Hollywood Gym & Lounge #10: Gena Lee Nolin vs. Jennifer Garner (and plenty others) by Tank

Jennifer Garner strained her hard, sweat glistened biceps on the bench press. She was in top condition and she was furious with Gena Lee Nolin as well as Ben Affleck! She had entered the lounge less than an hour ago just to relax with a couple of drinks. But when Mitzi Kapture took her aside and told her all about Ben being alone with Gena Lee and warming up to her in the sauna and Jacuzzi, she changed her plans for the evening. A good workout would help to eliminate the anger and stress. Ben was supposed to meet her there soon and hopefully Gena would show up tonight so she could take out her fury against her blond rival in a Challenge Match.

It was a match Jennifer, as well as Gena, had been putting off for the past couple of weeks. Both knew, even before Ben's involvement with Gena, that a fight between them was imminent. But now the motive and psychology involved in the fight were quite different for Jennifer. She would not be fighting any longer to please Ben or to make him proud of her athletic prowess as originally intended. She had already proven herself to be an Amazon of the first order with a magnificent performance in her first fight.

What Jennifer wanted now was to administer a severe beating to her arrogant blond rival for daring to make a fool of her by hitting on her man in the place she was beginning to view as her second home. Then she would show Ben, to his regret, who the superior woman was and what a fool he had been to cheat on her with someone who was less of a woman than herself. Now it was a matter of "hell hath no fury" for Jennifer. And with her victory would come a prestigious place for her in the Gym and Lounge in the eyes of all who were a part of the place Jen had come to revere. It was a place of honor and dignity among her peers that Jen had come to desire greatly. For the more often she visited K&G's very unique establishment, the stronger her fascination with it and the greater significance she attached to her status there. But Jen was not the only one who felt that way.

Gena, as well, couldn't stop thinking of her own place in the Gym and Lounge. She was on her way there and Jennifer was the person most on her mind. Ever since the night a couple of of weeks ago when Jen devastated her favorite servant girl, Kelly Packard, in the Challenge Room. Gena was bent on payback. She took Kelly's loss personally. It was not only a matter of watching her servant and very dear friend whom Gena felt obligated to protect, getting pummeled before her eyes. It was even more a matter of disrespecting, even stomping on what mattered most to her- her status and place in the Gym and Lounge which she had worked so hard to establish.

Jennifer, by her arrogance, was threatening to steal from her all the prestige she had duly earned. Her victory over the highly regarded Traci Bingham had cemented her legacy as a fierce fighting machine in the eyes of everyone there. She was the 'Golden Girl' and understandably loved to flaunt it. Her rendezvous with Ben was motivated by revenge over Jen invading her territory. He really didn't matter to her outside of the demoralizing effect it would have on Jennifer. Ultimately, what mattered to Gena was the same as what spurred Jennifer: a burning passion to prove herself the superior woman in the Challenge Room. But in this case it was extremely personal; a burning desire to conquer and humiliate a despised rival.

"Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned" is one of Shakespeare's more enduring expressions but what if the fury is increased to twice the intensity by two strong, athletic, and beautiful women who can justifiably apply the expression to themselves and can wait no longer to tear into each other?

Jennifer decided to cut short her workout before she expended too much energy. She felt loose and had worked up a sweat. Mitzi, who seemed to know everything that was going on, entered the gym to inform her that Ben had arrived at the lounge and that Gena was on her way to the gym. Jen would need her strength to dispose of her blond rival who she planned to Challenge the moment she arrived. As she made her way to the lounge wearing a skimpy black bikini, she thought of how she would confront Ben. It occurred to her to act as if she was unaware of his involvement with Gena and that nothing was wrong between them.


Demi Moore/ Sharon Stone plus Halle Berry/Penelope Cruz

Outside the gym, at the other end from where the lounge was located, was a hallway with several adjoining rooms. The smallest had recently been devoted to one particular purpose, coming to be known unofficially as 'The Spanking Room' because of the number of celebs who enjoyed imposing their dominance used that room whenever their servant (or another member) got out of line.

On this day, Demi Moore was in her red bikini as she walked Sharon Stone wearing a yellow top and shorts, into the Spanking Room.

"I…I…I didn't mean it that way, Demi!" Sharon whined.

"Quit lying, Stone! I know exactly what you meant! You've got to learn to stop going to Kim and Ginny and bitching behind my back! I will NOT tolerate it!"

When Demi got Sharon to the door, she tried the handle and found it was locked. She waited while her blond rival continued trying in vain to talk her way out of trouble. They could hear the sound of a woman yelling and another pleading, "STOP!"

A few minutes later, the door opened and Penelope Cruz appeared wearing a white lace bra. Her white lace panties were halfway down her thighs, just below her butt. She was being angrily jerked out of the room by Halle Berry who was wearing her usual skimpy, sensuous, leopard skin bikini.


