The Hollywood Gym and Lounge #5 by Tank
Karen McDougal vs. Cameron Diaz

The evening began at the Hollywood Gym and Lounge with trouble brewing right from the start. About an hour earlier, Cameron Diaz and Teri Hatcher had gotten into a shoving match when Teri remarked at the bar that ‘Lois Lane’ would kick ANY one of Charlie's Angels' ass! Cameron took it personally and, as the shoving continued, Cam grabbed Teri’s hair and flung the brunette around and of her feet. Cameron dragged the screaming Hatcher to the back of the lounge by the hair and continued to hair-haul her out the door onto the lawn in front of the building.

"Please Cameron..I didn't say ME....I said Lois Lane...." Teri protested.

Cameron had Teri on her knees and when she released her hair she began slapping Teri's face while the brunette cringed and tried to cover up.

"I know full well what you meant, Teri,” the athletic blond sneered. "Don't talk tough unless you can back it up, pussycat!"

Cameron turned her slaps into punches as Teri burst out crying and pleaded with her, "Please Cameron ... stop ... PLEASE.!"

A straight right by the buff blond caught Teri flush on the jaw and she dropped flat on her back - out cold! The crowd of patrons who’d gathered outside to watch stood silent. Nobody cheered when Cameron raised her hands in victory and strutted back inside the lounge although several rushed to attend to Teri, including Rob who hurriedly loosened Teri’s clothing while Jack Fac began to give her chest compression CPR!

An hour later, Karen McDougal reported for duty. When she was informed of what had happened by Irish, Karen kept an eye on Cameron. Once Teri was revived by Rob and she was found to be alright, Mr. Chris gave her a ride home.

Cameron swayed to the music in the lounge wearing a skimpy white tank top and tight fitting shorts. She clapped her hands and looked to be in a festive mood as if she was celebrating her beat down of Teri.

"She thinks she's the Queen of the Lounge!" Karen remarked to Irish. Just then, Jennifer Love Hewitt walked by Cameron carrying a beer. Cameron hip checked her as she continued dancing and Jennifer went sprawling to the floor with beer in her face and hair. "THAT'S IT!" Karen shouted angrily.

Wearing a purple bra and mini skirt, Karen walked over to Cameron, looked her in the eyes and shouted, "What's your problem, Cam?"

"Oh, just having a good time! Why? What's YOUR problem?"

"You're going to have to leave!" Karen huffed.

"Leave? And who's going to make me? Certainly not YOU, Karen!"

"LEAVE NOW! Don't make me use force!"

Cameron smiled broadly and put her hands on her hips, "Ya know, Karen; I believe you aren’t woman enough!"

"Follow me outside, Cameron...if YOU'RE woman enough!"

The two ladies slipped through the crowd and walked out the door to the front yard where Cameron had beaten up Teri just over an hour ago. Many of the patrons followed them outside but as soon as the door closed behind them, Cameron (5'9”) rushed Karen (5'8”) and bowled her onto the lawn.

Both women were punching and grunting with Cameron able to land several punches to Karen's face. Karen powered the blond off of her and rolled on top of Cameron. But the strong blond soon twisted her onto her side. As they rolled and twisted on the grass, their shapely, well- muscled legs intertwined, then began to act as weapons. Both women started kicking and kneeing each other. Cameron scored the best blow of the fight yet when a snapping knee to Karen's midsection sent the brunette to the grass on her belly.

"OOFFFF!" Karen grunted as the wind was knocked out of her.

The tough and aggressive blond lunged out and grabbed the bottom of Karen's miniskirt as she tried to roll away to catch her breath. As Cameron got to her knees, she pulled the brunette back toward her by her skirt. But Karen kicked backward with both feet sending Cameron back on her butt, the blond ripping off the brunette's miniskirt in the process!

Both women got to their feet. Cameron's bra was torn and Karen was wearing her purple bra with matching panties. Cameron came out swinging! She connected with a wild right that grazed Karen's face and sent her backward. But she kept her balance as the blond pressed in.

