Hollywood Gym and Lounge #6: Tank

Part One: Charlize Theron vs. Angie Harmon

The day would be a very memorable one for the bartenders! It was early afternoon and Charlize was leaving the lounge to run some errands before they got busy. Paris was behind the bar and there’d been no word from Claudia. Since Charlize's car was in the shop, Kim let her use her new red Ferrari for the afternoon. Charlize had begun slowly and carefully backing out of the parking space when she heard the tell-tall squeal of tires!

Peeling into the lot while talking on her cell phone, Angie Harmon didn’t see Kim’s vehicle till the last second. Charlize hit the breaks hoping the truck flying toward her could stop in time but Angie, stressed out by her phone conversation, was going too fast. She stomped on the brakes but her truck skidded into the back quarter of the Ferrari on the driver's side with a sickening SCRUNTCH of crumpled metal.

Fortunately, neither women was hurt and while there was extensive damage to Kim’s Ferrari the damage to the bumper of Angie's Chevy truck was minor. Red-faced, Angie leaped out of her truck and slammed the door angrily. Walking to the front of her vehicle, she bent over and touched the front of her bumper.

"LEARN TO DRIVE!" Angie screamed at Charlize. "Look what you did to my new truck!"

"ME!” Charlize gasped incredulously. “YOU'RE the one who came roaring in here 90 miles an hour,” she screamed as she stood staring at the damage to Kim's vehicle.

"I should kick your ass for this!" Angie yelled at Charlize.

Charlize was furious! She’d have been plenty angry if Angie had said nothing; but to have the gall to accuse HER of being in the wrong after recklessly damaging her boss's new Ferrari - and then threaten to kick her ass on top of it? Well, the tall blonde was fit to be tied!

Wearing a black blouse and miniskirt trimmed in gold with 4” pumps, Charlize fixed her glare on Angie who had leaned into the cab of her truck, presumably to get her insurance information. Charlize walked toward the tall former model who was casually dressed in a white tank top, cut-off jean shorts and cowboy boots.

Suddenly, the tall brunette whirled around and punched the surprised blonde in the face! "THAT'S FOR WHAT YOU DID TO MY TRUCK!”

“UNNNNGH!” Charlize grunted as she rocked back on her heels from the force of the sneak attack.

When Angie stepped away from the truck, Charlize saw the baseball bat she was carrying in her right hand. She put her hands up and tried to diffuse the tense situation, but Angie drove the end of the bat into Charlize’s belly, doubling her over and taking her breath away. “OOOFFffffff….”

Then Angie stepped forward and kicked Charlize square in the groin. The big blond crumpled to her knees and then toppled forward with her head on the pavement as both hands cupped her wounded womanhood.

“GAAAAKKK…” Charlize babbled as she rolled onto her side with her knees drawn up to her chest.

“Big tough blond bimbo, aren’t you?” Angie sneered. “Well, when I get through, I’m gonna tell Kim this accident was all your fault; and you’re gonna be in no condition to say otherwise,” she snarled, poking Charlize in the ass with the baseball bat.

Angie drew back her foot and kicked Charlize in the back, the impact straightening out the blonde’s curled up body. Grabbing a handful of disheveled golden locks, Angie hair-hauled the winded bartender to her knees. Charlize slumped on her haunches, her shoulders hunched forward and her hands massaging the throbbing mound between her tightly clenched thighs. Angie stepped behind her and laid the baseball bat across Charlize’s windpipe. Holding it at both ends, she started pulling back, choking her!

“Kim’s probably gonna reward me for kicking your ass,” Angie laughed as she pulled Charlize back against her thighs. “She loves that car and she’s never gonna forgive you for damaging it. Who knows, maybe she’ll give you to me so you can work off the cost of repairs by working parties for my catering business. Wouldn’t that be a hoot!”

Her face turning red from lack of air, Charlize struggled against Angie. Reaching up over her head, her flailing arms finally grabbed Angie’s hair and with a hard tug, she flipped Angie forward over her head, slamming her to the pavement in front of her.

“AAAARRRRGGGH!” Angie grunted as her back crashed onto the unforgiving asphalt and she lost her grip on the baseball bat. She tried to sit up, only to be knocked backward by a punch in the face by the irate blond! Angie lashed out with her foot and caught Charlize with a cowboy boot to the groin that made her back off in pain.

