Hollywood Gym #3: Traci Bingham vs. Gena Lee Nolin (and more) by Tank

It was a wild Saturday night at the Hollywood Gym and Lounge. Several rivalries were developing which were drawing the attention of those in the lounge. An attractive Challenge match was scheduled for 10:00 P.M. featuring a battle between two Austin Powers leading ladies - Elizabeth Hurley and Heather Graham who'd argued all week regarding which of them made the better partner for Austin Powers.

One could really learn something about the psychology of the gym by just noticing the behaviour of some women in relation to their rivals. For the gym was made up of conflicting personalities with envy and petty jealousies abounding. Some rivals gave ground grudgingly as in the case of Denise Richards conceding to Jennifer Garner while others would butter up their rival, even to the point of being sycophantic. Motives included fear of being Challenged or trying to elicit support from a stronger woman to stand up for them if they were being bullied.

After easily defeating Mitzi Kapture in a Challenge Match, Gena Lee Nolin was looked upon in the gym as an ideal woman to make friends with. Another Baywatch beauty, Kelly Packard went out of her way to do Gena favors while Jennifer Love Hewitt, one of the smaller girls in the gym, always made sure Gena had whatever she needed before and after her workouts in hopes that, in return, she'd have the blond Amazon's support if another woman picked on her. Even Mitzi Kapture felt the same after being defeated by Gena in their Challenge match. She was very solicitous to gain her conqueror's approval. It was clear that Gena was, without seeking it, developing relationships with these women not unlike that of a queen with her vassals.

About an hour before the Challenge match was to begin, Gena was working out in an adjoining exercise room dressed in a white bra and thong. The tall blond was loosening up by reaching down and touching her toes.

Lying on the carpeted floor barely six feet behind her, Traci Bingham, wearing a navy blue bra and tight fitting gym shorts, was working her thigh master. Traci had been secretly fuming over the royal treatment her fellow Baywatch beauty was receiving in the gym and lounge even before she defeated Mitzi in the Challenge match. She resented Gena being referred to as "the Baywatch Queen" both in the gym and in the lounge. T

he tawny ebony beauty flexed her steely thigh muscles as she gazed at Gena's well- formed butt which would thrust out whenever she touched her toes. Traci flexed her thigh master with even greater intensity as she continued to fix her eyes on Gena and fantasized wrapping her powerful thighs around the tall, sleek blond beauty and forcing her to submit to her.

Just then Mitzi walked in the room. "Is there anything I can do for you, Gena?" she asked.

"Yes, Mitzi. Would you mind wiping down the treadmill for me? I'll be using it soon."

"Right away, Gena!" answered the brunette.

As Mitzi left the room, Gena pulled her thong out which had gotten rolled up in the crack of her butt and continued her exercise. She was hardly aware of Traci lying behind her and had no knowledge of any bad feelings she might have toward her.

"Hmmmm, if I conquer Gena, her servant girls will follow her under MY control," a stimulated Traci thought to herself.

As the lovely blond bent down to touch her toes, Traci stood up and tip-toed toward her. She quickly slid her hand under the front of Gena's thong as the shapely blond stood up and Traci began to gently massage her pubic area while wrapping her other arm around her waist. Gena, caught totally by surprise, was instantly aroused and slumped back in Traci's arms.

"OOOOOOHHHH!.......Traci.....uh....I didn't know.....you..."

Traci smiled as Gena's blue eyes met her dark eyes. Then the dark beauty backed up a step and let go of the tall blond. Gena, unable to keep her balance, fell hard on her butt! Traci looked down at Gena and walked away laughing loudly as she thrust her butt out at the fallen blond.

Gena got to her knees glaring at Traci as she walked out of the room and screamed sarcastically, "VERY FUNNY, TRACI!"

Gena was now aware of Traci's bad intentions toward her. Her anger increased the more she considered Traci's gall to just walk over to her and violate her in that manner for no apparent reason. Gena was now livid! She would look for an opportunity to give Traci a piece of her mind before the evening was through!