As Cameron moved in Karen struck her with a straight kick to her belly which stopped her in her tracks. Cameron moved forward to kick but Karen blocked it and hammered her with a right cross to her face. The brunette chose to back up and counter as Cameron kept moving forward. Karen snapped another front kick and Cameron grimaced in pain as it struck her ribs. Still the blond advanced, but with her hands now low and without a plan of attack.

Karen, spotting an opening, nailed Cameron with a punishing left hook to her face. The blonde's knees wobbled. She retreated briefly, then moved forward again. Karen struck her belly with a straight kick and Cameron doubled over in pain. Instead of rushing her hurting foe, Karen waited for Cameron to come to her again.

The blond took a deep breath, gritted her teeth, and moved forward. She then began to swing wildly at Karen's face. Karen blocked and avoided the blows and pulled Cameron toward her in a clinch. As they grabbed each other's arms, their breasts pushing into each other's, Karen ripped a devastating knee to Cameron's belly.

"OOOOOHHHHH!" The blonde's mouth opened, she doubled over, then fell to her knees with tears streaming down her cheeks.

"C'MON CAMERON, I HOPE YOU'RE NOT FINISHED, ALREADY!" Karen yelled for everyone to hear.

The blond rose from her knees and slowly moved toward Karen. She threw two weak punches which Karen blocked. Again, the muscular brunette beauty initiated a clinch with the blond who was wobbly and panting. Karen broke the clinch and nailed Cameron with a sharp left hook to her face before clinching again. Pushing her big breasts into the blonde's, the lovely brunette backed her up on the grass with her strong legs, then hit her in the face with a right cross.

Karen backed up as Cameron was able stay on her feet. The blonde's bra strap was now hanging loosely exposing her right breast as Cameron, her face revealing her pain, her legs wobbly, her breasts undulating, took a step forward. Panting and drained of strength, She watched her lovely yet formidable rival almost grinning at her as Karen dared her to move forward.

Suddenly, the blond just fell to her knees and burst out crying, "NO...NO MORE KAREN...NO MORE..."

Cameron was trembling and bawling loudly as Karen raised her hands in victory! This time there was cheering as the crowd followed her back inside the lounge.

Jennifer Love Hewitt, who had been knocked to the floor by Cameron, walked over to her as she lay sobbing and smiled down at her. "That's why she's our bouncer Cam. What do you think of her NOW?"

Then JLH followed the others back inside the lounge, leaving Cameron on the lawn on her back, covered her tear-filled eyes as she wept unashamedly.
While Karen, back in her miniskirt, sat at a table with Irish, the lounge was looking forward to the evening Challenge match. A few nights earlier, after Gena Lee Nolin impressively beat Traci Bingham, Jennifer Garner announced she wanted a shot at Gena. But first, she challenged one of Gena Lee's willing servant girls. Bringing her husband with her, Jen figured a win over Kelly Packard might force Gena to challenge her!

Paris was sober for a change and was doing an efficient job behind the bar, assisting Charlize and Claudia.

Marjean Holden was sitting across the bar from Claudia who always got jittery whenever the gym's wrestling instructor was depending on her for fast service.

"I'm always looking for new students, Claudia," Marjean informed her. "You're tall and quite fit. Why not enroll in my class? I think you might like it!"

Claudia, who was extremely intimidated by Marjean, wouldn't dream of it! The blonde beauty would rather enlist in the armed forces and be sent to any trouble spot in the world than have to deal with the muscular ebony woman on a wrestling mat.

But Claudia didn't want to offend Marjean so she answered, "I'd love to Marjean, but I'm too busy bar tending. Kim would never permit it."

Paris, as soon as she heard Claudia say, 'I'd love to Marjean, but...' thought Claudia really wanted to enroll and interrupted with, "Claudia, I insist you join Marjean's class. Charlize and I'd cover for you. Besides, since Marjean's moved her classes to earlier in the afternoon, we're not really that busy!"

