Hollywood Gym and Lounge #15: Four (4) Classic Fights by Tank
Match 1: Angelina Jolie vs. Charlize Theron - Arm Wrestling (2007)

Kim and Ginny recently received a small package in the mail. Enclosed was a DVD and a letter from a Hollywood director who had visited the Gym and Lounge on several occasions. The letter read:

Dear Kim and Ginny,
Thank you for the fine hospitality you showed me at the Gym and Lounge. Enjoyed myself immensely. Enclosed is the fight I promised you between Raquel Welch and Elke Sommer. This private battle was filmed in 1967 when both were 27 and at the peak of their careers. Raquel stands 5'6” and Elke 5'7”. As you know, I arranged and filmed the fight myself which I later transferred to DVD. I'm sure you will be well satisfied with the quality. I also chose their costumes and the location.

I presented it to the two lovely ladies as a $300,000 winner take all match. Still, both were more motivated with proving their physical superiority over the other than by the money.
Sorry to say, the Bridget Bardot fights with Sophia Loren and Ann Margaret I promised have yet to be returned to me but I’ll send them and the others as I get them. Meanwhile, I hope you enjoy this Demi Moore-Sharon Stone battle from 1998, it was the last fight I filmed and I'm sure you will agree, Demi looks stunning in her tigress outfit while Sharon appears equally stunning in her lioness outfit. I titled it ‘The Battle of the Wildcats.’

I’ll be leaving New York for LA in a couple of months and look forward to seeing you then since no trip to Hollywood is complete without a visit to the Lounge.
Take Care,


It was a wild Saturday evening at the Lounge when K&G arrived with the DVD containing the two fights. Planning to share them with their patrons, the two ladies agreed on an 11:00 starting time. The fights would be shown on the giant screens in the Lounge for the viewing pleasure of all inside. It was a few minutes after 10:00 when K&G entered. Spotting Paris and Claudia working feverishly to catch up with the demand for drinks, Kim asked, "Where’s Charlize?"

Paris pointed toward a back table where Charlize had already removed her blouse and was stripping off her bra as Angelina Jolie waited impatiently at a near-by table, already topless. The shapely brunette had challenged the tall blond bartender to a topless arm wrestling match and Charlize was never one to back down from a challenge. Tossing her bra on the table next to Angelina's, she sat down across from her and put up her arm, "C'mon, Angie! Let's see if you're as strong as you think you are."

The two women locked hands and Karen McDougal called, "One...two...three...GO!"

Angelina gained a quick advantage and pressed the blonde's arm halfway down toward a pin. Both women were grunting as their bare breasts began to undulate. Angelina had positioned her arm on the table strategically to the side of her breasts where she could press them into Charlize's smaller pair.

The brunette was grunting louder, her larger breasts pushing outward but Angelina was unable to add to her advantage. Slowly but surely, Charlize - her breasts firm and nipples erect - began to power Angie’s arm back. The two beauties continued to grunt as they strained, but now it was the sleek blond who gained a slight edge. They stared into each other's eyes. Angelina was smirking while Charlize looked all business. Then Angelina thrust her big breasts forward as she strained. Brushing up against the smaller, firm breasts of the blond; their erect nipples were now touching as a grunting Angelina again gained the advantage.

A large group of patrons had gathered around the table shouted encouragement to their favorite. Angie increased her advantage until it was back where it had been earlier in the match. Charlize took a deep breath, trying to hold on, as Angelina pressed her upper body forward in an attempt to smother Theron’s smaller breasts with hers. Angelina gave out a wild yell as she strained her arm to the max in an all out effort to pin her game opponent but Charlize held firm.

Then, unexpectedly, the blond pressed her breasts more deeply into Angelina's and her hard nipples speared the brunette’s! Angelina was breathing heavier and seemed more anxious to get the match over with while Charlize, her blue eyes staring into the eyes of her rival, appeared calm and collected. Angelina continued to grunt out loud but it was Charlize gaining the momentum.