"Yessss Mistress Halle; I won’t do it again!" she sobbed.

Seeing Demi with Sharon, Halle smiled and paused to strike up a conversation with the muscular brunette. They talked and laughed while Penelope and Sharon stood silently with their heads bowed. Finally, Halle led her servant down the hallway. Demi pushed Sharon into the room and slammed the door before locking it.


Inside the lounge, trouble was brewing for the bartenders! Lucy Lawless, Rosie O'Donnell and their sidekick, Rachel Bilson, were members of a motorcycle gang with leather jackets that said "HELL'S BELLES" on the back. Lucy was living up the club's reputation by giving hell to Charlize Theron, claiming the blond beauty put something less than a full shot of Wild Turkey in her Coke.

It was a stark contrast to watch blond Charlize, decked out for the evening in a pink and white striped blouse and pink miniskirt, standing her ground against the big, husky, dark-haired Lucy in her leather jacket and boots.

"I poured a full shot,” Charlize said calmly. “Don’t you try and intimidate me!”

"We'll take this place apart, piece by piece, if you get smart with US; you skinny blond whore! NOW POUR ME ANOTHER SHOT ON THE HOUSE!" Lucy demanded.



Paris and Claudia had stopped what they were doing to watch, scanning the lounge for signs of possible help, but all eyes were on Charlize!

"Alright ladies. You think you’re so tough, let’s step outside,” Charlize responded.

Paris and Claudia looked at each other with their mouths open! Charlize walked out into the lounge, brushed past the gang of three who were snickering and ridiculing her, and headed outside thru the front door.

"C’mon Claudia,” Paris volunteered. “We can't let her face the three of them all alone!"

“Fuck her!” Claudia said, raising her hands in a gesture showing she wasn’t getting involved. “She made her own bed, now let her lie in it. I’m not getting MY pretty face fucked up because Miss Ego over there can’t keep her mouth shut. Hell, I’m sure Lucy, Rosie and Rachel can find something to keep her tongue busy. Serves her right!”

Paris rolled her eyes, left Claudia to watch the bar and hurried outside to join her friend. Lucy and Rosie were taking turns screaming in Charlize's face as the tall blond screamed back. Suddenly, Lucy punched Charlize in her face and dropped her on her butt. Charlize scrambled up and rushed toward Lucy and nailed her with a straight right that sent the big vixen reeling backward. Rosie jumped in and grabbed Charlize from behind but before Rachel could take advantage, Paris jumped on Rosie. But Rachel wrapped her arms around Paris from behind, pulled her off and dragged her kicking and screaming to the ground.

Just then, Karen McDougal and IRISH pulled into the parking lot and Karen immediately sized up the situation. "Stay here IRISH! This is MY fight!" IRISH just smiled, being too smart to step into the middle of a celebrity catfight!

Paris was turning the tables on Rachel and rolled on top of her. But Rosie had Charlize's arms pulled back and pinned behind her. Lucy, who had already punched the feisty blond twice in the stomach leaving Charlize gasping and wheezing, was winding up for another punch.

Suddenly Karen, with a loud scream and after a running start, landed on Rosie, knocking her and Charlize both to the ground. Karen began to wail away at Rosie’s face until Rosie was able to power her off of her. They both got to their knees and faced off anxious to continue.

That left Charlize free to defend herself - but Lucy doubled her over with another gut wrenching fist to her stomach!

Rosie lunged at Karen and was greeted with a barrage of punches to her face that knocked her on her back. Karen jumped on top of the bigger brunette and continued punching her in the face and bouncing on top of her like a wild woman!

Paris already had lost her blouse - ripped off in her skirmish with Rachel - but she was gaining the upper hand over the shorter, stouter, brunette. Grabbing Rachel’s hair, Paris leg swept her to the ground while retaining a fistful of hair; then had Rachel screaming as she began dragging her around by that hair.

Lucy had Charlize down on the ground, but as she rolled on top of her, the blond beauty face-raked her eyes and Lucy let out a shriek of pain! As she fell backward to protect her eyes, she couldn’t keep the blonde's long legs beneath her and Charlize was able to raise her right foot and she kicked Lucy square in the groin!

"OWWWWWWW! YOU BITCH!" she screamed as she was thrust backward onto the ground while Charlize got to her knees and - like a wildcat - sprang on her!

Meanwhile, Karen's ferocious attack had big Rosie crying like a baby as she continued to pummel her.

"Nuh…no more Karen, please?" Rosie cried with tears streaming down her chubby rosy cheeks.


Paris was calmly sitting on the ground behind Rachel; her long, silky legs wraped around her face. Every now and then, Paris would apply pressure and Rachel, like Rosie, would gush tears. Between her sobs, Rachel tried to threaten the lovely blond heiress into letting her go. "MY UNCLE IS AN ATTORNEY, DAMMIT! LEMME GO OR I'LL SUE YOUR ASS!"

