Hollywood Gym #2: Another Night by Tank and TNT
Part One: Mitzi Kapture vs. Gena Lee Nolin by Tank

Charlize Theron and Claudia Schiffer stood behind the bar getting ready for the large crowd that would be entering soon, most to see that night’s Challenge match. At present, the lounge was empty and Paris Hilton, late as usual for her shift, was the subject of conversation between her fellow employees.

Charlize: "Paris spends more time partying with T.N.T. and his friends than she does working. I'm glad Kim finally docked her on her pay."

Claudia: "You should have seen the expression on her face when she saw her paycheck! Then she was crying the blues all night that now she couldn't afford a new blouse she wanted to buy. What a conniver!"

Charlize: "By the way, Kim and Ginny both told me....."

By then, Tank had just walked in the lounge. He sat at the bar, smiled and ordered a drink. "Can't you see we're busy?" Charlize snarled. "We'll serve you when we're finished!" "Yeah!" chimed in Claudia. "And if you don't like it, go somewhere else!" The two blonds strolled to the other side of the bar to finish their conversation.

Charlize: "As I was saying, K & G both told me to take charge and discipline her the way I see fit."

Claudia: "What are you planning to do?"

Charlize: "We'll see....when the time is right!"

It wasn't long before the lounge was nearly filled to capacity. Action began to heat up in the gym as well where several celebs were working out topless, including Halle Berry, Denise Richards, and Jennifer Garner. Denise, earning a reputation as a bully, spotted one of the Olsen twins on a stationary bicycle and strolled over to her.

"I was just going to use that bike, little girl," Denise said, as she thrust out her bare breasts and clenched her fists at her sides.

"Oh...uh..well, I'll find another one, Denise. You can have it!"

Denise nudged her off with her hip as she was leaving and took the bike over. As she peddled the bike, the sultry blond glanced to her left and gave a start as the bare, sweaty, breasts and hard nipples of Jennifer Garner were almost touching her face!

Denise saw Jen smiling confidently, hands on her hips. "This is my favorite bike and YOU just happen to be in it!" Then she added, "Now, what do you plan to do about it?"

Denise knew Jen meant business and feared a Challenge was on the way. She stood up, looked into Jennifer's eyes and responded, "YOU'RE LUCKY I WAS JUST LEAVING!"

Then Denise stormed out of the gym and made her way to the lounge, leaving Jen to take over the bike. Those watching through the one-way mirror in the lounge didn't miss a moment although Denise pretended not to hear the scattered boos as she walked in.

Elsewhere, bets were being made on the night’s scheduled Challenge match which featured two former Baywatch Babes; Mitzi Kapture and Gena Lee Nolin. Hardly anyone was betting on Mitzi - unless they could get good odds - with the taller Gena being the heavy favorite.

Paris finally made it in to work stepped behind the bar just in time to watch Karen McDougal take down Pam Anderson in an arm wrestling match. Irish extended his hand to collect his winnings from a disappointed Charlize Theron.

Catherine Zeta Jones, sharing a table with Mr. Chris, Danny Boy and Elizabeth Hurley, had too much to drink already and was looking to start a fight with anyone who wandered too close to her table.

But before CZJ could get some action, the Challenge match was announced as being ready to begin. Both Mitzi and Gena came in wearing their red Baywatch bikinis. Mitzi had bragged that she was the toughest and sexiest of the Baywatch beauties and had never gotten the credit she deserved.

When the bell rang, the fired up Mitzi charged Gena, grabbed her top and tore it off! Then she flashed her nails at the taller blond as she came forward, expecting Gena would give ground and back away. But as the brunette came forward, Gena let loose a punch to her jaw and Mitzi, unable to get her hands up in time, fell backward, hit the wall, and slid to her knees.

Gena calmly walked over to her, dropped to her knees and grabbed Mitzi by the hair. The blond beauty hair-hauled Mitzi close to her, then released her hair. Mitzi struggled fitfully as Gena tore off her top, grabbed her breasts and pulled the brunette to her.

"OOWWWWW!" Mitzi screamed. She began slapping Gena's face until the blond beauty executed a crushing Bearhug, rendering the smaller brunette helpless. "I GUH...GUH..GUH...GIVE…" Mitzi tried to submit but Gena ignored her until Mitzi was finally able to scream it.