"OOOHHH!" Charlize steadied herself and rushed Angie, grabbed her by the hair and bent her back over the hood of the pick-up truck. Angie reached out with her nails and clawed at the blonde's eyes but Charlize backd off, avoiding Angie's nails but not the brunette’s flashing fingernails which caught the front of her blouse and RIPPPP tore it wide open!

The two women grunted as they battled furiously after Charlize moved close to Angie. They wrestled along the side of the pickup truck until they tripped and tumbled to the ground. The blond dove on top of Angie and wailed away at her face with both fists. Angie grabbed Charlize's hair and pulled, rolling her off to the side. Angie was grimacing and groaning from getting punched in the face. Charlize grabbed Angie's hair and pounded her head on the parking lot.

Angie was hurt! She released the blonde's hair and attacked her bare breasts which were hanging free under her torn blouse! Charlize had to let go of Angie’s hair to protect her sensitive breasts. Angie couldn’t force the fierce blond off of her but she succeeded in tearing off Charlize's blouse, then punched her breasts several times.

Charlize had to roll away and when she did, Angie twisted over onto her belly and started to crawl toward the baseball bat that lay several yards away. The aggressive blond kept after her, grabbing Angie by the ankle and rolling her onto her back. Letting out a scream, Charlize dove at her but Angie got her knees up in time to catch the blond square in her breasts as she came down on her.

"OOOFFF!" Charlize gasped.

But Charlize's response was to rip open Angie’s tank top and toss it on the ground. Angie quickly got to her feet and seeing she couldn’t reach the bat, wanted no more of the wild blond who was now topless in just her miniskirt. Angie scurried to her truck as fast as she possibly could with Charlize right behind her. Charlize tackled the brunette a few feet from the truck! Mounting Angie's back, Charlize twisted the actresses thin arms behind her back and began bouncing on her butt.

"OWWWWW!...LET ME GO!" Angie cried.

Charlize, totally ignoring her; twisted her arms behind her and causing the brunette to scream in pain. Then she released her arms and went to work Angie's shorts and the panties beneath.

"I SAID, LET ME GO!" the brunette shouted.

"SHUT UP BITCH!" Charlize screamed. She punched Angie in the face and while she was groggy, Charlize relieved the weakly resisting brunette of her shorts. The determined blond lifted her knees in the air and came down on Angie's butt.

“OOOFFF!" The lanky brunette was stripped down to her white bra and panties and her face betrayed a look of terror! The angry blond beauty grabbed Angie's hair and twisted her onto her side.

"Please…Charlize…let me…goOOOOWWWWWW!"

Charlize yanked her hair back violently, "I SAID, SHUT UP!"

Angie wiggled her butt trying to put space between her and her stronger rival. Charlize stared at Angie's butt in her little white panties and couldn't help but snicker at the futile effort to escape. The sexy blond, now totally in command, wrapped her long legs around Angie's midsection, then began to flex her sleek, silky thighs against Angie's ribs.

"OHHHHH!" the slender brunette gasped, unable to get a breath.

For the first time since the confrontation began, Charlize was smiling.

Angie was squirming, gasping, and now she began bawling!

"OOH…(sob)...PLEASE CHARLIZE...Pleeeeeeze lemmme goOOOOH!"

"Awwww…pooor Angie. Am I hurting you?" Charlize answered sarcastically.

"YESSS! You’re breaking my ribs. BOO-HOO-HOO! Please Charlize…I admit it….it was all muh…muh…my fault. PLEASE! My insurance will cover it….please…CHARLIZE...I...OW! OOOHHHH…MY RIBS..."

"You bet your ass your insurance will pay for it. BUT DO YOU APOLOGIZE?"

"YESSSSSS...I apologize…(whimper)….Please Charlize…pleeeese….please let me go!"

Charlize unscrewed her vice grip leg scissors from around Angie's ribs and hair-hauled the sobbing brunette to her feet. She picked up Angie’s cell phone from the front seat of the truck and forced Angie to call her insurance company right then and explain the situation. When that was done, Charlize dialed Kim and made Angie tell her what happened and apologize for the accident. admit it was all her fault and promise her insurance would pay for everything!