Slowly, she pressed the brunette's arm backward until she gained a decisive advantage. Angelina's breasts were hurting from the pressure of Charlize's hard nipples. She drew her breasts back but Charlize pushed hers forward while her arm powered Angelina's arm a few inches from the table.

The crowd was amused by Angelina drawing her bigger breasts back and the frantic expression on her face as she continued to strain and grunt without making any progress. Charlize inhaled deeply and again pushed her firm breasts and hard nipples into the weakening breasts of the brunette as she exhaled. Angelina gave out a loud scream and strained her arm muscles but could not budge the arm of her blond rival. Charlize smiled at her. Then the blond beauty let out a mighty scream herself and slammed Angelina's arm to the table! The defeated brunette winced in pain. As an added display of superiority, the victorious blond squeezed her hand with her own as she pressed it on the table and held it there.

"LET ME GOOOOOO! OWWWWW!" Angelina yelped. Charlize stood up and, releasing her hand, leaned over and shoved her perky little breasts in the brunette's as a parting shot.

"OWWWWW!" Angelina moaned.

Raising her arms in victory, Charlize smirked, "You should think twice, Angie, before you take on the big girls!"

Grabbing her bra and blouse, the triumphant blond began to dress. She looked to her side and found Kim staring at her as she stood next to her. "Sorry! I'll get right back to work!" Charlize said sheepishly.
Match 2: Raquel Welch vs. Elke Sommer Bikini Beach Brawl (1967)

It was fight time on the big screen and Raquel Welch, her voluptuous body covered only by a flaming red bikini, was giving her prefight interview.

"I'm well prepared for this fight. I've been waiting to fight Elke since One Million BC!" she laughed, referring to her film the year before. "Seriously, I'm more of a hellcat than Elke can deal with. Europeans tend to be a bit tame. I'm from Chicago and used to scrapping for what I have. I can beat her a number of ways, but she better hope I'm not in position to execute a breast smother," she smiled. "Plums don't hold up well against grapefruits!" Raquel snickered. Her hair was long and walnut brown and her huge breasts and shapely legs were legendary. Viewed as tough and athletic, Raquel deeply desired her physical prowess to become legendary as well. It certainly would be if she could tame the lovely German goddess.

Elke Sommer, wearing a powder blue bikini, had jumped at the opportunity to fight Raquel as well. The beautiful, short haired blond had grown up in Berlin and had always dreamed of making her mark in America. ‘Deadlier Than The Male’ was one of Elke's trademark films and had also released the previous year. The blond bombshell had earned a well-deserved reputation as one of the most physically gifted actresses in Europe. Defeating a lovely American superstar like Raquel in physical combat was something Elke had dreamed of for quite a while.

"I'm stronger and more athletic," Elke replied in her interview. "I will overpower her. I can beat her senseless or wrestle her into submission if I choose. It will be interesting to watch the world famous Raquel Welch grovel beneath my power and begging me to let her go!"

Obviously, neither was lacking in confidence!

The fight was held on a secluded beach. While the two combatants loosened up, the director of the fight had begun shooting and when he gave the signal to begin both women came out fighting.

Elke, an inch taller, fired straight, accurate punches to Raquel's face which backed up the brunette. Suddenly, Raquel adopted a karate stance and began launching savage kicks at Elke. One such kick nailed the blond in her belly and Elke doubled over in pain. Raquel attacked, snapping more kicks at her opponent. But Elke, recovered enough to dodge and block all but a couple of grazing blows.

Crowding Elke, Raquel grabbed her short blond hair and yanked her forward. The brunette attempted a savage knee to Elke's belly but the German woman blocked it with her leg. Grabbing Raquel's hair, the two women began shaking each other like rag dolls. Finally, Elke tripped Raquel to the sand.