Paris just smiled and applied pressure again and the brunette burst out sobbing once more! The willowy blond released her leg scissors around Rachel's neck and, tired of her big mouth, inched closer then dropped her tight, flat butt on her face to shut her up!

Looking to her left, Paris saw that Charlize had a tight grip on Lucy's hair and was beating the back of her head on the ground.

"S-s-stop Charlize….y-y-you’re hurting m-m-meeeee!" Lucy screamed but she still grabbed Charlize's blouse and twisted the angry blond off of her. Lucy punched at Charlize, grazing her face as the blond fell on her side. Lucy struggled to her feet while Charlize was still on the ground and scuffling to get up.

Lucy saw the look of determination on Charlize’s face as she pushed herself up off the ground and bolted across the front lawn toward the parking lot where her motorcycle was parked.

Charlize kicked off her shoes and took off after her like a hungry lioness in pursuit of a frightened wildebeest. Meanwhile, a victorious Karen sat on top of a bawling Rosie with a grin on her face while Paris occasionally lifted her ass off Rachel's face to allow her to breathe before stuffing her mouth again with her well formed derriere.

Charlize caught up with Lucy and tackled her on the back lawn, a stones throw from the back parking lot. Her torn skirt getting in the way, she tore it completely off before straddling the brunette vixen's back in her pink silk panties. Laying her long, sleek body over a screaming Lucy as she lay helpless on her belly, she pinned her arms behind her back in a full nelson.

"LET ME GO, YOU ANIMAL!" Lucy screamed. She was very panicky and now she was trembling! Charlize remained calm and began to smile. Her big, tough talking prey seemed to amuse her. "YOU BETTER LET ME GO, THERON, I'M WARNING YOU! MY BROTHER-IN-LAW’S THE EDITOR OF THE LOCAL PAPER. IF YOU DON'T, HE’LL TELL EVERYONE WHAT SAVAGES YOU WOMEN ARE! NOW LET ME GOOOOOHHHHHH!"

Charlize tightened her full nelson. "Great! And everyone will find out that the ‘notorious’ Hell’s Belles are really a bunch of spoiled pussies!” The lovely and sensuous blond, was proving too much woman for the big brunette bully as she wrapped her arms around her neck.


"Uh-uh. Sorry Pumpkin, but you started this. Now it’s time for me to bring our little ‘misunderstanding’ to a conclusion.”

The triumphant blond beauty began to apply pressure to the neck of her tamed prey. Lucy was quivering and began to drool as the lovely blond continued her sleeper hold. Tears began streaming down Lucy's cheeks as she began to grow woozy from the pressure. Charlize stared into Lucy's eyes, her sexy derriere bucking and wiggling on top of her in her lovely pink panties. She wanted to relish every last moment of her stunning victory. She watched Lucy's eyes roll and chuckled as she began to think of the brunette as a sort of big game trophy she could hang over her mantle when she was finished with her.

Big Lucy squirmed desperately beneath Charlize's power before passing into oblivion. Lying unconscious on the back lawn of the Gym and Lounge, she had greatly underestimated the resolve of the blond beauty she was so sure would cower in terror before her. Getting off her vanquished prey, Charlize retrieved her skirt and headed back inside while the Hells Belles took to their bikes and hit the road.

Charlize, Paris and Karen took time to refresh themselves before resuming their duties. Karen was scheduled as the bouncer and had already contributed admirably.


Jennifer Garner didn’t let on to Ben that she was aware of his time with Gena Lee Nolin. First things first, and she wanted Gena inside the Challenge Room before anything else. After conquering her blond rival, she would deal with Ben. When Gena entered the lounge, she found Jennifer in her face screaming her Challenge. Gena accepted and screamed back at the brunette. Both women had to be restrained. The blond beauty, anticipating the Challenge and expecting victory, wore her gazelle skin bra and thong under her gym clothes; the same skimpy ‘Sheena outfit’ she’d worn to dispose of Traci Bingham.

Both women looked in top shape and ready to go at it. Jennifer, in her skimpy black bikini, her muscles tense, appeared braced to pounce her sleek and sensuous body onto the athletic blond beauty as Gena stood toe to toe with the brunette, thrusting her bigger breasts into Jen's. They agreed to meet in the Challenge Room in thirty minutes. Everyone in the Gym and Lounge was looking forward to the match with great anticipation!

As Jennifer and Gena were escorted into separate dressing rooms to prepare for the match, one would think that the lounge would finally have a moment of peace, at least until the match began but such was not the case. Jenny McCarthy, wearing a red evening gown, and Scarlett Johansson, in a powder blue blouse and mini, entered together looking for trouble. Both were looking for seats and didn’t care if they were already taken or not.