Even as she spoke on the phone, Charlize continued to physically abuse the tall, thin brunette; holding her in a painful Half Nelson and Spanking her ass with her free hand as she held her bent over the front fender of her truck. After the calls were done, Charlize shoved Angie into the driver’s seat.


Angie, crying like a schoolgirl, meekly backed out of the lot and drove off! It was going to be that kind of day at the lounge!

After things settled down, Paris Hilton began to wonder why Claudia Schiffer hadn’t arrived for work and found herself gazing at a poster on the wall advertised the evening’s Challenge Match between Beyonce Knowles and Liz Hurley. Paris was concerned Claudia hadn’t even called since she was supposed to work during the match which always brought good tips. "It’s not like Claudia," Paris thought.
Part Two: Claudia Schiffer vs. Marjean Holden

Claudia was on an African Safari with Denise Richards, Catherine Zeta-Jones, TNT, Danny Boy, Tansel, Mr. Chris, Irish, Karen McDougal and Pam Anderson. The last thing she remembered, they were crowded into a jeep together when they’d been attacked by a herd of elephants. Claudia had escaped with her life unharmed, but in all the noise, terror, and confusion, she’d been separated from the rest of the party. She wondered what happened to the others as she wandered the dense jungle looking for an opening.

Claudia was sweating profusely although she was wearing just a pink bra and panties as she wandered the steamy jungle desperately seeking her comrades. It was dusk and the sun was setting as she continued to search for an opening in the thick brush. Everything looked surreal and a strange feeling took hold of her. The trees and vegetation seemed to melt before her eyes as she approached; but the strangest thing was the absolute silence.

Something told her that if she could find an opening, her friends would be waiting for her and everything would be alright. Suddenly, the tall, blond beauty sensed a presence in the jungle with her. She heard a sound of someone or something behind her rattling through the trees above. She felt the presence gaining on her and began to run!

Then she heard a voice…a female voice… screaming a blood curdling war cry as she gained on her. Claudia's heart skipped a beat as she ran as fast as she could to escape from the woman chasing her. The voice rang out louder and Claudia realized the woman was getting closer. She kept running, afraid to look back as the mighty screams and the rustling of the trees got even louder.

Finally, she had to look back at the ferocious jungle woman who was rapidly gaining ground on her. She knew who it was and as she looked back, her deepest fear was confirmed - it was Marjean Holden in a skimpy two-piece leopard skin suit very similar to the one Gena Lee Nolin often work in the gym. The muscular, ebony wrestling instructor was swinging through the tree tops in hot pursuit of her!

"NO...NO...PLEASE....LEAVE ME ALONE!" Claudia screamed.

Claudia continued to run through the jungle barefoot in her pink bra and panties, desperately looking for an opening in the brush which - she sensed - would ensure her safety.

"I TOLD YOU I’D COME GET YOU, CLAUDIA!" Marjean called at the top of her lungs.

Claudia instictively knew that if Marjean caught her, the powerful black woman could physically dominate her before carrying her back into the jungle where she’d force her to service her for the rest of her life! The dense jungle was getting dark.

The terrified blond beauty began to cry and scream, "LEAVE ME ALONE. I'LL NEVER JOIN YOUR CLASS! NEVER!"

Suddenly, Claudia tripped over a fallen branch and went sprawling on her belly, her bra popping open as she skidded over the uneven ground. She turned her head and looked back over her shoulder behind her; her eyes wide with fright. Marjean, with a screaming like a female Tarzan, swung down out of the trees on a vine and landed nimbly in front of Claudia.


"NOOOOO.......PULEEESSSSE....NO..!" Claudia got to her feet.

Knowing she could run no longer, she raised her hands to defend herself. The mighty jungle woman sneered as she moved toward the petrified blond beauty. Claudia flashed out with her nails like a cornered cat as she tried to scratch Marjean's eyes. The ebony warrior caught her wrist and pulled the blond into her and bearhugged her. Claudia felt her body crushed by the powerful embrace of her much stronger foe.

When Marjean released her, she grabbed Claudia and pulled the lovely blond over her knee and then began to spank her up-turned bottom!


Tears were streaming down Claudia's blue eyes as the mighty jungle beauty finally ended her spanking. Sitting back on the jungle floor, Marjean dragged the wailing blond onto her lap. Ripping off Claudia’s bra, Marjean clamped her strong, muscular, thighs around Claudia's long, silky thighs in a python like leg scissors.


