K&G Gym & Lounge: Jessica Simpson vs. Naomi Campbell by Tank

Teri Hatcher sat next to Rob at the Gym and Lounge gulping down boilermakers (K&G had a two-for-one special and Teri was taking full advantage!) The hot topic this evening was Naomi Campbell. The British Supermodel was on a rampage. The previous night Naomi had, for no apparent reason, dragged a startled Alexis Bledel off her stool and forced her into the Spanking Room. A half hour later, Naomi returned to dump the sobbing, and nearly naked, Alexis over a table like a sack of dirty laundry.

Obviously, Naomi’s anger management classes weren’t doing her any good! She’d remarked she found release from her anger in what she called “the peace and tranquility of the Spanking Room.” Anyone knew they could be her next target and there were many celebrities at the bar feeling jittery as Naomi was clearly visible on the lounge screen as she vigorously punched the speed bag in a small room adjoining the gym.

“Well, she better not choose ME!” Teri Hatcher shouted. “I’ll kick her ass in a heartbeat!”

Sitting alone at a corner of the bar, Jessica Simpson looked like the perfect choice to be Naomi’s next victim. Dressed in a glittering, clingy, silver evening gown, Jessi’s ample breasts were bulging out the top of her sexy, low-cut, dress as she sat with her legs crossed, her shapely thighs exposed by the slits in her gown. A pink carnation decorated her thick toussle of bright, blond hair. Surprisingly, for a Simpson, Jessica appeared to be deep in thought.

Vulnerable though she appeared - like a young doe separated from the herd - underneath her silver gown, Jessica possessed a power no one suspected. Uncharacteristically, Jessica Simpson had used her ‘wiles’ to obtain “the Magic Bikini” - an enchanted pink garment consisting of a skimpy top and string bottom; made of silk that had been passed from Paris Hilton, to Sharon Stone and then to Demi Moore. Now, Jessica Simpson possessed it and she could feel her sensuous body tingle with the strength of many as she sat and pondered what use she’d make of it.

In another corner at the other side of the lounge another contest was already underway. Bare breasted, Jennifer Garner pushed a topless Denise Richards back up against the wall, her thighs trapping the blonde’s thighs between them; holding Denise captive.

“C’mon Denise. Wrestle me on your reality show!” Jenny G implored her wriggling prisoner.

“I’m NOT interested in wrestling you, Jennifer,” Denise whined. “Now…please…let me go!”

Jen’s personality had changed drastically since she’d completed Professor Carrere’s course and now it seemed all she thought about was physically conquering other women. The sexy Denise had been her first choice of someone to dominate. Jen loved feeling the blonde’s shapely body struggle helplessly in her clutches and she was glad she’d given in to the urge to facesit this ‘Wild Things’ star in public.

“Listen Denise,” Jen purred, flicking her tongue in Denise’s ear. “We’ll dress in thongs and then see which of us can facesit the other into submission. Your show’s ratings will go through the roof!”

I said, leave me alone, Jennifer...stop it before Beyonce comes in and catches you!”

Jen paused and took a step back, glancing nervously over her shoulder toward the door. When she saw no sign of Beyonce, Jen bravely asserted herself, “I’m not afraid of Beyonce!”

“Well, maybe you SHOULD be!” Denise grumbled. “I damn sure am!”

The ‘Alias’ star smiled and began to walk away. As she swivel-hipped her body over to the bar, she shook her ass at Denise who openly fantasized about Beyonce flexing her steely thigh muscles around Garner’s exquisite derriere as Jen sensously wiggled and jiggled her way to the bar and slithered up onto a stool. She snatched the bar rag out of Charlize Theron’s hands and wiped the sweat from between her breasts - which were a full size larger since giving birth! Charlize eyed them envously as she leaned across the bar and took back the rag, then held it under her nose and inhaled deeply.

“It’s even better first hand,” Garner laughed, giving Charlize’s blushing cheek a gentle slap. “You know your face is welcome in my cleavage any time…any time at all.”

Just then, Naomi Campbell entered the lounge. She was wearing a navy blue top and tight shorts and was still sweating from her workout. She cased the women at the bar like a lioness surveying the Serengeti for fresh game. She especially noticed Jessica and Teri and moved toward the blond. Jessica pretended not to notice, turning as if to say something to Demi Moore who was seated, nervously, beside her.

Suddenly, Naomi abruptly changed her direction and headed toward Teri Hatcher and grabbed her by the arm.


Naomi yanked Teri off her stool, levered her arm into a hammerlock and prep walked her firmly toward the Spanking Room.