Raquel twisted her body to her knees but Elke pounced on top of her and knocked her onto her back. Raquel scratched at Elke's eyes as they rolled around in the sand, each having their way on top of the other, but only for a brief time before getting rolled off her opponent. Soon, Elke began to take charge. Rolling on top of the brunette spitfire, she pinned Raquel to the ground, her breasts covering Raquel's mouth. Elke began to pummel Raquel with blows to the side of her face. Suddenly, the proud German princess screamed in pain.

"OOWWWWWWWW!" Raquel, wildcat that she was, had bitten her breast causing the blond to roll off of her in retreat. An angry Raquel quickly got to her knees beside her foe and flashed her nails at Elke's eyes causing the blond to back peddle on her knees and cover her face to avoid getting her eyes scratched.

Raquel began punching Elke in her face as she continued her aggression. Grabbing Elke's bra, she yanked it clean off. Then the brunette moved in and bear hugged the blond as they faced each other on their knees. Raquel strained her biceps around Elke, her large, full breasts pressing into the smaller breasts of the blond. Elke, breathing heavily, snapped short, wicked punches to Raquel's ribs.

"OOOOHHHHH!" Raquel was moaning as she released her bear hug.

The blond beauty continued to rip punches at close quarters as a hurting Raquel began to fire back. A savage right fist to Raquel's kidney drew tears from the brunette as she doubled over. Elke continued to rip her body shots into Raquel. The brunette lunged forward to grab the blonde's arms in a clinch as both women remained on their knees.

A swift knee by Elke caught Raquel in her midsection!


Raquel was hurting and weakening fast. Her mouth opened as another knee to her belly found its target. Elke reached out and ripped off Raquel's bra, then maneuvered her athletic body behind her brunette opponent. Both women were now topless with Raquel trying to break free of Elke's attack by crawling forward on her knees. But another fist, now from behind, caught her again in her kidney.

"UGHHHHH!" Raquel stopped in her tracks and doubled over in pain. The lovely blond lunged forward and wrapped her strong, well muscled arms around the large, sensuous breasts of the hurting brunette and began to squeeze.


Elke appeared to be gaining strength by the moment while Raquel looked weak and dazed. Thrusting her blue bikini bottom forward into Raquel's red bottom and tight butt, the lovely German beauty lifted the sexy, American brunette off her knees from behind and flexed her biceps full throttle around Raquel's breasts.

"OOOOOHHHH.....PLEASSSE...ELKE....OOOHHHH!" Raquel's mouth opened and spittle began to run from the corner of her mouth.

Still, the strong blond princess continued to squeeze Raquel's lovely breasts until the sensuous brunette began to quiver and sink helplessly in her grasp. Raquel was gasping and her teary eyes were rolling. Finally, unable to withstand the power of the beautiful blond woman any longer, Raquel went limp and fell unconscious into Elke's arms!!.

Elke lifted Raquel in her arms and carried her toward the ocean. Then she dropped her unceremoniously onto the sand as a wave swept up over the sleeping brunette's beaten body. Turning toward the only witness to the erotic event, the blond beauty smiled broadly. Then she began to strut victoriously up the beach.

"She was pretty tough but I knew I was too much woman for her," Elke smiled. "Now get me a REAL challenge," she told the director. "Like Martine Beswick!"

Not bothering to retrieve her bra, Elke glared back at an unconscious Raquel. Her bare breasts were beaded with sweat and undulating as she wiggled her derriere at her beaten opponent and walked away proudly!
Match 3: Jennifer Garner vs. Denise Richards (2007)

The next DVD fight was about to begin but most every one's attention was drawn to what was happening in a back corner of the Lounge. Jennifer Garner, dressed in tight, black leather shorts with a matching bra, looked furious as she pinned Denise Richards in the corner.

Denise, wearing a white micro miniskirt with gold trim and matching bra was being verbally assaulted by Jennifer who was waving her finger in her face. Suddenly, Jen forced Denise toward her by her hair as Denise struggled. Releasing her hair, Jen arm locked Denise from behind and grabbed hold of her skirt with her free hand. Then the sensuous brunette threw the sexy blond onto a nearby table. Denise's short skirt went flying above her panties as she landed, breasts first, on the table. Jen rushed at Denise and captured her in a full nelson as she pressed her thighs into the back of Denise's thighs.