Tears were streaming down Claudia's lovely cheeks as the dark amazon sneered, "Sorry Claudia. I gave you a chance to enroll; now it’s too late!"


Just as the mighty jungle Amazon was about to flex her powerful thigh muscles around Claudia’s pink panties, the lovely blond was jolted awaked by the sound of her ringing phone. Claudia never felt more relieved in her life when she realized what she’d experienced had been a dream…or more accurately, a nightmare!

Claudia saw her hand was shaking as she picked up her phone.

"Hi, Claudia! Charli and I were worried about you," Paris told her. "You comin’ to work? Hey, wait’ll you hear what happened ni the parking lot today with Charlize! Oh, and Kim said don't worry about Marjean's class. She and Ginny straightened things out. You don't have to join if you don't want to! Marjean understands!”

Claudia was so relieved she began to giggle, "I'll be down later. Thanks, Paris!"

Claudia hung up and got out of bed since she was so worked up she’d never be able to sleep for the rest of the night. She would change her panties, which she’d wet during her dream, take a shower and look forward to going to work to see her friends!
That evening saw another large crowd in the Hollywood Gym & Lounge. Charlize, Paris and Claudia had to work fast to keep up with the customers clamour for drinks and it was still almost an hour until the start of the Challenge Match between Beyonce Knowles and Elizabeth Hurley. Liz stands 5'8" and is a still-youthful 41 y/o while 5'7" Beyonce stands is the 25 y/o, sixteen years Hurley's junior. Still, it promises to be an interesting match with a contrast in styles every bit as stark as that of complexions.

But there were two other situations developing in the gym and lounge of special interest to the patrons - and receiving much attention from them as well…


The first was the return of Demi Moore and Sharon Stone; their first since Demi utterly humiliated Sharon after wrestling class a couple of weeks before. Sharon had sincerely apologised to Kim & Ginny for lying about her previous private fights with Demi. Now, Stone wanted to become a member of the gym and asked K&G if it was alright. Since Demi was about to join, K&G decided to get the shapely brunette's input on the matter - since it was she who'd been lied about.

Demi responded that Sharon could be allowed in the facility - but only on condition that they must work out together. K&G honored Demi's request and Sharon, who desired strongly to be a member, reluctantly agreed. Demi's motive wasn't rooted in friendship - she and Stone had never been friends - nor was it a matter of letting things slide with an arch rival. Demi's motive, pure and simple, was that she would have an opportunity to show her physical superiority over her blond rival every day during their work outs for all to see. Demi just loved proving her dominance, even moreso in front of K&G who were there that evening.

The athletic brunette would let Sharon use the weight machines, then after the blond finished, Demi would take all her time adding weights to the machine; drawing as much attention to herself as she could before using the machine. Once, after she'd used the bench press first and it was Sharon's turn, Demi exaggerated the amount of weight she removed, implying Sharon wasn't woman enough to lift any more than that.

Demi also made sure she always wore a skimpier gym outfit than Sharon. Indeed, Demi was prepared to wear less no matter what it was. This evening, Sharon wore a powder blue top and gym shorts but Demi sported a scarlet bra and shorter, tighter, shorts than her rival. No matter what, Demi was always looking for ways to show up Sharon.

As Sharon was finishing her workout the leg lift machine, Demi bent down and rudely hurried her off the machine, nudging her in the back with her butt as she added weight almost twice what Sharon had used. Then Demi did the same number of reps as successfully, grunting as she strained. Sharon stood gazing at Demi's well-muscled legs, wishing hers were as strong. As Demi worked the machine, Sharon told her about a new house she was going to buy.

Demi rudely interrupted, "Sharon, go inside and take a seat at the bar. When I finish my workout I'll come in and take your seat, then you can find a seat another for yourself or you can come back and finish your workout if you prefer."

"But there are no more seats left, Demi. Where will I sit?"


"But Demi, the seats at the bar must be all taken by now.."


Sharon quickly got her butt in gear and began to scurry toward the lounge. She picked up speed and didn't look back until she was inside. K&G, and the others saw it all on the lounge's CCTV and there were a lot of snide comments as well as laughter and snickering among the patrons.