Heaving a sigh, Jessica popped down off her stool and walked over to join Rob. “Don’t worry, Rob; I’ll handle it,” she calmly reassured him. Then she followed Naomi and the screaming Teri toward the Spanking Room.

Naomi grabbed the Spanking Room doorknob but found it locked. She began to pound her fist angrily on the door as Teri dropped to her knees screaming at the top of her lungs, “HELP... SOMEONE... ANYONE... PLEASE, HELP ME!”

“Open up NOW!” Naomi demanded. The door opened and Halle Berry, dressed in a leopard skin bikini, looked up, took one look at Naomi’s face and pulled Alexis Bledel out by the arm.

“It’s all yours, Naomi,” Halle said as she edged around the door jam, keeping as much space between herself and Naomi as she could. Alexis, her face red and streaked with tears, was wincing in pain. The sexy ‘Catwoman’ would spend the rest of the night at the bar with Alexis over her lap. Halle’s big breasts heaving from excitement; her nipples about to burst through her skimpy top as her well-muscled thighs held Alexis in complete control. Halle wanted no doubt who was ‘the woman’ between her and Alexis!

“Looks like this isn’t your week, is it little girl?” Halle chided as she pulled Alexis toward the lounge, giving Naomi a fearful glance to make sure she wasn’t inclined to take her new plaything away from her. But Naomi had someone new to play with and she dragged Teri to her feet.

Once inside the Spanking Room with the terrified brunette, Naomi tried to shut the door but it was shoved open from the outside and in stepped Jessica Simpson.

The sensuous Black beauty licked her chops hungrily and grinned, “I LOVE two-for-one nights!”

“No, Naomi! Let Teri go. It’s just you and me,” Jessica responded.

Teri felt Naomi’s grip loosen and tore free, then scurried away. Jessica moved to the far corner where she stripped down to her “Magic Bikini.” Naomi sneered at the sight of the diminutive blond…then attacked!

Jessica ducked low and drove her shoulder into Naomi’s belly. She doubled over and the smaller blond beauty snapped a savage kick to her jaw. Naomi stumbled backward…then fell to the carpet on her butt! The sexy Supermodel was stunned!

Jessica pounced on her and - using her new-found strength - proceeded to wrestle Naomi into a series of headlocks, arm locks, and Reverse Bearhugs. Jessica was a whirling dervish of amazing physical prowess and Naomi was soon dizzy, dazed, and very confused by the blonde’s relentless whirlwind of activity. Finally, a crushing Headscissors as Jessica’s lovely legs applied the minimum of what she was capable to put the Black Beauty into a deep sleep.

No one in the Gym and Lounge could believe it! Most weren’t familiar with the power of the Magic Bikini and, of those who were aware, only Demi Moore was there to see it. And having lost it to Jessica, she was in no position to risk Jessica’s ire by revealing the secret - especially since she was already working on a plan to get the “Magic Bikini” back for herself!

Jessica put her gown back on over her bikini, then carried the unconscious Naomi back out to the lounge. She bent her knees and gently laid her vanquished foe on her back on an empty table, then smiled at the large crowd in the lounge who sat watching in stunned silence as she took Demi by the hand and led her out the door. As the door slammed behind her, Jessica’s body still tingled from the Magic Bikini’s power.

“Hmmmmm...a superheroine....me...a superheroine!” Jessica muttered as she made her way to her car in the parking lot. “I just love the thought of it!” Demi held her tongue and kept her eyes on the ground.

Meanwhile, back at the bar, Teri was telling Rob what happened when Naomi had dragged her into the Spanking Room. “I pushed her away and told her she better leave me alone or I’d kick her ass. I started to slap her silly and she backed off like a scared rabbit. Then Jessica showed up and Naomi began begging her to make me stop. I already had her out on her feet before Jessie showed up.”

“Really?” Rob said, clearly not buying it. “When Naomi first approached you, you looked scared and screamed for me to do something.”

“I meant, ‘Do something before I lose my temper’. You know I don’t want to hurt anyone if I don’t have to!” Teri replied.

“Yes, I see,” Rob answered, turning to Theron to order another round of drinks. Halle, sitting a few seats down with Alexis over her lap, rolled her eyes at Rob who smiled - neither believing Teri’s tall tale.

“OOOWWWWW! That hurts!” Alexis whimpered as the sensuous Catwoman yanked her head back by her hair.

Halle wondered, “How was little Jessie able to beat a fierce warrior like Naomi? I wonder if she has that ‘Magic Bikini’ I heard about. Last I heard, Stone had it, but last month, Demi was strutting around her with Sharon on a leash like her puppy dog. Guess I better get in touch with Sharon and check into it. I’m sure it’ll fit me purrrrrrrfectly!!”