Catherine Zeta-Jones vs. Jenny McCarthy

Catherine Zeta Jones, who was dressed for an evening on the town in a white evening gown, had just left her seat next to Danny Boy to make a run to the bar. She was returning with a drink in each hand when Jenny sat in her seat. Scarlett stood behind Jenny who struck up a conversation with Dan.

"That brunette looks kind of over the hill for a young stud like you, Big Boy! How’d you like to party with me and Scarlett?"

Catherine returned with the drinks and eyed the blond who had the nerve to take HER chair and flirt with Dan. She didn't say anything, just poured both drinks over Jenny's head; soaking her blond hair and spilling down the front into the bodice of her her evening gown. Jenny flew off the chair and tore into Cath, knocking her on her ass! They tussled and twisted around the floor, rolling one on top of the other, then exchanging as they grabbed hair and punched each other's faces and both expensive evening gowns ended up being ripped and pulled down below their breasts.

Dan was sitting down and enjoying the action, wondering who he’d be partying with tonight - unsure who he wanted to win. True, Catherine was a regular who’d fight for the right to him or Mr Chris, but if Jenny won, he may get her AND Scarlett -two for one!

As the fight progressed, Jenny appeared to be getting the better of Cath as she picked her up and dropped her on top of the table, then climbed on top of the brunette. After some fierce infighting, they rolled off the table and crashed to the floor between Dan’s table and the next one where Scarlett had usurped Karen McDougal's seat next to IRISH and was cheering Jenny on.

Jenny was barefoot while Cat still had one high heel on. The blond was on top of Cath, yanking her hair with her left and punching her in the head with her right. Cath used all her strength to twist Jenny off of her and finally free her raven hair.

CZJ pushed the blond hellcat away, but, Jenny, seeing Cat on her back after she shoved her off, threw caution to the wind and tried to dive on the brunette. But Cat got her leg up in the nick of time and drove her right heel into Jenny's jaw!

"OHHHHHHH!" Jenny squealed as she fell backward on the floor unconscious.

Cath got to her feet and slowly pulled her gown back up to cover her breasts as she reclaimed her seat next to Danny.

Several patrons hurried to tend to Jenny and drag her out of sight of the other patrons.

"So, who were you pulling for, Danny Boy?" Cath asked, not wanting a wrong answer.

"Why you of course, Cat!" he exclaimed. She smiled at him as Dan stood up from his chair. "My turn to buy a round since you gave our last one to Jenny," he told her as he headed for the bar.


Scarlett Johansson vs. Karen McDougal

Scarlett watched Jenny being carried out. Then she turned to IRISH as though nothing had happened. "Where's Karen tonight, IRISH?" she asked. "She should be back any minute," he replied. "Cameron Diaz is a friend of mine. I really didn't like what Karen did to her when she was here...beating her up like that! She needs to be taught a lesson and I'm here to do it!"

"Cameron was acting like she owned the place!" he answered. "She beat up Teri Hatcher and knocked Jennifer Love Hewitt on the floor! Karen was just doing her job when Cameron got smart with her!"

"That's not what Cameron told me!"

Just then, Scarlett spotted Karen moving toward the table. "She better be ready to fight!" she told him.

"Don't worry about that!" IRISH responded with a grin. “Karen’s always ready.”

Karen approached the table where Scarlett was sitting with IRISH which got Karen's IRISH UP in more ways than one. Being a gentleman, he stood and offered Karen his seat.

"That's alright, IRISH," she told him. "What do you want, Scarlett?" she asked with anger in her voice.

Karen was wearing a green bra and mini skirt as she watched Scarlett stand and point her finger to the front door, challenging Karen to go outside with her. The two women walked outside with IRISH following at a safe distance. He watched Karen put her hands up and Scarlett quickly wailing away at her with both fists. Scarlett showed superb boxing ability and had Karen backing up and taking more than she gave. The lovely brunette was already in a scrap earlier today when she devastated Rosie O'Donnel after coming to the assistance of Charlize and Paris.

Scarlett was throwing punches and dancing around on her toes when Karen nailed her with a left hook to her ribs.

"OWWWW!" she gasped. The brunette moved forward to press the attack as the blonde backed up. Then unexpectedly, Scarlett grabbed Karen by her hair and spun her around. She then threw her body into Karen and bowled her onto the ground. Scarlett landed on top of Karen on her knees and began throwing punches at her face.

Karen, her mini skirt lifting above her black panties, smashed her knee into Scarlett's back and again had her gasping. Karen powered her foe off of her and both women quickly got to their knees. As they moved toward each other, they clasped hands. Karen pulled Scarlett toward her and head locked her. Scarlett was struggling to free herself but Karen secured her hold, her hard right bicep rippling into her foe's head.

