Hollywood Gym #4: Wrestling Classes - Demi Moore vs. Sharon Stone) by Tank

Monday Afternoon found the Hollywood Gym and Lounge alive with anticipation. Tonight at 9:00, the hotly debated Challenge Match between Traci Bingham and Gena Lee Nolin was scheduled and already a fair amount of money had been privately wagered with considerably more expected by fight time!. Celebrities as well as K&G's Board members were passionately arguing the outcome all afternoon and on a couple of occasions, restraining measures had to be taken.

Karen McDougal was hired as the lounge's official bouncer which didn't sit well with certain celebs; although patrons of the K&G Board heartily supported Kim's decision even though she was, unfortunately, often unavailable for duty.

Occasionally, writers and readers of the board would stimulate a heated argument just to draw Karen's attention. The lovely and well muscled brunette would arrive quickly to the trouble spot in her skimpy bra and tight fitting miniskirt only to discover it a prank as she got groped and fondled by the pranksters! To her credit, Karen held her temper well and soon wised up to it - contenting herself to spend most of her time in the lounge, sitting at a table with Irish.
A number of celebs read with interest the gym's Bulletin Board which advertised upcoming Challenge Matches among other events. One announcement that caused a bit of a stir concerned a series of wrestling classes scheduled to begin at 6PM. The instructor was none other than Marjean Holden, aka 'Mighty Marjean' as she was sometimes called by her peers. Holden was well-known as 'Arina' in the TV series "Beastmaster" but she'd also starred in films like "Ballistic" in which she fought, and disabled, muscular Cory Everson.

Marjean stood 6 feet tall and was short of neither muscles or good looks. The ebony beauty wouldn't be classified as a 'heel' since she refused - for the most part - to bully the many women who she knew were afraid of her outside of class. But neither could she be called a 'face' since she employed ruthless tactics in her classes.

Marjean would conduct her wrestling classes dressed in military camouflage fatigues consisting of a bra and tight fitting shorts hardly more than a thong. Extremely demanding, she was a 'hands on' instructor having little patience with students who did not properly follow instructions. Her classes only lasted an hour with the first 40 minutes devoted to instruction. During the last 20 minutes, the class would pair off and wrestle each other to the best of their ability. If one woman was dominating another, Marjean was very slow to break it up.

She would also wrestle one of her students herself and Marjean enjoyed displaying her complete and total dominance. No wonder the classes were small and most celebs who enrolled proved not tough enough to persevere to the end. The number of celebs who enrolled in the class was kept low but Kate Beckinsale, Nicole Kidman, Hudson Leick, Alexandra Paul, and Nicollette Sheridan were all interested in improving their wrestling skills.

Back inside the lounge, Sharon Stone's first visit had the place buzzing. Kim and Ginny were there and Sharon was squeezed between them at a table at the back of the lounge. Kim offered to buy Sharon a drink but she declined. "Normally I'd love one, but I enrolled in the wrestling class. That's why I'm here. The class starts in about an hour and I'm really looking forward to it!"

As the three chatted, it was inevitable that the subject of Sharon's encounters with arch-enemy Demi Moore be addressed. In a jovial way, K&G pressed Sharon to tell them what REALLY happened during her fabled (and private battles) with Demi since they - like everyone else - only heard the stories second hand.

The lounge fell silent and Sharon smiled as she began to relate her version of her experiences with the shapely brunette. "Well, I don't know what you've heard, but it's true she gave me a couple of tough fights way back when. But as time passed I began to take control of her."

Sharon paused to push back her blond hair which was longer than it had been in more than a decade. Her two companions, as well as everyone else in the lounge, were extremely impressed that despite the passage of time, Sharon had retained her loveliness. She also looked quite fit. Her blue eyes looked deeply at Kim and Ginny who were gazing at her and listening intently.

She continued, "There were a number of private fights that we had in which I dominated. I'll bet you never heard about those! Some were fairly recent. It got so bad for her that she'd cancel plans to go to an event if she even suspected I'd be there. I really began to feel sorry for her."

