Hollywood Gym #11: The Battle for Sharon Stone (Demi Moore vs. Torrie Wilson) by Tank

Demi Moore was spending another evening at the lounge having her way with Sharon Stone. The sight of Demi pulling her blond pet onto her lap to share the same bar stool; the brunette's thigh muscles locked around Sharon's, was a common sight. Tonight, Demi in a white bra and tight fitting shorts was particularly mean - not allowing a pleading Sharon to go to the Ladies room. Demi's full attention was devoted to Halle Berry, standing at the bar with her as they discussed the women they’d like to fight. Sharon was grimacing in discomfort.

"Please Demi, I need to go to the Ladies room before I wet my..." pleaded Sharon who was wearing a red blouse and miniskirt.

"Shut up, you whining bitch! Can't I bring you here once, without you complaining?"

"Can't I spend ten minutes in this place without your thigh muscles clamped under my skirt?" Sharon complained. Halle rolled her eyes and walked away snickering.

"I said, SHUT UP, Sharon…or would you prefer another session in the spanking room?" Demi threatened as she wagged a finger in her face.

Sitting a couple of seats down the bar, Torrie Wilson and Amateur were talking over drinks although Torrie's green eyes were fixed on Demi and Sharon. She nudged Amateur and both watched Sharon quiver when Demi yanked her blond hair, pulling her head back by her ponytail while her other hand slowly unbuttoned Sharon's blouse.

Torrie, in a pink blouse and shorts, whispered to Amateur, "I've got to do something!"

She put her hand on his shoulder as she sprang her fit body in Demi's direction a few steps away. Standing where Halle was moments before, Torrie tapped Demi on the shoulder and told the fit brunette, "Why don't you leave her alone before I do the same thing to you!"

"This isn't your business, bitch! Now get lost before I replace one pussy blond with another and put you in the same position I have little Shar!"

The women stared deeply into the other's eyes, each knowing they’d fight before the evening was through. As they sized up each other's fit bodies, Torrie responded, "I'll fight you for Sharon!"

"NO ONE takes that bitch from me!” Demi growled. “I'll dominate your sorry ass just as easy as I did hers…you bitch! You think your fake wrestling will help you against a REAL woman? I had to get a lot tougher for ‘GI Jane’ than you EVER did for your sissy, fake, wrestling career!"

"Fine!” Torrie answered. "The spa in thirty minutes. I’ll wait inside the private shower near the sauna."

"I'll be there!" Demi exclaimed. "Just be ready to fight. I'm warning you, this isn't what you're used to. Nothing rehearsed or scripted and no referee to save you, pussycat!"

Torrie smiled and Demi couldn’t take her eyes off the blonde's beautifully rounded butt stuffed her tight, pink shorts as she walked back to her seat. The shapely brunette turned to look at Sharon who had a hopeful look in her eyes as she too gazed at Torrie's tight butt. Demi gave Sharon’s hair another twist and she yelped, "Can't I PLEASE go to the Ladies room, Demi?"


It was Shannen Doherty's birthday and the lounge celebrated with a huge cake in her honor and many celebs were there to celebrate with the patrons. After Shannen enjoyed a champagne toast with bbb4 before Jenny McCarthy wound her way to the table and challenged Shan to a bare breasted arm wrestling match. The women removed their blouses and bras, then locked arms. Shannen gained the initial advantage but Jenny held firm, then gained the advantage by powering the brunette's arm more than halfway to the table. As they pressed forward to gain leverage, their breasts and nipples speared each other.

Shannen, in a surge of strength, powered Jenny's arm downward as the blond strained and grunted. Finally, her hard nipples spearing Jenny's, Shannen slammed the blonde's arm down on the table. She raised her arms in victory while the angry Jenny grabbed bbb4's birthday cake and smushed it in Shannen’s nose, rubbing it in her face. Shannen responded with a snapping knee to Jenny's groin that put the blond on her knees moaning.