Then Karen, displaying her ferocity and athletic prowess, loosened her head lock and turned into Scarlett. She then snapped her knee into her opponent's ribs.

"OWWWWW!" Scarlett was moaning in pain, thinking one of her ribs may be cracked.

Karen applied more pressure with her hard, sinewy bicep rippling away around her hurting foe's head. Scarlett, feeling helpless, hurt, and dizzy, thought it best to submit to the buff, brunette beauty before she sustained a worse beating.

"NO MORE, KAREN....I GIVE UP!" she sobbed.

Karen released her flexing arm around her head and Scarlett fell face first to the ground sobbing. She lay on her belly covering her eyes with her hands, not wanting to be seen crying.

"OWWWWWWWW!" she moaned, her ribs still throbbing with pain.

Karen stood over her with her hands on her hips. "TELL CAMERON I SAID HELLO!" Karen chuckled before walking back toward IRISH.

When they entered the lounge, Mitzi Kapture and Hudson Leick had taken IRISH and Karen's seats. Now, they quickly sprang to their feet and scurried away.

"We were just keeping them warm for you and IRISH, Karen!" Mitzi explained over her shoulder.


Jennifer Garner (5’9”) vs. Gena Lee Nolin (5’9”)

Jennifer wore her black bikini as she made her way to the Challenge Room where she began to stretch her sleek, athletic body in her corner. Her walnut brown hair was tied in a fighter’s ponytail and her fight plan was to stay aggressive. Her eyes narrowed as Gena Lee Nolin emerged and began her strut into the room. GLN was looking confident and as sexy as ever in ar gazelle skin bra and matching thong; a much skimpier version of her ‘Sheena’ outfit. Her long blond hair was hanging down her shoulders.

The lounge was packed and everyone was watching whether seated or standing. A good number of those attending the match had special interests including Jen’s Ben who’d tried to visit both dressing rooms in the minutes before the fight, only to be refused entry by both women.

Beyonce sat at the bar with Marjean. "I'd just love to fight the winner!" she exclaimed to the wrestling instructor.

Marjean, who’d returned from her camping trip the night before, answered, "I envy you, Beyonce! As the gym's wrestling instructor, it wouldn't be right for me to Challenge someone unless there was a demand for it. But I'd sure love to feel either one of them - especially Gena - groveling under me in my wrestling class!"

Jennifer and Gena sized each other up in the Challenge Room. The buzzer sounded and both women came out fighting! Jennifer began snapping Front Kicks, backing Gena up. Gena kicked back but Jen scored more often and one accurate kick to the blonde's belly made Gena wince as she slumped in a corner. Jen pressed in and slammed Gena back into the corner, then scored with a straight right to Gena's face.

Jennifer moved in to inflict more damage and a Left Hook to the blonde's belly left Gena gasping. The brunette's black bikini bottom pressed against Gena's gazelle skin thong, wedging it into her womanhood as Jen leaned on her. Still pressing Gena in the corner, Jen exchanged sharp, accurate punches with her and Gena couldn’t fight her way out of the corner. Jennifer threw a barrage of punches and kicks, grunting with each blow, but most were blocked by the athletic blond who countered with a sharp right to the brunette's face which dropped Jen wide-eyed flat on her back!

Gena moved out of the corner but Jen scrambled to her feet and resumed her aggressive attack, launching more kicks at her. She again forced Gena to back off, kicking her as she retreated. Gena was fighting a cautious fight but as Jen pressed in and pushed her into a nearby corner, the blond beauty braced herself - then sprang forward and drove a knee into Jen's belly. The brunette doubled over and crumpled to her knees in front of Gena who quickly snapped a vicious knee up that barely missed Jen's face.

Jen got off her knees and drove her shoulder into Gena's midsection as she powered ahead until she slammed the blond to the carpet on her back. Jen fell to her knees and tumbled onto Gena, grazing her jaw with a Right Cross. Gena maneuvered her body until she was able to buck Jen off but by the time Gena got to her knees, Jen was ready on her knees in front of her and she moved in and snapped a knee into Gena's ribs.

"OOOOHHHH!" the blond moaned.

Jennifer was having her way with Gena Nolin! She nailed Gena in the face with a Left-Right combination and Gena had to grab Jen's arms and clinch!

Ben was thinking, "What a woman Jen is! I better do all I can to hold onto her!"

The women were on their knees, chests pressed into each other as they tightly held the other's arms. Gena pushed her large, full breasts into Jen's firmer, smaller breasts while Jen kept rubbing her black panties on Gena's gazelle thong. Then Jen freed her right hand and WHAM nailed Gena in the face. Stung by the punch, Gena wrapped up Jen's arms again and their arms entangled as Gena continued to force her breasts onto Jen’s while Jen kept humping her womanhood on Gena's.

