Hollywood Gym and Spa #13: The Comeback (Britney Spears vs. Christina Aguilera w/Alexis Bledel) by TNT

(Whizzz. Bang. Boom!)

The shower of blue bright yellow sparks brought an impromptu dance from the lovely 'professional mechanics,' Charlize, Kim and Ginny. "OK, sweetie just stand on the big dot and stick yer finger in here." Orders followed.

(Whizz, bang, boom and another shower of sparks, metallic blue, silver and gray in color.)

All eyes involuntarily blinked shut as a breathtaking mind-numbing blaze erupted then slowly dissipated. The piano sized machine coughed and jerked, then became silent, it's myriad of small red lights blazing in seemingly perfect timing.

"Oh my. Wowza. Look at her. Them were the days. We're back to the futur…LOOK OUT! Thar she bloes..."

"Eeeeeyaaah!" All eyes and ears and minds in the gym were instantly fixated on the hoped for but totally unexpected results of the workout paradise's latest addition: the way-too-high-priced-but totally-worth-every-cent, Time Machine. The staff had scrimped and saved, and even so, they’d been forced to pass on a professional installation but what the hell…

"She's absolutely FANtastic. Look at that lovely bod.' And her moves!”

"What the hell?" the stunned surprised beautiful blonde screamed as the ‘totally transformed babe’ charged toward her. Britney Spears grabbed a handful of Christina Aguilera’s blonde hair, jerked her up off the workout bench, wrenched her pretty head sideways and fired a quick jab to her face. A headlock accompanied by a hard pull upwards and the lovely blonde singer was screaming as she marched around the gym courtesy Britney's shapely gorgeous body directing her every move. Several noticed a couple of Britney's 'wayward' fingers as they slipped inside Christina's tight low-cut workout top. The blonde's long lean sexy legs seemed to be turning to rubber as Britney's headlock hold seemed to be stealing Christina's energy and breath big time.

‘New energy, muscles, strength like before, deep energetic underlying fire and I'm well, gosh this if fantastic,’ the popular singer thought as she dragged Christina around, working her over like a pretty blonde Barbie doll. She ripped her top just enough to expose the upper half of a beautiful breast, then with one quick move the stiff nipple was trapped, twisted and pulled from its hiding place!

"Thanks, mega-thanks," Britney's now sparkling eyes flashed a silent message to Kim, Ginny and Charlize who still seemed a bit dumbfounded at how well everything was working.

"Possibilities. Just imagine the possibilities," a dozen minds seemed to be pondering the future as a myriad of specialized health and not so healthy brews were being hoisted giving instant refreshment to the patrons of the bar. Tansel, IRISH, TNT, Danny Boy, Fannin', J.F. and everyone who could make it from the present to days gone by had been invited and those who were enjoying the special event would remember this day for a long time. Tank sat at a special place of honor. Up close, maybe a little tooo close for comfort as the action was heating up and bound to get a lot hotter.

"Arrgggggh. Oucccch. Uhhhhhhh." Christina had somehow broken free. She drove a hard sharp elbow into Britney's tight flat abs, back-fisted her face, hooked her long lean leg around her opponent's and with a good hard move dumped Britney to the floor. Britney grunted as she landed. Her leg muscles flexed and amazingly, she still felt great. Still not aware of just what had happened, she vowed to find out and thank the three lovelies she’d seen the moment the noise and fireworks stopped and she realized something new and fun was happening. But first she'd fulfill a couple of her long time fantasies:

Kicking Christina's lovely ass was number one.

And in the corner she’d spotted Alexis Bledel hurling nasties about her and cheering Christina on. She’d be number two.