Halle Berry vs. Salma Hayek

Inside the lounge, Halle Berry and Salma Hayek sat at a table topless, their hands clenched as they prepared to engage in an arm wrestling match. A large number gathered around the table as Karen McDougal acted as referee. As she made sure the match began fairly by checking their grips, late wagers were being placed. The two contestant's breasts and nipples pushed into each other's as they jockeyed for position until Karen said, "Ready...GO!"

Salma grabbed an early lead but could not put Haley down. Suddenly, Halle began to straighten her arm. Straining and grunting, she slammed Salma's arm to the table! The Mexican beauty had a pained expression on her face as Halle held her arm to the table.

Karen announced, "And the winner is.....HALLE!"

More than half of the spectators cheered but Halle didn't seem satisfied with her victory. Standing up, she pulled the shorter Salma out of her chair and dragged her to her; then snapped a savage knee into her groin!

"UNNNNNGH!" Salma grunted as she dropped to her knees.

Halle raised her hands in victory, a toothy grin on her face as she brushed her butt against Salma's face on her way to the bar. Karen attended to Salma as she writhed on the floor holding her groin and crying.


Elizabeth Hurley vs. Heather Graham

Elizabeth Hurley was wearing a white bra and shorts with green trim while Heather Graham sported a scarlet blouse and mini skirt as they stared at each other from across the challenge room. The buzzer sounded and the women attacked each other with fury! Liz pounded Heather's face with chopping punches until Heather was able to trip her to the carpet. The blond jumped on top of the brunette. The battling beauties grabbed each other's hair and rolled around the carpet. Neither woman had the advantage for long. As Heather began to roll on top of her foe again, Liz lifted her legs and kicked her away. Both women got to their knees and crawled toward each other with nails flashing.

Suddenly, as Heather moved in, Liz executed a powerful headlock. Heather struggled wildly, ripping Hurley's bra in the process. But she was unable to break free from the brunette's hold which was getting more and more like a vice grip crushing her head. The sleek, sexy brunette, knowing she was in control, steadily increased the pressure; biceps flexing and rippling around the blonde's head.

Four, five then six minutes went by. Lovely Elizabeth was topless and grunting as she strained her biceps but then she began to snap her knee up into the hurting blonde's belly and thigh. Suddenly, Heather began to quiver and tears began streaming down her lovely flushed cheeks.

"I GIVE!" she mumbled.

"Who was Austin Powers BEST leading lady?" Liz asked gruffly.


"AND DON'T EVER FORGET IT!" Liz answered swelling with pride!

Releasing her beaten victim, she raised her hands victoriously as Heather trembled and sobbed as she lay on the carpet. Retrieving her bra, she took a deep bow to acknowledge her appreciation for her supporters as they cheered and applauded while watching on giant screens in the lounge. Another Austin Powers Babe, Beyonce Knowles was among them applauding as well. She looked quite amused by it all!


The wild evening was drawing to a close. Gena was sitting at a table in the lounge and watched Traci head to the ladies room. Still angry and humiliated over what Traci had done to her, the lovely blond felt she wouldn’t be able to sleep until she gave her a piece of her mind. She walked in and found her rival freshening up in front of the large mirror. Traci looked up, saw Gena's reflection and grinned.

"Look, that was very cheap and low class what you did!" Gena lit in to her as she raised her voice and pointed her finger at Traci from about five feet away.

"It looked - and felt - like you were enjoying it, Gena,” Traci snickered. “I always suspected you were quite prurient and nopw you can't deny it. But don't worry, hon; I won't tell those little servant whores about our dirty secret," she sneered calmly.

Then Traci turned back to her own reflection in the mirror, ignoring Gena and pointedly dismissing her. Gena became furious!

"You caught me in a moment of weakness and you have the NERVE to rub it in!” she screamed. “You're lucky I don't slap your face, you low-life bitch!"

Gena turned around and started toward the door to leave, but she stopped when Traci said, "I CHALLENGE YOU! DO YOU ACCEPT...BLONDIE?"