"I THOUGHT YOU WERE THE TOUGHEST AND SEXIEST BAYWATCH BABE, MITZI!" Gena teased, playing to the crowd as she flattened Mitzi’s breasts with another crushing squeeze into her own larger breasts.

"I..I..UH..WAS JUST KIDDING, GENA! YOU'RE THE TOUGHEST....AND SEXIEST....OOOHHHHH!" Mitzi gasped just before she passed out!

Gena let her head drop on the carpet and then got to her feet smiling and giggling as she played to the crowd. Retrieving her top, Gena waved it overhead as she pranced around the Challenge room displaying her lovely and bountiful breasts to those watching in the lounge.

A good number of the customers inside the lounge were cheering and applauding as Gena left the Challenge room and headed for the showers, but there was one woman who was frowning, not applauding. Watching the large screen at the bar with her arms crossed sat Traci Bingham - and she was fuming!

Later as the lounge started to quiet down, Paris left early, leaving Charlize infuriated! "That woman is just BEGGING to be disciplined!"

“Well,” Claudia chuckled. “I’d love to see you try. That spoiled bitch is pretty tough - at least, that’s what I’ve heard.”
Part Two: Charlize Theron vs. Paris Hilton by TNT

"I can't believe it. Here she comes. Maybe she wants a raise, ya think?" Charlize snickered and Claudia giggled as they watched Paris storm back into the bar.

"You both are tryin' to rip me off, arent'ya-you two skanky barkeeps?" Paris snipped. Pay me at least another several hundred bucks!" the tall blonde snarled at both Claudia and Charlize but moved close to Charlize and shot her beautiful dagger like eyes into hers. The blonde swallowed hard, her fingers moving into a tight fist.

"Oh I agree to give you more, alright; just not what you're thinkin'."

"Shut the hell up and SHOW ME THE MONEY...you blonde bimbOHHHHHHHH!"

Whaaack! Whaammm! Charlize slammed her open palm down hard on Paris' open hand, smacking it painfully hard. Before Paris knew what has happening, a fist slammed into the party girl's jaw. She rocked backward just as long talons begain ripping and pulling her hair. Paris screamed, swung her fists and claws viciously, delivering some pain to Claudia who winced as she quickly stepped away, declining to interfere since Charlize seemed to be taking charge.

Charlize slapped Paris silly, spun her around and shredded her sexy top. A hard low punch just below the naval brought an anquished grunt from Paris' puckered lips. Then Charlize gave her a blistering backhand that sent Paris reeling. In a flash, two long fingers blazed forth, captured and hooked the back waistband of Paris' skimpy, short tight shorts and as they pulled, her lovely tight derriere came into view, her thong not covering much.

"Haaaa. Hmmmmmm. See folks, it's best not to ask for raises ‘round here," Ginny chirped seeing the action.

Kim was silent but in the light of action she quietly hoped to ask Charlize for a raise - maybe when no one was around and she could use her womanly wiles - something she’d heard usually worked with Theron! A deliciious smile filled her face.

"Arrrggggh. Awwwwccck." A scream a yell, a call for help. Kim had to run toward the sound of more trouble and arrived just in time to find Traci Bingham and Denise Richards trading blows. Denise was topless and Traci was all over her, snapping punches at her face, ribs and those two big beautiful breasts. Denise eluded most blows, counterattaced by pulling Traci's hair and shredding her top. Soon both beauties were topless.

"Yeah girls, go for her boobs!”
“Punch those knockers!”
“Pull her hair!”
“Take her down!”
“Strip her!"

Those who sit and watch, are those who can fight the best, play the best, know the best. Spectators always make the best decisions. Well at least these spectators were fully enjoying both giving advice and the delicious sexy excitieng action.

"Aiiiiiie...OOOOOOOHHHH Nooooooo…"

Denise groaned and moaned as Traci's hard and fast fists pummeled her chest. A solid jab to the chin and Denise's head snapped back into a hard wall. With a snicker on her face Traci darted in, lifted her leg and most of the spectators "felt Denise's pain" as her lovely eyes rolled and her legs turned to rubber. She started to slide down the wall only to be stopped by a set of long talons grabbing her beautiful full breasts, giving the firm mounds a hard slow painful squeeze. Denise shrieked in agony only to feel the top half of her face instantly flooded with numbing pain-nasty head butt courtesy Traci. Traci released her lovely defeated foe letting her crumple to the floor; she was instantly off to better things.

