Hollywood Gym & Spa's 2007 Picnic/BBQ (Denise Richards vs Heather Locklear) by TNT

"Here, have a beer!" (Splashhh) Whap! Thunk! Rippppppppp!

"Wha-??? Oooooooh… Unnnhhhhh. ARRGGGHH!”

Snickers erupted as the icy cold foamy liquid soaked the pretty young woman's tight blouse, and lovely hair. A hard SLAP to the cute face; a well placed PUNCH to the tummy followed by lightning fast fingers ripping her now soaked, clingy, top, showed that Britney Spears was at the top of her game again. And Alexis Bledel was not!

Whumppfffh! A brief spirited intense struggle, some hair pulling, lovely legs battled for dominance and both lovelies fell to the lush green grass. Over and over the two rolled pulling hair, slapping, hitting, battling like two very hot sexy hellcats.

"Oh my, is this hot!" Tansel noted breathlessly as he moved in for a better view.

Britney's blouse was shredded, one bra strap broken; her long legs seemed to be gaining control; her short denim shorts matched her rival's in both sexiness and length. Both battlers had lost their sandals.

"Yeowwwwch. Leggo you crazy old blonde broad!" Rather interesting, cute, but frantic words from a lovely tall blonde as she felt her lovely head being banged into a picnic table.

"Having fun blondie?" the older blonde snarled, her beautiful face morphed into a catty sneer as she bonked her shrieking rival's head a couple more times, grabbed the back of her frilly blouse and tore it clean open. She snagged the back of the sexy bra and quickly unsnapped it.

"Noooo-Uhhhh-uhhhh, Pleaseeee!" Cheryl Ladd bawled as Morgan Fairchild wrestled her over onto her back, pinned her to the picnic table and then ripped off her blouse - along with her flesh-toned bra! In a flash, Morgan had Cheryl's beautiful bare breasts in her hands and, once she got a good, tight, grip on each one, dug her talons deep into the smooth, soft skin. Then, just for good measure, Morgan drove her knee up between the shrieking blondes wildly flailing legs and brought Cheryl’s screams to a breathless, gasping, halt.

"Don't ya just love these summer picnics?" Kim laughed as she watched the hot sexy catfight action unfolding.

"Yeah; picnics and the time machine," Ginny chortled. “God bless ‘em, every one.” She glanced over at IRISH, TNT and Tank who all gave a ‘thumbs up’ regarding their ‘timely’ work on the portable Time Machine the three had lugged to the secluded picnic ground from the Gym in the back of an old, battered, rusty pick-up truck. Their hard work was paying off…bigtime!

Britney was definitely benefiting (See Comeback Story) as were Cheryl and Morgan. It seems others were as well!

"Argggggh. Umppppfffh. Unggggggh." Rippppp. WHAM! WHAACK! Riiiiiiiippppppp.

"Stupid slutty bimbo. I hate you!" the sexy blonde shouted as she pommelled her busty rival treating her to hard and fast slaps and punches. The gorgeous Denise Richards seemed to be trying to make a desperate but ineffective retreat as Heather Locklear slammed her into a couple of big shade trees, send her crashing into lounge chairs and was rudely introducing her clawing, ripping, stripping claws to some sexy thin curve displaying fabric.

"Noooooo. My top…pleaseeee!" Heather ignored the rather erotic helpless plea as she ripped one side of Denise's skimpy top down and drilled a perfect punch square into the tender aerolae and a hard knuckle into the sensitive rock hard thick nipple.

"Nice boob-let's see the other one too," Heather snipped as the remainder of Denise's top gave way. Whammmm. Another hard punch and Denise's face blanched. She staggered backwards, reaching up weakly to cup both sore breasts tenderly.

"Shouldn't have had so much lemonade," an excited picknicker noted. He’d had a bit too much too. And who spiked the sweet-sour concoction?

"Yieeeeeee. Somebody stop her. Aieeeeee." Denise shrieked; she was now trying desperately to escape, Heather laughed like a cruel cheerleader giving her hated rival a good one as she pulled the escaping Denises's short skirt off leaving her in a thong.

"Potato salad sweetie?" (Reply delayed)

"Uhhhhhhhhh." Love’s brown hair instantly became a mess and a surprised grunt was followed by a scream and most familiar ripping sound. Shannen Doherty wrapped an arm around an unsuspecting peaceful ‘minding her own business’ Jennifer Love Hewitt's throat as she tossed the almost empty dish of cold salad aside. She dragged Jennifer off the picnic table bench and jerked her to her feet. With a punch to the belly; a quick pull and turn of her hips; Shannen tossed Jennifer to the grass on her ass. Standing over her, Shannen drove a foot to Love’s crotch, then grabbed her arm and jerked the gasping young beauty back to her feet.

"You're almost toooo easy babe," the brutal brunette snarled as she ducked wild crazed Haymakers, then countered with three well placed blows; WHUMP to the lower stomach, POP to the left breast and CRACK to the jaw. Jennifer staggered back, almost tripped over a beer can; then caught her balance just in time to feel her skimpy low-cut top give way. Her tight jeans hung a bit too low - at least she wished she had more protection when a hard fist slammed deep into her bellybutton. "Let's see those big boobs," Shannen chirped as she grabbed Jennifer's top and whipped it down off the shoulders. Love’s over-stuffed strapless bra became her new target.

"How about you too?" Jennifer snapped with a gasp as she suddenly reached out and relieved Shannen of her skimpy top. No bra-fine with all those were concerned about such things. The brunette simply snickereed and treated Jennifer with a blistering slap. As Jennifer reeled backwards, the "naughty brunette" zipped in, tore off the now loose strapless bra and in one smooth move wrapped it around Jennifer's neck and hauled her backwards towards a table full of what else-fresh fruit and creamy pies-Dessert anyone?

Bam. Blam. Wham. Whapp. Bonk. Thwack..

"Blonde or brunette? Who's taking it?"

Decisions, decisions! The two beautiful battlers went at it equally with fists, and open handed slaps. Surprisingly not much catfight action-for a while anyway. Torrie Spelling and Alyssa Milano almost looked like gladiators (well very hot sexy gladiators) as they tore into each other. Then finally-

Rippppppp… Alyssa's cute sundress lost both thin straps and fell to her waist as her beautiful big breasts bounced free. Torrie chuckled and aimed at one choice target.



"Score one, no maybe ten or twenty-what does a most choice target count for?"

Alyssa slipped behind Torrie who was now on her knees.

"It's over-?"


"Now that's music to my ears-" Snicker. Giggle. Snicker.

One busty beauty didn't think it was funny. The older, taller beauty did. Faith Hill coaxed out a few musical high notes as she tightened her leg scissors around Rhianna. Gorgeous legs moved with grace, strength. One lovely sexy top displayed two ample sexy curves as the sexy struggle ensued.

"Anybody want another beer?"

"AIEEEEeeeeeee...… Somebody help me…STOP herrrr…pleaseee?!!"