Lisa Lyons (5'7"?-140 37C-22-34 born 1953) vs. Raye Hollitt [aka Zap] (5'10"?-157 40D-24?-36? Born 1963?)

Beautiful brunette Lisa Lyons was the first Women's World Body building champion (1979) and posed for nude photos while pursuing her career as an actress and model (with Robert Mapplethorpe. It's said they both loved 'black cock'. )The blonde 30+ year old Raye Hollitt portrayed the most popular American Gladiator "Zap" on the TV show. She was a small-time actress (seen in Skin Tight w/John Ritter) and a former champion weight lifter. She won the 1988 Ms. Los Angeles Weightlifting crown and a year later won the title of "Women's Extravaganza Strength."

Lisa had just signed a contract to wrestle for a video wrestling company in California and she asked them to get her someone who'd give her some "real competition." But when they signed Raye, Lisa was incensed. "She's nothing but a pumped up bimbo," she stormed. "If everything on that show wasn't rehearsed, she wouldn't be able to get out of her own way. I wanted a real athlete for an opponent." Raye soon heard about Lisa's tirade, but decided to keep her mouth shut and let her performance speak for itself.

The first time they met, the promoter reminded them both that the contract specified that, while they were to start wearing suits, they must end up wrestling nude. Lisa loudly reminded everyone of the acclaim her body received during her modeling career.

Unfortunately Lisa had never fought anyone for real and all her weight training had developed her muscles for show, not for use. Raye convinced the promoter to offer a side wager, that the loser had to become the winner's slave for thirty days. Her ego got the better of her caution and Lisa not only signed, but taunted Raye about what she'd do to her "slave."

When they wrestled, it was no contest. The Zapster had wrestled as part of the American Gladiators show and learned the basics of how to control an opponent and to use her great strength to keep an opponent away from her. Also, to be fair to Lisa, the age difference just too much for her to overcome.

Raye started fast and within 30 seconds had lifted Lisa into the air and threw her to the mat. Lisa escaped Raye's follow up hold, but from her expression, Raye knew she was already afraid of her. Lisa only managed to get two holds on Raye during the brief match, one of which she escaped easily and the other she managed to power out of after a short time.

Raye, on the other hand, used a whole variety of holds on the tall, but lighter, Lisa. Raye held a full nelson for nearly five minutes, sapping much of Lisa's strength as she was forced to spend 3 minutes with her face grinding in the mat as Raye straddled her back and forced Lisa to waste energy supporting her. Finally, Raye let go and stepped back, allowing the weary Lisa to stagger to her feet, which she did with difficulty. By now, Lisa was desperately looking around to find a way out of her predicament but there was no escaping the powerful blonde.

Lisa rushed Raye, hoping to knock her off her feet, but the powerfully built blonde absorbed the shock of the collision and used the brunette's own momentum to sweep Lisa up in her arms and body slam her on the mat flat on her back. Raye's shoulder slammed into Lisa's stomach and knocked the last of the wind out of the older woman. Raye spent another 20 minutes toying with Lisa, squeezing her waist between her massive thighs and crushing her beautiful breasts in a rib-cracking bearhug. Finally, with all the fight gone from the weakened and unresisting brunette, Raye turned her over her knee and spanking her with callused hands until the sobbing bodybuilder promised to do anything Raye wanted in exchange for her release.

Raye was still stinging from Lisa's pre-match trash talking, however, and she made the beaten woman agree to lick her pussy anywhere and anytime she ordered her to during her "slavery." As punishment for refusing, Lisa would have to wrestle again for the promoter had, at Raye's insistence, included in Lisa's contract a significant penalty if she failed to live up to the conditions of their agreement.

After Raye had forced the humiliating concession from the curvy bodybuilder, she tossed Lisa's body on the canvas and strutted around her, posing to show her incredible physique to the cameras. Lisa was too battered to rise and she lay with her face buried in her arms sobbing as Raye showed off.

They were seen together many times in downtown Los Angeles during the next month. Raye in a knit tube top and miniskirt without panties. The outfit allowed Raye to show off her tremendous muscles. Lisa, on the other hand, was bound into a clinging black leather jumpsuit with a stud collar. Raye held a leash attached to the collar and when she barked an order, Lisa obediently dropped to her knees, pushed her face under Raye's skirt and satisfied her.

To complete her humiliation of the now less-than-talkative bodybuilder, Raye took Lisa to the gym where she regularly worked out and ordered her drop and service her in the middle of the floor while everyone watched. Lisa's face turned bright red when Raye forced her to eat her publicly in such a humiliating way.

Since then, Lisa and Raye have only seen each other twice, once when Lisa beat her out for a role in the movie "Iron Eagle III" and again when Raye personally delivered an invitation for Lisa to compete in an American Gladiators Celebrity Match. Lisa wisely declined to face "Zap" on her own turf and begged off, citing a "schedule conflict."