"If you ever talk behind my back again, Denise; you better be sure it doesn't get back to me!" Jen shouted.

There were few women in the Lounge who could frighten the lovely and feisty Denise Richards, but an angry Jennifer Garner was one of them.

"I never said anything about you, Jennifer! I swear!" Denise tried to explain while feeling the front of Jen's leather shorts pressing into her soft, white panties and tight butt.

But Jen wasn’t placated. Still furious, she tightened her full nelson and bent her sleek, hard body on top of Denise where she jumped off her toes, straddled Denise's derriere, and drove the frightened blonde's crotch into the table. Jen climbed on Denise's back and flexed her body so tightly into Denise's that the front of her leather shorts got caught in the crack of the blond beauty's butt and stuck to her panties. Jennifer rode Denise on the table as the patrons watched. Some gathered behind them to get a better view of the action.

"LET ME GOOOO.....OHHHHHH!" Denise squealed. "JENNIFER....PLEASSSSSE...!"

Finally, Jen relented and ripped herself off the blond. The sleek brunette fell back onto a chair and pulled the sultry blond onto her lap. The brunette began to lecture the blond as Denise remained submissively on Jennifer's lap, not daring to say a word. Attention turned to the “Demi Moore vs. Sharon Stone Battle of the Wildcats” on the big flat screen TVs.
Match 4: Sharon Stone vs. Demi Moore “Everglades Battle of the Wildcats” (1998)

"Dominating Sharon Stone is second nature to me," Demi Moore boasted in her prefight interview. Dressed in a skimpy tiger skin bra and thong, the shapely brunette beauty appeared mean and well muscled. "I mean, this is getting old. Why does Sharon believe this time will turn out any differently? She's four years older and three inches taller than me, and it's still a woman against a girl!" Demi smiled and took time to stretch her muscular thighs before looking into the camera. "In this fight though, it will be a savage, jungle tigress against a tame and fluffy house pussy!" Demi laughed and walked away from the camera, still chuckling.

Sharon Stone looked lovely and quite deadly in her lion skinned bra and panties. "I resolved not to rest until I conquer Demi Moore," the sultry blond began. "What happened in the past doesn't matter now. I know what I did wrong in our first two fights. I'm smarter than Demi and this time I'll make her pay for her mistakes."

Asked about seeing a hypnotist to prepare her psychologically against her nemesis, Sharon responded. "It's all a matter of positive thinking. I've gone over this fight a thousand times in my mind and each time I’m victorious. There's just no way I'm going to lose again; I guarantee it!" The lovely blond tossed her golden mane and sleeked off toward the place of battle, looking every inch like a prowling lioness.

The spot chosen for the fight was a steamy and swampy jungle in the Everglades of South Florida. The muscular tigress and the sensuous lioness faced each other with contemptuous looks both in their expressions and bodily demeanor. The signal was given and the two savage and sexy jungle cats began to stalk each other. Sharon pawed at Demi's face with her fists as the brunette, licking her chops, moved forward. Sharon's light jabs began to find their mark and seemed more than anything to irritate Demi. Demi leaped at Sharon but the agile blond dodged her attack and kicked the brunette in the butt, knocking Demi off balance. Sharon rushed in but soon back peddled as Demi threw a wild left hook which missed badly.

Sharon lifted her toes and began to snap front kicks to Demi's midsection. The brunette easily blocked them and pressed forward. Another wild punch by Demi missed its mark and Sharon made her pay with a straight kick to her ribs. Still, Demi stalked forward as Sharon began to dance in a circular motion on the swampy jungle floor. Again she scored with a light front kick which stopped Demi's momentum.