Sharon paused again, backed her chair up a bit from the table and crossed her legs; her white miniskirt barely reaching down as far as the top of her sleek, silky thighs. Then she blushed slightly as she averted her eyes. "I feel uncomfortable talking like this. Forgive me if I sound like I'm bragging."

"Not at all," Ginny answered. "You're just telling the truth, right?"

Sharon smiled and finished relating her experiences for all in the lounge to hear. "The last time I saw her I beat her up so badly she was crying and begging me to let her go. She still avoids the places I visit." She then smiled broadly and chuckled, "So if you want Demi's business, I suggest she doesn't find out I'm coming around. Otherwise, you'll never have the pleasure of meeting her!" Sharon laughed and giggled leading many in the lounge to laugh with her. She then began to explain to K&G how impressed she was with the facility and that she would like to return often. As the minutes passed she looked at the clock on the wall and asked quite naively, "Oh, by the way, how's Marjean as an instructor?"

Sitting at a table about ten feet behind Sharon and whispering to her friend, Beyonce, Halle Berry excused herself and headed for the back door. Standing in the parking lot, she lifted her skirt and pulled out the cell phone she carried in a garter around her muscular thigh. Halle had a long-running feud with Stone going back to their days filming "Catwoman" and Halle was definitely up to no good. Her first call was to her friend, Marjean who was driving to the class; then she called another aquaintance...

It was 6:00 P.M. Marjean assembled her class inside the largest of the workout rooms which adjoined the gym. She began with a brief lecture and then led Kate, Nicole, Hudson, Alexandra, Nicky, and Sharon in some aerobics exercises to loosen up. The lounge was completely jammed despite the early time as the giant screens signaled all the activities to the large throng inside. Most everyone was viewing the wrestling class. Some celebs as well as contributors to the message board had gotten an early start with their imbibing. Denise Richards was one such celeb. She sat at the bar with Rob and asked what he would give her if she walked into the wrestling class and "...kicked ALL their asses?"

Paris was so stewed she tried to do wheelies on the stationary bikes. When she attempted to use the treadmill as a slide and not making much progress, TNT and Tansel promptly escorted her back inside the lounge.

"I TOLD YOU, DIDN'T I?" Charlize screamed, glaring at Kim and rolling her eyes in disgust.

The class was now well under way. Marjean was teaching her students the fundamentals of wrestling; take downs, pins, and submission holds. None of the students wanted to be singled out by Marjean and draw her one-on-one attention; motivation enough to learn the moves properly. Sharon looked particularly adept and skillful in a silver bra and gym shorts with pink trim.

It was almost time for the final segment of the class which would pit the woman against each other in one on one match ups. Since it was the first class, Marjean would allow the women to wrestle for only a three minute session and any rivalries that developed would be resolved in the next class.

Marjean appointed the brief matches as follows:

Kate Beckinsale vs. Hudson Leick,

Alexandra Paul vs. Nicolette Sheridan, and

Nicole Kidman Marjean decided to handle herself.

‘Looks like I drew a bye,’ Sharon thought just as another woman walked into the class and came up behind her.

"It's about time you arrived!" Marjean scowled at the newcomer.

"It was sort of a late notice for me," the new woman responded. "...and I got held up in traffic."

Sharon didn't have to turn around to know who it was; she knew Demi's voice all too well! She continued to stare straight ahead as Demi stepped up behind her.

Marjean beckoned Kate and Hudson to come forward and, after dropping to their knees, they clasped hands. Marjean blew her whistle and they began to wrestle. Hudson got the jump on Kate as she pushed her back, then head locked her. But Kate soon slipped out of it and wrestled the blond onto her back. Hudson twisted the brunette off of her and they appeared to be on even terms. With time running down, Kate forced Hudson on her back again and pinned her shoulders to the mat. Marjean slapped the mat three times, then raised Kate's arm in victory.

Alexandra and Nicky were up next. From the opening whistle, Alexandra stayed low and gained the advantage. Using superior leverage, the short haired brunette straddled Nicky's back for much of the match. Though the blond could not do much with her aggressive rival, she was able to prevent herself from being pinned. As time ran out, Marjean blew the whistle and declared Alexandra the winner on points.