Gena hadn't followed Traci into the ladies to get into a challenge match with the tawny, muscular, Black beauty, but now that she'd been challenged, she HAD to accept.

"I accept your challenge. Monday night at 9:00,” Gena growled with barely restrained anger. “BE THERE!"

Gena walked out and slammed the door behind her, leaving Traci looking at herself in the mirror grinning.


Monday night and the clock on the wall in the lounge read 8:35; less than half an hour until Traci and Gena would meet in the Challenge Room. Their match had drawn the most interest and attention of any that week and both women were already in the facility and reportedly relaxed and confident. Late wagers were being placed as the jam-packed lounge waited in anticipation.

Claudia Schiffer, in a long pink/white striped blouse which she wore outside the waist of a pink miniskirt, was busily pouring drinks at her end of the bar. Claudia had her shiny blond hair in braids this evening, and she was trying her best to keep up with the demand for drinks. Tall, 5'11”, shapely and full breasted with a face still as lovely as seemed possible, Claudia seemed to enjoy her work. Being quite fit with a reputation for not being afraid to fight when pushed, the beautiful German princess wouldn’t be intimidated by the celebs in the lounge - with one notable exception: Marjean Holden, the gym's wrestling instructor.

Marjean sitting at the bar in front of Claudia in her skimpy combat fatigue instructor's outfit was enough to make Claudia quake in her undergarments. Claudia was well aware of the rule that bartenders weren’t exempt from Challenges and the tall blond beauty went out of her way to make sure muscular Marjean never had to wait for a drink. She kept it to herself and perhaps, she was being irrational, but Claudia's greatest fear working for K&G was that someday she’d get on the wrong side of the powerful ebony tough woman and find herself being challenged.

Sharing a table at the back of the lounge were Jennifer Garner, wearing a stunningly low-cut red evening gown, and husband Ben Affleck, already into their second bottle of champagne. After dinner, Jen had coaxed Ben into the lounge instead of fulfilling a stuffy engagement Ben had planned.

Jen had told him, "I feel more like myself when I'm there."

Ben wasn’t sure what she meant but decided to check out the place his wife was raving about. Actually, Jen was interested in the Challenge Match between Traci and Gena. She’d been studying both women and was seriously considering her own Challenge to the winner. Jen despeately wanted Ben to be proud of her physical prowess and was anxious for him to see her in a Challenge Match.


Denise Richards vs. Jennifer Garner (topless arm wrestling)

Staring at the couple from the bar as they began to lift their glasses for a toast, an intoxicated Denise Richards had the audacity to slip off her sweaty tank top, stroll to their table and challenge Jen to a bare breasted arm wrestling match! Ben was taken aback - believing his wife would be appalled. He looked around for a bouncer but couldn’t find one in the dense crowd. He walked toward the bar hoping to get a bartender's attention and have Denise removed from the premises, but they were all too engaged in their work. By the time he walked back to his table, Jen already had released the top of her gown which hung loose about her waist. Across the table sat Denise, also topless!

Jen planted her elbow on the table and responded, "Let's see what you got, Denise!"

They clasped hands and - before Jen was quite ready - Denise got the jump on her! Gritting her teeth, Jen stubbornly held her ground, then - slowly but surely - Jen took the advantage from her sexy blond challenger. Denise grunted and kept Jen from pinning her arm for a few seconds, but with an extra surge of strength, the athletic Jen slammed Denise's arm to the table.

"Looks like I won, Denise! Wanna try again?" Jennifer was beaming with pride as she looked at her husband.

Denise shook the pain from her arm and responded with a sneer, "Big deal, Jennifer! I still have bigger and better breasts! Ha-Ha!"

Denise turned and after sticking her butt out at the victor, pulled up her top and wound her way back to the bar.