The other situation of particular interest had to do with Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck who were now regulars at the facility. Taking time off from their their separate schedules, they agreed to meet at the lounge at 9:30. Ben decided to get a head start on the evening and arrived shortly after 6:00. He ended up spending most of his time alone in a sauna and then in a jacuzzi cuddled next to Gena Lee Nolin!

"I think Jen has cold feet, Ben, about Challenging me," Gena told him.

"Funny. That's exactly what Jen tells me about you, Gena," he replied.

Gena, dressed in black bikini, smiled and took his hand. "Ben, would you like me to wear that same little Sheena outfit when I fight Jen?"

"Yes, Gena! You look magnificent as the Jungle Princess!"

"The blond beauty giggled. As they embraced alone in the jacuzzi, Gena asked, " Honey, how would you like me to defeat, Jen? I took mighty Traci down with just my calves. I'm sure I could do the same to Jen. Or would you rather I bear hug her and crush her into submission with my superior breasts?"

Gena couldn't help giggling again as Ben gazed at her large pair, "It's your choice, Ben. But I know one thing; after I force her to submit to me, we won't need to meet in secret anymore, will we Honey?"

"I'd think not, Gena. She'd realize you're the stronger woman and she'd have to acknowledge your right to take from her what you please."

Ben reluctantly tore himself away from the athletic blond beauty to make it back to the lounge before Jen arrived. He was hoping the Challenge between them would take place tonight after the featured match. He didn't know how it would occur - but he had no doubt it would - and his mind vacillated trying to decide who he REALLY wanted to win. Hiss cheating on Jennifer was secondary in his mind; he was obsessed with watching them fight - couldn't wait to find out which would come away victorious! He went to the lounge, sat down and waited for Jen.

Gena Lee Nolin walked into the gym, glanced around, then gestured for Kelly Packard to follow her into the sauna. Two minutes later, Kelly was seated on Gena's lap, nuzzling her mistresses neck. "So what's up with you and Ben?" she purred.

"Just getting under Jennifer's skin," Gena chuckled. "Same way she got under mine when watched her beat you in the Challenge Room."

It was true Gena really didn't want Ben; her interest was securing her place in the gym and lounge. When Jennifer Challenged and beat her servant Kelly, Gena had lost face. If it had been Mitzi Kapture Gena wouldn't have cared, but Kelly was her favorite and Gena felt obligated to protect her favorites.

"Don't worry, Kelly," Gena told her as she pulled her close. "Jennifer WILL pay for hurting you!"
Sharon Stone found herself between a rock and a hard place when she discovered there were no seats left at the bar. She had to be seated at the bar before Demi finished her workout or she'd be publically humiliated by the strong brunette in front of everyone. Fortunately, she was in 'The Lounge' which meant there was an unwritten right for any woman to a seat if she could intimidate another female celeb into giving one up. Sharon's blue eyes scanned the five female celebrities who looked likely to be 'accomodating.' She had to decide soon who she'd be able to intimidate - or at least, which one would present the least problem if it came to a fight.

Kate Beckinsale was enjoying a drink with Jack Fac, playfully demonstrating on him some of the holds she'd learned in wrestling class.

Already topless, Halle Berry was telling Rappin how she hoped to engage in her first Challenge Match very soon.

Catherine Zeta Jones was sitting between MrChris and Danny Boy, accepting with pleasure two shots of bourbon they'd had Paris set before her.

Alexandra Paul was glaring at Sharon and appeared to understand her predicament…almost daring her to start something!

Finally, Mitzi Kapture was yelling at Claudia, demanding another drink. She was saving a seat for Gena Lee Nolin!

While Sharon pondered who to confront, Jennifer arrived and joined Ben at a table where a topless arm wrestling match between Hudson Leick and Shania Twain was just getting underway.

"I GOT THE WINNER!" Jennifer proclaimed.

The match went back and forth until Hudson, with a burst of strength, pinned Shania's arm to the table. She smiled broadly while Shania left the table downcast. But Hudson barely had time to enjoy her victory before Jennifer was bare breasted and sitting down across from her.

Raising her arm and planting her elbow firmly on the table, Jennifer challenged with a cocky grin, "C'mon Hudson! Me and you!"