Then Marjean summoned Nicole to kneel down and wrestle her. The tall redhead smiled at her instructor trying to make light of their encounter but Marjean would have none of it.

"Kneel!" she ordered brusquely.

The slender, milky skinned Nicole looked jittery and reluctant to engage her muscular, ebony instructor. Kate was handed the whistle. When a nervous Nicole clasped hands with her formidable opponent, Kate blew the whistle to begin the match. Marjean pulled Nicole toward her and head locked her with her right arm. Grabbing Nicole's leg with her left arm, she then proceeded to twist the redhead's long, thin body like a pretzel. Already Nicole was groaning and wanted out. Hudson put her hands to her mouth and looked frightened just watching Marjean in action. Climbing on Nicole's back, the sensuous and muscular ebony woman twisted Nicole's arms behind her back and pulled her up to her knees. Then she dug her knees into the ribs of her fair and slender victim. Nicole's mouth opened and tears streamed down her cheeks. Marjean released her and Nicole fell to the mat face first. Marjean stood up and walked away a few steps. Hudson and Alexandra rushed toward the sobbing redhead as she held her ribs and quivered.

"Stay where you are!" Marjean snapped and the two women stopped in their tracks. "If you want to stay in this class you better learn how to handle pain!" She allowed Kate and Nicky to tend to Nicole and drag her out of the way. "Now for the match we've all been waiting for!"

Kim, Ginny, and everyone else in the lounge were watching this one even more closely than the others. For once, Demi and Sharon would be battling before their eyes on the giant screens and not as a second hand report. Marjean motioned the women to come forward. Demi quickly brushed past Sharon, stepped onto the mat and turned to face her rival, then began to strip out of her shorts. Standing on the mat in a skimpy black bra and thong with gold trim, the sensuous brunette looked angry!

Those in the lounge who’d heard Sharon’s story of her dominance of Demi, knew that Sharon wasn’t telling the whole truth. Demi certainly was NOT afraid of her! Sharon slowly walked forward in her silver bra and shorts with pink trim to join Demi on the mat. Demi stared at her taller blond opponent with bad intentions while Sharon’s eyes looked down at the mat.

Marjean stood between them and announced, "This match will only be won by submission. May the better woman win!" Sharon objected. "Why submission only? Can't one of us win by a pin? Isn't there a three minute time limit?"

"There is no time limit!” Marjean growled. “Anything goes in this fight. Neither of you have to adhere to any rules of wrestling. Whatever it takes to win! The match will end when one of you submits to the other! Now, on your knees and lock hands."

Sharon didn’t look nearly as confident as she’d appeared in the lounge a few hours earlier. Halle sat at a table with Beyonce watching the event. Both of them snickering and giggling as Demi knelt on the mat, awaiting Sharon to do the same. Sharon was already perspiring as she knelt and locked hands with Demi. She took a deep breath and waited for the whistle. Marjean blew the whistle and they began to wrestle.

A test of strength ensued, each trying to push the other backward. A grunting Demi pushed Sharon onto her back. As the brunette pounced on top of her, Sharon began gouging Demi's eyes with her nails. Demi paused to cover her eyes, her vision obscured. Sharon powered the brunette off of her.

The blond pounced on top of the brunette and began to choke her. Demi, her vision returned, yanked Sharon's head toward her by her hair, then wrapped her right arm around her head. Sharon, fighting like a wildcat, released Demi's neck and began punching her face while the brunette's head lock twisted her off her rival.

The battling beauties lay on their side with Demi losing her grip on her head lock. Sharon, grunting and groaning, punched, slapped, and scratched Demi's face, fighting like a woman possessed. She began kicking Demi in her legs and as the brunette reasserted her head lock, Sharon bit hard into Demi's large breast.

"OWWWWW!" Demi squealed.