"HA! You don't have a snowball's chance with me you spoiled brat!" Charlize announced loudly as she finished shredding Paris' top, baring the younger blonde's beautiful breasts. She cut loose with a flurry of back and forehand slaps sending Paris reeling backwards knocking into tables, chares, sending drinks flying every which way. Still mad as hell but more scared than mad, Paris managed to spin around and start to run. Charlize sprinted after her, ducked a flying glass sent her way courtesy one of Paris' fans. Charlize leaped just close enough to grab some silky blonde hair, then planted her feet and yanked hard. Paris screamed an angry wail as her body came to an abrupt stop and her lovely foreward bound head snapped back, her scalp exploding in pain.

"Gotcha. Ready for an attitude adjustmUNNNNNGGTH…." Charlize winced loudly as her young rival's foot flashed back and the heel slammed into her. Paris ducked and spun in one motion, turning behind a solid punch on a target that counts! Charlize's lovely jaw dropped as her arms grabbed weakly for Paris’ two long arms. Amazingly fast moves surprised everyone including Charlize and even Paris herself who slapped the stunned Charlize hard.

Paris grabbed a nearby drink and tossed it into the older blonde's face, the harsh alcohol temporarily blinding her.

"Blink, blink you idiot." The self-advice was good, but too little, too late. Charlize's hands flew upwards, her fluttering fingers trying to clear her burning eyes.

WhuMMP! Paris fired her fist deep into Charlize's solar-plexus. Charlize doubled over gasping for air and felt Paris rip her top open, then tear it clean off.

"Not bad. Not big for damn sure; but not bad." (giggle, giggle)

Charlize's face turned red and she felt sudden deep anger well up within her.

SMACK! (whoooooosh) With her vision still blurry, Charlize never saw the front kick that Paris planted deep in her tummy and bent her forward wheezing. Paris was suddenly having a very good night! Charlize's frantic fist met nothing but smoky bar air.

"Uhhhhh. Ahhhhhhhh." Charlize yelled in surprise as she started to topple as determined hands grabbed her ankles. Paris snickered as she brought the bigger, older blonde down hard on her butt; her bare breasts bouncing. Fast as lightning two long lovely legs wrapped around Charlize's legs and strong fingers latched onto a stiff, ultrasensitive nipple and began to pinch and twist with excruciating tenacity.

Charlize shieked, squirmed and tried to wiggle free, her long lovely legs kicking wildly. "Uhhhhhh.Oooooooh.Oucccch. Leggo!" Charlize gasped and bawled.

Half the bar crowd tried to squeeze in as close to the action as possible. The erotic sight of two gorgeous, leggy blondes, their best assets entwined in an all out catfight struggle, was worth that old “boring trip to the gym” this time. "Awwwwwck. Your crushing muh…muy…my ribs. Leggo, pleaseeee," Charlize whimpered. She couldn't believe she was in this position.

"I want not only MY raise,” Paris snarled loud enough for those with the power to grant her request to hear. “…but your salary too!"

"Nooooooo. Aieeeee!" The shriek was loud enough to hurt many an eardrum. Charlize's entire lovely body shivered. Paris snickered as her hand ripped something out from between Charlize's legs. Was that true blonde "silk?"

"Let me go, pleaseeee--ee-uMPPPHHHH." The final request was stifled with a long, strong passionate kiss as Paris wrenched Charlize's head sideways. The younger blonde had paid little attention to her captive clawing at her gorgeous thigh and calf muscles. Paris was in total control and those nearest the action swore they heard Charlize's ribs creaking.

"How's this lady?" Loud and clear. Probably some good thinking. Excellent timing. Paris broke the sensuous, dominating liplock, looked up and smiled as Kim waved a big stack of bills in her face.

"Guess tonight is your lucky night, you blonde bimbo," Paris hissed as she tightened her legs one last time, tweaking and twisting the captured nipple before she finally released her painful holds, got to her feet, grabbed the cash and bolted.

"Boooooo! Booooooo! Booooo!" Several spectators didn't like at least some part of the action or transaction. Ginny stepped up and calmed everybody down. Kim had moved in to help Charlize up, but the lovely whimpering blonde was only two feet from the dressing/shower rooms.

"Well that was lovely, just lovely," Kim and Ginny noted shaking their heads.

"Hey stop that! You want a piece uh me? Good! Take this…POW!" Another "tiff" had started and it promised to be a doozy. At this gym hotspot, there's not much time to rest.