Ben had come to see what his wife meant by "feeling more like herself” when she was there. He became excited when Jen breathlessly explained - with her still exposed breasts bouncing excitedly - that she planned to challenge the winner of tonight's match. After a lengthy and stimulating discussion concerning Jen's future plans in the lounge, they drank a toast since Denise had rudely interrupted their first attempt.

Locking their arms with their glasses almost to their lips, Ben looking into Jen's eyes, smiled and said, "To your Challenge Match!"

Just then, Tank, who had far too much to drink, accidentally bumped Ben's elbow as he stumbled past their table. Champagne went flying all over Jen's breasts and Ben's new suit!

"IDIOT!" Jen yelped as, nipples erect, she sprang to her feet.

She and Ben rose and Jen stamped her feet in frustration as Tank, totally oblivious to what he had done, staggering to the bar.

"WHAT A BUFFOON!" Ben grumbled. “Still…” he leaned over and began to lick his wife’s breasts clean.

The time had arrived for the big match as Traci and Gena warmed up in the Challenge Room!

Traci (5'7”) sneered at Gena Lee (5’9”) from her corner. Traci was wearing her red Baywatch bikini and the tawny, well-muscled Ebony beauty appeared extremely confident as she faced the taller, blond. "You'll make a FINE servant girl, kitten!" Traci chided.

Gena stood in her corner with her eyes closed, refusing to make eye contact with her formidable opponent as she focused on the task at hand. Originally, she’d planned to wear her red Baywatch bikini, but at the last second, she changed to her gazelle skin suit - a bra and thong - a far skimpier version of the Sheena outfit from her TV series. Both women were barefoot which was the rule for the Lounge.

As the intimidating black woman continued to taunt Gena from her corner, the athletic blond beauty realized the high stakes she was fighting for. After her fight with her Baywatch rival, Gena's place in the highly competitive domain known as ‘The Hollywood Gym’ might never be the same. In her opinion, this wa sthe most significant - as well as the most challenging - fight of her life.

Kelly Packard, Jennifer Love Hewitt and Mitzi Kapture sat at a table in the lounge watching on one of the giant screens. Kelly and Jennifer were wholeheartedly for Gena and dreaded the possibility of having to serve the ruthless Traci. Mitzi feared Traci as well, but Mitzi had been soundly defeated by Gena in a previous Challenge Match and her devotion to her lovely conqueror was mixed with jealously and she secretly relished the thought of seeing the blond beauty crushed into submission. The sexual titillation she would experience from watching the strong, dark vixen dominate her lovely blond princess far outweighed her fear of Traci though she’d never admit it.

A few tables down sat GLN Fan, anxiously awaiting the start of the fight. ‘Fan’ had wagered a good part of his savings on Gena.

Sitting at the bar also with a considerable wager on Gena, sat Tansel who eagely awaited the sensuous encounter. Denise Richards was leaning on him, playfully messing his hair. The sexy blonde in a positively delightful mood after witnessing the 'champagne spilling' incident involving Jen and Ben.

All in all, more money in the lounge was bet on Traci than on Gena.


Gena Lee Nolin vs. Traci Bingham (main event)

As the two women loosened up in their corners, the buzzer sounded and they came out fighting! Traci rushed Gena and let loose several wild hay makers looking to end it early. Gena skillfully blocked and avoided them until she got punched in the face with a right she couldn’t avoid! She fell back against the wall, regaining her balance as her aggressive opponent attacked again. Traci thrust her forearm into Gena's jaw as she pressed closer to her opponent and bulled her backward. A snapping knee to her belly doubled Traci over, then Gena grabbed her by the hair and pulled her close. The tall blond tried to knee her strong opponent in the groin but Traci crowded in close to negate it and again pushed Gena backward. The tawny brunette threw herself into the off balance blond, wrapped her arms around Gena and hip-tossed her to the carpet. THUMP! Gena struggled to her knees, but Traci let out an ear piercing scream as she leaped into the air and onto the blonde's back.

"OOFFF!" Gena was slammed down hard on her belly.