Then Paris smiled at Claudia thinking she'd done her a big favor!

"Then it's settled!" exclaimed Marjean, slapping her open hands on the bar. "Be in the wrestling room at 2:00 tomorrow afternoon, Claudia! And come prepared to wrestle!" Marjean finished her drink and got up to leave grinning ear to ear, she gave Paris a wink. Then looking at her new 'student', Marjean added, "Oh, by the way, Claudia...if you're not there on time, I'LL COME AND GET YOU!"

If ever in her her life, Claudia was willing, without hesitation, to fight another woman to the death, it was Paris at that moment! But her seething anger at Paris quickly gave way in her mind to her deep, instinctive fear of 'Muscular Marjean' as Claudia thought of her. Closing her blue eyes for a moment, she imagined her petite and lovely body being overwhelmed and dominated by the strength and fury of the fierce ebony amazon. The beautiful blond suddenly had a pressing need to rush to the Ladies room! With Marjean's last remark on her mind, Claudia hoped, 'Perhaps Kim can get me out of this!'
Kelly Packard vs. Jennifer Garner

Kelly Packard entered the Challenge Room dressed in her Baywatch bikini while Jennifer entered in a green bikini. Gena Lee was watching intently from the lounge. The buzzer sounded and both women came out fighting! Kelly came out fast and leaped into Jen, knocking her backward against the wall. The smaller blond, like a wildcat, ripped off Jen's bra, then began punching her in the face and breasts. Jen pushed Kelly back and using her athleticism and longer reach, skillfully prevented her opponent from doing much damage. Kelly gave out a scream and rushed at Jennifer but the taller brunette grabbed her by her wrists and threw her against the wall. Kelly fell to the carpet dazed. As she got to her feet, the bare breasted Jennifer trapped her in the corner and snapped vicious straight kicks to her belly.

Kelly was hurt and ready to go. Jen grabbed Kelly by her hair and pulled her up on her toes. With her husband watching, Jen wanted to finish the match in an exciting and sensual manner. She was glad the blond had relieved her of her bra. Pressing the struggling Kelly into the corner, the sleek and sensuous brunette, slipped her arms behind her and bear hugged Kelly into her. She then snapped her knee into her foe's womanhood and held it there while crushing her breasts with her own firm breasts and spearing Kelly with her hard nipples.

Kelly's mouth opened and she she began to tremble. Jennifer released her right arm from around Kelly and raised it in the air, affirming her victory. She then slashed her other knee into Kelly's belly and released her. Kelly fell against the wall, then hit the carpet with a thud! Jennifer looked down on her conquered opponent, then raised her other arm in victory. Smiling broadly, she retrieved her bra and tossed it over her shoulder.

Many in the lounge were standing and applauding Jennifer's magnificent performance as she stood and blew kisses to the cameras before rushing out of the Challenge Room! Gena Lee Nolin sat at her table realizing a match with Jennifer was imminent.

As the excitement began to wind down for the evening, Gena spotted Jen sitting on Ben's lap. The lovely blond slowly began to strut by them as close as she could without making contact.

"Are you ready to see me kick her ass, Ben?" Jennifer asked as her husband watched Gena wiggle her booty as she walked by.

"I'm really looking forward to the match, Jen!" he answered.

Another match that looked inevitable was Beyonce Knowles vs. Elizabeth Hurley. Beyonce looked to be following Liz around the gym at one point and even initiated a stare down with the shapely English beauty.

While Claudia left the bar to go looking for Kim, Denise Richards and Catherine Zeta Jones eyed each other disdainfully over who would have the nerve to take the empty seat at the table shared by TNT, Tansel, and Mr Chris.

Charlize told Paris what a fine job she did bartending.

"Then why is Claudia so angry with me?" Paris wondered.