Shannen then grabbed Jenny by her hair and pulled the screaming blond to her feet, then dragged her over to her cake where she slammed Jenny's face down into it. After holding the struggling blonde's face in her birthday cake for a full minute, Shannen was dragged away and restrained. Jenny, her face and hair covered with cake and white frosting icing slathered all over her bare breasts, fell to her knees humiliated.

From the hallway adjoining the gym, Gena Lee Nolin led a reluctant Mitzi Kapture into the spanking room and locked the door. Gena was wearing a black bra and thong while Mitzi had on a blue evening gown. The blond quickly stripped Mitzi topless and left her in just a pair of peach panties. Gena calmly removed her own black bra and thong, then sat her shapely ass on a bench and pulled the struggling Mitzi over her lap. As Mitzi lay struggling, Gena - who always preferred to be nude when she spanked Mitzi - pulled Mitzi’s panties down to her knees and began spanking her!

"THIS is for having such a big mouth, Mitzi! You knew I was kidding when I said I wanted to wrestle Marjean. Why’d you tell her I said that?"

Gena spanked Mitzi's butt so sternly that the smaller brunette was soon screaming and crying. It took an awful lot of bawling and begging before the stronger and lovelier blond finally relented and stopped spanking.

"PULLEEEEASE Gena...I'm begging you....Pleasssssse stop!"

Stripping Mitzi of her panties, the blond remained in the spanking room with her servant girl and physically dominated her in various exotic ways well into the evening. Gena enjoyed her occasional nude sessions with Mitzi and no one could convince the beautiful blond that they weren't absolutely necessary to keep the scheming brunette in line.

Demi and Torrie met in the tiny shower room; Demi, in a white bra and matching thong loosened up, sneering at the blond who stood a few feet away. A spray of warm water streamed from the shower floor massaging Torrie's butt as the blond in a hot pink outfit stood gazing at her strong, tough opponent. Torrie stood 5'9” to Demi's 5'5” and she smiled at the brunette as she slowly removed her blouse, unzipped her pink shorts and wiggled out of them. The blonde's shorts hugged her shapely legs as they slid down around her ankles. As Torrie kicked her shorts asaide, Demi beheld her taller blond opponent sporting a sensuous leopard skin bra and thong.

"Ready when you are…little Demi!" Torrie chided and her face took on the look of a savage leopard woman waiting to pounce as her large, firm breasts thrust against the sheer lace of her skimpy bra.

Demi rushed at Torrie and slammed her back into the corner. Both women punched and kicked each other with powerful blows, grunting loudly as they struck. Demi gained an advantage and was out punching Torrie as she continued to crowd her in the corner of the shower. But hitting Torrie's tawny, hard body felt quite different to Demi. After a few punches Sharon's body would be wilting, but the muscular Torrie was made of sterner stuff. She clinched with the brunette and spun her around, then slammed Demi up against the wall. Torrie pounded her leopard skin thong into Demi's white thong as she kept her pressed tightly in the corner.

Demi used her strong arms to shove Torrie back, but the blond pulled Demi with her, then quickly maneuvered herself behind the brunette and trapped Demi in a Half Nelson. Demi groaned and struggled but her efforts to escape proved futile. Torrie stepped back and snapped her knee into Demi's butt.


Demi looked as if her confidence was waning as Torrie reared back and smashed her knee with a loud grunt into the brunette's butt again, knocking Demi to her knees. The athletic blond pounced on Demi's back where, with a display of animal fury, she pounded Demi's face on the shower floor. Straddling Demi's back, Torrie was in control until the tough brunette nailed the blond with a back fist and then bucked her off.

Demi got to her feet and scurried out of the shower with Torrie in pursuit. Demi high- tailed it out of the spa and down the hallway which connected to the gym. Sharon and Amateur, both intensely interested in the outcome, watched the chase from outside the spa and then followed Torrie as she chased Demi like a jungle leopard tracking down a white tailed doe. Demi felt she'd already given her best effort and had been found wanting against a stronger, fiercer opponent! Torrie was gaining ground and Demi's panic was increasing.