Suddenly, the blond lioness, who was fighting very cautiously, nailed the brunette tigress with a hard right cross to her face. Sharon moved in and exchanged powerful blows with her rival. Both women were rocked in the exchange. Demi followed up by rushing at Sharon who skillfully moved away and again struck her off balance opponent in her butt.

Demi kept her balance and sneered at Sharon while the blond remained cautious, keeping her distance. Demi stalked Sharon more quickly and punished her with a left, right combination to her body. The blond tried to retaliate but missed with another straight kick. Demi rushed forward and pushed Sharon against a palm tree where they exchanged vicious blows. Sharon, more hurt than Demi, looked to clinch. The brunette thrust her tiger skinned thong into Sharon's lion skinned panties and pressed her against the tree. Several hard body blows had Sharon wincing. Forced to fight at close quarters, the blond beauty was getting pummeled by the shorter, sturdier brunette.

Sharon grabbed the brunette by her short hair and followed with a snapping knee which barely missed Demi's groin. The brunette grabbed the blond by her longer hair in return and violently shook Sharon off balance. Demi tripped Sharon to the ground and pounced on top of her. Sharon punched, kicked, and scratched, desperately trying to force the brunette off of her.Demi pounded Sharon's face as the blond grimaced in pain. Demi grabbed Sharon's hair again and hauled her to her knees where she punished the blond with powerful knees to her belly. The tough brunette threw the blond by her hair onto her back. Demi stood over Sharon with a sneer on her face. she then took a few steps backward to allow her opponent a chance to get to her feet.

Sharon rose to her feet slowly. Then she hightailed it into the swampy forest. Demi, caught off guard, rushed after her and the chase was on! Both women were barefoot and racing full speed. The blond lioness, her confidence again shattered, raced through the swamp forest with the savage, brunette tigress hot on her tail. Sharon was running through high, thick saw grass and found herself stumbling as her fierce opponent, running more easily, was gaining on her. Sharon suddenly stopped. A swamp lay in her path and the frightened blond thought of the possibility of alligators. Demi, however, threw caution to the wind. As she got within range of her blond rival she leaped into Sharon and tackled her. The two woman landed about a foot deep into the swamp.

"OOOOHHHHH! LET ME GO, DEMI...LET ME GO..!" Sharon cried.

The brunette, now angry she had to run through a steamy swamp to get to her foe, roughly ripped off Sharon's bra as they rolled further into the warm swamp water. Demi grabbed Sharon's hair and dragged her to the bank while the blond kicked and scratched furiously. Tripping Sharon to the ground, Demi pounced on top of her. Both women were wet from head to foot. Fortunately, the director was able to keep up with the chase with his camera. He was panting heavily as he pointed his camera toward the action.

‘This is definitely the last fight I'll ever film!’ he vowed to himself.

As Demi wrestled Sharon onto her lap, a feeling of Deja Vu came over the frightened blond. ‘Why do I feel this has happened before? Was it the hypnosis? Did I dream this?’ Sharon thought as she continued to struggle in vain.

Demi proceeded to execute her signature submission hold against Sharon. She wrapped her hard biceps and forearms around her blond captive's breasts from behind as she clamped her tawny, muscular thighs around Sharon's sleek, silky thighs and began to squeeze.


As Demi flexed her powerful biceps and sensuous thigh muscles, her tiger skinned thong pressing into Sharon's lion skinned panties, Sharon followed her cue and did what she always did when Demi captured her in her favorite submission hold. She began to cry, wet her panties, and beg Demi to let her go.


But Demi continued to crush her helpless blond prey. Her biceps squeezing and her thigh muscles rippling until Sharon's face turned pale and she began to drool. Only when Demi felt Sharon wet her panties did she release her. Needless to say, Sharon burst out crying as her head fell backward on Demi's breasts.


The tawny brunette tigress let her vanquished victim's head hit the ground and got off of her. Demi smiled at the camera as she made her way out of the swamp, her tiger bra and thong soaking wet. As the victorious tigress stalked away from her whimpering prey, she grinned as she could still hear the pitiful sobs of her beaten blond lioness.