Both beauties tried to bend the other backward and gain an advantage as their strong, shapely bodies muscled into each other, each trying to win a test of strength. With neither gaining any advantage, they struggled to free their arms and Jen again rocked Gena with a hard Right, then lunged and caught the blond in a Headlock. Gena began smashing her knee into Jennifer's ribs and thighs as Jen held on for dear life.

"OWWWWWW!" A savage knee to the ribs caused Jen's mouth open in a loud groan.

Both women began striking each other with their knees at close range. Gena freed herself from Jen's Headlock - but got her bra ripped off in the process. Jen whipped it around and lashed Gena across the eyes with it before tossing the bra on the carpet as the blond recoiled holding her face.

Jen, continuing to force the pace, lunging at Gena with both fists blazing but Gena blocked or avoided the hardest blows by moving back skillfully on her knees until Jennifer left her knees and jumped on Gena's shoulder's, knocking her back onto the carpet. Jen landed on top with her breasts on the blonde's face.

Gena quickly snapped her knee up into Jen's groin as she spread her legs in an attempt to straddle her. "OWWWWWW!" Jen squeaked as she fell off the deadly blond and struggled to her knees cupping her groin.

Gena swung her legs up and Double Kicked the brunette in the face sending Jen sprawling on the carpet. She tried to rise quickly, but Gena was quick as a cat and leaped around behind Jen and Hammerlocked the brunette's right arm. Jen tried to strike back with her left elbow but Gena was too close; her big bare breasts pressing into Jen's shoulders which were beaded with sweat as the blond beauty slammed the lovely brunette in the butt with her knee, knocking her forward onto her chest

"UNNNNGH!!" grunted Jennifer as Gena kneed her viciously in the other butt cheek. Gena continued to hammer Jen’s booty with knees while maintaining her Hammerlock. Jen was struggling but unable to free herself. The tawny blond she cat lifted her knees and dropped on Jen’s back; her knees smashing into Jennifer's ribs. "OOOOHHHHH!"

The strong brunette was in a world of hurt as the athletic blond pressed her weight down on her. With her Hammerlock secured, Gena dug her knees into Jen's ribs with greater force but this time when the skilled brunette whipped back her elbow, it struck Gena in her face.

"OWWWW!" Gena screamed. She lost control of Jennifer’s arm and fell to her side while Jen struggled to her knees.

But Gena inched closer, swept out both legs and clamped them around Jen's belly. She tried to free herself from the scissors, but Gena slithered around behind her and pulled her back onto her lap. Jen was grunting, her arms flailing back as she tried in vain to elbow her agile foe. Gena began flexing her strong, silky thighs on Jen's midsection and in seconds the sleek brunette was struggling and gasping.

The blond beauty leaned back on her hands, her chest heaving, sweat streaming down her tawny breasts. Gena grunted as she flexed her shapely, sensuous thighs around Jennifer's hard abs and Jen groaned and gasped at the pressure from Gena's lovely thighs clamped like a python about her! Gena’s thigh muscles continued to ripple but Jen's strong body and hard abs held up, despite her inability to escape.

"Wow!" Ben thought to himself. "What a strong and sexy Amazon that Gena is! She better party with me, tonight!"

"If those were MY thighs, Jennifer would’ve submitted by now!" Beyonce snorted to Marjean who had her own gaze glued on the battling blond beauty in action; wondering what she could do that would entice Gena onto the mat with her. The thought of a naked Gena groveling beneath her muscular body was getting her aroused!

Jennifer began to battle like a woman possessed! She punched backward, elbowed, kicked up with her legs, smashed at Gena's legs with her fists, and finally managed to free herself from Gena's powerful Scissors. The blonde's legs were getting tired and could do no more damage, still, she’d been able to weaken her athletic opponent considerably.

Jennifer rolled away and struggled to her feet as Gena stalked toward her, confidently moving in for the kill. The brunette assumed a kickboxing stance and snapped out a Front Kick that knocked Gena back. Jen stepped forward, confident her kickboxing skill was superior to Gena's but as she came ahead, Gena made a gesture with her hands to ‘keep coming.’

"C'mon, Jennifer! You can kick better than that!" she teased.

As Jen moved closer to strike, Gena moved forward, swept her leg out and tripped Jen to the carpet. Jen hit the carpet and rolled, surprised to see the blond still standing and waiting for her to get up. She popped to her feet; her body weakened and her mind no longer sharp.

Jen attacked Gena with strong - but wild - kicks as Gena backed into a corner. Jen took a deep breath as she stared at her blond nemesis in her skimpy Sheena outfit, trapped in the corner just a few feet away. Jen let out a scream and rushed the deadly blond but as she swept forward, Gena steeled herself and snapped a devastating Knee Lift into Jen’s groin!

"OHHHHHHH!" Jen moaned as she crumpled to her knees in pain. Gena nailed her with two hard punches to the face which sent Jennifer skidding on her butt. The athletic blond leaped into the air and came crashing down on her.