Grabbing Sharon's hair, she yanked the blonde's head back and thrust her knee into her belly. Demi shoved Sharon away and scrambled to her knees. The blond got to her knees as well and flashed her nails. Sharon let out a loud grunt as she lunged to scratch Demi’s eyes again, but as she moved in, Demi caught her in a bearhug and slammed Sharon to the mat flat on her back.

The wild blond beauty kicked, screamed, and scratched at her bitter rival for all she was worth but Demi slowly forced herself on top of Sharon although she lost her bra in the process. Then Demi began to unload hard, accurate punches down onto Sharon's face as the blond grunted, screamed and grabbed her by the hair.

Sharon was taking a pounding and she had to cover her face as she yelped from the blows and desperately tries to twist Demi off of her. Grinning, the savage brunette drove a knee up into Sharon's groin.


The blond was hurt and beginning to feel dominated by her powerful brunette rival. Demi took control of Sharon's body, pinning her wrists to the mat and bouncing on her. Sharon is struggling with all her might but cannot power her off of her. The shapely brunette inches forward, lifts her lower body and slams her knees into Sharon's breasts.


Sharon lay gasping as the tawny brunette pressed her knees into her ribs. Releasing Sharon's wrists, Demi yanked off her bra, crawled off of Sharon let the blond to roll over with her back to her. Sharon had tears in her eyes as she struggled to her knees and looked back over her shoulder at her tormentor. Demi was on her knees, slowly stalking toward her.

Sharon’s eyes betrayed her as a look of terror flashed on her face. She struck at Demi with her fist as she approached, but the brunette just smiled as she leaned back and let Sharon’s wild punch fly past her face. Then as Sharon fell forward with her follow-thru, Demi pounced on her back and mounted her, slamming the blonde's jaw into the mat and dazing her!

Demi grabbed Sharon's shorts and slowly worked them down below the swell of her raised butt. Yanking them below her knees, the brunette rid the blond totally of her shorts leaving Sharon topless in a white thong with pink trim and Demi topless in a black thong with gold trim.

Sharon had a helpless look on her face as she lay on her belly, her strong rival pressing her muscular body onto her back and pinning her to the mat.


Sharon is sniffling and then begins screaming as Demi grabs her hair and yanks her head back. The sensuous brunette lifts Sharon's upper body off the mat by the hair and puts her in a Reverse Bearhug across Sharon's breasts as she bends her backward. Falling backward on the mat, Demi drags Sharon back onto her lap, then wraps her muscular thighs around her just below Sharon's thong.

"Please...Demi..no more.." Sharon gasps breathlessly as she squirms helplessly.

Demi, her well-muscled arms clamped tight over Sharon's pancaked breasts; her tawny thighs scissoring the blonde's lovely, less-developed thighs, looks into Sharon's tearfilled eyes and smiles. "Why do you do this to yourself, over and over Sharon? It always ends the same! It’s almost like you ENJOY being dominated."

"Sorry Shar, you brought this on yourself!"
Demi grunts as she flexes her thighs around Sharon's and ripples her biceps as her forearms crush Sharon’s breasts.

With tears streaming down her cheeks, Sharon's mouth opens and a stream of drool dribbles down onto Demi's strong, shapely thighs. Finally, the victorious brunette releases her blond victim and Sharon goes limp as she bursts into tears, her head lolling back to rest on Demi's full, firm, bare breasts.

"You think I ENJOY doing this to you Stone?” Demi asks as she rolls the beaten blond over and lays her across her thighs with her ass in the air.
"WRONG! You WILL come in here again. In fact, you’re going to be a regular here. I need someone to carry my gym bag when I come to workout. NOW SHUT UP AND TAKE THIS LIKE A WOMAN!"




After Demi's severe spanking, Sharon’s body was quivering and she couldn’t stop her uncontrollable crying!
"CAN'T YOU FIGHT ME JUST ONCE, SHARON, WITHOUT WETTING YOUR PANTIES? NOW KEEP YOUR MOUTH SHUT! I'M SICK AND TIRED OF THIS!" Demi yelled as she rolled Sharon off her lap onto the mat. Then she angrily stormed out of the room, leaving Sharon shaking and bawling at the top of her lungs!