Hudson positioned her arm and when Ben gave the signal, the match began. At first, neither could get an advantage. Both leaned forward, hunched over the table, their breasts almost touching. They strained with every ounce of their strength until, slowly but surely, Jen began to overpower Hudson. The blond strained and grunted but the brunette finally pinned her arm to the table. Jen raised her arms in victory, bouncing up and down excitedly before strutting back to her table still topless.

Suddenly, another fight broke out! With a loud shriek, Sharon Stone and Mitzi Kapture slammed together and went rolling on the floor; yanking hair as they slapped, punched, kicked and scratched. They were battling on the floor beside the overturned bar stool Mitzi had been sitting on and which was the prize for the winner of the fight. Sharon would rather risk confronting Mitzi than dealing with Demi while Mitzi couldn't face Gena without the seat she'd saved for her. The women rose to their knees; each with a firm grip of the other's hair…then Sharon drove a savage knee to Mitzi's ribs.

"OWWWWW!" The brunette groaned and doubled over in pain. As she lifted her head, a flurry of punches to her face ended the fight quickly. Mitzi raised her hands in surrender and hung her head in shame. Unable to face Gena, the humiliated Mitzi rushed out of the lounge sobbing. Sharon uprighted the stool and sat down. She'd found a seat just in time to give it up to Demi who entered the lounge just as the door slammed shut behind Mitzi's retreating butt.
Part Three: The Challenge Match - Beyonce vs. Liz Hurley

Beyonce Knowles (5'7") and Liz Hurley (5'8") entered the Challenge Room, Beyonce decked out in a gold bra and skimpy, tight fitting, matching shorts; the sexy Diva's full breasts, hard abs, and muscular dancer's legs very conspicuous to Liz as she loosens up in her corner of the room. The British beauty wore a red bra and miniskirt and found herself staring at Beyonce, looking for a vulnerable spot on her sweat-glistened body…but she saw none!

Ever the showwoman, the more muscular Beyonce sways her hips to an imaginary beat and smiles broadly for the cameras before glaring contemptuously at the lovely English woman across the room. Ever since she saw Liz defeat Heather Graham, the young Diva had been looking forward to this moment to prove herself as 'Queen of the Austin Powers Leading Ladies.' She needed the beautiful British actress alone in the Challenge Room to cement her claim and she pursued it aggressively. When Liz finally accepted, Beyonce's wish was granted. But, Liz, angered by Beyonce's arrogance in the time leading up to the fight, struck back in a war of words.

Beyonce had remarked, "She's tailor made for me to dominate. It'll be 'no contest.' I'm stronger, faster, and MUCH younger! I'm too much woman for that 41 year old English girl!"

And Hurley retorted, "She called ME a 'girl'? She should talk! I've always considered Beyonce to be nothing but a spoiled brat. She couldn't handle a REAL woman!"

Beyonce was still smiling but Liz looked serious as the buzzer sounded and both women came out fighting! Beyonce put up her hands like a boxer as Liz moved toward her, then put on a display of her fast fists as she rocked Liz's head back with a jab followed by a straight right to her face. Liz punched back, but Beyonce countered with two more solid blows to her face, forcing Liz to back up.

Liz realized she couldn't stand and box with Beyonce, so taking a deep breath as Beyonce came forward, Liz threw caution to the wind and rushed her, knocking the Black Beauty backward. She grabbed Beyonce's hair and shook her head violently. The Ebony Diva lunged and grabbed Liz's hair and began to shake her head as well. As they struggled wildly for an advantage, both were trying to knee the other in the groin and/or trip her up.

Beyonce's stronger legs prevailed and as she tripped Liz, both crashed to the carpet. The impact caused them to release the other's hair and the young Diva jumped on Liz - who appeared to have lost her breath - and pinned her to the carpet. Liz felt Beyonce's muscular legs pressing onto hers; controlling them. She tried desperately to power her strong foe off of her but she just couldn't.

Beyonce, apparently more interested in humiliating Liz than beating her, pulled on her red bra and even played with it a while before finally ripping it off. Liz was struggling wildly and she grabbed Beyonce's hair and gave it a hard pull - but a good hard punch in her mouth made her to release her hair. While Liz checked the trickle of blood from her lower lip, Beyonce rose onto her knees and pressed them down on Liz's thighs. She used both hands to lift Liz's miniskirt over her red panties and began to tear it off. The British beauty, her long, silky legs still pinned, flashed her nails in front of Beyonce's eyes and scratched her face.

