The Hollywood Gym and Lounge by Tank

Somewhere in the hills of Hollywood a newly opened gym was gaining popularity among celebrities. Only female celebs were allowed inside to work out and the facility could already boast a substantial number of high profile actresses who frequented the gym on a regular basis. No one was sure who actually owned the facility. Some believed an international tycoon was behind it as there were reported to be similar gyms in Europe. Others believed the concept was the result of the planning and investment of a famous actor who wanted to remain anonymous. But the most interesting rumor that had it owned by two women; Kim and Ginny - mainly because a large number of the regulars from their message board were patrons and supporters.

The facility was unique in that the building consisted of not only a gym with an adjoining spa and separate workout rooms, but also a huge lounge connected to the gym and separated from it by a one way mirror which gave a comprehensive view of the women working out to the patrons in the lounge while those in the gym saw only a wall. Giant T.V. screens were also scattered throughout the lounge which served as cameras and provided the patrons with a more detailed vision of the activity inside the gym.

Rather than viewing their lack of privacy as an infringement upon them, the celebrities actually relished the idea of being viewed in this manner. Anxious to show off their physical prowess to those watching they often attempted to outdo each other to impress those who were watching inside the lounge. Hardly an evening would pass without an occurrence of some form of altercation which often led to all out catfights between them! The celebs also enjoyed spending time in the lounge before and especially after their workouts.

The large bar inside the lounge was a meeting place for both celebs and contributors to the K&G Message Board. The bar was being handled by three leggy blonds: Charlize Theron, Paris Hilton, and Claudia Schiffer who serve drinks with a smile (although Paris seemed to drink more than she served!)

It was another exciting night at the facility. Catherine Zeta Jones had just finished her workout and made her way to the lounge for a drink. Informed her drink was “on MrChris” Cath smiled and walked over to sit with him.

The gym was alive with activity. Already a potential catfight was brewing as Denise Richards and Jessica Alba were engaged in a heated discussion over which had visited the gym more often. It really didn't take much for the celebs to be at each other's throats because, in this establishment, the excuse for a fight required only the most trivial reason so they were commonplace. More often than not, fights occurred over the most childish issue imaginable - but the patrons wouldn't have it any other way!

As the two athletic beauties continued their hotly contested debate, Denise, (who worked out topless as often as possible and this was one of those occasions) informed Jessica she issuing a 'Challenge' - which Jessica immediately accepted.

This was the general rule and process by which fights were normally made so as to maintain order in the gym and prevent things from getting out of hand. Challenges would be issued and the two combatants would meet in a separate room at a time agreed upon to settle their differences. The fight could be watched on state-of-the-art CCTV screens inside the lounge with bets, often hefty ones, between patrons.

Back in the lounge, Irish enjoyed a brew with Pam Anderson while Karen McDougal stared daggers from the other side of the bar. Paris Hilton was entertaining TNT, Tansel, Danny Boy, and Watcher OX by dancing on the table where they were sitting - at which drew a disgusted look from Charlize who wondered aloud about when “the Queen would get back to work.”

Just then, a topless Denise strolled into the lounge in white gym shorts and sat next to Jac Fac. "I'm going to beat Jessica to a pulp!" she told him as she ordered a drink. She then informed J.C. the fight was scheduled for the next night 11:00PM and that he’d be smart to bet “every damn cent you have” on her.

The following evening in a silver bra and shorts, Jessica meets Denise in the Challenge Room. Denise shows up wearing a black bra and miniskirt and the lounge is filled to capacity with everyone anxiously awaiting the start of the contest.

At the bell, Denise charges Jessica but the agile brunette trips her to the carpet and begins to stomp on her. Denise kicks up at her but misses and Jessica drops to her knees, grabs Denise’s long blond hair and begins to pound her head on the carpet. Denise reaches up with her legs and quickly wraps them around Jessica's neck. As they struggle, the sexy blond flips the brunette head first with her shapely legs and Jessica's head strikes the carpet with a thud! Denise smells victory. Leaping into the air she comes down smashing her knee into the jaw of the sleek brunette beauty.

Jessica is knocked out cold and Denise raises her hands in victory as she struts out of the room!

Later, at the lounge, CZJ tells MrChris, "Denise didn't look so tough to me! I bet I can take her!"

TNT and Tanzel carry the passed out Paris to her car and dump her in the back seat to sleep off another night of partying.

"This is not going to work!" complains Charlize as she and Claudia are forced into extra duty.

Denise struts into the lounge looking for Jac Fac to tell him, "I TOLD YOU SO!"