Traci grabbed Gena's hair and yanked her head back. Then she jumped off of her and began to drag Gena across the carpet by her long golden locks. The tall blond was screaming as Traci looked to be having the time of her life parading through the Challenge Room with a hurting Gena stumbling on all fours then falling forward on her large breasts trying to reach Traci's feet. The overconfident ebony beauty was convinced from the start the match would unfold this way. Just the thought of losing a fight to a lovely blond woman like Gena was absolutely ridiculous to her. Gena yelped and moaned as she tried to crawl close enough to her tormentor's feet to trip her while Traci did all she could to rub it in.

"Wake up a Princess and go to bed a slave girl! Life’s a bitch ain’t it Gena?"

Traci was playing to the crowd inside the lounge but she underestimated the fight inside the athletic blond who finally was able to crawl close enough to the unsuspecting Traci to reach out and grab her ankles. Gena pulled her ankles toward her and Traci fell forward to her knees. Instinctively, she released Gena's hair to break her fall. Finally, Gena was free. The battling blond gave out a blood curdling scream herself, worthy of Sheena, the jungle princess, as she leaped on Traci's back and knocked her to the carpet facedown!

Gena mounted Traci’s back, locked her biceps under her jaw and began to squeeze. Traci reached back trying to punch the blond in her face with a back fist as Gena continued to apply pressure. Traci kept reaching back with her right arm but all she could do was rip off Gena's bra, her jaw aching from the blonde's powerful grip. She bucked up and down but the athletic blond maintained her dominant position on top.

Gena grunted to apply every ounce of pressure with her biceps and forearms around Traci's hurting jaw. The tawny brunette desperately snapped a sharp elbow backward which struck Gena square on her temple. Feeling dizzy and losing her equilibrium, Gena was unable to keep Traci from elbowing and twisting her off. Turning quickly as Gena recovered from the stinging blow, Traci lunged and caught Gena in a bear hug!

Gena landed a right cross to Traci's jaw as the two beauties, on their sides, engaged in a savage battle for supremacy on the carpet. Gena grazed Traci’s face with several blows while Traci, realizing her Bearhug wasn’t effective against the big breasted blond, released her and began punching back!

The two rivals battled tooth and nail like jungle savages, grunting as they tried with all their strength to beat the fight out of the other! Punching, slapping, kicking and yanking hair, both were determined to weaken the other before pouncing on her to cruelly finish her off.

Traci snapped a knee to Gena's belly. "OOFFF!" Gena got the wind knocked out of her!

It was all Traci needed! She wrapped her arms around Gena's neck and began to choke her. The blond was able to power the brunette off but couldn’t pry her hands from her throat. Gena's blue eyes betrayed her intense pain as she struggled frantically. Traci, kneeling beside Gena, used all the strength in her arms to finish her off! As she continued to choke her lovely opponent, Traci’s large undulating breasts looked ready to burst out of her tight red bra. To those watching from inside the lounge it appeared Gena might break down crying at any moment and concede the match.

Kelly Packard and Jennifer love Hewitt were near tears at the sight of their beautiful blond Mistress being overwhelmed by the savage dark vixen while Mitzi was growing more aroused by the moment!

The ebony woman's dark eyes looked cold and deadly as Gena tried desperately to relief the pressure around her neck with her prying hands. Traci had a satisfying smirk on her face, confident the blond would soon choke her submission. But Gena had too much at stake to submit without giving everything she had left. Lifting her right leg up in front of Traci's face, she twisted her shapely body, and with a dazzling display of athleticism, wrapped her silky, sensuous calves around her opponent's neck and bent her head back.

Gena y applied pressure as she twisted Traci’s neck with her strong calves forcing Traci's mouth open. Traci released her hands around Gena's throat and tried to pry the blonde's well developed calves loose from her neck. The strong ebony beauty - who just a moment ago believed her victory over her apparently weaker rival was certain - now had to contend not with the seemingly weak and defenseless golden girl she’d groped and fondled successfully in the exercise room, but with a fierce and determined blond jungle cat; and an angry one at that!