"OWWWW!" The Black Beauty punched Liz in the nose with her right fist. Liz grabbed her nose and squirmed some more, giving Beyonce, who was now totally focused on separating the English woman from her red mini skirt, time to loosen Liz's belt and yank it off. Liz, struggling frantically, catching Beyonce's face with a flurry of punches.

"UNNNGH!" A hard right to her jaw from the young Diva stunned the lovely British actress, allowing Beyonce time to rid Liz of her miniskirt. She got it off of her dazed opponent, then twisted Liz over onto her butt and pulled it down Liz's long, silky legs, then yanked it off. Liz rolled away and scrambled to her feet but Beyonce was already standing, holding her skirt in her hand. Not even looking at her recovering opponent, Beyonce studied Liz's miniskirt curiously. "I should get a skirt like this; wonder where she bought it?" she thought. She looked at Liz but by then her angry Anglo rival was charging toward her.

WHAM! Liz drove into Beyonce and slammed her to the carpet. She put a Head Lock on Beyonce; the same hold she'd used to force a submission from Heather Graham. With both women on their knees, Liz - now in only her red panties - applied as much pressure as she could muster to Beyonce's head. She flexed her biceps as she grunted. Beyonce, unable to think of anything else to do at the moment, wrapped her arms around Liz's waist.

"SO I'M A GIRL, HUH?" Liz taunted as she gave Beyonce's head another squeeze. "THE TRUTH IS, I'M TOO MATURE TO SUBMIT TO A SPOILED BRAT LIKE YOU!" Liz gave her head another pulse. "NOW, DO YOU SUBMIT TO ME? I WARN YOU, I CAN SQUEEZE A LOT HARDER THAN THIS IF YOU...

"OOOHHHHHH!" Beyonce flexed her arms with all her might around Liz's torso and the British actress let out a loud groan.

As Liz's Head Lock began to weaken, Beyonce twisted Liz around and rolled her over onto the carpet flat on her back. She released her and pried Liz's hands from around her head. Liz kicked Beyonce several times in the belly, finally kicking her off of her. Both women got to their knees and Beyonce stalked toward Liz. The British actress snapped an accurate punch to Beyonce's hard abs as she reached up to grab her hair, but the young dancer seemed hardly bothered. The two woman lunged at each other and began a battle for supremacy.

This time, Beyonce managed to Head Lock Liz and once she got her, she squeezed hard! Liz's mouth opened from the pressure and she heard Beyonce brag, "I'LL SHOW YOU A REAL HEADLOCK, KITTEN!"

Liz felt Beyonce's strength and began to cringe in her grasp. The powerful Ebony Assassiny released the lovely English Rose, maneuvered around behind the panting Liz and clamped her arms over her bare breasts in a Reverse Bearhug. Beyonce flexed her hard biceps and her forearms crushed Liz's breasts flat! Bouncing on her knees behind Liz, the powerful and nimble young Diva didn't look fatigued in the least but Liz's mouth was gaping wide open as she panted and gasped trying to inhale.

Beyonce slowly bent Liz over backward until she lay across her thick thighs looking up at her. The Dark Diva smiled down at Liz, released her left arm but continued her Bearhug using just her right arm wrapped around her chest. Stripping off her own bra with her free hand, Beyonce tossed it aside while Liz flailed wildly.

Beyonce released the struggling brunette, pushed her off her lap, then stood up and walked away. She stopped and stripped herself of her shorts, leaving her topless wearing a golden thong. Smiling, Beyonce began to casually strut toward Liz who, still hurting, was barely able to get to her feet by the time Beyonce reached her.

The two beauties stared into each other's eyes as they again circled. They moved into each other and embraced in a clinch. Clamping her hands low on Liz's back, Beyonce walked Liz back but Liz, ever the sly and crafty veteran, released her hold and - with a loud grunt - suddenly punched Beyonce in the pit of the stomach with everything she had! Liz was shocked when the well muscled black Diva didn't seem concerned.

In fact, Beyonce snapped a sharp left hook to Liz's belly. "OWWWWW!" The English beautie's eyes widened as she slowly dropped to her knees holding her belly.