"OOFFFFFF!" Jennifer was hurt and out of breath.

Gena removed Jen’s bra, then grabbed her wrists and forced her down on her back, spread-eagled on the carpet. Arranging her body on Jen, Gena lifted her upper body and THWAP slammed her big breasts down on Jennifer's smaller pair. Gena hammered her thong down on Jen's groan as she inhaled and exhaled deeply, feeling the sensation of the brunette’s body squirming helplessly under her.

As Gena continued to press her heavy breasts and hard, stiff, nipples into Jen’s, she ground her womanhood into Jen's as tears welled in the brunette's eyes and trickled down her pink cheeks.

"GIVE UP, JENNIFER?" Gena asked with a tone of smug superiority.

"Nuhhh…NO...never!" gasped the fading brunette beauty.

As Jennifer bucked up and down, desperately trying to power the blond off of her, Gena lifted her breasts off Jen's and released her opponent's wrists. She then began pounding away at Jen's face with both fists. Jennifer could not respond and tears began streaming down her cheeks. She felt overpowered and now overwhelmed by the blond beauty who finally ended her assault and shouted, "HAD ENOUGH, JENNIFER?"

"NO!" Jen cried as she trembled beneath her blond tormentor. Gena grabbed Jen's hair and began to pound her head down on the carpet. Jen was now bawling loudly.

Gena stopped and asked again, "GIVE UP, JENNIFER?"

"NOOOOOO..." she moaned.

Finally, Gena pulled Jen's head up by her hair and thrust her large, bare breasts down into her face. Jennifer trembled and squirmed, but it was no use.

Unable to breath, Jen tried to blurt out her submission, "NUH MUUHH…AH GIB OPP!"

But now Gena was determined to put her brunette rival to sleep and she continued her lethal Breast Smother until the hapless brunette went limp and passed out, slumping unconscious in her embrace.

Once again, the lovely blond Gena Lee Nolin was victorious! She stood and raised both arms in triumph, standing with her legs spread, straddling the body of her conquered prey. Gena Lee realized that she’d finally avenged her servant girl Kelly and humiliated Jennifer in front of Ben. But most important to her, she’d proven herself the unofficial Queen of the Challenge Room!

Gena retrieved her bra and began to twirl it over her head in acknowledgement to all of her fans watching in the lounge. Then the sensuous and victorious blond began to dance over Jennifer's unconscious body, drawing even more attention to her magnificent triumph.

"Hell, I can dance much better than that!" Beyonce thought as Gena stepped over Jennifer’s body and strutted out of the Challenge Room!

(In a very close vote, Gena Lee Nolin beat Jennifer Garner, 25- 23)


Beyonce Knowles vs. Calista Flockhart

Later, as another exciting evening was winding down, GLN Fan, Tansel, bbb4, and others, had collected the large amounts of money they had wagered on Gena. It was reported bbb4 went shopping for another yacht the next day while GLN Fan and Tansel added to their fortunes as well. Sitting at the bar with Krisp sat Calista Flockhart and she was planning on leaving with him in a few minutes. But Beyonce was also checking out the bar and with just a few patrons remaining, she decided she wanted to leave with Krisp. Calista, wearing a red/white candy stripe blouse and miniskirt, strongly objected. Beyonce, dressed in a a navy blue bra with matching shorts, made plans for the rest of the evening.

Strutting to the bar and forcing her shapely booty between Calista and Krisp, the well-muscled ebony Diva told the lovely blond to, "Shut up and go home before you end up beaten and humiliated!"

Beyonce was a woman extremely confident of her fighting prowess. She’d become a blond herself when she dyed her hair to compete in a ‘Blonds Only’ wrestling tournament in Europe several years ago. Sexy Beyonce had dominated the tournament and won the championship - overwhelming the defending champion from Sweden. In Beyonce's mind, given the choice between leaving peacefully or putting a hurting on Calista, she’d definitely choose the latter although Calista was rumored to be far tougher when she was fighting for a man.

"Don't tell ME to shut up!” Calista snarled. “I saw him first! Now leave the bar before I have to kick your ass!"

The tawny, dark Diva smiled, then WHAP slapped Calista! The blond recoiled in shock, set herself and SMACK, slapped Beyonce back! Then Calista shoved the stunned ebony Diva back into Krisp, who fell sideways but remained on his seat. Calista began punching at Beyonce's face, knocking her back into Krisp again. Beyonce's dancer's body kept her balance but an angry Calista proceeded to wrap her hands around Beyonce's neck and began to choke Beyonce - until the powerful Diva snapped a knee into Calista's ribs.

"OOFFFFF….” the blond moaned as she dropped to her knees.