The frightened brunette put on the breaks when she saw a closed door and turned toward it with the blond on her heels. Demi rushed into the room, slammed the door behind her. She tried desperately to lock it but was unable to when Torrie slammed into the door. They engaged in a brief test of strength but the bigger, heavier, blond again proved stronger and pushed the door open. Demi ran into the room looking for a place to hide - but there was nowhere to flee.

Torrie burst into the room and spotted Demi trying to climb out the window! The sensuous blond grabbed Demi around the hips, pulled her back inside and threw the shivering brunette into the corner. Demi took a deep breath as she prepared for the final showdown. She charged Torrie, hoping to take her by surprise, but the tawny blond beauty set her feet and whipped around with a hard Right Cross that dropped Demi to her knees!

Torrie stepped behind Demi, knelt and pulled the stunned brunette back into her lap. She wrapped Demi up, pinning her arms behind her in a Full Nelson. Cinching the hold, Torrie slowly wrapped her muscular thighs around Demi's thighs.

Just then, Sharon and Amateur came barging into the room. They’d followed the duo as Demi tried in vain to escape and now they stood and watched as Torrie and Demi engaged in their sensuous thigh war; flexing their thighs and grunting. Slowly, Torrie’s thighs began to overpower Demi, her strong, silky thighs too mighty for the straining brunette’s shorter stems to deal with. Torrie slowly rolled Demi onto her side, then onto her belly. Sharon and Amateur watched in awe as the sensuous blond beauty straddled the panting brunette.

Torrie had seen Demi dominate Sharon with her thighs several times and she was eager to give the struggling 'Striptease' star a taste of her own medicine. The dominant blond pulled Demi's arms even more tightly behind her back as she slowly bounced on her lower back, her powerful and sensuous thigh muscles rippling out from under her skimpy leopard print thong.

Torrie smiled up at Sharon and Amateur, then leaned forward to look down into Demi's eyes. The brunette was straining and quivering, trying hard not to burst into tears as she wondered how a woman as beautiful as Torrie gained such power! Torrie twisted Demi back onto her side, then pulled her back into her lap and strategically wrapped her thighs around Demi just above her thighs and over her thong.

As the brunette continued to struggle and strain desperately to escape, Torrie again bent over to gaze into Demi's hooded eyes and smiled slyly as she heard Demi moan. Torrie released Demi’s arms and quickly wrapped hers around Demi's chest, flattening her heavy breasts with a Reverse Bearhug! Torrie’s hard, sinewy biceps rippled, bisecting Demi's big breasts, forcing her implants to bulge grotesquely over and below her constricting forearms.

Torrie winked at her two witnesses and gave Demi’s tear-streaked cheek a playful peck. The brunette slumped back against Torrie, panting and apparently helpless. It was clear the leopard skinned blond beauty was too much for the shorter brunette whose body was trembling in her little white thong.

Torrie pulled her arms back, in the process ripping off Demi's bra, then quickly slapped her powerful Reverse Bearhug back around her breasts. Demi's mouth opened and she let out a moan when Torrie twisted her hips and tightened her legs around Demi's thong as she flipped the brunette back onto her side. Demi lay panting and grimacing in pain as the lovely blond stretched and twisted her until her white thong had slipped a third of the way around her hips; exposing Demi's womanhood, as she forced her onto her belly again. Demi looked up into Torrie's green eyes in despair, the pitiful expression on her face only causing the Amazon to smirk.

Checking to ensure Sharon and Amateur were watching closely, Torrie lifted Demi up off the carpet using her strong arms around her breasts, then flexed her steely, muscular thighs around Demi's womanhood in a corkscrew motion. Torrie twisted her ass on top of Demi, the leopard print thong pressing into the brunette's ass. Loosening her scissors momentarily, the sensuous blond toyed with the overwhelmed but stubborn brunette, massaging Demi's pubic mound with her silky thighs.