As Liz knelt grimacing in pain, Beyonce began to sway her hips over her. The sexy Diva danced as if on stage, gyrating over her opponent, weaving her hips and butt in and out. Then she began dancing around the fair English maiden. Liz began sobbing as she held her belly, still unable to rise from her knees. Her dance number concluded, Beyonce dropped to her knees facing Liz like an excited young girl before a Christmas tree ready to open her presents.

She grabbed Liz in a clinch and pressed her gold thong against the crotch of Liz's red panties; her muscular thighs imposing themselves on her pale, silky, less developed thighs. "SINCE EVERYONE KNOWS YOU'RE TOO MATURE TO SUBMIT TO A YOUNG BRAT LIKE ME," Beyonce said. "I EXPECT OUR MATCH WILL LAST ALL NIGHT!"

Liz tried to push away from Beyonce, and when that didn't work she slugged Beyonce's face with her fist. Beyonce returned fire, punching Liz in the belly with a hard right and the English beautydoubled over in pain. Beyonce gave Liz a head start crawling away from her, then the muscular Ebony dancer stalked her on her knees and corralled her in a corner.

"C'MON! I DIDN'T EVEN HIT YOU THAT HARD!" Beyonce said as she leaned on Liz and pressed her back into the corner.

Liz was being bent over backward; the full, sweat-glistening breasts of the Black Wildcat undulating over and bearing down on Liz's full bare breasts. Liz struggled frantically with her shoulders pinned to the wall. The fair and proud English woman was hurt and overpowered by the young Black Diva and she had to find a way out of the corner. To submit after bragging she was "too mature a woman to submit" to the younger Beyonce would be too embarrassing and humiliating to endure. She tried to knee Beyonce, but her quick reflexes blocked it.

The young Diva, still bursting with energy, drove a left hook into Liz's ribs. "OWWWWW!" She doubled over again, holding her ribs and grimacing.


Liz lunged for Beyonce's hair but Beyonce caught her arms and clinched. From there, the strong ebony beauty forced the lovely English woman back even tighter in the corner, then began to thrust her womanhood into Liz's; her gold thong rubbing on Liz's red panties. The muscular and nimble dancer's firm breasts and hard nipples easily controlled Liz's breasts as she pressed down. Beyonce kept staring down into Liz's tearing eyes; smiling each time Liz gasped or panted. Then Beyonce smashed her right fist into Liz's belly and the "mature" English woman burst out crying like a little girl!

"OH, DID I HURT YOU…AGAIN?" Beyonce taunted her helpless victim. She backed up on her knees and then threw her body against Liz again. "LUCKY FOR YOU YOU'RE TOO MATURE TO SUBMIT!" Beyonce delivered a punishing left-right combination to Elizabeth's belly.

The British beauty could take no more! "NO MORE...PLEASE...I GIVE UP!"

Liz began bawling uncontrollably but she got no sympathy from the athletic young dancer. "YOU DON'T MEAN IT, DO YOU? YOU DON'T REALLY WANT TO SUBMIT TO A 'BABY GIRL' LIKE ME, DO YOU?"

The gorgeous Ebony Toughwoman continued to crowd the lovely-but-beaten British Beauty, pinning her in the corner, then nailed her with another savage left hook, this one below her naval. Liz's eyes rolled back and her head slumped forward. She began to drool as Beyonce once more backed off, letting Liz's body tip forward into her arms.

Grinning, Beyonce held Liz against her, Liz's crying face resting on her shoulder. "PUHLEEESE…I GIVE UP… BEYONCE! PLEASE… DON'T HIT ME AGAIN...DO YOU HEAR ME?" Liz, bawling, her chest heaving as she loudly made her plea while looked up into her tormentor's eyes. "PLEASE NO MORE....I SUBMIT BEYONCE...YOU WIN... DON'T…DON'T HIT ME AGAIN... PLEASE? OOOOHHHH!"

While Liz was still moaning, Beyonce stood up and posed over her smiling. She began dancing, gyrating her shapely body as she thrust her butt out repeatedly out in the red, tear-streaked face of her vanquished opponent. Finishing her celebration, Beyonce retrieved her clothing and began to strut out of the Challenge Room. Stopping at the exit, she couldn't ignore Liz's pitiful sobbing and she turned and smiled at Liz who was trembling facedown on the carpet.


Beyonce was still smiling broadly as she shook her booty one last time and walked out the door!