"Let's see, then there's Lindsay (Lohan), Rose (McGowan), and…Okay hon, just focus now. One, two, three…"

POW! Christina sucked air as the incredibly hard blow stole every ounce of her power. Britney's bare foot hit her pubic mound, heel first; somehow those toes seemed like little daggers as they dug into the blonde singer's tight abs. The tight sexy shorts that Britney wore added to the sensuality of the scene as she leaped on her doubled over rival's back, took her down and scissored her all in a blaze of erotic action. Britney's full lovely breasts bulged out of her skimpy top as she began to tease and taunt her gorgeous captive, mussing up her hair, tweaking her nose and nipping at her ear lobes in a teasing and quite erotic way. Christina's long lean body stretched and squirmed, her beautiful legs kicking frantically.

"Anybody wanna bet on how long this all takes?" Charlize asked trying to get someone - anyone's attention. Not that she was jealous. She simply wanted to break her trance-like feelings. She was afraid she was about to (quite literally) melt in a liquid pool of hot girl-on-girl catfight lust. She’d always lusted after Britney and many of her fans seemed of like mind. Others wanted the beautiful singer to lose - in a most erotic, exciting way - but lose big time. All seemed to like the idea of one who was by casual observation, on the down and out, up and coming again.

(Ringgggg. Rinnnngg. Rinnnnng.) The phone went unanswered. "Geeeeeezzz. I hope they liked the machine. They seemed a bit leary. They forgot the warranty. Hope it works-"

"You're in REAL big trouble now," Britney snickered as she grabbed one of Christina's rock hard nipples and pinched it as hard as she could. She cupped her face, leaned forward and slipped her tongue deep into her mouth; suddenly she broke the deep kiss, rocketed off Christina and pursed her lips mouthed an invitation and motioned the excited newcomer to ‘ENJOY the spoils of war.’

"Wow, lookit her go…"

"Yeah, Charlize must really be hungr…er, horny!" Ginny laughed with Kim and the other lucky onlookers.

"Tuck in properly," thought Britney as she made a few up-front adjustments to her top. She was feeling great. Amazingly she had lots of energy and stamina left. She took a look at the mysterious time machine, wondering what else that little hunk of metal could do.

"Uhhhh-Ohhhhh. Here comes trouble," Tansel muttered under his breath. He had half a notion to yell a warning, but he liked surprises too.

"Eyaaaaaak." BONK! The flash of movement. The clunk of - of all things a book - to the back of lovely Britney's head. Her surprised scream still echoed when the lovely Alexis seemingly come out of nowhere. Her half consumed drink and slightly warm juice bar seat bearing silent witness to the young beauties change of venue.

"Hope she kicks her pretty butt good," a lovely bartender said as she watched Alexis's lovely legs pumping as she sprinted toward the as yet unsuspecting Britney.

Whaaap. Whaaaap. "I don't like your attitude," Alexis miffed as she delivered two hard barefoot kicks to Britney's derriere. The stunned singer's head was still smarting.

"Eeeiyaaah. Stop that. You're ripping it…DON'T!" The petite brunette was all business as she grabbed the back of Britney's sexy top and tore it clean apart, then shot her leg out, wrapped it around Britney's leg, pulled hard as she leaned back.

Whooops. Britney's weight, Alexis slightly miscalculation and loss of balance brought the two down in a sexy tangle of arms, legs, clawing, ripping talons and lovely, hissing, faces. Alexis short skirt rode high and for the most part she was scoring good points. Perhaps Britney was a bit more tired than she looked; perhaps the element of surprise-

"Ouch. My boob. Leggo of my tit," Britney shrieked as Alexis slipped her hand under the torn top, cupped a firm breast and dug her nails in deep. She caught the rock hard nipple between two fingers and pinched hard as she tried to control her rival's legs with her own. "Big mistake you stupid little girl. I'm-uhhh-gonnna-uhhhh-show you how real babes fight," Britney snarled between breaths.

Whonnnk. A hard elbow to a lovely forehead. Long strong fingers flashed and hard sharp nails dug into a tender luscious thigh, just up and under the short hemline. "Aieeeeee!" Alexis yelled. Instinctively, she loosed her hold and, with a burst of energy, Britney was free.