Beyonce grabbed Calista by her hair and dragged the squealing blond away from the bar into the center of the lounge. She just loved to entertain while she fought! Beyonce shook her booty in Calista's face before releasing her hair and walking away from her. The young dancer stripped off her bra, kicked off her shoes and pulled down her shorts while Calista was struggling to her feet. When Beyonce stalked back to her, she was bare breasted wearing only her navy blue thong.

Calista back peddled as Beyonce smiled at her and continued to stalk her. Calista braced herself, then kicked her heel at the Diva's belly but Beyonce, displaying quick reflexes, caught her calf and yanked, dumping Calista on her ass on the floor. Beyonce knelt beside the blond, raised her fist and WHAM, punched Calista in her hard, flat, belly.

"OOOOFFFFF!" Calista had the wind knocked out of her.

Beyonce grabbed the blonde's blouse and pulled her close to her as Calista struggled. Relieving the blond of her blouse and skirt as she kicked and struggled in vain, Beyonce slid behind Calista - who was down to a red-white striped bra and panties. Calista struggled as Beyonce ripped her bra off, then wrapped her arms around and clasped her hands under her breasts in a Reverse Bearhug.

"OOHHHHHH!" Calista gasped. The muscular ebony beauty fell back on her butt and pulled Calista backward onto her lap.

As the gorgeous Diva clamped her powerful thighs around the slender blonde's rib cage, Calista began to beg Beyonce to release her, "Puh…leeeeze Beyonce…uh…I…giiiiiiiive upppp!"

"ALREADY, PUSSYCAT? Hell, I was kinda hoping you’d put up a little more of a fight than this. Oh well, I’ll let you go, I guess…as soon as you APOLOGIZE TO KRISP for wasting his time!"

Calista hesitated and Beyonce was only too happy to flex her shapely, muscular thighs tighter around her ribs.

“OWWWW....HOWWWW....OOOHHHHH!" Tears were streaming down Calista's eyes as Beyonce winked at Krisp. The strong ebony dancer unscrewed her thighs around the blonde's ribs and to no one's surprise, Calista burst our crying! Beyonce then clamped her strong thighs around Calista's panties and began fondling her firm little breasts.


"I aaaappppogizzzzze…fur…wa…wah…wasting yuh…yuh…your t-t-time..." Calista sobbed, her body trembling.

Beyonce looked at Krisp and grinned as she continued to toy with Calista's breasts as her steely thigh muscles flexed regularly, each contraction forcing Calista’s body to arch in pain, pushing her breasts out and up into Beyonce’s waiting hands.

Beyonce gave Calista’s nipples a hard pull, then asked, "Will you promise to be my maid servant IF I let you go?"


Unfortunately for Calista, Beyonce was having too much fun to release her. She flexed her thighs in a vice grip around Calista's panties, forcing the blonde's mouth to open in a soft gasp of agony. When Beyonce finally released her, it was just long enough to twist her over onto her belly. Then the strong, sensuous Ebony hard body mounted the slender blondes back and began to gyrate as she rode her, pressing her body down into the lounge carpet.

"OOOHHHHH....PLEASE, BEYONCE...NO MORE.." Calista wailed as Beyonce continued to ride, buck, and gyrate on her butt and back.

Then Beyonce stretched her tawny body on top of the less developed blond and slid her hand under the front of Calista's candy cane striped panties. Grabbing her pubic mound, Beyonce slowly stroked and massaged Calista until the vanquished blond put an end to it - squirting into the dark Diva's pulsating hand.

"OOOOOHHHHH!...PLEASE, BEYONCE! LET ME GO..!" Beyonce pulled back her hand and pulled Calista's unresisting arms behind her in a Full Nelson. The blond screamed, cried, and begged her to stop but Beyonce ignored her.

Denise Richards was watching closely and thought of intervening but quietly remained where she was.

Beyonce pulled Calista's panties below her butt, then yanked her over her lap and WHAP! WHAP! WHAP! WHAP! WHAP! WHAP! The blond was bawling uncontrollably as Beyonce dealt her a severe spanking.

"STARTING TOMORROW, YOU WILL BE MY SERVANT GIRL AROUND HERE!" the young dancer told her. She finally pushed the blond off of her and onto the carpet. "C'MON KRISP, LET'S GO!"

Krisp, who knew who would win had already retrieved Beyonce's shoes, bra, and shorts. The victorious Diva took time to shake her booty over a bawling Calista as she smiled and clapped her hands. Then she accepted her clothes from Krisp. Putting her shoes on, she tossed her bra and shorts over her shoulder. Wrapping her right arm around Krisp's waist, she led him out of the lounge.

"HOPE YOU'RE READY FOR A REAL WOMAN TONIGHT, HONEYBUN!" Beyonce chuckled. Krisp turned his head on the way out and saw Calista still writhing on the carpet and bawling, then quickly nodded ‘yes.’