Demi wondered what Torrie would do to her next as the lovely, athletic blond continued to massage and stroke her womanhood with her thighs as she straddled her. Torrie retained her Reverse Bearhug using just one arm, freeing her other to rid herself of her own bra. Then she jerked Demi's hair back and pretending to be aroused; making explicit sounds of sexual pleasure as her tongue licked Demi's face. Her tongue slathered Demi's face with her saliva from lips to her forehead while her arms - which had been constricting the brunette's big breasts moments before - began fondling them.

Demi was recovering and it occurred to her that perhaps she could still turn the fight and gain IF she could make it into a sexfight rather than a pure fight. She could hear the stronger blond panting with pleasure over her body - a body Demi had always taken pride in. Now, with Torrie weakened by her lust, Demi began to plot a way to turn the tables just as Torrie began bucking gently; her butt waving up and down with her thong pressing into the brunette's butt. She toyed with Demi's breasts as she moaned and groaned in apparent pleasure, her thighs gently rubbing and stroking Demi’s womanhood. Still, the brunette couldn’t throw the blond off…even a playful Torrie was more woman than Demi could handle.

Finally, Demi saw a chance to escape when she felt the blonde's muscular body relax. Demi took a deep breath, then struck back with her elbow toward Torrie's face. But she’d been anticipating Demi’s try to catch her off guard and Torrie quickly flexed her sensuous and steely thigh muscles around Demi's womanhood a few inches above the carpet.

"OHHHHHHH!" Demi's mouth shot open and tears streamed down her cheeks as she began squirting on the carpet. Torrie loosened her grip and pulled Demi back onto her lap, then reclamped her thighs over the same spot. “Pleeeeeeze Tuh…Torrie…UNNNNNHH!" Demi was squealing and drooling as Torrie continued to crush the juice out of her with the power of her shapely thighs.


"YESSSSS! Pleeeeeeeez….let me guh…guh…go…iz nut fair!" Demi bawled.

"WHAT isn’t fair, Dimmy?" Torrie asked, insisting on wringing a demeaning confession from her prey.

"Yuh…yuh…” Demi babbled. “You’re tuh..tuh…too st…st…strong furmi. Itz nut a fair fight…OHHHHHH!"

"You mean it’s not fair because I’m TOO MUCH WOMAN FOR YOU…little Dimmy?" Torrie prompted for the correct reply.

"YESSSSS....that’s…(UGH)zatly wha…wha…what I muh…muh…mean,” Demi sobbed. “Yuh…your tuh…tuh…too much for me…(gasp) Pleeeeeeeeeeeesssss Torrie…it’s nut FAIR! UGHHHH!"

Torrie was smiling as she looked at Sharon and Amateur who could hear Demi’s loud bawling.


"I'M SORRY SHARON!” Demi wailed. “please…PLEASE FORGIVE ME!"

Sharon grinned at Torrie and the victorious Diva winked at her. Finally, Torrie released her Scissors and rolled on top of the vanquished brunette. Torrie lifted herself into Push-up position and then THUMP dropped her fit body on Demi. She ground her leopard skin thong on Demi's womanhood as she pressed her large, firm, bare breasts down on the brunette's; her hard nipples stabbing into Demi’s defeated mounds.


Demi's eyes rolled back in her head as Torrie's lovely, exquisite, hard body pressed down on hers until - with a soft gasp - Demi went limp and passed out, her thighs spasming as she squirted onto Torrie's thong as her body released its built up tension.

"OHHHHHH! THAT WAS WARM!" the blond beauty exclaimed as a titillating sensation came over her.

She lay on top of her beaten prey basking in every sensation of victory - including Sharon’s heavy panting and excited trembling. After taking a couple of minutes to collect herself, Torrie slowly rose off of her victim, retrieved her clothing, threw her arms around Sharon and Amateur and together they left the room.

"I'll be much nicer to you than little Demi was, Sharon," Torrie assured her. "Amateur and I’ve been good friends and sometimes more than friends. He can tell you how nice I can be!" she chuckled as Amateur rolled his eyes.