people. Hingis quietly picks up her towel and heads for the exits through a group of moaning spectators who are draped all over each other. Hingis just laughs and leaves the building not even caring what happened to Britney.

Martina's security guard looks at Britney's and asks him ,"What was Martina's problem any way?"

He responded that she was mad because Britney didn't know who she was.

Britney's security guard just laughed, "Yes she did! She just didn't think Martina wanted to be recognized, so she kept her cool"

They both laughed, then he left to tend to Martina. Britney's security guard followed close behind making plans to look for another job with the fulfilling satisfaction of seeing the spoiled pop princess humiliated.

In the car Martina's guard told her that Britney actually knew who she was, but didn't let on out of respect. Martina looked at him with a puzzled grin.

"Oops............ I did it again!" responded Martina.

A brief silence filled the air before the two of them drive into the distance laughing.