Gena maneuvered had long legs to drawTraci closer as the tawny brunette began to drool from her mouth. All of Traci’s energy was being consumed by her efforts to break free of Gena's sensuous scissors hold. She grunted and groaned, released her arms, and swung them wildly, trying to connect with a powerful blow that would turn the fight in her favor again. But the athletic blond beauty was too wise in the way of combat to allow the struggling Traci off the hook. Gena just smiled and stared into the eyes of the hurting dark vixen.

Though her skimpy gazelle skin thong hardly covered half her womanhood as her long, sexy legs flexed above the rest of her sleek, shapely body, “Sheena Lee Nolin” couldn't care less! The athletic blond then slowly inched her butt closer to her victim. Slowly and gracefully, she slicked her body closer, like a jungle leopardess closing in for the kill. Traci was weakening fast and a look of hopelessness enveloped her dark features. Suddenly, Gena swung her calves downward and smashed Traci's head to the carpet!

"UNNNGGHHHHH!!" The tough brunette was dazed and hurt and Gena, playing to the electrified crowd in the lounge, let out a loud victory scream; beat her large, bare, sweat-slick breasts and then hurdled onto her beaten foe!

Gena stripped off Traci’s bra, then lifted herself into push-up position above Traci and slammed her breasts down onto Traci's. Twisting her butt, Gena rubbed her womanhood on Traci's as she pressed her fading opponent down into the carpet.

The blond beauty paused, looked into her victim's eyes and asked, "HAD ENOUGH, TRACI?" But her fading opponent did not answer. "YOU'RE GOING TO WIPE OFF THE TREADMILL FOR ME FROM NOW ON AND ANY OTHER DUTY PROPER TO A FAITHFUL SERVANT GIRL! GOT IT?" Traci was too stunned to answer, so Gena grabbed her hair and nodded her head for her. With her large, luscious breasts undulating as she breathed deeply; and her gazelle skin thong still not covering all it was intended to, Gena shouted loud enough for everyone to hear, "AND THIS IS FOR TAKING ADVANTAGE OF ME IN THE EXERCISE ROOM, TRACI!"

The sensuous blond beauty placed her arms around her vanquished rival's head and molded her big breasts and hard nipples over Traci's face. Gena continued to breath deeply as she smothered Traci until the ebony tough woman faded into unconsciousness. The victorious blond was exhausted - but victorious!

Gena Lee retrieved her bra and twirled it overhead as she gyrated and did a sensuous dance over the prostrate body of her victim, showing off for her cheering fans in the lounge. She smiled radiantly for the cameras as she strutted out of the Challenge Room - leaving her once formidable victim sprawled unconscious on the carpet!

The lounge was abuzz after the thrilling match! GLN Fan, Tansel and everyone else who wagered on Gena were loudly congratulating themselves as they collected their winnings. Kelly and Jennifer were ecstatic but a disappointed Mitzi only paid lip service.

TNT and Denise carefully hauled a sleeping Paris Hilton to her car and dumped her in the back seat to sleep it off-again! Then Denise, still in a frisky mood, hopped on TNT's back and let him carry her piggyback back inside the lounge as she yelled and giggled.

Jen, (her gown still hanging loose below her breasts) and Ben argued to Kim & Ginny vehemently that Tank should be barred from the establishment because of the 'champagne spilling' incident. Charlize and Claudia also argued on their behalf and Kim finally relented, barring Tank from ever entering the lounge again - or at least until Ginny could talk some sense into her partner.

On the way home, Ben asked Jennifer, "When are you going to challenge, Gena, Honey? Don’t you think you should have a tune-up match first?"

"What would YOU prefer I do, Honey?" Jen asked.

Ben was really excited at the thought of his lovely, athletic wife challenging the blond beauty but after thinking about it, he answered, "Let's sleep on it, Jen. We'll talk about it tomorrow."

She smiled, knowing either way he went, she had him excited about seeing her fight in the Challenge Room!

Vote: Gena-30, Traci-25.