Scrambing to her feet, Britney snipped, "Such pretty hair; let's give it a good yank!" She reached down, buried her fingers deep into Alexis' silky hair and jerked her to her feet. "Sexy, pretty, vulnerable throat-how about this?" Britney snickered as she slipped behind Alexis, wrapping a long arm around her neck. She tightened the hold and felt the luscious petite body struggle. Alexis one arm was pinned; but the other reached up and her weakening hand grabbed Britney's hair.

"Nooooo-nooooo. Girl that's a nooo-noooo!" Britney said almost giddily as she drove a quick punch to Alexis’ ribs. Fast fingers found the fastener to the short skirt and in two quick moves the skirt slid to the floor in a most sexy silent way. "Get much attention up here?" Britney whispered in her suddenly fearful rival's ear.

Alexis felt a strange warmness and her skin began to tingle as Britney nipped and nibbled at her ear. She could feel two rock hard nips pushing against her back as the pressure tightened around her lovely throat. "Nooooo-don't you dare. Stop, please," Alexis demanding pleas seemed strangely half-hearted as Britney’s hungry, determined fingers wiggled up under her top; the skimpy thin bra cups yanked aside and wonderful-but-resisted feelings arose in her swelling breasts and stiffening nipples.

"Wanna be a star in to night's show sweetie? You're sooo quiet, but ohhh sooo pretty, ooooh soooo cute and ooooooh soooo hot," Britney teased as she nibbled on Alexis' ears, and neck. Her fingers were exquisitely pulling, tweaking teasing the younger woman's nipples. "Wanna continue the fight-or how 'bout something else-your call, Alexis sweetie," Britney suddenly announced loudly.

Kim and Ginny stood speechless. As did several others. Tough choice.

"Uhhhhhhh. OOoooooooh. Nooooooo. Stopppp…pleeeease." Unmade choice morphed into action anyway as Britney stripped Alexis down to her dainties, then gave her a hard, slow, erotic, breath-taking Breast-to-Breast Bearhug. Releasing her, Britney grabbed Alexis’ lovely head, held it firmly, tenderly as she laid one of the deepest, hottest longest kisses on her. Then in a quick move, she flipped her to the carpet.

"Love it when they have matching outfits," Ginny babbled as if in a trance as Britney soon was down to her dainties too. The singer dropped down, sat on Alexis waist, leaned forward until her full breasts crushed into Alexis. A most erotic therapeutic ‘chest rubbing’ followed. A few gasps as Britney finally sat up and everyone could see both babes nipples were long, hard and perfectly upturned. It looked like ‘total satisfaction’ had been achieved.

"Ooooooh, sooo sorrry every body, this was supposed to be a FIGHT!"

A good grab of the hair; both babes upright; a mostly one sided slapfight. Britney pulled her attractive topless rival around courtesy both hair and nipple pulls, grabbed a glass of fruit ‘n’ veggie cocktail; threw Alexis backwards onto the bar and slowly drizzled the nutritious brightly colored concoction over her breasts then slurped up those wonderful liquid antioxidants.

"And you just know that helps their health," Tansel quipped; Others were just too spellbound to say much.

"What YOU lookin' at?" Britney suddenly snarled as she looked up after her health snack.

"Give ya three guesses; I'm short on my vitamins, understand?" Tone of voice told all. Britney's face turned red; she stepped back, wrinkled her cute nose, slowly retreated.

"How was your workout, toots?" Charlize sounded concerned…maybe. She was instantly next to the dazed Alexis who seemed to be in some kind of erotic trance. "You obviously worked out too hard young lady. You shouldn't overdo it. Better go shower. Here, lemme help you,” she purred as she slipped an arm around Alexis, cupping her far breast as she heaved her to her feet and snuggled her against her hip.

"#@$#@#$#@!" "Somebody needs an attitude adjustment!” Kim grumbled. “Do you feel up to it, Char?"

"I've had a hard day…but…well…maybe!"